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423. was fore afflicted, and sacked by the ing Part of their Treasures here in

Goths and Vandals. The Emperor the Earth. But during their Stay in
Arcadius died in Peace at Confianti- this Island, they had much dispeo-
nople, and his Brother Honorius at pled it of its Natives, having levied

as many Companies, Cohorts, and

Enfigns of stout Britains from hence,
A. D.

Illyricum, their Frontier Countries, Emperor, when the Roman Great as from any other of their Provinces ness was almost quite fallen. His whatsoever. Some of these British Kinsman Valentinian he chose for Soldiers,' after they were wearied his Associate, making him Emperor out in the Wars, had Armorica in of the West. At this Time the Bri- France assigned them (by Conftantine tains were sorely distressed by the the Great) for their good Service in continual Disturbers of their Peace, the Wars; from whom, that Country

the Scots and Piets; therefore they of Armorica was called Little Bri. * Resti

sent their Ambassadors to Rome, with tain. * Hither in the time of Gratian tutus,

their Garments rent, and Duft upon the Emperor, was Ursula the DaughA. B. of their Heads, bewailing their most ter of Dinoth, Regent of Cornwal, London. miserable Efate; and craving the fent, with Eleven thousand Virgins,

Emperor's Aid; who sent a Regi- in order to have been married with ment of Soldiers into Britain under their Countrymen ; but all of them Gallio : Which Captain did some perished e'er they arrived, some bepresent Kindness for them ; but in ing drowned in the Sea by a TemThort time was called over with his pelt

, the Remainder put to the Sword Legion into Gallia,' to secure the by the barbarous Huns and Piats, Country about Paris. At his De- because they refused to yield their parture, he advised the Britains to Chasticies to their filthy Lufts. stand upon their own Guard, and The · Romans made four famous for the future to provide for their Highways in England, namely, Ikeown Safety, and not to depend up- mild-freet or way, the Foss, Ermonon any Succours from the Romans, Preet, and Watling-freet, who had their Hands full of Trou About A. D. 400, Pelagius, a Bribles near Home.

tain, brought up in the Monastery of Thus about 500 Years after the Bangor, did much disturb the Peace Romans had swayed in Britain, they of the Church by his heretical Opicook their final fareweil of it, bury- nions.


S A X 0 N S.
HE Southern or more civilized Calamities of Scarcity and Famine)

Britains being now grown their veterane Foes the Scots, Diels, very low, and exceedingly weakned and Irish, hereupon take their Op. (what with the Romans exporting portunity fo miserably to infeft and their valiant Countrymen to serve trouble them, that no longer able in Foreign countries, what with to defend and secure themselves, their own civil Diffenfions, the they fupplicate Aid out of Germany, Romans forsaking them, and the from the Angles, Jutes, and Saxons,


then inhabiting Jutland, HelfteinMatch Hengif began to grow bold, 423. and the Sea coasts along to the River and to think of making this INand Rhine. _Of these to the Number of his Inheritance. In order to which, Nine Thousand, under the Com- he sent for fresh Forces to come amand of the two Brethren, Hengil ver to him ; which being arrived, and Herfa, entered Britain at & bf they fought and made Occasions of peut in the Illand of Thanet, about Quarrels with the Natives, driving 450 Years after the Birth of Christ. the Inhabitants before them from There they were received with great their wonted Possessions, every_feJoy, and saluted with Songs after veral Captain accounting that Part the accustomed Manner of the Bri- of the Country his own, where he sains, who appointed them that could overmatch the Britains, comIfland for their Habitation. And manding in it as absolute King : Do: long after, Hengist obtained of By which Means the Land became Pertigern King of the Britains, the búrthened with seven of them at Property of so much Ground as he the first, at one and the same Time. could inclose with a Bulls-hide, But although the Land was divided which cutting into Thongs, he there into seven several Kingdoms, and built the Cattle called from thence, each of them hearing a Sovereign Thong Caftle : To which Place he Command within its own Limits ; invited Vortigern, who there fell in yet one of them ever seemed to be Love with Rowena, the Daughter fupreme over the rest. or Niece of Hengif; upon which

The Saxon Heptarchy. HE Kingdom of Kent con- gils the first Christian King therewhich Vortigern had given to Hen The East Saxon Kingdom, congif in Favour of Rowena, was the taining the Counties of Elex, Midfirit Dominion of the Saxons seven- dlesex, and Part of Hertfordshire, headed Kingdom, and began in or began in A. D. 527, continuing near the Year of our Lord 455, con- 281 Years ; Erchenwin being the tinuing 372 Years. In it there first King thereof, and Shebert the ruled seventeen Kings successively ; first Christian King. the first of which was Hengift ; and The Kingdom of Northumberland, the first Christian King thereof was containing the Counties of York, Erbelbert, surnamed Pren.

