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1680. Possibility of a Popish Succeffion, if not belonging to them, but to the

Means could be found that in such a common Courts of Justice; this the
Case the Administration should remain Commons were pleased very highly
in Proteftant Hands, he should be to resent; and voted,
willing to hearken to any such Expe 1. That it was the Right of the
dient, by which Religion might be Commons in Parliament, io impeach
secured, and Monarchy not deffroyed. any Peer or Commoner for Treefoner
Lastly, be advised them to make the other Crimes; and that the Refufal
knocin and efablished Laws the Rules of the Lords to proceed upon fub 14-
and Measures of their Votes. peachment was a Denial of Infore,

After which the Commons re and a Violation of the Constitution of
turned to their House, and chose Parliamenis.
William Williams, Esq; again for 2. That the Resolution of the
their Speaker, and the Preliminaries Lords, That Fitz Harris fiould be
being over, the Votes were ordered proceeded against at common Law,
to be printed, an and Enquiry was and not by way of Impea:hment, crus
made after a bill that had passed a l’iolation of the Constitution of Per-
both Houses the last Seslion, but liament, &c.
was never presen:ed for the Royal 3. That for any infiricur Court to
Affent; this, as they had great proceed again Fitz Harris, er en
Reason they strictly enquired after. Person lying under an Impeachment 18
Next, in taking his Majesty's Speech Parliament, was a high Breach of
into Confideration, they came again the Privilege of Parliament.
upon the Matter of. Exclusion, and it Thele Proceedingstired the King's
was by some propoled, that since Patience, so that he came to the
it was plain the King would not pass Houle on the 28th, and suddenly
the Bill

, an Expedient might be dissolved the Parliament; and improposed: This took up a whole mediately took Coach for Windir, Day's Debate, but was over-ruled, and thence came to London the same and the old Bill ordered to be brought Night; by which he happily de in. Next a Message was sent to the feated the wicked Defign that lone Lords, to demand Judgment against evil Men had upon his Person, as the Earl of Danby upon the Impeach- will appear hereafier. Shortly after ment of the Commons.

a Protestation of 29 Lords, the Duke Then the House went upon the of Monmouth being at the Head ch Examination of Edward Fiiz-Har. them, came out against this proris, who having been privy to the ceeding of the House of Lords in Popish Plot, was by the Commons Firz-Harris's Cafe. inpeached for the fame ; and the A.D. 168!, his Majetty, te Impeachment ordered to be carried vindicate himself from the maliciup to the Lords by Mr. Secretary ous Aspersions of disaff cted Per Jenkins, which he esteeming an Af- fons, on the 8th of April, jet torih front to the King ( whose Prisoner a Declaration of the Reatons thi as I have told you Fitz-Harris then' inoved him to dilt lve the two was) did refuse to do it ; but at Parliaments, which he ordered on length to avoid Contention, he be read in all Churches, wherein ::: submited, and accordingly carried set forth, Win' bow mucé Relais the Impeachment to the Lords; but sy he did it, and lotu eta it was there rejected, as a Master intentions accre to have comengordt

far as could have confted with the April, an Indiełment of High-Trea- 1681. Very Being of the Government, avith fon was fresented against him, and any thing that could be propofid for found by the Grand Jury; and afpreferuing the Etablished Religion, ter long Arguings concerning the ibe Liberty and Property of the Sub- Jurisdiction of the Court, upon acject, and supporting the Foreign Alli. count of the abovementioned Votes, ances. Then enumerated the unwar he was on the oth of J une brought tantable Proceedings of the Commons,

