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1648. licensed to fit, proceeded to confti. Fairfax's Lady, from a Scaffold ad

tute a Court for the Tryal of the joining, cried with a loud Voice,
King, giving it the specious Name That not half the People of Eng-
of The High Court of Justice ; land were guilty of that Crime, but
which said Court they impowered that 'was by means of that Traitor
to convene, hear, judge, and exe- Cromwell that this wickedness was
cute Charles Stuart King of Eng. done. The King alledged to the
land. These Proceedings the House Court, that he could not make his
of Lords detested, so did the Par. Defence, unless they first produced
liament of Scotland; the Judges of their Authority for the Tryal of
the Land affirmed it to be contrary him their King, which they not
to the known Laws and Customs being able to do (except that of the
of England, for the King to be Sword ) remanded him to the Place
brought to Tryal; and the Presby- of his Captivity.
terian Ministers did both publickly January the z zd, the High Court
and privately diffuade them from of Justice met again, when the
this horrid action, tho' all in vain : King being brought to the Bar, So
And the more to animate the King's licitor Cook required that he might
Judges in their illegal Proceedings, be put upon it, either to give in
the Pulpit - Jefter Hugh Peters, his pofitive Answer, or else that the
preached before them on that Text. Charge against him, upon his Re-
Pfal. cxlix. 8. To bind their Kings fusal to plead, might be taken for
in Chains, &c. Such Honours have all confessed. The Subitance of which
his Saints; when he assured them, Charge was, That the said Chartu
that they were the Saints there Stuart, King of England, had beca
meant, often in his Sermons calling the Occasion, Author and Contri
them the Saints Judges ; and pro ver of the Wars, and therein was
fessed, that he had for certain found, guilty of all the Treasons, Mur-
upon a ftri&t Scrutiny, that there thers, Rapines, Burnings, Spoils
were in the Army 5000 Saints, no Desolations, Damage, and Mischiels
less holy than those that now con to this Nation, acted or committed
versed in Heaven with God Al- in the Wars, or occasioned there-
mighty. Afterwards kneeling in by. To the Charge. Preludert
his Pulpit, weeping and lifting up Bradshaw required the King's Al-
his Hands, he earnestly begged swer; but his Majesty firmly pers
them, in the Name of the People fisting in the disowning of the
of England, that they would execute Authority and offering to give
Justice upon that Wretch Charles, Reasons why he could not owa
and would not let Benhadad escape their Court, the Court was adjourned
in Safery, 8c.

to the next Day.
anuary the 20th, his Majesty January the 23d, the King w
was brought before the High Court again brought before his fétitice
of Juftice,

in Wefminster. Hall, where judges, when he was again prefst be boldly and chearfully took the to give in his Reasons why he could Scat prepared for him; and the not own their Authority. "To which Charge was read against him with he answered, That to all those reproachfal Terms of Ty new Court was against the Privileger şant, Traitor, and Murtherer, and of the People, and the Fundamenimpleaded in the Name of all the tal Laws of the Kingdom. Where People of England. But General upon the Prefident commanded the

Clerk to record the Default, and stice, Execution, Execution, this 1648. che Guard to take back the Priso- pious King pitied their Blindness, ner, which was accordingly done. saying, Poor Souls, for a piece of Mo

January 27th, his Majesty was néy they would do as much for their again brought to the Bar, where Commanders. Such as pulled off he ftill refused to own their illegal their Hats, or bowed to him, as he Court, but faid he had some Mat was carrying back to his Imprisonters conducing to the Good of the ment, the Soldiers beat with their People, which he defired to have the Fifts and Weapons, and knocked Liberty to speak tefore the Mem- one down dead, but for saying, bers of both Houses ; which the God be merciful unto him. Court would by no Means yield un January 28, the right Christian to, but commanded the Clerk to King was guarded from Whitehall read the Sentence againft him, which to St. James's, where Dr. Juxon was, That wbereas the Commons of Bishop of London, preached before England, in Parliament affembled, him on these Words, In the Day bave appointed them a High Court when God foall judge the Secrets of of Justice for the trying of Charles all Men by Jesus Chrift, according to Stuart King of England, before my Gospel, Rom. ii. 16. sobem be bad been three times come January 29, the Lady Elizaberb vened, and at the firft time a Charge and Duke of Gloucefter being adof High-Freafor, and other Crimes and mitted to take the last Farewell of Misdemeanor's was read in Bebalf of their condemned Father, his MaEngland, &c. To which Charge the jesty, after he had given his Blessing said Charles Stuart refused several to the Princess Elizabeth, bad her times to ankuer, &c. for all which tell her Brother James, whenever Treasons and Crimes mentioned in the she should see him, that 'twas his Charge, this Court doth adjudge the Father's last Desire, That be foould said Charles Stuart as a Tyrant,