Durham, Lancaster, Westmoreland, The South Saxons Kingdom, con- Cumberland, and Northumberland, taining the Counties of Sussex and began in A. D. 527, continuing 379 Surrey, commenced in A. D. 488, Years; Ella and Ida the firft Kings continuing 113 Years ; Ella being thereof, and Edwin the first Chii. the firft King, and Ethelwolph the ftian King. firf Chriftian King thereof.

The Kingdom of Mercia, conThe Wif Saxon Kingdom, con- taining the Counties of Oxford, taining the Counties of Cornwall, Gloucester, Worcester, Salop, Cheshire, Devon, Dorset, Somerset, Wilts, Stafford, Warwick, Buckingham, Berks, and Hampbire, began A. D. Bedford, Huntingdon, Part of Hert519, continuing 300 Years ; Cher- fordshire, Northampton Rutland, dick being the first King, and Hin Lincoln, Leicester, Derby, and Nor


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untingham, began in 4. D. 582, con- and Body were buried, and the

tinuing 202 Years, Cerde being the Town, upon Occasion thereof, cal. first King, and Peada first Christian led St. Edmonds-bury. After the King thereof.

Death of this Edmond, the KingThe Kingdom of the East Angles, dom of the East- Angles was poffelcontaining the Counties of Norfolk, sed by the Danes, till such 'Time Suffolk, and Cambridge, began in that Edward, surnamed the Elder, A.D. 775, continuing 353 Years, expulsed them, and joined it a ProUffa being the first King, and Red. vince to the West Saxons : But the wald the fire Christian King there. Britains, during the Time of the of. Its last King was Edmond, Heptarchy, continued in the Defence whom the Danes, for his confiant of their own rightful Inheritance, Profession of the Christian Faith, with great Disdain and valorous Remoft barbaroully sew at a Village fistance, as much as in them lay, then called Heglesdune, where, when opposing the Saxon Yoke. the Danes were departed, his Head

The British Princes, who contended with the Saxons to

snaintain their Corniry?s Rights, were these chiefly ; First, V omlegging at that time King, by dy to be buried, to the farther Ter

. when the Saxons were first invited ing this his Trophy, their Hearts into the Land. This Vortigern reign- might be daunted at the Remem. ing first 16 Years, and then depoled brance of their great Overthrow, for his Favours to the Saxons, was But Rowena procured his Death by retained in Durance all the Reign of Poison. He restored the Chriflian Portimer his Son, after whose Death Religion, then forely decayed, and he was re-established ; but oppressed rebuilt the Churches destroyed by by the Saxons, and pursued by Aure- the Pagan Danes. lius, he fled into Wales, where in a Castle, which he built by Melius's Di

A of that containine, who was his Daughter, whom he had taken elected here, only in Hope of his to Wife, were burnt to Athes. lucky Name. He was very success

sul against the Saxons; but, as some


of Government, was confti- ment of Pascentius, the youngest Son qued King of the Britains. He of Vortigern. Others report, that gave unto the Saxons four famous he was Nain in the Field by the SaxOverthrows, almost to their utter ons, and that the Britains erected Expulfion. After his last Victory that famous Monument called Stoneover them, he caused his Monument benge, anciently Gloria Gigantum, to be erected at the Entrance into over the Place where he was Nain Tbanet, whither he had driven the and buried; though, according to Saxons, even in that fanie Place of the Saying of some, Aurelius Amthe Overthrow; which Monument brofius caused the Monument of was called Lapis titulo, now the Sto- Stone henge to be erected in Memowir, wherein he commanded his B - fial of the Massacre of 300 of the


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516. A Rthur, the Son of Pen- A. D.

Nobility of thë Britains by the Sax: was' a huge broad Stone, in which 586. Bas, who were there buried. He a leaden Cross was fastened, and built Ambresburg in Wilts.

therein this Inscription, Hic jacet,

&c. Here lies King Arthur, buried A. D. 1 Ter Pendragon, the Bro- in the Isle of Avalonia. By him lay

497 ther of Ambrofius, was his Queen Guenavor, whose Treffes in all his Wars against the Saxons of Hair finely platted, of a golden most victorious and fortunate. He Colour, seemed perfect and entire, was furnamed Pendragon, either be- till but being touched they moulcause at his Birth there appeared á dred to Dust. These Relicks were fiery Comet somewhat resembling re-buried in the great Church. a Dragon's Head, or because of his Serpentine Wisdom, or from his A. D.

Yonftantine, the Son of CaRoyal Banner, wherein was pour 542.

dor, Duke of Cornwall, trayed a Dragon with a Golden and Cousin to King Arthur by Mar: Head. When he had reigned eigh- riage, and his adopted Heir, was teen Years, he died of Poison put Nain by Conanus, when he had been into a Well, whereof, he usually King three Years, and was buried drank.

at Stone-benge. A.D.

