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4. D. HARLES the First was King James ? Because, faid Archee, 1625. born at Dumfermling in thou haft sent the Prince into Spain,

Scorland on November from whence he is never like to the Nineteenth, A. D. 1600, but in return. But, said the King, what so much Weakness that his Bap. wilt thou say when thou seest him tism was haltned. In the Second come back again ? Marry, said the Year of his Age he was created Jester, I will take off the Fool's Duke of St. Albany, Marquiss of Cap, which I now put upon thy Ormend, Earl of Ross, and Baron Head for sending him thither, and of Ardmonack.

put it on the King of Spain's for In the Fourth Year of his Age letting him return. he was brought to the English When the Prince was returned Court, and made Knight of the from Spain, a Wife was sought Barb, and invested with the Title for him from France, by a Marof Duke of York. In his Eleventh riage with Henrietta Maria, the Year he was made Knight of the Daughter of King Henry the Garter, and in his Twelfth Year Fourth. The Love of whom the Duke of Cornwall. In his Sixteenth Prince had received by the Eye, Year he was created Prince of and The of him by the Ear : For Wales, Earl of Chester and Flint, having formerly received Impresthe Revenues thereof being assigned fions from the Reports of his Galto maintain his Court. In his Nine- lantry, when she was told of his teenth Year he performed a Justing pasting through Paris, she answerat Whireball, wherein he acquitted ed, That if he went to Spain for a himself with a Bravery equal to his Wife, he might have had one nearer Dignity.

Home, and saved himself a great A. D. 1622, he was sent into part of that Labour. Prince Charles Spain, there to contra& a Marriage after the celebrating of his Father's with the Infanta, whither he was Funeral, whereat himself was chief to pass Incognité through France, Mourner, he next haftened the accompanied only with the Mar- coming over of his deareft Conquiss of Buckingham, Mr. Endymi. fore the Princess Henrietta Maria, on Porter, and Mr. Francis Corring. whom the Duke of Chevereux had ton. But this Attempt of King in his Name espoused at the James, in sending him to the Court Church of Notredame in Paris ; of Spain, raised the Censures of and he received her at Dover; the the World upon him, as being too next Day after Trinity-Sunday, ac forgetful of the Inhofpitallity of Canterbury, began the Nuptual EmPrinces to each other, when they braces. have been found in another's Do June the 18th, a Parliament was minions. And this none other assembled, at the opening of which daring to mind the King of, his the King acquainted them with the Jester Archee did it after this man Necessities of Supplies for the War Ber: He came to exchange Caps with Spain, which themselves imwith the King ; Why io, said portunately had engaged his Father


1622. and made it as Hereditary to him Faction more Sport, the Duke and

as the Crown. But through the Earl of Bristol did mutually imPractice of some unquiet Persons peach each other. But his Majeof that Parliament, two Petitions, sty, to put a Stop to these Contests

, one respecting Religion, the other dissolved the Parliament, June 18. Redress

of Grievances, were 1626, before the Bill for the Subbrought into Debate, both formed fidies was passed. Therefore the in King James's Time, which de- King by the Advice of his Counlayed the Succours, and increased cil, cook care to provide Money the Necessities : Yet at length the some other Way ; hence followed Parliament, granted two Subsidies; the levying of Customs and Imwhich done, and divers Acts passed, posts upon all such Merchandizes the Parliament was adjourned till as were Imported and Exported. August, and their Convention to be Then Compositions to be made at Oxford, by reason of the Plague with Recusants for the Leases of then raging in London. When the their Lands and Tenements für ForParliament was met again accordo feitures due fince the Tenth Year ing to the Time appointed, there of King James, 'Also Privy Scals were high and furious Debates of were iflued out, and Benevolencee Grievances ; as, That evil Coun. proposed, &c. The several macils guided the King ; that the ritime Counties and Port Towns Treatury was mijemployed, with were ordered by the Council to set Reflections on the Duke of Buck- out Ships for the guarding of the ingham's Miscarriages. The Com- Sea Coalts against the Attempts of mons consulting to divest the Duke Spain and Flanders, which they very of his Admiraiship, and to demand unwillingly, it at all, yielded unto. an Account of those publick Monies A Royal Fleet was also preparing wherewith he had been intrulted to be set out, designed for Barbary,

The King hereupon dissolved the as was given out. But ac latt, as Parliament; and the Infection de the most expeditious Way for raicreasing at London, his Majesty fing of Money, a general Loan was crowned at Westminster, Fe- was resolved upon, and Commitibruary the ad ; and February the oners forthwith appointed for the 6th another Parliament was begun, Purpose ; which grand Afleffmene wherein the Commons voted the of the Loan met with much OppoKing Four Subsidies. But some fition from People of all Soris and of the Members highly taxed the Degrees, upon which divers Gen. Duke of Buckingham, and Articles tleven were committed Prisoners ; were carried up againit him to the and Gearge Abbot, Archbishop of Lords House for his ill Manage- Canterbury, retufing to licenle a ment of the Admirally, his ingrof Book in Behalf of the Loan, was Sing Offices, preterring his Kindred fufpended for a Time from his to Places unfit for them, making Archiepiscopal Jurildiction ; and Sale of Places of Judicature, and his Dr. Williams Bihop of Linceir, for Mother and father in Law's foiter- speaking fome Words concerning the ing of Popish Recufants.

