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· A. D. 1667, the Swedes having tories over them. But the Royal " 1667. the Year before offered a Mediation Charles was the only Trophy they for a Peace between the King of were able to carry Home, tho' not England and the States of the Uni- our only Loss, since the Royal Oak red Provinces, prevailed this Year was also burnt, and the Loyal Lon. with the King io condescend there. don and Great James much hurt. unto, and to accept of Breda for the After this they assaulted and were Place of Treaty.

beaten off from Languard Fort ; The Dutch in the mean time engaged a Squadron of the English were busy in making Preparations with a Squadron of theirs, and were for continuing the War, upon a fair worsted ; shewed themselves before and approved Maxim of State, That Portsmouth, and made some flight with an Enemy it is furest Treating Attempts in Devonshire and Cornwith Sword in Hand. The King wall ; and after De Ruyter their of England, not ignorant of their Admiral had been civilly compliDoings, resolved to make them mented by the Earl of Bath in the spend the Summer in needless Ex- West, and had received Advice of pences of War, and only keep him. the Conclufion of the Peace, they self opon his Guard.

failed back for Holland. The English therefore having but The Peace was concluded at Brea small Fleet abroad, the Dutch put da the 21st of June ; the Ratificato Sea betimes, and about the latter tions interchanged the 14th of AuEnd of April made an Attempt on gust, and proclaimed afterwards in Burnt-Island in Scotland, but were London the 24th of the same Month. beaten off with Loss.

This Year died the Earl of Their next Attempt was upon Southampton, Lord High Treasurer the Fort of Sheerness, which being of England; which Place the King a Place of small Force, was (after thought fit to fupply by Commillia fhort but ftout Refiftance) aban- oners, viz. the Duke of Albemarle, doned by Sir Edward Sprague; and the Lord Athley Cooper, after Earl of so the Mouth of that narrow River Shaftsbury, Sir Thomas Clifford, Sir was left open, and thereby they William Coventry, and Sir John had Liberty to proceed towards Duncomb. Charbam; á Disgrace our Nation The Parliament was to have met has ever since ftomach'd, altho' the in July, but was prorogued till the Damage received was small, and both of Oztober; in which Session the Resistance honourable. With several Acts were passed, amorglt 22 Men of War they failed up the others, one for banishing and ditMedway, and were able to break abling the Earl of Clarendon, whom the Chain which with several sunk the Parliament charged-the Parlia. Ships was laid to stop them. The ment then adjourned till February. Opposition the Admiral, who was In America, Sir John Harman, there in Person, then made was with a Squadron of English Ships, fruitless, through the Advantage of attacked a Squadron of French in Wind and Tide the Enemy was fa- their Ports, with so good Success, voured with ; and therefore by their that he burnt their Admiral, and Fireships they destroyed the Mat- fix or seven of their beit Ships; all thias, Unity, and Charles the Fifth, the rest but two being sunk, either three Trophies of our former Yic. by the Enemy or the English Shot,


1669. and that with very small Loss of the Resignation of the Lord Gr.

Men, or Damage to his Ships. rard, was made Captain of his Ma.

The King, to encourage the re- jesty's Life-Guards of Horse. building of the City this year, was Sir Thomas Allen made Peace chis pleased auspiciously to lay the first Year with the Algerines. Stone himself in the Foundation of About the middle of January the the Royal-Exchange; as shortly af. Dutchess of York was brought to ter his Royal Highness laid a Foun- bed of a Daughter, christened by the dation Stone for the second Pillar Name of Henrietta, by che Arch. thereof.

bishop of Canterbury; the Duke of About the beginning of February, Ormond assisting as Godfather, the the Parliament, according to their Marchioness of Dørcbefter and Coun. Adjournment, met, and upon their tess of Devonshire having the Ho. humble Petition to his Majesty, pro- nour of being Godmothers. cured a Proclamation to be emitted A. D, 1699, the beginning of for enforcing the Laws against Con- this Year the Earl of Carlisle was venticles, and for preserving the sent Ambassador Extraordinary to Peace of the Nation against unlaw. Sweden. As he was at Copenbagen, ful Assemblies.

on his way, he received a Letter This Month was proclaimed the from the King of England, in An Peace with Spain, which had been swer to an obliging Letter of the (much to the Advantage of Com- King of Denmark's, to be delivered merce) concluded in May last. to that King. This Letter was so

A.D. 1668, about the End of acceptable to the Dane, chat upon March, in Easter Week, some li- the Ambassador's Infiance he dis

. centious idle Persons, pretending patched Orders to all his Ports and former Cuftom, took the Liberty mercantile Towns, especially in to pull down som Houses of bad Norway, for restoring the Englie Repute about the Suburbs of Lone to their former Freedoms and Pridon. Though the Apprentices bore vileges in Trading. the Blame of this Riot, yet others Being arrived in Sweden, he prewere found Guilty ; whereof four sented the King with the George being apprehended, were convicted worn by the Knights of the Garter; and executed, and (wo of their and afterwards the fame Lord was Heads set upon London-Bridge. · folemly inftalled at Windsor as bis

