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1551. Howbeit the French King gave not self as well as others to be subjekt

over till he had recovered, by Sur- thereunto. Wherefore to teftify my O. render, Bulloinberg, and the Town bedience which I owe unto the Laws, of Bulloin ; which haft he purchased I am come birber to suffer Deatb; at a high Price.

wbereunto I willingly offer myself, A. D. 1550, that mortal Disease with most bearty Thanks unto God, called the Sweating fickness, raged that barb given me this Time of Reextreamly through England, whereof pentance, who mighs through sudden died the two Sons of Charles Bran- Death have taken away my Life, don, both of them Dukes of Suffolk that I neither foould bave acknow. successively, besides an infinite num- ledged him, nor myself. When haber in their best Strength.. And, ving uttered these Words with which is wonderful, this Disease others exhortatory, That the People followed only English Men in Fo. would continue constant in the Goreign countries, no other People spel, suddenly there was heard a being infected thereby. And to great Noise, whereby the Allemfill up the Dolours of these doleful bly was ftruck into great Fear; Times, the good Duke of Somerset which Noise was made by some of was again by the Over-reachings of the Train-band Hamlets coming the Earl of Warwick ( lately cre- hurrying on the Tower-Hill

. This ated Duke of Northumberland) and Stir being ceased, another presently other his Emulators, committed Pri- ensued; for the People seeing Sir foner, and not long after put to Anthony Brown ride toward the ScafDeath. For the Duke of Somerset fold, they violently ran and crowdgiving Ear to such false Friends as ed together thitherward, supposing fought his Ruin, privily armed he had brought a Pardon from the himself, and so went to the Coun- King, and with a sudden Shout, cil Table, his Flatterers having put cried, A pardon, A Pardon, God him in fear of some sudden At- save the King. But these Interruptempt intended againit him. But tions over, the Duke proceeded in at the Council-Table bis Borom be- his Speech; requesting the People ing opened, and the Armour found, to join in Prayer with him for the he was forthwith apprehended as King, exhorting them unto Obediintending the Death of some Coun- ence to him in his Council. Which sellor, and sent to the Tower, Oaober done, asking every Man Forgiveness, 16, 1551, and in December foHow- and declaring, that he freely forgave ing he was condemned of Felony, every Man; he meekly submitted as seeking the Death of some of the his Head to the Ax. Whose Death King's Counsellors; and on Febru. the People yery much grieved for

, ary 22, of the fame Year, he was speaking very bitterly against the brought to the Scaffold on Tower. Duke of Northumberland; and the Hill, where he thus spake to the good King sorely mourned because People : Dearly beloved Friends, I am of it, which like did much increase brought hither to suffer Deatb, albeit his consumptive Diftemper, that I never offended against the King, brought him to kis End Whilt either in Word or Deed, and have he lay in his Weakness he was overalways been as true and faithful to wrought to difinherit his Two Sithis Realm as any Man hath been. Iters, Mary and Elizabeth, and to But forasmuch as I am by Law con- ordain by Will, for his Suceesfor 10 demned to die, I do acknowledge my England's Diadem, Guildford Dudler's




, Jane, the Elder Daughter of Ship, and what Wind best served 1553. the Duke of Suffolk, whose Mother the coming into them. Of all his the Lady Frances was the Daughter Nobles, chief Gentry, and Magiof Mary Queen of France, and ftrates, he took special Notice of Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk. their Hospitality, and Religious Unto this Will King Edward, all Conversations. He was very sparing his Council, the Bishops, and all the of his Subjects Blood, tho' Rebels or Judges, saving Sir John Hollis, fub- Hereticks. When Joar Butcher was fcribed. When the King drew to to be burnt for Heresy, all his Counwards his last Breath, he prayed as cil could not move him to sign the followerh: Lord God, deliver me Warrant for her Execution, till out of this miserable Life, and take me Dr. Cranmer, Archbishop, laboured among the chosen ; borbeit, not my with him therein ; to whom the Will, but oby Will be done. Lord, I King said, What, my Lord, will commit my Spirit to thee. O Lord, you have me send her quick to ibcu knowejt how happy it were for Hell? And taking the Pen he used me to be with thee; set for tby chosen this Speech, I will lay all the Charge fake, it is be tby Will, fend me Life thereof upon Cranmer, before God. So and Health, that I may truly serve zealous he was for the Reformed thee

. O my Lord, bless thy People, Religion, and against Popery, that ard fave ebine Inberitance. O Lord he thrust all the Roman Fopperies God fave tby chosen People of Eng out of the Churches; and Superfti. land. O my Lord God, defend this tions out of the English Church; Realm

from Papistry, and maintain nor would he permit his sister Maaby true Religion, that I and my ry to have Mass said in her House, People may praise the Holy Name, tho’the Emperor Charles made Suit for ebp Son Jesus Christ's sake. for it in her Behalf. So charitable, furning his Face, and seeing some that he conferred on the City of by him, he said, I thought you London, Chrifts-Hospital, and St. had not been so nigh. Yes, said Thomas's-Hospital for the Relief of Dr. Owen, we heard you speak to the Impotent, Fatherless Children, yourself

