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562. E Thelbert

, the 5th King of

4. D.


Wife Fria, by Wechta the eldest of defeated the King's Forces. He 562. their seven Sons, being the fifth in surprized the Cities of Gloucester, un Issue from them. His Brocher Horfa Bath, and Cirencester ; flew three of was lain in Battle by the Britains. the British Kings, named CoinmaAccording to some,' himself died, gil, Candidan, and Farimnagil: But in Peace; others say, that he was grown proud, thro' his many Victolain when he had reigned thirty- ries, he tyrannized over his own four Years.

Subjects, which moved them to take

Part with the Britains against him; A.D. Lla, the first King of the and at Wodensheath, now Wandfditch 479. L South-Saxons, in the in Wiltshire, they vanquished and Twenty Third Year of Hengift's put him to fight, forcing him into Reign, brought a fresh Supply of Banishment, in which he died. Germans to the Relief of his ; who, landing at Shore- A. D. bap in Suffex, vanquished the Bri

Kent, was married to tains in those Parts, after which he Berta, the Daughter of Chilperick, allumed the Name of King of that King of France, on these Conditi. Province.

ons, That the Lady should enjoy

the Profession of her Christian Faith, Herdick, the first King of and the Conversation of Luidhard, 485.

the WeA Saxons, arrived her learned Bishop. About this in the hejtern Parts of this land, in time it chanced that Gregory the the Seventh Year of Ella's Reign; Great, then Arch-Deacon of Rome, where in his first Battle with the faw certain Youths of this Iand Britains he flew a mighty King of of Britain, brought to Rome to be theirs, named Natonleord, or Naza-fold, concerning whom he enquired, leed. ** This Battle was fought in first, of what Nation they were ;** VodiHampire, near unto a Brook of and being answered they were. An-nus and Water, which from Cherdick, began gles, Gregory replied, And not with. Theodoto be called Cherdickford, where out Cause are they so named, their rus, A. B. now a Town of the fame Name Resemblance is so Angelical ; and of Lond. tandeth ; but by Contraction called fit it is that they be made Inheri. Cherford.

tors with the Angels in Heaven.

But of what Province are they in Errick, the 2d King of the Britain, said he? And being an

Weft-Saxons, enlarged his swered, of Deira ; now great Pity Confines upon the Territories of the it is, faid he, but that these People Britairs, giving them (wo great should be taken from Deira, the Overthrows, the one at Scarbury in Wrath of God. And being told Wilibire, the other at Banbury in that their King's Name was Ella, he Oxfordshire.

by way of Allufion, faid, That Al

lelujah to the Praise of God should 4. D. Helwin, or Chewline, the shortly be said in that Prince's Dos 560. Son of Kenrick, and 3d minions : To which End, when he King of the Weff-Saxons, overcame had attained to be Bishop of Rome, Augustine the Britains in many Fights ; also he sent Augustine, a Monk, with the Monk, fet himself to enlarge his own Ter- forty ochers, his Afliftants, which 4. B. of ritories upon his Country-mens ; landed in Thanet, about An. Dom. Canter: for endring Kent, in a fet Battle he 596, finding at their coming seven bury. .



Anglilimo Angeli Sunt.

Bishops in the British Churches. Auguftine in great Displeasure, a. These Roman Christians, sent by Gre- gainst them, and they to dislike him gory, were by King Echelbert freely for his Pride. The British Bishops permitted to preach the Gospel, and were consecrated by their own in his chief City of Canterbury he Archbishops, and they by their own allowed them fit Places of Residence, Suffragans, making no Profesion of and to Auguftine resigned his own Subječtion to any other Church. Palace. In this City Aupin laid the And when Augustine the Monk reFoundation of that great. Church quired of the British Bishops to prodedicated to the Name and Service fess Subjection to the See of Rome, of Chrilt. And also at his Coft Dinotbus, Abbot of Bangor, made it built a most fair Monastery, where- appear by divers Arguments, that in eight Kings of Kent, and ten they owed him none; nor did they Archbishops, were afterwards in- follow the Rites of Rome. But terred. But between the Britain King Ethelbert, being by Auguftine Christians and Auftir there was a converted to the Christian Faith, great Difference about the due Time was the Instrument of converting for celebrating the Feait of Easter. Sebert, King of the Eaft-Saxons, Easter was kept in Britain after the whom he allisted in the building manner of the Eaftern Chạrch, on of St. Paul's, where had stood the the fourteenth Day of the Full Moon, Temple of Diana, as also the Church whatsoever Day of the Week it hap- of St. Peter's at Weftminster, then calpened on, and not on Sunday, as we led Thorney, where the Temple of at this Day observe it; which made Apollo stood; and himself built the