In May the King passed fome Bills Swedish Majesty's Proxy. in the House of Lords, whereof one This Year was the stately was for laying an Imposition on Theatre of Oxford, the noble Gite Wines and other Liquors, and the of Dr. Sheldon, Archbishop of Cat Parliament was adjourned till the terbury, according to the Intent of 11th of August following.

the Donor, put into the Poffeffion In June News was brought to of the University : And upon his London of the burning of the Bridge Grace's declining the Chancellor Torun in Barbadoes, where besides thip, the Duke of Ormond was inthe Loss of most of the Houses, the stalled Chancellor of the Univery Magazine, to the great Prejudice of of Oxford. the Publick, as well as of private Whilft the King was taking his Persons, was blown up.

Divertisement with the Duke of The Duke of Monmouth, upon Park, in the New Forest in Hamp

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Bire, they both received an Express peror to procure a fafe Conduct to 1670: of the Death of their mother, the a Person of that Quality, proved of Queen Dowager of England, who small Consequence; and the Amdeparted this Life at Colombee che bassador returned without seeing the laft of August, and was buried in Emperor, or performing his EmSt. Dennis in November following. bally.

About this Time arrived at Dub. The latter end of this Year died lin the Lord Roberts, as Lord-De. the Duke of Albermarle, his Dutputy of Ireland.

chess not many Days surviving him. The Exchange of London, ever The King, as a Mark of Gratitude fince the Fire, had been kept at to the deceased Duke, sent his Son Grejbam- College in Bishopsgate-ftreet, his Father's Garter, continued to till now ; to the great Satisfaction him many of his Honours and Preof the City, the Merchants returned ferments; and sent him Word 'that to the Royal

. Exchange in Cornhill; he himself would take care of his a Fabrick as far exceeding the old Father's Funeral. one in Beauty and Structure, as the The Parliament met again at the City rebuilt does that which was appointed Time; and the King, destroyed.

among other Things, reminded
At the Day of Ortober prefixed, them of the Project of Union be.
the Parliament met, to whom the tween the two Kingdoms.
King, amongst other Things in his A. D. 1670, this Year in the
Speech proposed the uniting of beginning of April, the King ha-
England, and Scotland into one King. ying pasted some Bills, the Parlia-
dom, this Project, in the Sequel, ment was adjourned to the 24th of
had no better Issue than another set October. Amongst others, was an
on foot by King James for the same A& for authorizing such Commis-
Purpose. The Parliament having fioners as his Majesty should be
fat about a Month, and done but pleased to nominate for treating
very little, were prorogued till the with the Scottish Commissioners a-
24th of February following. bout the projected Union ; who be-

The Parliament of Scotland fat ing nominated, and having aftere
at Edinburgh at the same time that wards met with those sent from
the Parliament of England did at Scotland, many Conferences were
Westminster; in which the Earl of held; but insuperable Difficulties
Lauderdale represented his Majesty appearing in the Matter, it was
as his Commiffioner. In this Sef wholly laid aside.
fion of Parliament, amongst many At this Time the Lord Jobn Berke
other Afts, that of asserting his ley arrived in Dublin, and was invest."
Majesty's Supremacy in all Causes, ed Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland.
and over all Persons, Civil and Ec The Princess of Orleans made,
clefiaftical, paffed.

now her last Visit to her two Bro. A splendid and magnificent Em- thers, the King of England and bassy was this Year lent to Taffe. Duke of York, at Dover ; and uplerie

, Emperor of Morocca, in the on her Return, which was shortly Person of Mr. Henry Howard, fince after, took her Journey out of this Duke of Norfolk; which, by rea World; for to the great Grief and {on of the Troubles of that Coun. Surprize of the Court of England, try, and the Inability of the Emo lle died suddenly.



Captain Beach being in the his Royal Example to encourage Streights with four English Frigats, the wearing of the Manufactures of met a Squadron of seven Algier Ships his own Kingdom, and to discounof War, well mann'd, gave them tenance the Use of foreign; to which Battle, and after a fhort Dispute, the King having graciously condeforced them all alhore, where two scended, they were prorogued till of them were burnt by themselves, the 26th of April ensuing. and the rest by the English; moft of In June Sir Edward Sprague, Adtheir Men were lost, and 250 Chri- miral for the King in the Mediterra. itian Slaves fet at Liberty.

nean Sea, burnt and took under the In October the Parliament met very Guns of the Castle of Bugia

, again, according to their

Adjourn- nine of the best Men of War of Alment, and then was the Peace be- gier. This News so incensed that tween England and Spain beyond the People, that in a tumultuous Manner Line concluded and ratified.

