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oner again putting his Hair under late Prince of Orange, who was 1648. 1 his Cap, his Majesty thinking he King of England in Right of his

had been going to trike, bad him Wife Mary, eldest Daughter of Stay for the Sign.

King James II. Elizabeth, born Execut

. Yes, I will, and it please January 28, 1635. Anne, born your Majesty.

March 17, 1637, died before her After a very short Pause, his Ma- Father. . Catharine, who died al. jelly ftretching forth his Hands, the most as soon as born. Henrietta, sizarded Executioner at one Blow born at Excefter, une 16, 1644. severed his Royal Head from his married to the Duke of Anjou and Body. Whose Blond was taken Orleans, only Brother to Lewis XIV, up by several Persons for different King of France. In his Troubles Ends ; by some as Trophies of their he composed an excellent Book, inVillany, by others as Reliets of a tituled Esxwy Bannexa He had Martyr. His Corpse, embalmed and begun the repairing of St. Paul's at wrapped in Lead, was conveyed London ; he built that Ship called to Windfor by some of his Servants. the Royal Sovereign, whose Barthen And Feb. 9, 1648, was there inter was 1636 Tons, her Length 127 red in the Chapel Royal, by the Feet, her Breadth within the Planks Duke of Richmond, Marquiss of 46 Feet, her Depth from her Breadth Hartford, Earls of Southampion and i9 Feet, carrying 100 Pieces of OrdLindsey, and the Bishop of London. nance wanting 4; her Lanthorn fo

A Prince he was very temperate, larges that ten Men might stand in chaste, humble, affectionate to his it, her Building coft 80,000 Pounds. People

, eloquent, notwithstanding In the laft Year of King James some small Hesitation in his Utte- the First, and first of King Charles rance; exceeding in Fortitude and the First, (viz. 1625,) the Plague Patience ; most devout in, and con- began in White-Chapel in London, ftant to his Religion. His Wife in the same House, on the same Was Henrietta Maria, the Daugh- Day of the Month, with the fama ter of Henry the Fourth King of Number that died 22 Years before, France, by whom he had iffue when Queen Elizabeth departed this Charles James, born at Greenwich, Lise. Of this Plague there died in May 13, 1628, but died near as all within the Bills of Mortality, foon as born. Charles, afterwards 41,313, besides of other Diseases King of England, born at Saint 8,848. James's, May 29, 1630. James, A. D. 1632, and February the Duke of York, and afterwards King, 11th, happened a great Fire on born also at St. James's, Odober 14, London-Bridge. 1633. Henry, Duke of Gloucester, 4. D. 1635, Thomas Parre died, born in the same place, July 8, 1639. being aged 152 Years, and was buMary, born Nov. 4, 1631, married ried in the Abby Church in Weftto William, Count of Naffau, Prince minster. of Orange, by whom the had the

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Anuary the 30th, Charles. If. fong restored, 1648. And afterward was then in Holland when his they appointed, that all Monies to

Father King Charles I. was be coined, should be ftamped with murthered ; and that Tail of a Par- the Cross and Harp on one Side, liament fitting at Wefiminfiler, were and the Cross on the other, with resolved, instead of admitting him this Motto, The Commonwealıb of the lawful Heir unto the Govern- England, God with us. And inment of England, to assume it to itead of the Oaths of Supremacy themselves. To which End, they and Allegiance, they imposed an first set forth a Proclamation, That Engagement upon the People, To no Person whatsoever should pre- be true and faithful to the Com: fume to proclaim, or any Way to mon-wealth, as it was then eiiapromote Charles Stuart, Son of blished without King or House of Charles Stuart, late King of Eng- Lords. A Council of State they land, or any other Person, to be conllicuted by the Name of the King or Chief Magistrate of these Keepers of the Liberties of EngKingdoms; but he that thould at- land, consisting of forty Persons, tempt any: such thing, should be ad- who were to have the executive Part judged a 'Traytor. After this, they of the Government. Thus was voted the House of Lords to be use. England's ancient Government soon less and dangerous, and kingly changed by about fifty Persons, who Government to be unnecessary and styled themselves a Parliament, and burthensome, and therefore they a- the Representative Body of Eng. bolished both. However, the Mar, land. The Maxim upon which they quiss of Ormond caused his Majesty grounded these their Alterations,and to be publickly proclaimed King of all other their illegal Proceedings, Ireland, and the Scotch Parliament was this, T'hat all Power and Agdid the like in Scotland. But the thority is originally in the People ; Members of Westminster having a and that they were the People's Revictorious Army on their Side, pro. presentative. When this junto had ceeded to establish their Projects ; made such a Model of Government, caused all publick Writings to be they erected another High Court of ilued out in the Name of the Keep. Injustice for the Trial of Duke Haers of the Liberties of England by milion, as Earl of Cambridge, of Authority of Parliament ; ordering the Earls of Holland and Nor cuicb, a new Great Seal to be made, with the Lord Capel, and Sir John Owen, the Cross and Harp on one side, all which were condemned to die and this Inscription, The Great for engaging in their Sovereign's Seal of England; on the other Side, Cause ; but the Earl of Norwich the Picture of the House of Com and Sir John Owen were reprieved ; mons, with this Inscription, In the the other three were beheaded in forf liar ojo Freedora by God's Blef the Palace - Yard at Wejiminler,


