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1607. Infurrection, Rebellion, or despe. A. D. 1605, January 27th, Sir

rate Attempt appearing And Everard Digby, Kt. Thomas Winter, therefore he wished that the Rooms Robert Winter, Ambrose Rockwood, under the Parliament. House might John Grant, Gentlemen, Robert be thoroughly searched, which ac- Keys, Thomas Bates, and Guido cordingly was done, November the Fawks, were tried, found guilty, and Fifth about Midnight, at which time condemned, and on Tbursday followSir Thomas Knevet went to searching Digby, Grant, Bates, and Robert those Under Rooms; where at the Winter, were hang'd and quarter'd Entrance into the Cellar he found at the West End of St. Paul's, and Guy Faux at so unseasonable a Time, on Friday the rest were executed in cloaked and booted, whom he ap- the Parliament Yard at Weft minfter. prehended; then entring the Cellar In Memory of this great Deliverance, he found therein under the Billets the Fifth of November (being ihe Thirty Six Barrels of Powder ; and Day appointed for the Execution of when he came to search the Traytor this hellish Plot) was by Authony Faux, he found about him a Dark- of Parliament enacted to be obserLanthorn, Three Marches, and o- ved as a Day of Thank giving: ther Instruments for blowing up of A. D. 1606. March 28th, was the Powder. And the Villain, no Henry Garnet, Provincial of the whit daunted, intantly confessed English Jesuits, arraigned for conhimself guilty ; but fo far from cealing the aforesaid Treason, and Repentance, that he vowed, if he

on May the Third was executed at had been found within the Room, the West End of St. Paul's; at bis he would have blown up himself Death conselling his Fault, asking and them all.

Forgiveness, and exhorting all caAnd when he was brought before tholicks never to attempt any Tiea. the Lords of the Councii, he la- son against the King or Stare, as mented nothing so much, as that a Thing that God would never the Deed had not been done, say. prosper. ing, That the Devil, and noc God, A. D. 1607, was an Insurresi was the Discoverer of the Plot.

on in Northampton, Warwick, iG But the News of the Plot's Dicove- Leicefie Shires, about the thron ng ry coming to the Ears of Catesbi, down of Inclosures. At the fine Piiriy, Rockwood, the Wrights, and the Rout was without any partou Thomas Winter, they poited into lar Head, but at length one * Warwickshire to other of their Aflo- Reynolds undertook to be their Cip. ciates, who now began an open Re- tain, affirming to the Company, tra; bellion, pretending that all the Ca- in his great Pouch hanging by dis tholicks Throats were appointed to Side, he had sufficient to defend tlem

And after that they had against all Cppose:s; though ater hovered about a while, they fled wards being apprehended, and his to Holdbeth in Herefordffoire, whi- Pouch searched, there was nothing ther they were pursued, and where found in it lout a Piece of Grea John Wright and Chrislopher Wright, Cheese. Gentlemen, making opposition, were June 12. King James was enNain, and Thomas Pierry and Robert tred a Brother of the Clothworkrs, Catesby, Esquires, fighting Back to when also many Lords and Gerle Back, were both of them Nain with

were made free of the same onc Bullet; others were there taken. Company.


A.D. 1608, George Jarvis, a Parts of the Land. Some faid that 1614. Seminary Priest, and Thomas Gar. he died by poisoned Grapes which ret, a Jesuit, were executed at Ty. he eat; others, by Gloves of a burn, the last of which had Pardon poisoned Perfume, given him for a offered him, if he would take the Present. But be his Death by Oath of Supremacy ; but the Tray. what Means it would, certain it is, tor would hang rather.

that he was infinitely beloved of the About this Time very many fa- People, as one that had given great mous English Pirates, some of whom Hopes of proving a wile and mardenied their Faith and turned Turks, tial Prince. lived in great State at Tunis, as February 14, the Marriage of the Captain Ward, Bishop, Sir Francis Prince Palatine of the Rhine with Verney, and Glanvil. Nineteen of the Princess Elizabeth, was solemthe Pirates were taken and hanged nized in the Chapel at Whitehall, at Wapping

She was attired all in White, havA.D. 1609, was the New Ex- ing a rich Crown of Gold upon change built, the King naming it her Head, her Hair hanging down Brilair's Burse. In the same Year at length, curiously beset with the King by Proclamation pro- Pearls and precious Stones ; her hibited all Foreign Nations from Train supported by Twelve young Fishing on any of the Coasts of Ladies all'in White. In this same England, Scotland, Ireland, or the Year, the City of London, having Mes adjacent, without special Li- before had the Province of Ulter cence from his Commissioners. In granted them by the King for a this Year also the King, according Plantation, fent thither about three to an ancient Custom, "had Aid of Hundred Persons of all Sorts of his Subjects through England, for Handicrafts men, chiefly to inhamaking his eldest Son Prince Henry bit the Cities of Londonderry and Knight,

