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1650. Places ; and in lieu of them the finement at Carisbrook - Catie in

States Arms (being St. George's Cross the Ife of Wight. And in August and the Harp) were set up in Courts following the Prince of Orange of Judicature.

died at the Hague in Holland; and Auguft the 22d, was Colonel Eu- some Time after this, the Mock. febius Andrews beheaded on Tower Parliament, to free England of the Hill, for receiving a Commiflion Royal Blood, sent the Duke of from his Majesty. In Scotland Gloucester : 10 Heidelberg, ordering the English Army under Oliver him an Allowance of 1,500 l, per having made themselves Masters of Annum. fome Garrisons on September the O&tober the 8th, fome Cavaliers · First, marched to Dunbar, whither took Arms in Norfolk, for which

the Scotch Army followed them, about Twenty of them were exe-
- and pent them up on a Neck of cuted.

Land not a Mile and a half from December the 24th, the strong
Sea to Sea ; great were the Streights Castle of Edinburgh was yielded in-
of the English Army at that Time, to the ling bijh Hands, tho' not with
many of the Soldiers being fick and out Suspicion of some Treachery.
disabled, and the whole Army shut January the it, To begin the
up as it were in a Pound ;, but New Year, the Scots crowned his
these Extremities, instead of dif- Majesty at Scoon in Scotland, af.
heartning them, set the greater Edge ter he had conceded to fome Kirk
to their Courages, and resolv'd they Conditions. A little before this
were on September the 3d, 1650, time there were three different Par-
either to force their way through ties in Scotland; David Lefley and
their Enemies, or nobly to die in his Army were for King and Kirk,
the Attempt; to which End, a Par. the Marquis of Montrose and bis
ty was sent to gain Couper's Perth Followers were for the King witla-
pass from the Scots; which being out the Kik; and Colonel Kerr,
effected, the whole English Army and Straughan, were for the Kirk
charged, and after about an Hour's without the King. Colonel Kerre's
hot Engagement, the Scotch Horse Party was routed, and himself ta-
were routed, and thereupon the ken Prisoner by Colonel Lamberti :
Foot threw down their Arms, and and Straughan and Swinton deserted
made the best Use they could of the Kirk, complying with the Enge
their Legs. In the Scots Army were lish, for which the Kirk excomme-
this Day near 16,000 Foot, and nicated them.
6,000 Horse, whereof 4,coo were March the 4th, Sir Henry Hude
Nain, and near 10,000 taken Pri was beheaded before the Royal Ex-
foners. The English Ariny were change, because being the Krog'i
not above 7,500 Foot, and 3,500 Leaguer at Conftantinople, he had op-
Horse, besides disabled Men. There pos'd Bendish, who was sent thiber
were taken from the Scois in this by the Siaces of England.
Fight 27 Field-pieces, 10,000 Arms, The Quakers about this time fra
many Prisoners of Nore, and near appeared ; one George Fox (called
200 Horse and Foot Colours, which by them the Elder, there being
were afterwards hung up as Tro. other of the same Name of a later
phies in Westminfter Hall.

Date among them) was the origi-
September the 8th, the virtuous nal Rise of them. Their beginning
Princess Elizabeth died in her Con- certainly was very prodigious, ***.

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being first taken with Swellings in jesty being surrounded by his Ene. 1651. their bodies, as if ready to burst, mies, resolved to fally upon them with Shakings and Tremblings with his whole Force, which ac( thence called Quakers,) and many cordingly he did; and at the first times committing strange ridiculous made the disloyal Party retire someExtravagancies

what diforderly, the King himself A. D. 10;1, March 29, was Cap- performing the Part of a valiano tain Brown Bibel, aníexpert Sea- Soldier at the Head of his Horse. man, beheaded under the Scaffold on but at length his Army being overTower-bill, for taking part with his powered by the numerous freih SupSovereign.