Trial; the Evidence against him in arbitrarily taking divers Persons was Edrund Everard, who depointo Cuflody, in declaring others Ene- fed, That the Prisoner hired him to mies to the King and Kingdoin with write a Pamphlet to scandalize the çut legal Proie's. Their Votes agains King, Gro which he discovered to lending the King Money, and their Sir William Waller, and others, Vete againprosecuting Diferiters, whom he placed in private Places whereby they aj umed a Porver of dif- to over hear Fitz- Harris read it, tensing with Laws: And that tho' &c. That the Litel was to be be promised to grant any Limitations presented to the French Ambassador, of the Power of a Popish Succeffor, and that it was to beget a Diffeset they would i sink of no other Ex rence here, while the French should pedient, but that of a total Exclusion, gain Flanders, &c, Then the Paper which he could not in Honour, ju- was produced with Fitz Harris's flice or Conscience, consent to. That Amendments, in which were these tłe Bufiness of Fiiz Harris was car. Words: If James be guilty, Charles ried to that Extremity, by the Voles is too, they are Brethren in Iniquity, of the Commons, thai there was no they are in Confederacy with the Hope of Reconciliation, which put Pope and French

Let the Enga ibe two Houses out of a Capacity of lim Spirit be up, and move us all tranfatting Business together; which one Man to Self-defence; nay and if Heats and Disappointments of the need be, to open Action, and fling off Publick Ends caused him to put an these intolerable Riders. In another

two Parliaments." Place, J. and C. both Brethren in Stephen Colledge, a Joyner hy Iniquity, corrupt both in Root and Trade, and commonly called the Branch - they sudy to enslave Protefiant Joyner, was indicted of - Where is that old Englith High-T'reason, and the Bill pre- Spirit? O brave Englishmen, look ferred to the Grand- Jury of London, to your own Defence, e'er it be too which was sworn to by Dugdale late! rouse up your Spirits! Again, and Smith, two of the Witnesses to As it is the Right of Parliaments to the Popish Plot, but could not be make a Law against a Popish Succelbrought to a Trial, because the Ju- for, so it is their Right to dethrone y brought in the Bill Ignoramus; any Polifor that follows evil Counhowever, he was afterwards tried fillors Then let all be ready ; and condemned at Oxford, as will let sbe City jiand by the Parliament, be Thewn in its proper Place. with Aliffance in any extreme Way,

The Impeachment of Firz-Har. if Occafion, &c. For which Libel ris, and the Votes thereupon, were

he was found Guilty of High-Treaesteemed by the King, as he ex.: fon, and was exccuted at 7yburn on pressed in his Declarations, as a the itt of July. purpose to delay and bindör his being On the 3d of May, Oliver Pluntried. However, on the 27th of ket, titular Primate of Ireland,

End to these



1681. was arraigne) at the King's-Bench 'fhall destroy the pitiful Guards

Bar for High-Treason, and on the of Rowley [the King) that he 8th of June brought to Trial for ' told him the City was provided the same; the Evidence against him ' with Powder and Bullets ; that were, Florence Wyer, who deposed, he would go to Oxford, expecting That there had been a Plot for se Sport there upon the Divitions veral Years to introduce a French • between the King and Parliament, Army into Ireland, to destroy all And he would be one that would the Protestants, which the Prisoner • seize the King,' &c. That meetwas privy to, and Allistant in ; ing the Prisoner after he came to Henry O'Neal, Neal O Neal, Owen Oxford, he told him, “That he Mursy, and others, who all testified was afraid, and run away like the same thing. So he was found to beshit himself : ' Hignes, who Guilty, and executed at Tyburn testified many Things to the same with Filz- Harris.

Purpose. Likewise several scandaStephen Colledge having commit lous Pamphlets were produced, ted Trea'on at Oxford, as well as which he acknowledged himself the at London, the King ordered him Author of. The Prisoner endeato be carried thither to be tried for voured to invalidate the Evidence, the same, where he was accord- by discrediting the Persons of the ingly indicted on the 17th of Aia- King's Witneffes. Upon the whoe, guft; the Witness:s against him were the Jury found him Guilly; and he Stephen Dugdale, who deposed, was accordingly executed ite 3 iti of That he had often heard Colledge August at Oxford. rail at the King, saying, ' He The Earl of Shaftsbury being ac