Trai no more look upon Charles as his eldest tor, Murtherer, and publick Enemy, Brother only, but be obedient to him as 19 be put to Death by fevering his bis Sovereign, and that they should Head from his Body. This Sentence love one the other, and forgive their being read, the Members of the Father's Enemies. He also bad her to Court approved it by holding up read Bishop Andrew's Sermons, Hootheir Hands. His Majesty offered ker's Ecclefaftical Policy, and Bisbop to speak after the Sentence, which Laud against Fisher, which would Bradshaw would not suffer him to ground ber againft Popery ; wished her do, but commanded him to be taken not to grieve for him, for he foould die away; when in his paffing along, a glorious Death, it being for the the Soldiers reviled him with many Laws and Liberties of the Land, and irreverent Taunts, blew their stink for maintaining the Protestant Reliing Tobacco into his Face, which gion: Bad her tell her Mother, that they knew to be very diftasteful to his Thoughts bad never ftrayed from him, and one or two, more barba- ber, and that his Love should be the Tous than the rest, fpic in his Face, Same unto the last. Then gave ber bis the good King wiping it off again, "Bleffing, bidding her to send his Blefand saying, My Saviour suffered far fing to the reft of her Brothers and pore tban this for me. And when Sisters, and Commendations to all his the rade Soldiers, instructed by their friends. To the Duke of Gloucester Commanders, cried out, Juftice, Ju- he said, He beard the Army intended

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1648. to make him King, but that he told Shall be very little heard of any

bim he must not accept, so long as his Body here, I shall therefore speak
two elder Brothers were living ; a Word unto you.
commanding bim to fear the Lord, and Indeed I could hold my Peace very
be would provide for him.

well, if I did not think that holding
Thursday January 30, in the my Peace would make some think that
Morning the Bishop of London read I submit to the Guilt as well as to the
Divine Service in his Majesty's Pre- Punishment ; but I think it is my D:-
fence, when the 27th Chapter of ty, to God forft, and to my Country, for
St. Matthew's Gospel, the History to clear myself, both as an honeft Mar,
of our Saviour's Crucifixion fell out a good King, and a good Christian.
to be the Second Lesson. After Ishall begin firt with my Innocency.
Morning Prayer, the King receiv- In truth, I think it not very needful for
ed the Sacrament, and performed me to infift long upon this, for all the
private Devotions in Preparacion World knows that I never did begin a
to his Passion ; which being ended, War firft with the tovo Houses of Par-
about Ten of the Clock this liament, and I call God to witness, sa
most Chriftian King was brought whom I must soortly make an Accoun!,
from St. James's to Whitehall by that I never did intend for to incrsaid
a Regiment of Foot, and a private upon their Privileges : They began up?
Guard of Partizans, the Bishop on me ; it is the Miliţia they began upor,
one Hand of him, and Colonel they confess'd that the Militia was
Thomlinson (who had the Charge mine, but they thought it fit for 10
of him) on the other, both bare have it from me. And to be bort, if
headed. His Majesty walked very any body will look to the Dates of Cox-
faft, and bad them go fafter ; thus miffions, of their commilions and
saying, That be. now went before mine, and likewise to the Declarati-
them to Prive for a beavenly Crown, ons, they will see clearly that they te-
with less Solicitude than be had often gan these unhappy Troubles, no l. So
encouraged his Soldiers to fight for an that as to the Guilt of these enorme
Earthly Diadem. Being come into Crimes that are laid againft me, I
the Cabinet Chamber in Whitehall, bope in God, that God will clear out of
where he used to lodge, he there it. I will not (I am in Charity) God
passed the time for near two Hours forbid, that I should lay it on ibe toca
in his Devotion, about Twelve he Houses of Parliament, there is no No
cat a Bit of Bread, and drank a Glass ceflity of either, I hope they are fru!
of Claret ; and towards One, Co. of this Guilt. For I do believe tbatil
lonel Hacker, with other Officers. Instruments between them and me
and Soldiers, brought him through have been the chief Cause of all ibu
the Banqueting House, and through Bloodshed. So that by way of speaking,
a Window of that upon a Scaffold as I find my self clear of this, 1 bapa,
which was hung with Black. Di. and I pray God that they may to 1:
vers Companies of Foor, and Troops for all this, God forbid that I bould be
of Horse, were placed on each Side To ill a Chrifiian as to say, that God's
of the Street, which 'hindred the judgments are not just upon me; man
Approach of the very numerous times he doth pay Iuftice upon an 5
Spectators ; therefore the King di juft Sentence, that is ordinary. I wel
rected his Speech chiefly to Colonel only say this, that an unjuft Senteret

that 1 fuffer'd to take effea is punifod Now by an unjuft Sentence wpex

Ibat is So far I have said, to way, believe it, you will never do 1648. foew you that I am an Innocent Man. right, nor will God ever prosper you Now for to few you that I am a until you give God his Due,

she King geed Christian, I hope there is a good bis Due (that is my Successors) and Mar (pointing to the Bishop) that the People their Due ; I am as much will bear me witness that I bave for- for them as any of you. giver all the World, and even those in You must give God his Due, by reparticular that have been the chief gulating rightly bis Churcb (accordCauses of my Death; who they are ing 10 bis Scripture) which is now God knows, I do not desire to know, I out of Order. For to set you in a pray God forgive them. But this is Way particularly, now I cannot, but not all