Colrain, And for the advancing A. D. 1610, June 4, all Romißl of this or the like Plantation in IrePriests, Jesuits, and Seminaries, as land, the King about this Time bebeing the Incendiaries of Dilturban- gan a new Order of Knights called ces, were commanded to depart Baronets, which Order he tinted the Realm. Then the Oath of Al within the Number only of Two legiance was ministred to all sorts Hundred ; and as the issue should of People.

tail, the Order 10 cease. About His Majesty caused to be built this time also, an exemplary Punishthe goodlieft Ship of War that had ment was imposed upon Sir Peckever been built in England, being all Brockas, which was to stand of the Burthen of 1400 Tup, and at Paul's Cross in a White Sheet, carrying 64 Pieces of Ordnance : holding a Wand in his Hand, he Prince Henry named it the Prince. having been formerly convicted be.

A. D. 1612, the Corpse of fore the High Commissioners for Mary late Queen of Scotland, the many notorious Adulteries with diKing's Mother, was translated vers Women. from Peterborough to the Chapel About A. D. 1614, Mr. Hugh Royal at Wesiminfer. On NovemMiddleton, Citizen and Goldsmith of ber the Sixth following, Prince London, with infinite Colt and LaHenry died of a malignant Fever, bour, brought the New-River to the which reigned that year in most City of London, from the two great


1618. Springs of Chadwell and Amwell in Mr. George Villers ; for this great

Hertfordshire, And about the fame Favourite, the Lord Carr, being upGeorge Time was the Moorfields by London on this Occasion laid aside, the said Abbot, converted, from deep itinking Ditch- Mr. Villers was accepted in his A. B. of es, and noisom common Shores, to Stead. Whom the King first of all Cant. pleasant sweet Walks.

knighted, and made Gentleman of A. D. 1615, Smithfield, which his Bed-Chamber, foon after Vilwas before a rude dirty Place, was count and Master of his Horse, a paved all over, and the middle Part while after Earl of Buckingham, thereof railed in.

then Marquis of Buckingham, and September 27, the Lady Arabella, Lord High Admiral, and laftly, the King's Cousin German, died. Duke of Buckingham, A Person, She had sometime before, without 'tis faid, he was of delicate Compothe King's Privity, secretly married fure of Body, and of excellent nathe Earl of Hertford's younger Son, tural Parts, and one that was very for which they were both commit- mindful of his Relations and Kinted to the Tower.

dred, most of whom he procured to Sir Edward Coke, the famous be advanced. Lawyer, tpon some Displeasure, was A. D. 1618, Sir Walter Rawu. discharged from being Lord Chief leigh, who had lived a condemned Justice.

Man many Years in the Tower of In this Year was a Divorce made London, now to procure some Liberbetwixt Robert Devereux Earl of ty, propounded to the King a ProElex, and his Countess, for his In- ject for the fetching of Gold from a fufficiency, and the left free to mar. Mine at Guyana, and that without ry any other. After which Divorce, any Wrong to the King of Spain, Robert Carr, Earl of Somerset, took This the King condescended unto, her to Wife. But Sir Thomas O. and Sir Walter set forward in his werbury, the Earl's special Friend, Voyage ; but when after a real or having dissuaded the Match, and only a Shew of Search, no Treasure perhaps laid some Imputation on the could be found, he fell upon St. Lady's Fame, according to Desert, Thome belonging to the King of did by this Means so incense these Spain, which he p!undred and burnt, Lovers against him, that they first then returned, though to his Ruin. found Means to have the said inge. For though Sir Walter fought to exnious Gentleman committed to the cuse his spoiling of St. Thome, by al Tower, and then by their Inft u- ledging that the Spaniards had firft ments to have him poisoned ; some assaulted him; and moreover, that say, by a Tonley sent him to eat ; he could not come at the Mine withsome by a Glister ministred to him. out first winning of that Town; For which Fact Sir Gervas Elwes, yet did the Spanish Leigere Gandathen Lieutenant of the Tower, and more aggravate this his Faci, and Airs. Turner, with others, were prevailed so with the King, who put to Death. The Earl and his preferred the publick Peace before Countess were also arraigned and the Life of a Man alr.ady condemcondemned, but had a Lease of ned, that he gave Way to have the their Lives granted them for Nine. Sentence of his former Condemnaty Nine Years, yet so as never after tion executed upon him. And accorto see the King's Face more. This dingly this Man famous for Letters made Way for the Advancement of and Arms was beheaded in the Par.


liament Yard at Wejiminfier. His own Epitaph he had framed himself 2621. in these Lines.

Even fucb is Time, which takes in Truf,
Our Youth, our Joys, and all we have ;
Aud pays us nought but Age and Duft,
When in the dark and filent Grave,
When we have wandred all our Ways,
Shuts up the Story of our Days;

And from which Grave, and Earth, and Duf,
The Lord will raise me up, I truf.