plies of his Enemies, his Majesty's In Ireland, the Deputy thereof, Side was put to the worst, his Horse Ireton, was very successful against flying amain towards the North, the Marquiís of Ormond, the Lord and his Foot into Worcester, whiInchis

biquin, Ma'quiis Clinkard, Earl ther they were followed at the Heels of Cafilebaven, and other the King's by their Victors, who entred the Friends, taking many Garrisons City with them, which they plunfrom them ; the like did Oliver in dered, killing and taking most of Scatland from the King's Friends the Scots Prisoners ; those Horse there.

that fled were pursued, and great · Howbeit, his Majesty hoping part of them taken ; and the poor that now at length England might Iraggling Scots were either made be favourable to his juft Cause, he Prisoners, or killed by the Country advances into England by the way People. The Number of the King's of Carlisle with about 16000 Men, Party Nain were judged to be abending his Course by a swift bout 3000, and of Prisoners taMarch for the West of England; ken in the whole abo::t 10,000, hough it was hoped by his friends amongst which were Duke Hahe would have directed his Course milton, the Earls of Shrewsbury, or London, But August the 23d, Derby, Cleaveland, Lauderdale, he King with his Army entered the Rotho, Carnwarth, and Killy, the Ciry of Worcester, and Cromwell Lord Synclair, Sir John Pakingwith all Halte marched after him, ton, Sir Charles Cunningham, Sir y the Way joining with Fleet- Ralph Clare, Major-General Pif 0594, Desborough, the Lord Grey of cotty, Major - General Montgometreby, Lamberi, Harrison, and the ry, Colonel Graves, Mr. Forshaw Milicia Forces of several Coun- the King's Secretary, the Adjutantles; so that his Army, when he General, Marshal-General, Genetas come to Worcester, could not ral of the Ordnance, toge: her with mount to fewer than 80,000 Men. 5 Colonels of Horse, 13 of foot, n Lancabire che Earl of Derby 17 Lieutenant-Colonels, 19 Majors, iad raised for the King near 1,500 109 Captains ; there were aiso taken lorfe and Foot, against whom 158 Colours, che King's Standard, Colonel Lilbourn marched, and Coach and Hores, Collar of SS's, outed them, taking many Persons and Star-Cloak, with other Things »f Quality; the Earl of Derby of great Value His Majesty, in uimself with much ado escaped to his bicape, endeavoured to go for he King at Worcester, where on Scotland, bur missing his way the hat twice fatal, but once lucky first Night, was conducted by the Day, September the 3d, his Vla. Earl of Derby to a hicule called


1652. Boscobel, inhabited by one Pendrel, had the unwelcome News of the

a faithful Person, and seated in a Death of their Admiral Popbam, and
fine Grove in Shropshire, upon the Ireton their Deputy of Ireland; this
Confines of Staffordshire. While last died of the Plague under the
he was here, his Majesty was ob- Walls of Limerick, but was buried
liged to keep out all Day in the in great State in Wefiminfter-Abby.
Wood, to avoid the Search of the All was now in a Calm at Home,
Parliament Soldiers, who frequent- and Scotland and Ireland both al-
ly visited the Place ; where his most subjected to the English States ;
Majesty with Colonel Carlis fat all they therefore in this leisure Time
Day in a large thick Oak. From judged it reasonable to vindicate
hence he wanderd in Disguise, and themselves on the United Netberlarai,
after many Disappointments and for the Affi onts done to their Am-
providential Escapes, he came at bassadors. Oliver St. Jobu ard
lalt at Six Weeks End to Shoreham Walter Strickland, in Holland, and
in Suljex, from whence he got Pas- their encroaching on the Euglys
fage, and in a short Time arrived Merchants Trade, and flighting tne
falc at Frecam, near Havre de Grace English States, who proferred Itrid:
in France, although his Foes had Amity and Alliance with them.
all that Time been making the Hereupon they prohibited the
stricteft Search imaginable.

