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and the Ceremonies of the Church, the King and his Papists were 1641. and for the removing of evil Coun- coming to fire the City, and to m sellors from about him. Their cut their Throats in their Beds. grand Remonttrance they also pre- The King, therefore, not always to sented him, wherein were reckon. encourage these Indignities with ed up the Offences of the Courtiers, his Patience, resolved by a Course the unpleasing Resolves of some of Justice to punish the Authors Judges, the Neglects or Rigors and Countenancers of these sediciof some Ministers of State, the un

ous Practices


so commanded his digested Sermons of some Preach- Attorney General to accuse five ers, the Positions of some Divines Members of the Lower House of in the Schools; unpleasing Acci- High Treason, namely, Mr. Dendents they therein represented as zil Hollis, Sir Arthur Hazelrig, Mr. Designs of Tyranny ; and thofe John Pym, Mr. John Hampden, Things which had been reformed, and Mr. William Stroud; and the were yet mentioned as Burthens. Lord Kimbolion, Earl of Man. To this Remonitrance his Majesty chefter, of the House of Peers. He answered, That he thought he had also sent some Officers to seal up given Satisfaction to the Peoples their Trunks and Cabinets in their Fears and Jealousies concerning several Lodgings, and to secure Religion, Liberty, and Civil Inte- their Persons. To this the Comreits, by the Bill he had pass’d this mons voted, That all those Persons Parliament; desiring that Misun

Enemies to the Commonderstandings might be removed on wealth, that should obey the King either Side, and that the bleeding in any of his Commands concernCondition of Ireland might persuade ing them ; and it was lawful for them to Unity, for the Relief of any person to aslist the faid Memthat unhappy Kingdom. But this bers. And because the King came modest Answer of his Majesty's did into the House of Commons, and not at all satisfy the Factious. The there demanded to have the Five Apprentices and Rabble in great Members delivered up to him Number and much Confufion re (though he lec his Guard of Penforted again to Wefminster ; some lioners, and Lords and Gentlemen, crying out against Bishops and Li- without upon the Stairs) the Comturgy of ihe Church; ohers boldly mons voted this Proceeding of the menacing, that the Militia should King a Breach of the Privilege be taken out of the King's Hands; of Parliament; and withal publishaffronting the Bishops at their paf. ed a Declaration, That whosoever fing in and out of the Lord's House; should arrest any Member of Parand before Whitehall behaving liament by Warrant from the King themselves very infolently. His only, was guilty of the Breach of Najelty hereupon took a Guard Parliamentary Privileges ; and likeof such Gentlemen as offered their wife, That all they who attended Service for his Safety ; but the the King when he came to demand Faltious made use of this to raise the Five Members (then hid in the tie Rage and Jealousy of the whole City) were Guilty of a Traiterous Ciry against the King; for at Mid- Design againit the King and Parlianight there were Out-cries made ment. The Londoners came throngin the Streets, that all People ing to Westminfier in a tumultufiould rise to their Defence, for cus Sort, so petition for the im



1642. peaehed Members, behaving them- boasted that the Queen was with

selves very rude!y towards the their Army, that the King would
Bishops. And such Increase and come with auxiliary Forces, that
Numbers of the heady common they did but maintain his Cause a-
People assembled in a tumultuous gainst the Puritans, that they had the
Manner about Whitehall and Wifi- King's Commission for what they
minfler, that the King juftly mis- did, Tnewing a Patent for this pur-
trusting some Danger from them, pose, but 'twas of their own draw-
withdrew himself, with the Queen, ing ; to which they affixed an old
and their Children, to Windsor. Broad Seal that had been taken from
The next Day after which, the an obsolete Parent out of Farnham
Five Members were triumphantly Abbey by one Plunket, in the pre:
guarded from London to Westminster fence of many of their Lords and
.by Water. Strange Reports were in Priesls, as was afterwards attested
these Times given out concerning by the Confession of many. And
Dangers from the King; how that now the Breach, through bad Mens
Troops of Papists were gathered practices, growing still wider and
about Kingston upon Thames, under wider, betwixt his Majesty and his
the Coinmand of Colonel Lund - two Houses of Parliament, his Ma-
ford, who was charactered to be of jeliy resolved to withdraw into the
so monflrous an Appetite, that he North, there to abide till he saw
would eat Children, and other like what Issue this Storm would have ;
false ridiculous Stories. Petitions taking with him the Prince, and
were presented to the Parliament, re Duke of York. The Queen he had
quiring that neither the Bishops nor besore sent with the Princess of 0.
Popish Lords should continue to range, into Holland.
yote amongit the Peers. Women When the King was departed,
also presented a Petition to the like the Parliament made Preparations
purpose. The House of Commons both by Land and Sea, upon pre;
petitioned his Majesty, that they text of great Dangers at Home, and
might have the Tower and London more prodigious T'errors from A-
Militią put into their Hands ; which broad; pretending, that by Intelli- !
he denied to grant. Yet did they gence from Paris, Rome, and Venice,
place. Major General Skippon over they were assured of great Designs
that Militia.