they cut off the Head of their King; The Prince of Orange came this the Aga having done the like to Year into England, and having vi- their Ġeneral, and forced their newsited both Universities, after a more created King to make a Peace much Stay he returned.

to the Advantage of England. During this Session of Parlia. This Year his Majesty was pleasment, the Lords and Commons ed to honour the City of London having humbly represented to his with his Presence at the Lord. MayMajesty, their Fears and Jealousies or's Feast, being the first that fioce of the Growth of Popery, the King the Fire was kept at Guildhall, af. by Proclamation commanded all ter it was advantageously repaired. Jesuits, and English, Irish, and Scot The King having long conceal'd i išk? Priests, and all others that had his just Displeasure against the Dutch, taken Orders from the See of Rome, and his Resentments of their unworexcept such as were to wait upon thy Dealings towards him, intends the Queen and foreign Ambassadors, now an open War 'with the United to depart the Kingdom, upon Pain Provinces." In order thereunto, in of having the Laws and Statutes of January 1671, his Majesty declared, the Realm put in Execution against That seeing his Neighbours were them.

making great Preparations, both by A. D. 1671, in the Beginning Sea and Land, he looked upon of this Year died at St. James's her himself as obliged to put himself Royal Highness Anne, Dutchess of in such a Posture, as might belt York, Daughter to the Earl of Cla- secure his Government and People : rendon ; and was shortly after pri- And that seeing Money, which was vately buried at Westminfter. She absolutely necessary for that End, was educated a Protestant, but turn was wanting, he was unavoidably ed Papift.

forced (which otherwise he would The Parliament still fat, and a. not have done to put a Stop to mongst others, having passed an the Payment of all Monies brought Ad for an Addition to the King's in, or to be brought in, to his Revenue, by an Imposition on Pro. Exchequer, for the space of one ceedings at Law, by an humble whole Year. Address they petitioned his Maje In the mean Time, Sir Gerge fty, That he would be pleas’d by Downing, his Majelty's Ambai


dor in Holland, pressed the States this Month; and then in Southwold. 1672. hard with the Business of the Flag; Bay a sharp Fight began, about five v but finding his Demands shifted off of the Clock in the Morning, and with Delays, and his Negotiation was obftinately maintained on both like to prove successless, he return. Sides till Night ; the Dutch then ed back in a short time to England, bore away, and the Duke stood afwhere he was committed to the ter them, keeping within Sight of Tower for not having pun&ually the Lights all Night. In the Enobeyed his Instructions.

gagement died the Earl of Sandwich, And soon after, Sir Robert Holmes Captain Digby in the Henry, Sir John with five Men of War, cruising Cox hard by the Duke in the Prince, near the Isle of Wight, met the Dutch Sir Frescheville Hollis, and Monsieur Smyrna Fleet convoyed by fix Men de la Rabiner the French Rear-Adof War, of whom he demanded miral. Several other Officers were the Flag; which they refusing he slain and wounded, about 700 comset upon them March the 13th, and mon Seamen loft, and as many maintain'd the Fight all Night; The wounded ; the Royal James burnt next Morning three other Frigats and the Katharine taken, but by coming in, the Fight was conti- her own Men rescued again. On nued to the great Damage of the the Dutch Side were killed Admiral Dutch, whose Rear-Admiral was Van Ghent, and Captain Brackhell. sunk, and five of their best Mer. Their great Ships were sadly shatchant-Men taken. And then open terred, two sunk, one taken, and one War was proclaimed against Hol- burnt ; many others were missing, land.

whereof no Account could be given, One Mrs. Jones, of Monmouth, or and a great many of their common soine adjacent Parish, was murther. Seamen killed and wounded. The ed; for which cursed Fact, her Son, French at the same time, to increase a Lawyer by Profession, was pressed their Lofs, took several of their to Death, the Maiden-Daughter Towns and Forts by Land. burnt, and the Seryant-Boy, who Next Day after this Engagement, did the Fact, was hanged at Mon- the Duke of York put twice out his mouth. The Son refused to plead, bloody Flag upon Sight of the Dutch, the Daughter fled, and the Boy, up but was as often prevented from on Examination, confessed the Fa&t. engaging them by thick Fogs and

A.D. 1672, the French_King Mists, which gave the Dutch Op. now being joined with the English portunity to retreat ; and so no in War against the Dutch, in the more considerable Action was perBeginning of this Year, marches at formed this Year. the Head of his main Army to the The States being thus prefied (in Frontiers of the United Netherlands, all Probability ) above the Strength and sends his Fleet to join the Eng- of so small a Republick ; having 1:36.

the French on the one side, the BiIn May both Fleets were joined shop of Munfter on the other, by at Sea, under the Command of his Land, and the English by Sea, to Royal Highness the Duke of York, deal with, were not able to supmaking all together about 160 Sail. press the Tumults and Infolencies They had often Sight of the Dutch, of the exasperated People. but no Engagement till the 28th of Burghers of Dort, in a tumultua


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