importing any foreign CommediA little before this Fight at ties, except upon English Bottoms, ar Worcester, divers Persons, many of such as were of the Country wherce them Presbyterian Ministers, were the Goods came, beginning withal seized on for holding Correspon- to stand high upon the Claim vi dence with Charles Stuart (none Ducs, and Reparations for the Premight, as they loved their Lives judice done the Englishin der and Ellates, call him King) and on Trading ; and when no Satisfacto Aus up the 22d, were two of them, on would be given, but the Darbe na mely, Mr. Chrislopher Love, Mi- grew rather more lordly, calling nifter, and Mír. Gibbons, beheaded into question the English Sovereigt. on Tower-Hill.

ty in the narrow Seas, and refurry The common Prisoners, Scotch to give the English the Honour of and English, taken at Worcester, the FLAG, the States of Englasd were sent up to London; and that resolved to beat them into beuet they inight no farther trouble the Manners. And in the Year 16;2, States of England, they were trans- May 19, was the first Sea fight ben ported into foreign Plantations. tween the States of England and

October the 15th, the Earl of Ders the Netherlands ; the Fight contie by was beheaded, and Sir Timothy nued about four Hours, till the Fetberfionbaugh died the same Death Night parted them, without muca also, for the same Crime, viz. for Cause of boasting on either Pate honouring the King. In fhort time that which was, the Englth had a after the Fight of Worcester, the Right to. But tho tly after his Mock-Parliament had the welcome Admiral Blake took iwelve Dao! News of reducing the Isle of Man, Men of War. the Barbadoes, the Ide of Jersey, Auguft the 16th, Sir George and Cornet Calile in Guernsey; but a Arscough, with a Squadron of its litde to allay their Transport, they ven Ships, charged through ara

thro sa

through the Dutch Fleet, confifting Dutch were taken Prisoners 6 Cap. 1653. of fixty Men of War, in which tains, 1350 others, 11 Men of War Encounter Captain Pack was slain. were taken, and 2 Hoys, 6 of their

September the 5th, as the French belt Ships were funk, and 2 blown Fleet ( who took Part with the op. Of the Englijs were slain, Dutch) were going to the Relief of besides Admiral Dean, one Captain Dunkirk, molt of them were taken and 120 others, but not one Ship by Admiral Blake ; and about the lost or disabled. Conclusion of the fame Month, the Cromwell this while, with some Dutch were banged to Purpose by of the leading Officers of the ArBlake, at a place called the Kentish my, had made Choice of certain Knek, and were pursued by the Persons not above 150 for the three English into their very Harbour. Nations, who were to have the LeBut in the Beginning of Winter, gillative Power, and to be stiled Blake was worsted by the Dutch in a Parliament. These Parliamentthe Downs, lufing the Garland, Gentlemen, and Soldiers of the new. Bonaventure, and two Merchant- fashioned Election, met July the men. Upon the 18th, 19th, and 4th, at Weftminster, where they 20th Days of February, the two chose Mr. Rouse for their Speaker: Fleets fought again, when the Dutch But not agreeing among themselves were forced to Ay, the English ta- (for about fixty of them contested king fifty-two of the Merchant- hard for the taking away of Tithes ment they had in Convoy, and nine from the Ministers as Antichristian) Men of War.

they fairly re-delivered their Power 1. D. 1653, April the 20th into Oliver's Hands, December the Oliver Cromwell took upon him to 12th, after they had enacted a Law, put a Period to the fitting of those That Justices of the Peace, and not long.winded Members at Wefimin- Ministers, fould joyn Persons tofter, objecting to them when he gether in sacred Wellock. came to displace them, That they But while this cunning Thing delayed, if not utterly neglected the called a Parliament was doing little, redressing of publick Grievances ; or little to the Purpole, the active that they designed their own Inte- Dutch were again put forth to Sea, Teit, and perpetuating themselves, with about 120 Men of War, and therefore they were to fit there no before the Texel were encountred longer. Instead of these Members by the English, July the 29th ; the turned out of Doors, Oliver and fight was vigorously maintained his Officers constituted a Council of on both Parts, till the Dutch AdSiate co rule the Common-wealth, miral Van Trump, fighting in the though they resolved to rule the midst of the English Fleet, was Council of State.