Cathedral Church at Rochester, de- fed without Danger or Damage dicating it to St. Andrew. He ver all the Thand, from Sea to Sea. brought the Laws of his Country And for the Conveniency of way.fainto their own Mother-Tongue, and ring Men, he inclosed clear Springs was very forward in advancing the by the Way-fides, where he placed Christian Religion. He died in or great Barons of Brass, both to wash near A. D. 616, and was buried at and bache in. But Penda the MerCanterbury. Augustine, the

Augustine, the first cian King, and Cadwallo the Britain, Archbishop of Canterbury, died du- confederated againi him, and in sing the Reign of Ethelbert, and was Fight New him and his Son Osfryd. buried in the Northern Porch of His Body was buried at Streansball, the new Church in Canterbury, de- now called Whitby. dicated to St. Peter and Paul, and Laurentius succeeded him in that A. D. Swald, the 5th King of Bifhoprick.


Deira, the gth of Berni.

cia, and 3d of Northumberland, haAD. Edwald, third King of ving received the Christian Faith

tized in Kent, but returning into there ; at his Return cook such Care
his own Country, thro' the Persua- for the Salvation of his Subjects,
fions of his Queen, he returned to that he sent into Scotland for Aidan,
his Superstitions, and in one and a Christian Bishop, to instruct his
the same Temple erected an Altar Northumbrians in the Gospel of
for the Service of Christ, and ano. Truth. And because the Bishop
ther for his Idols.

could not speak their Language, the

King himself would interpret his A. D. Dwin the Great, and 2d Sermons to the People. Which god

King of Northumberland, ly Undertaking of the good King subdued all the Coasts of Britainy, and Bishop was so successful, that, wheresoever any Provinces as it is reported, in seven Days fpace, inhabited either by Britains or Sax- Fifteen thousand received Baptism. ens; which thing no King of the At this time the whole Island Aou. English before him had done. And risied with Peace and Plenty, and added the Mevian Isles, or Hebrides, acknowledged their Subjection to unto his own Dominions. He was Oswald. But Penda King of Mercia converred to the Chriftian Faith by envying his flourishing &itate, flew Paulinus, and baptized at York in him in Battle, at a Place called MaSt. Peter's Church, then built of fer field in Shropshire, and then tore Wood, which he rebuilt of Stone, his Body in Piece-meal. Where. making it the Cathedral Church'; upon the said Place of his Death is cal.

and Paulinus Archbishop led to this Day Oswald's Tree, or Of Church of of that See. He sup- weffry. His dismembred Limbs were Lincoln, pressed Idolatry, establi- buried in the Monastery of Bradrey founded by ined the Gospel in the in Lincolnshire, afterwards removed Bp. Pau- Northern Parts, which to Gloucester, and buried in the

daily spread into other North-side of the upper End of the

Provinces, and with such Choir, in the Cathedral Church. Fruit of Peace, that throughout his King Oswald being at Dinner on Dominions, a weak Woman with Eafter-Day, one brought him word, her new-born Babe might have pas. that there was a great Company of

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613: OS

690. poor People in the Streets, which with Lands and Poffeffions. Hc

asked Alms of him.; whereupon he died A. D. 674, and was buried at
commanded the Meat prepared for Peterborough.
his own Table to be carried to
them, and brake a Silver Platter to Theldred, because of his Nephew

Pieces, and sent it amongst them. Kenrid's Minority, and DispoHonori In the Year of Christ 636, Hono- fition to a private Life, was acceptus and rius, Archbishop of Canterbury, firft ed of the Mercians for their King, Deus De- divided England into Parishes. Nor. His Entrance was with War againit dit, A. B.thumberland was sometimes parted the Kentish King Lorbair, whose of Canter into two Kingdoms, namely, Deira, Country he miferably destroyed, bury. and Bernicia.

sparing neither religious nor fecu

lar Place. But at length disquieted A.D Sway, the 4th King of in Mind, because of his Cruelties,

Northumberland, New to expiate his Crimes, he firft built Penda in Fight, with the Discomfi- a goodly Monastery at Beadney in ture of all his Mercian Power ; and Lincolnshire, then relign'd the Crown in the fame Battle flew Ethelbert, to Kenrid, became there a Monk King of the Eaf-Angles, who fided himself, living there a regular Life with Penda; after which Victory he the Term of twelve years, and fubdued the Mercians, and made the died Abbot of the Place, A. D. 716. Northern Part also wholly subject In the 4th Year of his Reign, a fearunto him. He founded the Cathe- ful blazing Star discovered it self, dral Church in Litchfield for a Bi. and for three Months together conshop's See, died in 6. D. 670, and tinued rising in the Morning, and was buried in St. Peter's Church in giving forth a blazing Pile, very Streanfall.