. Then, said the King, I and Wounded Soldiers; and Brides was praying to God. O, I am faint. well for Vagabonds and idle PerLord Lave Meriy upon me, and res sons; and so circumspect as to himceive my Spirit. And in so saying, self and Publick, that he kept a he yielded up the Ghost, July 6, Journal-book written with his own 15:53. And was interred in the Hand, how all Things proceeded Chapel of St. Peter's at Westminster. with him and the State, even from He was a Prince very well learned in the first Day of his Reign unto his the Latin and Greek Tongues, also Death. in the French, Spanish, and Italian, At Feversham in Kent, one Mr. adorned with the skill of Logick, Arden was murdered; for which Natural Philofophy, Musick, and Fact his Wife was bilined at CanAftronomy. of luch Observation terbury; one Mosby and his Sister and Memory, that he could tell and were hanged in Smithfield, at LonTecite all the Ports, Havens, and don ; a Maid burnt, and Michael, Creeks

, belonging to England, Scot- Mr. Arden's Man, was hanged in land

, and France ; what coming in Chains at Feverfisam; one Green, there was, how the Tide served in that had Aed, came again certain fiery of them ; what Burthen of Years after, and was hanged in

M 3



Chains in the Highway over-against fed Aet, was burnt in Zealand, at
Feversbam, and Black Will the Ruf- Hlufhing.
fian, that was hired to do the cur-

M A R r.


A.D. IOUS King Edward Service, with Condition, that they 1553. having exchanged this might ftill embrace the Gospel in

mortal Life for a happy the same manner that King Edward Immortality, the Council in the first had established it. To which the place perswaded the Lord-Mayor, then condescended, tho' afterward and certain of the Aldermen of being petitioned to perform her London, to take their Oaths to be Promise herein, Me both punished faithful to the Lady Jane Grey; the Writer, and answered, That then caused the said Lady Jane to they should one Day well know, that be proclaimed, in London, Queen they being but Members, thould of England. But when Queen Mary noi direct her heir Head. heard the News of her Brother's July the Twelfih, the Earl of Death, and the Council's Proceed- Oxford, and other Lords, came in ings, by her Letters the required to the Queen's Assistance, and prothe Council, as they tendered her claimed her at Norwich; and July Displeasure, and their own Saferies, the Fourteenth, the Duke of Nor. to proclaim her Queen and Gover. thumberland, with an Army, set forth nour of the Land. Unto which Let- of London towards Norwicb; but ters the Lords forthwith answered, few or none of the Peopie bade this That by gocd Warrant of ancient ambitious Duke God-speed ; which Laws of the Realm, besides the last himself took Notice of as he Will of King Edward, the Right marched out of London with his was in the Lady Jane to govern Army. England, unto whom therefore, and But whilft Northumberland was none other, they must yield Sub- on his way, the Lord Windfor and jection. They also remembred the other Gentlemen raised the ComQueen of the unlawful Marriage mons of Buckinghamshire for Queen and Divorce of her Mother, of her Mary ; so Sir John Williams, and own Illegitimation, defiring her to Sir Leonard Chamberlain of Oxforaforbear any farther Claim, and to fire, and Sir Thomas Trisban is fubmit herself to the Queen Jane, Northamptonshire. And at Lerdos now her Sovereign. Which Letters the Tide turned, and Queen Mary sent to Queen Niary, were subscribed was there proclaimed, and many of by Tbo. Canterbury Archbishop, Tho- the Lords deerted the Duke ; infomas Ely Chancellor, Henry Suffolk much, that the Duke himself, Duke, the Duke of Norsbumberland thinking it the easiest to swim with Marquis of Winchester, &c. Upon the the Stream, even fairly in the Receipt of the Letters, the Queen Marke:-Place at Cambridge pro removed from Keningat to Freming- claimed Mary Queen of Englan, ham Castle, unto whom the Suffolk throwing up his Cap in Token of Men first resorted, offering their Joy. The Way thus made free,


er ;

Queen Mary repaired to London, A. D. 1553, was the Lady Jane

A. D. and there set at Liberry Edmund Grey and her Husband arraigned 1553. Bonner, imprisoned in her Bro- and condemned at the Guildhall in uw ther's Time, reft ring him to the London, and February the 12th her See of London, which Dr. Ridley Husband Guildford Dudley, Fourth had pofieised, and made him a Pri. Son to the Duke of Northumberland, foner. Other Protestant Bishops was had to Tower-Hill, where, with the removed, placing Papists in Prayers and great Signs of Repentheir steads. Dr. Cranmer Arch- tance, he ended his Life. Whose bishop of Canterbury, the commit- Body all bloody laid in a Cart, toted to the Tower, and Stephen Gar- gecher with the Head wrapt in the diner she made Lord Chancellor. Cloth, was brought into the Chapel And to assure her Estate the bet- of the Tower, even in the Sight of ter, the Duke of Northumberland this sorrowful Lady his Wife, who was arraigned and condemned, was now to mount the Scaffold rai. and brought upon the Scaffold on fed


the Green within the TowTower. Hili to suffer Death : Where whither being ascended the this Duke having promise of Life, if with a chearful Countenance spake he would recant the Reformed Re- unto the Spectators, declaring, That ligion, did so, and withal exhorted her Offence was only in consenting the People to follow the Romih to others; that she never fought way, tho' when he had so done, the that Greatness ; then defired the Executioner made him horier by People to bear her Witness, that she the Head ; with him suffered Sir died a true Christian Woman, and Icha Gates and Sir Thomas Palmer looked to be saved by no other August 22.