was a Papist, was in the Popish cused of Treasonable Practices, was ; . Plot, and had a Hand in the committed to the Tower, and on • Murther of Sir Edmundbury God- the 24th of November a Bill of lo

frey: That he would arm him- dictment was preferred against him 'self and be at Oxford, having to the Grand Jury of London, be• several stoat Men that should stand fore whom was produced a Paper, • by him, if there should be a Ric importing an Affociation to oppole • fing' That at Oxford, upon the Duke of York's coming to the the King's not yielding to the Crown, by Force of Arms, Commons, he said, Let him begin which Paper was found in the Lord • (meaning the King) as soon as he Shaftsbury's Closet, and eight Per• would, he cared not how soon, fons swore againit the said Lord 1?• for their Party [ the King's) were ry treasonable and irreverent Words I but a Handtul to his : And that that he had uttered against the Kirg, when the King went from Oxford, and that he had hired fifty Men to he said, “ The Rogue was afraid of attend him at the Oxford Parlia. • himself, he was f.irked away :'ment, where, upon any Disturbance, John Smith, who swore, that he they were to have seized the Guards

, jaid to him, " That the King was &c. But the Jury brought in the

a Papilt ; that he doubted not Bill Ignoramus, and so obftruc.m · but the King would be brought his further Trial. " to the Block, as his Father was ; The Parliament which fat in Sco? that she Prisoner shewed him Arnis land, Fuly the 28th, under the Duke and Armour he had provided, say, of York, the King's High Commi. ins, · These are the Things which fioner chere, enacted f. veral Laws,

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and appointed a Test ( which that and set Sail again for Scotland; 1682. Nation extremely resented ) for se. but when he was out at Sea, and curing the established Government, off of Yarmouth Road, the Ship and afierting the Right of Succef- wherein he was, early in the Mornfion; and did likewise, in Answer ing, on the 5th of May, ítruck upto his Majesty's Letter, which was on the Lemon Ore Sands, though the read to them at the opening of the Weather was fair, and one Ayres, Sessions, with all Expressions of reckoned the beit Coaster in EngDery and Loyalty, acknowledge land, his Pilot; the Duke puc off the Honour his Majesty had been in his Pinnace with some Persons of pleased to do them, in sending his Quality, and saved himself on Brother to preside as High Commis board a Yacht, where he had foner amorg them.

not long been before he saw the A. D. 1682. On the 12th of Fe Frigat fink to the Bottom, in which bruary, this Year, there happened a above an Hundred and Fifty Pervery fad Accident, in this Manner; fons perihed, and some of them Thomas Tbsnn, of Longleet, Esq; a Gentlemen of Quality ; as the Earl Gentleman of a very great Efate, of Roxborough, the Lord Obrian, was set upon in his Coach near the and the Laird of Hopton, LieuteHay-market, by three Ruffians, of nant Hyde, Brother to the Earl of whom one firing a Blunderbuss at Clarendon, and others ; he afterhim, discharg'diwo Brace of Bullets wards arrived in Scotland, and on the into his Belly, whereof he died soon 27th of the same Month returned after. The Murtherers were Chrif with his Dutchess and Lady Anne, Topber Praiz, George Boroki, and Join to Whitehall. Stern, all three Foreigners, and De.

The Election of Sheriffs for Lon. Fendents on Count Conigsmark, a. don, on Midsummer. Day this Year, Swedish Lord, who had incited them caused a great Dillurbance; the Octo the Attempt.