Urelius Gonarus, King dragon, begotten upon 545:

Arthur's Nephew, dethe Lady Igren, Dutchess of Corn- tained his Uncle in perpetual Impriwall, was crowned King of Britain fonment, and New his cwo Cousins, at 15 Years of Age, about A. D. 516. because they had more Right to the Twelve Battles he fought against the Crown than himself. Saxons with great Manhood and Victory, the last of which was fought A. D. Ortiporus in many Battles at Batb, or Batben.bill, where the 578. vanquished the Saxons, Britains gave the Saxons a very great and valiantly defended his Subjects ; Overthrow. But Mordred, a Prince but was otherwise very wicked. of the Piets, whose Mother was Pendragon's Sifter, affecting the Crown, A. D. opon the Pretence of Artbur's repu

and Dominions, was ted Bastardy, made many Attempts stronger and greater than any other againit him; and lastly, at Cambalu, British Potentate, faith Gildas. now Camelford in Corowall, encountring King Arthur, gave him A. D.

Wars amongst his self lain by Arthur in that Place. jects the Britains, which occafioned From which Place this renowned them to forsake him, and to leave King was carried to Glastenbury, him to the Mercy of the Saxons, where he died of his Wounds in who pursuing after him, hei Aed into A. D. 542, whose Body was there Cirencester for Safety, but by the baried, and after 600 Years was dig. Advice of his Pursuers, certain Sparged up by the Command of Henry the rows being taken, and Fire faltenSecond. His Bones of great Big. ed to their Feet, were let Ay inness, and Skull, wherein were pers to the City, who lighting among ceived ten Wounds, were found in Scraw, set it on Fire, whence the the Trunk of a Tree i over him City was burnt to the Ground; but


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685. Careticus escaped, and fled for Safe- ble triumphantly riding on Horse

ty unto the Mountains of Wales, back, being artificially caft in Brass, where he died.

the Britains placed upon_Ludgere,

to the farther Fear and Terror of A. D. Adwan maintained him- the Saxons.

635 felf and his Subjects in
great Honour and Peace. His firft A. D. Adwallador, the Son of
Affairs against the Saxons were to

Cadwallo, with great revenge the Deaths of his Britains, Valour fought against the Saxons ; and harmless Monks of Bangor, but his Nobles dissenting and warNain by wild Ethelfred, the mighty ring among themselves, did much King of Northumberland.

endamage his very hopeful UnderThe Monastery of Bangor, in North takings; and by the all-dispofing Wales, was fituated in the fruitful hand of Providence so great a Dearth Valley now called the Englißa Mai- befel, that Herbs and Roots were lor, containing within it the Quantity the Commons chiefeft Sustenance. of a Mile and a half of Ground. Mortality, and Pestilence likewise This Monastery, as faith Bernard raging fó forely and suddenly, that Clarivalentius, was the Mother of People in their eating, drinking, all others in the World. Whose walking, and speaking, were surMonks diftributed themselves into prized by Death, and in such Numseven Portions, every one number. bers, that the living were scarce fufing 300 Souls, and all of them living ficient to bury the dead : Which by the Labour of their own Hands. Calamities lasted no lefs than eleven

Many of these Monks assembled at Years, whereby the Land became * Chefer. Caer-Legion *, to alift their Brethren defolate; insomuch that the King,

the Britains with their Prayers a- and many of the British Peers, were gainst Etbelfred, furnamed the Wild, forced to seek and eac their Bread in King of Northumberland, who with foreign Parts. But the destroying his Pagan Soldiers fet upon the Bri- Angel, by God's Appointment,'hatains, discomfited their Hoft, and ving sheathed his devouring Sword, put to the Sword Twelve hundred Cadwallador was minded to have reof these Christian Monks.

turned into his native Country, with

fome Aids which he had procured of A. D. Adwalle, or Cadwallin, his Cousin Alan, King of Little Bri

the. Şon of. Cadwin, tain, + but was forbid by an Angel, mus and warred most valiantly against the as he thought, and commanded to Fauftinus,'Saxons, few the Christian King go to Rome, and there take upon A. B. of Edwin of Northumberland, with his him the Habit of Religion ; which London. Son Osfride, in a great and bloody accordingly he did, and died at

Battle at Herhfield. He died in Peace, Rome, where, in St. Peter's Church as the British Writers say, and was he was buried, being the last King buried in St. Martin's Church in of the Britains Blood, about 4. D. London ; his Image great and terri- 689.

The most powerful Kings of the Saxon Heptarchy, were, A. D. Engif, who about the dom in Keni. He (as also the Saxon

445.11 5th Year after his Ar- Kings befide) doth derive his Oririval in Britain, began his King ginal from Prince Woden, and his

+ Guliel- 635:04

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