to overthrow the Parliament, toge.
The King, in hopes to stay the ther with the Protefiant Religion,
Fury of the Faction, consented to and strange unhea:d of Plors, they
almost all that they desir’d. Howbe- faid, were made to murther the
it, notwithstanding all his gracious moft eminent Patriots.
Condescensions, Endeavours were In this Year the Parliament or-
still used to create an Hatred of his dered, that all superstitious Pi&tures
Majelly. Mr. John Pym publickly and Crofies, within Churches and
charged him with Connivance, at without, should be pulld down and
leatt, if not with Contrivance of the defaced.
Irish Rebellion ; and when the King A.D. 1642, and April 23, the
requir'd Satisfaction for the Calum-King, attended with his Guard,
ny, the Commons justified Pym's cončiting for the most part of Lords
Speech to be the Sense of their House. and Gentlemen only, would have
The Irish, Rebels indeed, to dishear-entred into his Town of Hull, bur
ten the English from any Refillance, Sir John Hetham insolently fhut the


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Gates against him, and kept him great Officers and Ministers of 1642. out; whereupon the King proclaim- State, might be put from his Privy : ed him Traitor, and complained to Council, and from those Offices the Parliament of this Indignity ; and Employments

, excepting fuch but they juftied Hotham's Act, and as both Houses should approve of, authorized him to strengthen the &c. Garrison of Hull. In short time after II. That the great Affairs of this this

, England's Miseries commenc'd Kingdom might not be concluded by an inteftine War. A little before or transacted by the Advice of priwhich were strange Sights seen in vate Men, or by any unknown or the Air in many Parts of England, unsworn Counsellors, but that such Masqueteers, harnessed Men, and Matters as concern the Publick, and Horsemen, moving in Bat:le Array, are proper for the High Court of and affaulting one the other in di- Parliament, his Majesty's great and vers furious Postures. The King fupreme Council, might be debated, and the two Houses now began to resolved, and transacted only in Parmake all the speedieft warlike Pre. liament, &c. parations to defend themselves, and III. That the Lord High Steward offend each other ; but the Two of England, Lord High Constable, Houses had a great Advantage of Lord Chancellor or Keeper of the his Majesty, both in respect of Mo- Great Seal, Lord Treafurer, Lord nies, and the speedy raising of Men, Privy Seal, Earl Marshal, Lord Adand also Arms and Ammunition formiral, Warden of the Cinque Ports, War of all Sorts, through their ha- Chief Governour of Ireland, Chanving the City of London on their Side, cellor of the Exchequer, Master of the Citizens whereof were very free the Wards, Secretaries of State, two in parting with their Plate upon the Chief Justices, and Chief Baron, publick Faith ; and their Wives may all be chosen with the Approwere lo zealous for the good Cause bation of both Houses of Parlia(as that of the Two Houses was

ment, &c. then miscalled) that they gave their IV. That he or they, to whom very Bodkins and Thimbles towards the Government and Education of the maintaining of it, and were the King's Children shall be comforward to have Husbands and Chil- mitted, shall be approved of by both dren to venture their Lives in this Houses of Parliament, and in the Rebellion.

Intervals of Parliament, by the ArHis Majesty in the mean Time fent of the major Part of the Counto secure himself and Rights, pro- cil, dc. cures Arms and Ammunition out of V. That no Marriage shall be

Pawn of the Crown concluded or treated for any of the Jewels, and by Degrees raiseth a King's Children, without the Conconsiderable Army.

sent of Parliament, under the PeJune 2, both Houses of Parlia- nalty of a Præmunire unto such as ment sent 19 Propositions to the shall so conclude or treat any MarKing's Majesty, for a Reconciliation riage, as aforesaid, & c. of the Differences between his Ma VI. That the Laws in Force ajeity, and the said Houses, Er. gainst Jesuits, Priests, and Popish

Recusants, be strictly put in Exe1. That the Lords and others of cution, without any Toleration or the King's Privy-Courçil, and such Dispensation to the contrary, &c.


Holland, upon


VII. That the Votes of Popish future he thall raise no such Guards, Lords in the House of Peers be ta or extraordinary Forces, but accorken away fo long as they continue ding to Law, in case of actual Re. Papists, and the Children of Papists bellion or Invasion. be educated in the Proteftant Reli XVII. That his Majesty would gion.

be pleased to enter into a more ftri& VIII. That such a Reformation Alliance with the States of the U. be made in the Church Government nited Provinces, and other Neighand Liturgy, as the Parliament shall bour Princes and States of the Proadvise, &c.

teftant Religion, for the Deence IX. That his Majesty would rest and Maintenance therec?, against all fati fied with that Course that the Designs and Attempts of the Pope, Parliament have appointed for or- and his Adherenis, to subvert and dering the Militia, until the same fupprefsit, &c. should be further settled by a Sill, XVIII. That his Majefty would &c.

be pleased by Ad of Parliament to X. That such Members of either clear the Lord Kimbolton, ard the House of Parliament, as have du- 'Five Members of the House of Com. zing this present Parliament been mons in such Manner, that fuitre fut cut of any Place and Office, be Parliaments may be secured either rellored to that place and the Consequence of that evil PreceOflice, or have Satisfaction for the dent. Tame, &c.