Means, but only by the Mercy of A few Days after which, the God in the Blood of Chrifi Jefus his Queen was crowned at Westminficr only Son; confessed that when she by Stephen Gardiner Bishop of Win. did know the Word of God, me negebefler. And October the 18th began lected it, and loved the World and a Parliament, wherein that Act was herself, and that therefore this Plague repealed which was made in Ed. and Punishment justly happened to award the Sixth’s Time, intituled, her for her Sins. Lastly, desired the Ár det for the Uniformity of Com- People to pray for her whilft she limen Prager and Administration of the ved. Then kneeling down, faid in

English the 51 Pfa'm ; which done, Then came all the Popish Trinkets the stood up, and gave her Book to into Fashion again, the Mass-Book, Mr. Eridges Lieutenant of the Touer: Crucifixes, Agnus Dei's, Relicks, then by the help of her two Gentlewith all the Idois and Abominati. women, made her ready for the ons. And the temporizing Priests Block, and commending her Spirit were forced to forego their wives, into the Hunds of the Lord Jesus, tho' not to live honestly : For as her Head was sever'd from the Body. hlafter Haywood merrily said to the Thus ended the Life of this most inQueen concerning these Men, when genious and virtuous Lady, ruined lae told him that the Priests muit by the Ambition of her husband's. no longer have their Wives ; Your Father, rather than her own. Grace then mul allow them Lem On the 23d of the same Month mons; for the Clergy cannot live her Father Hinry Duke of Sufolk for without Sauce.

alecond Offence, the promuling an.




A. D. Insurrc&tion to hinder the Queen's and fear them not ; for I assure you, 1554. Marriage with Philip of Spain, was I do not. Agairft these Rebels, the

beheaded on Tower Hill. And A. Earl of Pembroke was made GeneD. 1554. April 23, was his Brother ral, and 100 Pound Lands by the the Lord Thomas Grey beheaded in Year was promised to be given to him the same Place. Against this fore. and his Heirs for ever, that should said Match with Spain many Com- bring Wyat either alive or dead. binations were made, and many Per Howbeit, Wjat with Fourteen sons in divers Places of the Realm Ensigns, and about Five Thousand were up in Arms. And amongit Men, advanced to Southwark, where the rest, Sir Thomas Wat with the he made Proclamation, that no SolKentish' Men, against whom the dier should take any thing without Duke of Norfolk was sent; but due Payment, Southwark he fortje many of his Followers forsook him, fied, planting diverse great Guns and joyned with Wyat. Then Wyat therein ; and London was fortified advanced to Dartford, and from against him, and the Draw-Bridge thence to Deptford by Greenwich, at cut down.

Wherefore Wyat perwhose Approach so nigh the Cityceiving that he could have no Ac. the Fears were there so great, that cels into the City that way, he in the Lord-Mayor. Aldermen, and the Night marched round about by most of the Citizens were in Ar- Kingfione, thinking that Way to mour, and the Serjeants and Law. have surprized the City on the sudyers in Westminster in the Hilary. den ; but staying to remount a Term pleaded their Causes in Har: great Gun that was dismounted by ness. The Queen to make the City The Way, by that Means he could sure on her Side, came unto the not reach the City lo soon as he exGạildhall; where she made an O:a- pected, nor will his Coming was distion to the Citizens, therein acquaint- covered, and Preparations on that ing them, that tho' the Rebels Pre. Side the City made againit him. tence was to resist the Marriage with The Earl of Pembroke poffefied Spain, yet that their Intention was himself of St. James's, which Wia: against her Religion. That they at his coming perceiving, marched arrogantly demanded the Poffefion a little aside toward Charing-Crofs. of her Person, the keeping of the Ac Charing. Cross, the Lord ChamTower, the placing and displacing of berlain, and Sir John Gage stood to her Counsellors. She alio cherein refilt Myat ; but the Kentisho Men alledged her Right to the Crown, rufhing violently into the Streets, professed her entire Love and Affec- forced their Opposites into the Gates tion to her Subjects, promised them of Whiteball, where was a great on the Word of a Queen, that if Distraction within, and no other it should not probably appear before yoice heard than Treason, Treason. the Nobility and Commons in Par- Mean while Wyat, with some small liament, that her designed Marriage Company as he had with him, haftwith Prince Philip would be fored to 'Ludgate, where he knocked to the Profit of the Nation, she would have Entrance, but was de barred. abstain from it. Wherefore, faith in the Interim, those his Followers me, good Subjects, pluck up your that had turned to Whiteball, were Hearts, and like true Men, itand dispersed ; about Twenty of which fast with your lawful Prince against dirty bemired Rebels were Nain in shefe Rebels, both Ours and yours, the Conflict, and no other Cry heard


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