with a Musquet-Thot shot into the Jure the 2d, the English and left Pap, and Nain out right, whereDutsb Fleets engaged again in Fight, by the rest of their Fleet was fo when at the very first shot made by discouraged, that they made to the the Dutch, Admiral Richard Dean, Texel as speedily as they could, was lain. June the 3d, the Fleets The Dutch in this Fight lof thirty joyned again, and the Dispute was Men of War, and about 1200 of very hot and bloody, till at length their Men were taken. The Enge the Dutch tacked about, and made lijh had sain on their Part, Graves, haite to their own Coatts. Of the Owen, Chapman, Newman, Taylor




1654. Crisp, Cox, and Peacock, Captains, on February the 8th, and Oliver

and 400 common Seamen. The to gratify them for this Favour, Ship named the Oak was fired, and knighted Thomas Viner, then Lord

or three disabled. For this Mayor. eminent Piece of Service the little Aspiring Cromwell having thus Parliament ordered, that Chains of obtained the Supreme Authority, in Gold should be presented to the Ad- short time yielded to a Peace with mirals, Blake and Colonel George the Dutch, who had been brought Monk, Vice-Admiral Pen, and exceeding low by the War with Rear-Admiral Lavifon; and that England. other Chains likewise should be A.D. 1654, and in the Month presented to divers Flag Captains, of May, upon an Accusation of a and Medals of Silver to the Officers Plot to deitroy the Protector, seize of the Fleei.

the Tower, raise an Army, and But to return to Oliver, who, af. bring in the King, there were diter his patched J unto had dissolved vers Royalists apprehended and themselves, called a Council of Of committed to Prison; three of them ficers, with some other of his Crea. were condemned by a High Court tures, to consult about the Settle- of Injustice, and two of them exement of a Government; and these cuted, namely, Colonel Join Gerai lengih, after great Pretences of rard, who was beheaded on Tozier. fecking God's Mind herein, con Hill, and Mr. Vowel, who was cluded to have a fingle Perfon again hanged at Charing Cross. On the to be the Head of the Common- fame Day with Colonel Gerrard wealth of England, Scotland, and was beheaded Don Pantaleox Sa, Ireland, and the Dominions and Brother to the Portugal AmbalaTerritcries thereunto belonging, dor, for a Riot made in the ard Oliver Cromwell must be the Exchange ; but Death was so terMan, who though awhile seeming rible to this person, that his Hears unwilling to undertake so great a was nigh quite dead within him beCharge, yet at length yielded, and fore his Neck came to the Block. accordingly was installed Lord September the 3d, a pretended Protector of the Commonwealth Parliament at W'eliminer of England, with much Formality where, after they had heard their and Ceremony, in the Chancery Master Oliver's Speech, and chole Court at Wifi minkter, before the William Lenthall for their Speakei, Judges, the Lord-Mayor and Al- they debated whether the Legiladermen of London, with the Chief tive Power should be in a lingle Oficers of the Army, on Decem- Person and a Parliament, or in a ber the 16th. Immediately after Parliament only. The Protector's which, all publick Writings chan- Faction were for the former ; chole ged their Svile from that of The called the Common-wealth Party, Keepers of the Liberties of Eng- that were

for Democra: ica land, to that of Oliver Lord Pro- Government, were for the latter: tector of England, &c. And the one declaring, That as God hai City of London, to manifest their made him an Instrument in culting Good liking of this Government down Tyranny in one Person, to and Governor ( at least to make now he would not endure to see Shew of it) invited the Protector to the Nation's Liberties Mackled by a magnificent Feast at Grocers.ball, another, whose Right to the Go




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