Loan in Disadvantage of the King, Thele leading Commoners were fell into some Disfavour ; and Sir Mr. Cook, Dr. Turner, Sir Dudley Randolph Crew, for being backward Digs, Sir John Elliot, and Sir to promote it, was displaced from William Walter. And to make the his Office of Lord Chiei Judice.

A.D. 1627, His Majesty being When the Parliament were met 1627. now foed by the French Protes- at their prefixed Time, there was tants of Rochel for his Protection, forthwith presented to the House of and because the King of France had Commons a certain Paper, called, seized on the English Merchants A Speech Without-Doors. Wherein Goods in the River of Bourdeaux, were laid open the Miscarriages therefore sent the Duke of Buck. of many Persons in Places of Trust, ingbam to attack the Isle of Rhee, with several Sorts of National which had now submitted to the Grievances. The first Matter that Englilo Valour, had not the Duke the Parliament took into their Conmanaged that War more with the fideration was the Grievances of Gaities of a Courtier, than the the Country; and the first Grievance Arts of a Soldier. In this Expe. they debated was the Case of those diion many brave Englisomen loft Gentlemen, who having refused their Lives'; from which when the the Loan, were, notwithstanding Duke was returned, those poor their Habeas Corpus, committed to Remains of his Army, most of Prison. This Paper took up a them Irish and Scots, were billeted long Debate and in earnest, which in divers ViHages of England, to was chiefly managed by Sir Francis the great Discontent of the Coun- Seymour, Sir Thomas Wentworth, Sir try. This Expedition being so un- Benjamin Rudyard, Sir Edward happy, and the Miseries of Rochel Coke, and Sir Robert Philips. Next making them importunate for the the House proceeded to the drawKing's Afiftance, he therefore sum- ing up of a Petition against Recumoned a Parliament to meet March fants, to which Petition the King the 17th, 1627. He also passed a gave a satisfactory Answer. Then Commission under the Great Seal after the granting of the King Five to levy Monies throughout the Na- Subsidies, they took into Debate tion by Imposicions in the Nature' the Petition of Right, wherein they of Excise.

prayed his moft Excellent Majesty, Not long before the Convention First, That no Man hereafter be of the Parliament there were ap- compelled to make or yield any prebended a Company of Jesuits at Gift, Loan, Benevolence, Tax, or Clerkenwell by London, where a- such-like Charge, without common mongst the rest of their Papers, Consent by Act of Parliament, and there was found the Copy of a that none be called to make AnLeiter written to their Facher Re- swer, or to take such Oaths, or to &tor at Brussels, in which the Au- give Attendance, or be confined, thor of it acquainted Father Rector or otherwise molested concerning with all the subtle Plots their So- the same. ciety here had laid for the em Secondly, That no Freeman be broiling chis Stare, and for erect- taken and imprisoned, or be diffeiing of an Universal Catholick Mo. zed of his Freedom or Liberty, or narchy; and to this end, he said, his free Cuftoms, or be out-lawed, they chiefly made use of Arminians or exiled, but by the lawful Judg. 2nd Projectors; also how that ma. ment of his Peers, or by the Laws ny times, to bring their Purposes of the Land. about, they pretended themselves Thirdly, That the Soldiers and to be Puritani,

Mariners now billeted in divers


Lord Say.

1627. Counties, might be removed, and killed him for the Cause of God

the People not be burthened so for and his Country. The Murderet the future.

was hanged at Tyburt, his Body
Fourthly, That the late Commissi- sent to Portsmouth, where without
ons for Proceeding by Martial Law the Town it was hanged up in
might be revoked and annulled, Chains.
and that hereafter no Commissions In the Duke's Place, the Earl of
of like nature might be issued forth. Lindsey, an excellent Soldier, was

To all which the King at last yield. sent for the Aid of Rochel, who
ed his Consent ; fending this An- after some valiant, yet fruitless At;
swer to the Parliament, soit droit tempts, returned into England, and
fait comme il est desiree. And to the the Rochellers to the Obedience of
Peoples further Satisfaction, his the French King. And within a
Majelly received into his Favour sort Time after, Peace was con.
the Archbishop of Canterbury, the cluded betwixt France and Eng.
Bishop of Lincoln, the Earls of Efex, land,
Lincoln, Warwick, Brillol, and the January the zoth, the Parlia-

ment assembled again, when they The Parliament next resume prepared a Bill against Tunnage their Accusation of the Duke of and Poundage, and the Commons Buckingham, against whom they made a Protestation amongit them drew up another Remonftrance : selves, That whosoever should leek The like they did against Bishop to introduce Popery or Arminianism, Neal, and Bithop Laud, and at lait or other Opinions' disagreeing from were about to take away the King's the True and Orthodox Church, Right to Tunnage and Poundage ; should be reputed a Capital Enemy whereupon the King adjouined to the Commonwealth; that who them till October the Twentieth, ever fiould counsel or advise the and afterwards by Proclamation till' taking or levying the Subfidies of the Twentieth of January follow. Tunnage or Poundage, not being ing.