XIX. That his Majesty would XI. That all Privy.Counsellers be graciously plea sed to pass a 5:!!! and Judge's take an Oath for 'the "for restraining Peers made hereafter anainiaini g of the Petition of from fitting or voting in ParliaRight, &c.

ment, unless they be admirred XII. That all the Judges, and all thereunto with the Consent of beib Oficers placed by Approbation of Houses of Parliament. both Houses of Parliament, may hold their Places, Quam diu bene se

To these Propofitions his Maie. 81erint.

fty returned Answer, but not facil. XIII. That the Justice of Parlia- factory. ment might pafs upon all Dulin On August 22, 1642, did his

Majesty set up his Standard Royal XIV. That the General Pardon at Nottingham, and after three Days offered by his Majesty might be sends a Message to the Parliament granted, with such Excepuons as to propose a Treaty. To which ite Mould be advised by the Parlia. Parliament answe:ed, Thatuc:!

his Majefly shall recall his ProcłaXV. That the Forts and Carles, mations and Declarations of Treaof this Kingdom be put under the sons againit the Earl of Elex, and Command and Cultod; of such Per- themselves, and Adherents, and that sons as his Majesty shall appoint, the King's Standard of War betawith the Approbation of his Parlia. ken down, they cannot, by the Furment, c.

damental Privilege of Parliamet XVI. That the extraordinary give his Majesty a further Aníue:. Guards, and military Forces then The King replies, That he never attending his Majeity, be removed intended to declare the Parliamer: and discharged; and that for the Traitors, or fet up his Standard a

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quents, c.


taken up,

gainst them ; but if they shall re. Side were the Earl of Lindsey, and 1642. folve to treat, either Party fall Sir Edward Verney, Standard-bearrevoke their Declarations against er; and Mr. John Smith immediall Parties as Traitors, and the fame ately recovered the Standard, for Day to take down his Standard. To which Service he was Knighted in this they answered, That the Diffe. the Field. On the Parliament's Part rences could not any ways be con were Nain the Lord St. John of Bletcluded, unless he would forsake his fo, and Col. Ff-x. From this Fight evil Counsellors, and return to his at Edgehill the King marched to Parliament. And accordingly, SipBanbury, which was surrendred to tember the 6th, they order and de- him ; then entred Oxford triumclare, that the Arms which they have phantly, and having secured that

or shall take up, for the Place, he advanced towards London, Parliament, Religion, Laws, and and at Brentford fell upon two ReLiberties of the Kingdom, fhall not giments of the Enemies, taking abe laid down, until the King with- bout 500 Prisoners. The Parliadraw his Protection from such Per- ment, to increase their Numbers, fons as are and shall be declared De- declare, that all Apprentices that linquents, and fall leave them to would lift themselves in their SerJustice, to the End that their Estates vice for the publick Cause, thould may discharge the Debts, and Loan be secured from the Injury of their Money of the Commonwealth. So Maiters, and their Tinie go on toWar was inevitable. His Majesty's ward their Freedom; by which means Gene:al was the valiant Earl of Multitudes of Youth' forfook their Lindiey; the Parliament's General Masters to fight for the Parliament. was Rebert Devereux Earl of Elex, They also invited their Brethren the and their Admiral the Earl of War: Scots (as they called them) to come wick. The first Blood that was spilt into England to their Aid. And to in this unhappy War, was near un animate the People to take up Arm's to H:!l, whither some of the King's for the Parliament, some basy ClerForces were drawn, upon whom gymen made great (not good) Use Sir Jobri Hotham and Sir John Mel- of that facred Text in their Pulpits, dram fallied, taking fome, and kil- Curle Je Meroz, &c. Judg. v. 23. ling others.

but bliffed be the Peace-makers, faith September 9, 1642, the Earl of the Prince of Peace. About the BeEffex set forth with his Army out ginning of March, Commissioners of London, and October 23, the Ca- were appointed to meet at Oxford, valiers (so called) which were the in order to treat of a Reconciliation, King's Party, and the Roundheads when the two Houses of Parliament (so called from the Custom of the humbly besouglit his Majesty (so Puritans cutting their Hair short to they worded it) graciously to accept their Ears) which were the Parlia. and grant these most humble Desires ment's Party, met between Keinion and Propositions : and Edgehill in Warwickshire, and there engaged in Fight, which was I. That his Majesty would be acted with such Fury, that near 6ooa pleased to disband his Armies, as were Nain upon the place. The they likewise would be ready to King had so much the better of the disband all their Forces, and that he Day, as to keep the Field. Persons would be pleased to return to his of Remark fain on his Majesty's Parlian.ent.

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