March the 9th. The ever Loyal wild Humours, and yet all their 1649. Lord Capel, in his Speech on the Cry was for the Liberties of FreeScaffold, declared, That he died born Englishmen. against the Justice of the known About this Time Dr. Dorislaus, Laws of the Land, and for no o-' whom the disloyal Members had ther Cause than his asserting the sent over as their Agent into Hola Fifth Commandment ; prayed hear- land, was lain there by Colonel tily for the King, for his Restora- Whitford, "a; and not tion, long Life and Prosperity; thut- long after, one Ascham, another of ring op his Speech with a Professi- ther Agents sent into Spain, was on of his chearfulness in forgiving there also flain by one Sparks. his Enemies. Other good Subjects May the zoth, in the City of they put to Death in other Places of London, England was proclaimed a the Nation, as Lieutenant Colonel Free State. And June the 13th, Morris, Mr. Beaumont a Minister, the House ordered chat no CereMajor Monday, and Cornet Black. mony thould be used to ihe King's burn. And many were the Loyal Children, the Duke of. Gloucester, Persons that were now proscribed, and Lady Elizabeth, then: in the and had their Eftates confiscated, as junto's Custody. the Marquis of Newcastle, Earl In Ireland, the King's Lieuteof Briflol, the Lords Cottington, nant, the Marquis of Ormond, Widdrington, Culpepper, Byron, Sir order to promote the King's Cause Edward Hide, Sir Phillp. Mulgrave, there, concluded a Peace with the Sir Marmaduke Langdale, Sir Ri- Irish, and June the 22d he beliebard Grurvill, and others. And ged the City of Dublin ; but August all that had been in actual Arms the ad, Colonel Michael Jones, with for the King, or other Service, his whole Strength, being between were forced to compound for their '8 and 9,000, făllied out upon the Ettates, if they had any, to the Besiegers, who were 19,000 Horse great impoverifhing of the Royal and Foot, and routed them totally, Party.

flew of them about 3000, took PriA.D. 1649, April the 7th, the foners 3517, took all the Marquis's Members at WeAminfter, for the Train of Artilery and Ammunitibetter Supply of their Army, and on, and a very rich Booty in the taking away Free-Quarter, passed Camp. Augufi the 16th, Oliver an Aa for levying of 90,000 l. Cromwell landed with his Forces at a Month upon England for Six Dublin, and after a short Stay there, Months.' Then took into Conside- marched with great Expedition aration the sale of Dean and Chap- gainit Tredagb, or Drogheda, where ters Lands.

Sir Artbur Afhton was Governor ; May the 15th, diver: Troops the Defendants of the Town did of the Army for mutinying were bravely behave themselves, however furprized by Fairfax at Burford, Oliver gained it by Storm, giving where soine few of the Ringleaders ftri& Orders to his Soldiers, that were thot to Death, and the rest they should afford Quarter neither disbanded. There were of chat Par. to Man, Woma::, nor Child, but ty a People called Levellers, who in should kill all. He vowed to one those Times of Dittraction would of his Commanders, That he would have all Things in the Common- facrifice their Bodies to the Souls wealth ordered according to their of ihe Englishmen they had for.


1650. merly murtbered. Next Oliver be done feveral Kindnesses for ; but

fieged Wexford, which, through the this falfe Scot, whether for Pear or Treachery of one Strafford, was Lucre, betrayed this difttested Peer yielded : And shortly after this many into the hands of his Enemy engarrisoned Towns were reduced David Lefley, who sent him to by Oliver's Forces. The Plantation the City of Edinburgh, where the of Virginia, chat had refufed Sub. common Hangman met bim as jection to the new Republick of the Town's End, and first pulled off England, was forced to a Confor. his Hat, then forced him into a mity by Sir George Ayscough's Fleet. Cart, which had a high Chair pla

Oktober 23, Mr. John Lilböurti, ced in it, in which the Masquiss the Leader of the Levelling Party, was feated, that thereby he might

: one that had Wit enough, but of a be the more obnoxious to the Scorn thwarting turbulent Spirit, was of the Vulgar. But his noble Soul try'd at Guildhall in London, for was not at all dismayed, for God, writing against the Members at he said, did all the while most comWestminfier, and their Council of fortably manifelt his Presence to State ; but he so well pleaded his him, and furnished him with Cou Cause, and had so lucky a Jury, rage to overlook the Reproaches of that he was quit in despight of his Men, and to behold him for whole Judges.