, my Charity must go further, only this, a National Synod, freely I wish that they may repent, for they called, freely debating amongst thembave indeed committed a great Șin in felves, mult settle this, when that tbat Particular : ! pray God, with every Opinion is freely and clearly St. Stephen, that this be not laid to heard. their Charge. Nay, not only so, but For the King indeed I will not, that they may take the right Way 10 ( then turning to a Gentleman the Peace of the Kingdom ; for my that touched the Axe, he said, Hurt Clarity commands me not only to fore not the Axe that may hurt me) for give particular Men, but my Charity the King, the Laws of the Land will commands me to endeavour, to the last clearly inftruet you for that, therefore Gasp, the Peace of the Kingdom. So, because it concerns my own ParticySirs, I do wish with ali my Soul, and lar, I only give you a Touch of it. I do bepe bere is some here will carry For the People. And truly I desire it further (turning to some Gentle their Liberty and freedom as much as men that wrote)

that they may en any Body whomfoever; but I mult sell deavour the Peace of the Kingdom. you, that their Liberty and Freedom

Now Sirs, I must few you both confifts in having of Government, those byw you are out of the way and will Laws by which their Life and their put you in the way.

Goods may be most their own. It is First, You are out of the way. For not for baving Share in Government, certainly all the way you bave ever Sirs, that is nothing pertaining to bad set, as I could find by any thing, them; a Subje&t and a Sovereign arę is in the way of Conqueft. Certainly clear different Things. And therefore ibis is an ili Way: For Conquest, until they do that, I mean that you do Sits, in my opinion, is never just, put the People in that Liberty as I say, except there be a good juft Cause, ei- certainly they will never enjoy themther for Matter of Wrong, or just felves. Sirs, It was for this that Title; and then if you go beyond is, now I am come bere. If I would the forft Quarrel jou

have to it, that have given way to an arbitrary Way, makes it unjust at the End, that was for to have all Lacus changed accordjuft at first. But if it be only matter ing to the Porver of the Sword, s of Conquest, then it is a great Rob- needed not to have come here ; and bers, as a Pirate said to Alexander, therefore I tell you (and I pray God it ibar be was the great Robber, he was may not be laid to your Charge ) obat

a petty Robber. And so, Sirs, | I am the Martyr of the People. do rbink ihe Way that you are in is In troth, Sirs, I shall not hold you much out of the way.

much longer, for I will only say this Now, Sirs, for to put you in the to you, Thai in Truth I could have



1648. defired some little time longer, because Who desired him to put it all ñ that I would bave put this that I under his Cap; which as he was

have said in a little more Order, and doing by the Help of the Bishop
a little better digested than I have and Executioner, he turned to the
done, and therefore I hope you will Bishop, and faid,
excuse me.

I have a good Cause, and a gra-
I have delivered my Conscience. I cious God on my Side.
pray God that you take those Courses The Bishop faid,
that are best for the Good of the King There is 'but one Stage more,
dom and your own Salvation. (alluding to the Pofts and Stages in
Then the Bishop faid,

a Race) whick though turbulent Though it be very well known and troublesome, yet is a very short what your Majesty's Affections are You may consider it will to the Protestant Religion, yet it foon carry you a very great way; may be expected that

you should say it will carry you from Earth to somewhat for the World's Satisfac- Heaven, and there you shall find, tion in that particular.

to your great Joy, the Prize you Whereupon the King replied, haften to, a Crown of Glory.

I thank you very heartily, my Lord, The King adjoyns, for that I had almost forgotten it. I go from a corruptible to an incor

In troth, Sirs, my Conscience in Re- ruprible Crown, where no Difuta
ligian, I think, is very well known to bance can be, no Disturbance in the
all the World, and therefore I declare World.
before you all, That I die a Chriftian, Bishop. You are exchanged from
according to the Profefion of the a temporal to an eternal Crown.
Church of England, as I found it A good Exchange!
left by my Father; and this honest Then the King asked the Execu-
Man (pointing to the Bishop) I think tioner,
will witness it.


Hair well ?
Then turning to the Officer, he And taking off his Cloak and

George, he delivered his George to
Sirs, Excuse this same. I have the Bishop, saying, Remember, 'twas
a good Cause, and I have a gracious faid) to send it the Prince.
God, I will say no more.

Then putting off his Doublet,
Then to Colonel Hacker he said, and being in his Waftecoat, be pat
Take care that they do not put me on his Cloak again, and looking
to Pain. And, Sirs, this, and it upon the Block, said to the Execu-
please you

But a Gentleman coming near You must set it faf.
the Axe, the King said,

Execut. It is faft, Sir,
Take heed of the Axe, pray take King. It might bave been a little
keed of the Axe.

higher. And to the Executioner he said, Execut. It can be no higher, Sir.

Iball say but very poort Prayers, King. When I put out my Hards and when I thruff out my

Hands this Way, then Then he called to the Bishop for Then having faid a few Words his Cap, which as he was doing, to himself, as he food, with Hands and having put it on, he asked the and Eyes lift up, immediately Executioner,

stooping down, he laid his Neck Does my Hair trouble you? upon the Block, and she Executi

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