granred in Parliament, or fhould be About this time, Dr. Lamb, a Fa an Actor or Instrument therein, vourite of the Duke of Buckingham's should likewise be reputed an E. and supposed Necromancer, was kil- nemy to the Commonwealth ; or led in London by the Rout of Peo- whosoever fould voluntarily pay ple, who hated him both for his own the same, not being granted by Sake and the Duke's. A. D. 1628, Parliament, fhould be reputed a during the last Sellion, a Fleet of Betrayer of the Liberties, and an Fifty Sail was sent to the Relief of Enemy of the Commonwealth. Rochel, but was repelled with much Hereupon his Majesty presently Lols. Then another Expedition dissolved the Parliament. After was agreed on, and a more formi- which he called to Question cerdable Fleet was prepared ; but as the tain refractory Members at the Duke of Buckingham was at Portf. Council-table į namely, Sir Joér mouth, hastening his Preparations Elliot, Sir Miles Hobard, Mr. Deefor Sea, he was suddenly stabbed zil Hollis, Sir Peter Hayman, Sir by Lieutenant Felton, who after John Barrington. Mr. Selden, Mr. his Apprehenfion, being demanded Stroud, Mr. Corilor, Mr. Long, what invited him to the bloody Mr. Valentine, and Mr. Kirton; who Fact, boldly answered, That he were all committed to Prison. But


by the diłolving of the Parliament Hundred Thousand Pounds was 1633. 1629, the popular Odium was in a brought into the Exchequer. Sir M high Measure itirred up against the Thomas Wentworth was now made great Ministers of State, as was ma Viscount Wentworth, and Lord Prenifested by certain invective Libels fident of the North. published against Bishop Laud, and A. D. 1631, Mervin Lord Audthe Lord Treasurer Weston.

ley Earl of Caflehaven, was arraignSome there were in those Times, ed for Rape and Sodomy ; when who considering how little Success divers unnatural and beastly Acts the King's Affairs had by this were proved against him ; for the and the two former Parliamenes, which he was condemned, and on 'tis faid, advised his Majesty never May the Fourteenth beheaded on for the future to call any more Tower. Hill. He so pleased himself Parliaments. And for the better in his Impieties, that he boasted, that carrying on of the Design, a Book as others had their several Delights, of Projects was published and dif- fome in one thing, some in another, persed in several Places, containing fo his whole Delight was in dama Proposition addressed to the King, ning Souls, by inticing People to how he might so order the Matter, such Facts as "might surely effect it. as not to be troubled in the future He was educated a Protestant, but with the Impertinencies (as 'twas turned Papift, and so died. worded) of Parliaments. Some of A. D. 1632, ' his Majesty rethose Projects for the avoiding of called the Lords Justices out of Parliaments were ; For the King Ireland, who then had the Governto demand the Tenth Part of Mens ment thereof, and in their Stead Eftates ; To take the Benefit of sent thither the Lord Wentworth as Salt into his own Hands ; To de. Lord-Deputy. mand a Rare for the Sealing of The King recommended to the Weights every Year ; To demand Nobility and Gentry, the raising an. Impoft for Wools : At the amongit themselves a large ContriPrinces Marriage to raise the De- bution towards the Reparation of grees of Men, as from Earls to St. Paul's Church in London ; which Marquisses, & c. and to make rich Motion was so far entertained, that Yeomen and Farmers Esquires, each a confiderable Sum was gathered, paying for their Honours according and the Work had a fair Progress. to their several Degrees ; with ma A. D. 1633, and May 13, the by like Conceits.

King took a Journey into Scotland, This Year a Peace was concluded there to be crowned, and it was

but Time for him so to do; for not 4. D. 1630, and May 29, was long before this, he had received a Prince Charles born, and about Letter from a Scorch Lord, whereNoon of the same Day was a Star in was this Expression, That foould seen in the Firmament.

he longer defer his coming to be In this Year was the old Prero. crowned, the People might pergative Statute for Knighthood put haps be inclined to make Choice in Execution, whereby those who of a new King. As soon as the had Estates of 40 l. per Annum,

Coronation Rites were accomplishwere fummoned to appear to re-ed, the King fummoned a Parliaceive Knigh hood, and upon default ment, and pais d an Act for the Rato be fined; by which means One cification of all chole Laws that

with Spain.

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