Cause he suffered. Now, or near this Time, sprung After the Sentence of Parliament up a beastly Generation, call'd Rane was passed for the bereaving him of ters, who gloried in and practised his Life, he expressed to them ho all manner of Lasciviousness. much he was beholden to them for

About this Time Prince Rupert, the Honour they had conferred on the King's Admiral, was distressed him ; For, said he, 1 áccount is a and put to his Shifts by the Junto's greater Honour to bave my Head fland Fleet, lofing most of his Ships, with on the Prifon Gate for my Loyalty his Brother Prince Maurice, who to my King, than 10 bave my Pics was then caft away.

placed in his Bed-chamber: And I A. D. 1650, in the Beginning wij I had Flojo enough, not only a of this Year, the truly loyal and be set up in four Cities, but to have magnanimous Marquiss of Mon a piece of it fent to ruery Ging is trose was defeated in Scotland by Chriftendom, for a Testimony of Major General Straughan ; the my Loyalty to my King and CextMargaiss himself, by quitting his sry. Horse, and thifting into an ordi May the gift, he was brought to nary Highlander's Habit, found the Place of Execution, where Means to escape for the present, but being mounted on a Scaffold, he his Standard was taken, in which was told the People, That God doch pourtray'd the Head of K. Charles I. fometimes suffer a jurt Man to peiying a bleeding, and fevered from riff in his Righteoufness, and a the Body, with this Motto, judge wicked Man to prosper in his Wickand revenge my Cause, O Lord. edness ; praying God to forgive his The Marquiss, after some Days Enemies, for he did ; declared, Wandring about in by places, came That what he had done in that to the Laird of Ajton's Housc, a Kingdom was in Obedience to the Person whom the Marquiss had mok juft Commands of his Sove



reign. That he esteemed the late ter, than by that Cord and Papet'; 1650. King lived a Saint, and died å adding, That if they had any more Martyr; prayed God he might fo Difhonour to put upon him, he was end as he had done : Thac he be ready to accept it. And then, with lieved never People could be more à chéarful Countenance, he submithappy, than they might in his pre- ted himself to the Execution of the fent Majesty

. : Gave God Thanks Sentence, to be hangʻd on a Gallows that he went to Heaven's Throne thirty Foot high, for three Hours. with Joy, though Death' looked Which being done, he was taken upon him in its most ugly Shape. down, and had his Head cut off, Then desired their Charity and which was fixed on Edinburgh TalPrayers, concluding thus : I leave booth; his Quarters were sent to be my Soul to God, my Service to my set up in several Places, and the rest Prince, my Good-will to my Friends, of his mortal Parts to be buried unand my Name and Charity to you der the Gallows. ell. Then having prayed a while, This may ferve for a Taste of he received from the Executioner 'a the Rebellious and Diabolical Spirit Cord, whereat hung a Declaration of that malicious Consistory. When of his Fact, to hang about his this noble Lord first heard of the Neck, which accordingly he hung Marther of King Charles I. 'tis faid, there, saying, That he thought him that with the Point of his Sword self not more honoured by the Gar- he wrote,

Great, Good, and Just, could I but ratt
My Griefs, and thy too rigid Fate;
I'd weep the World to such a Strain,
That it should deluge once again.
But thy loud-tongu'd Blood demands Supplies
More from Briareus Hands, thạn Argus Eyes,
I'd therefore fing thy Obsequies with Trumpet Sounds,
And write thy Epitoph with Blood and Wounds.

Shortly after the Death of this on, as not willing to engage a Peer, an Agreement was concluded gainst his Presbyterian Brethren the betwixt the King and the Scots at Scots. Breda, from whence the King went June the 28th, this new Capto the Hague, and took Shipping tain-General Oliver advanced with for Scotland ; and at the Spoy in his Army towards Scotland. Authe North of that Country, he safe. guft the 10th, King Charles che lý arrived; hereupon the Members First's Statue in the Royal Exchange, at Weftminfter fearing left the Scots by Order of the Wejiminfter Memshould invade them, resolv'd to in- bers, was defaced (the Head be vade Scotland, and to make that ing broken off) and this Inscripthe Seat of War; in order to which, tion set over, Exit Tyrannus Rethey fent for their Idol Cromwell gum ultimus, Anno Libertatis Anout of Ireland, whom at his com- gliæ reftitutæ primo, Anno 1648, ming to London they made their January the 30th. And about the Captain-General, for Thomas Lord fame Time were the King's Arms Fairfaix laid down his Commifli- ordered to be erased in all publick

Places ;

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