They were all casion thus : It had been an ancient apprehended, the three Ruffians in Custom for the Lord-Mayor, at the Town, and the Count in Disguise Bridge house Feali, to drink to some at Gravesend, endeavouring to make confiderable Citizen, thereby nomihis Escape beyond Sea ; and being nating him for Sheriff at the next brought to Trial for the Murth r, Election, which the Citizens had the principal Actors were condem used to comply with, and commonned to be hanged ; but the Count ly chose that person with another Was by the Jury brought in Not for their Sheriffs. Sir sobre Mcor, Guilty. They were accordingly ex- who was Mayor this Year, had, ecuted in the Pall-mall, near the according to this Cultom, drank to Place where they had committed the Dudley North, Efq; and issued his Fa&, and Boroki, a Pole, who fired Precept to the Companies to meet the Blunderbuis, was afterwards at Guildhall for the Confirmation of hanged in Chains at Mile-End. him, and chusing another to be his

The Duke of York came from Colleague . Scotland in

March, and having The Citizens met accordingly, made some short Stay in England, and made a very numerous Allein-, in the Beginning of May embarked bly ; but this new Form of Confira in the Gloucester Frigate, attended mation, which had never be ore with several Persons of Quality, been seen in the Precept, raised and some other ships and Yachis, such an Indignation, that it was re




1682. solved to lay aside the Lord Mayor's ele&ted should take upon them the Of.

Election, and proceed to the Election fice of Sheriff, referring i be Maiter ta
of two, out of four proposed, viz. "Law, if the Petitioners tbought they
North and Box on 'one Side, and did otherwise.
Papillon and Dubois on the other; All the Bustle was not over,

for this was very warmly pursued, and Mr. Box fined; so another was to

as zealously opposed by the be chosen in his Place; this was reLord Mayor's Party, who cryed jeeted by the other Party, who not out for supporting the Honour of acknowledging the Election of him the Chair, and conforming to the valid, refused to chuse another, but ancient Custom. And a Poll being clamoured against it. Nevertheles demanded, the Lord-Mayor, contra the Lord-Mayor proceeded, and the ry to all former Practice, provided Majority of Voices falling upon Pe Bcoks and Clerks to take it; the She ter Rich, Esq; he was thereapoo riffs, as usual claimed this as their declared Sheriff, and the Court dilBusiness, and provided other Books; folved, so that there were two Pollings at On Michaelmus Day, at the Electhe same time, which caused very tion of a Lord-Mayor, the Heats great quarrelling and Disorder, and were renewed; for Sir Willias made the Lord-Mayor interpose his Pritchard, who was the senior AlAuthority, and by Proclamation to derman below the Chair, being 26adjourn the Court to another Day, cording to the ancient Method, pu: and departed out of the Hall, but up by one Party, was by the other not without Indigniries and Affaulis Party opposed, and Sir Thomas Gould, from some of the other Party, who who was of a far later standing, notwithstanding the Adjournment, and Henry Cornish, Esq; who hal staid fill with the Sheriffs, and pol- been Sheriff but the Year before, por Jed on till Night.

up against him, and a Poll being For this the two Sheriffs were by taken, the Majority fell upon

Gral the King and Council commited and Cornish, till by a Scrutiny i to the Tower, where they lay from appeared there had been many Monday to Friday, that by a Ha- Pollers on their Side, who being te beas Corpus they were bailed. Af- je&ted, the Election rested upon Sir ter their Enlargement, they still William Pritchard, who was accorperfifted and declared Papillon and dingly sworn. Dubois Sheriffs for the Year ensuing; Mr. Pilkington, the late Sheriff, in while the Lord Mayor went on al- the Court of Aldermen, used fome fo, and Nir. Box having the Ma- indecent Expressions againti the Deke jority in his Books, he declared of York; for which being afterNorth and Box duly elected Sheriff's wards sued in an Action of Scat for the next Year.' The other Par- dalum Magnatum, in the Court of ty petitioned the Court of Alder. King's Bench, he was calt, and an men, that Mr. Papillon and Mr. Hundred thousand Pound Damages Dubcis might be called forth to given the Duke, for which he lay give Bond to serve as Sheriffs the leveral Years in the King's. Eenza next Year. To which the Court Prison. answered, That they would maintain Nov. 29, Rupert Prince Palais the Rights and Privileges of the Chair of the Rhine, Son to the Princes and the whole City; that they would Elizabetb, Daughter to King 374 ake care that such as were laufu!!y I. departed this Life in wie ez!


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