In this Year 1618, and March assaulted him in Prague, drove him the Second, Queen Anne died at with his wife and Children from Hampton-Court, and was buried at thence, and deprived him of his Wejiminfter. The November pre- Patrimony the Palatinate. Prince ceeding her Death, a famous Comet Charles about this Time, by great or Blazing Star appeared.

Gundamore's Persuasions, was sent A. D. 1620, July the 17th, into Spain, in order to the gaining Bernard Calvart, of Andover, rode of the Infanta to Wife, it being from St. George's Church in South- suggested, that by that Match with wark to Dover, from thence passed Spain a Re-settlement of the Prince by Barge to Calais in France, and Palatine in his Patrimony might from thence returned back to St. have been procured. But when the George's Church the same Day. Prince was arrived in Spain, though This his Journey he performed be- he found Royal Entertainment in twixt the Hours of Three in the the Court, yet was he suffered to Morning and Eight in the After- have little Acquaintance with the

Infanta, insomuch that in all his A. D. 1620, Sir Francis Michel, Eight Months Stay in Spain, he a Justice of the Peace of Middlesex, never spake with her but twice, was sentenced by Parliament to and that before Company, with ride with his face to the Horse certain Limitations also what he Tail through the City of London, should speak to her. Some thought for practising fundry Abuses in set- that a Difference betwixt the Duke ting up new Ale-houses, and exac of Buckingham (then with the ting Monies contrary to the Law. Prince ) and Count Olivares, the This Sentence was executed upon king of Spain's great Favourite, him. Sir Francis Bacon, Viscount was no small Obitruction to the of St. Albans, Lord Chancellor of Match. Others thought that the England, was fur Bribery (but they King of Spain never intended any were his Servants that were bri- such thing, but meant only by this bed) put out of his Place, and Treaty to spin out Time till he committed to the Tower for some had compassed some Designs in the Days.

Low Countries and Palatinate. But A D. 1621, the Count Pala- howsoever it was, Gundamore in de tine of the Rhine was elected King some good Improvenient of the of Bohemia by the States of that Treaty to himielf, for he perjuaKingdom ; but immediately after, ded some English Ladies of the Certhe Emperos with great Furces tainty of the Match, and they gave


1621. him good Sums of Money to be put Wife was burned for the Fact.

in such and such an Office when the Robert Dove, Merchant Taylor Spanish Princess should come to the of London, gave competent Means English Court. King James at last for ever for the Tolling of a Bell wearied with Delays, if not angred in St. Sepulcbre's Church, to mind wich: the Delusion, fent for the good People to pray for such Male. Prince to return, which according

factors as are to be executed out of ly he did ; and not long after, this Newgate, and to cease when they Treaty of Marriage with Spain was are executed. Every Executionutterly ended, and the King made Day this Bell Mould begin to Toll Preparations both of Men and at Six in the Morning. Money to recover the Palatinate, The Wife of Richard Homewood, and sent to treat of a Marriage with of East Grinstead in Sufex, without France.

any known Cause, murthered her A. D. 1625, and March 27, this own three Children, and threw them politick and peaceable Monarch into a Pit, and then cut her own King James died of an Ague at Throat. Theobalds, and was buried at Weft A. D. 1606, Virginia was plantspinster with great Solemnity, and ed with an English Colony. It was greater Lamentations of his Sub- first discovered A. D. 1584, by Sir jects. His Wife was Anne, che Walter Rawleigh, who is said to Daughter of Frederick the Second, have first brought that charming King of Denmark. His Issue were

Weed Tobacco into England. The Henry, Charles, Elizabeth, and Ma: Burmudas and New-England were ry, and Sophia, who both died also made English Plantations. King young.

James for a Sum of Money quits Two obstinate Arian Hereticks, the cautionary Towns, Brill, &c. Bartholomew Legate, and Edward

A. D. 1606, and April 11, hapWightman, were burnt, the first in pened a dreadful Fire at St. EdSmithfield, the other at Litchfield. monds-Bury in Suffolk, which did George Abbot, Archbishop of Can- much Spoil to many fair Buildings, terbury, being on Hunting, as he and consumed One Hundred and fhot at a Deer, his Arrow by Mil- Sixty Houses, &c. the Damage chance glanced and killed a Man, amounting to the Value of Threebut he was cleared ; yet out of a

score Thousand Pounds and upreligious Tenderness, he kept the wards. To the repairing of which Day of the Year on which the Mis: Loss his Majesty himself contri. chance happened, with a solemn buted very liberally, as also the Fait all his Life after.

Gentry of that Country, and City The Murder of one Waters, mur. of London. dered by his Wife, was discovered A. D. 1612, a Blazing Star was by a Dream. One of the said Wa- seen itreaming towards the Weft ; ters's Neighbours dreamed, that infinite Slaughters and Devastations Waters was ftrangled and buried in following both in Germany and o. fuch a certain Dunghill, which up- ther Places, on Search was found true, and the


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