high, and of a glittering Flame,
A. D. T , of Enred, the

668. the Mercians, flew his of
two Sons Vulfald and Rufin, because ed in Peace the Term of thelmus,
they usually resorted to Reverend four years; but affecting A. B. of
Chad for the Profit of their Souls, a private retired Life, Cant.
and had received at his Hands the he appointed Chelred his
Sacrament of Baptism. Their mar. Cousin to rule in his Stead, and ac.
tyr'd Bodies Queen Erminhild their companied with Ofa, King of the
Mother caused to be buried in a Se- Easi Saxons, and Edwin, Bishop of
pulchre of Stone, and thereupon a Winchester, he went unto Rome,
fair Church to be erected, which, by where himself and Offa became
reason of the many Stones brought Monks, and there died.
thither for the Foundation, was e-

ver after called Stones ; and is now A. D. Helred, the gth King of Theodo- a fair Market Town in Staffordshire.

the and But Vulfbere repenting his moft in- along, during his seven Years Reign, Bertual- humane Murther, and becoming a engaged in Wars against Inas, King dus, A. P. Christian, converted his Heathen of the West Saxons. Which Inash of Canter- Temples into Churches and Mona- being in Pilgrimage at Rome, in bury. fteries, and finished Medipham, now A. D. 722, gave a Tribute to Rome,

Peterborough (his Brother Pudd's called Peter-Pence, being a Penny
Foundation ) inriching it largely for every House. At firit it was the


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King's Alms; it was also called A. D.
Romefcot. Inas built a College at

the Mercians, as is said, Wells, and a stately Abby at Glaften- was born both lame, deaf, and bury, where formerly the old Cell blind, continuing fo unto his Man's of Joseph of Arimathea had been. Eftate. He was of such a stout and He also built a Castle at Taunton. daring Spirit, that he thought no

King Cbelred died A. D. 716, thing impoffible for him to attain and was buried in the Cathedral unto. The first that felt his Fury Church at Litchfield.

were the Kentish Men, whose King

Alrick he flew in Fight with his
Tbelbald, the roth King of the own Hands. From south to North

of his Reign in Peace, and too much ber made havock of all that opposed
thereof in Luxury ; for the which him. Whence returning in Tri-
he was reproved by Boniface (an umph, he vanquish'd Kenwolph and
English Man) Bishop of Mentz: his WA Saxons, with whom Mar.
whose Epiftle redargutory had this madius, King of the Britains, fided.
Influence upon the King, that in He caused a great Ditch to be made
Sign of Repentance, he privileged between his and the Britains Bor-
the Church from all Tributes to ders, that is, from Bafingwark in
himself, and founded the Abby of Flintsbire, and North-Wales, not far
Crowland. About which Time it from the Mouth of Dee, running
was appointed by Archbishop Cuth- along the Mountains into the Soutb,
bert and his Clergy, in a Convoca- ending near Bristol at the Fall of
tion held in his Province (the King Wye. The Trad whereof in many
being present at the fame Council Places is yet seen, being called

with his Princes and Clawdho ojfa, or Offa's Ditch. The Cuthbert Dukes) that the sacred Danes that had invaded England, he -,, and Brog. Scriptures should be read forced back to their Ships, with the mius, in their Monasteries, Loss of all their Booty, and many 4. B. of and the Lord's Prayer of their Lives. Then making his Canterbu- and Creed caught in Son Egfryd Partner with him in the ry. the English Torgue. A. Kingdom, he went to Rome, where

D.733. In January the he made his Kingdom subject to a Sun saffered fo great an Eclipse, Tribute, called Peter-Pence, and that the Earth seemed

be gave rich Gifts to Pope Hadrian for over-shadowed as with Sackcloth. canonizing Albar a Saint ; in HoAnd A. D. 756, in December, the nour of whom, at his Return, he Moon being in her Fall, appeared built a magnificent Monastery overboth dark and bloody, for a Star against Verolamium. Also in Testi(tho' there be none lower than the mony of his Repentance for the Moon) seemed to follow her, and Blood he had thed in the Wars, he to deprive her of Light, till it had gave the tenth Part of his Goods ungot before her. But great Ethel- to the Churchmen and Poor. At Bath bald fighting against Cushred, the he built a Monastery, and in War. Wef Saxon, was traiterously flain wickshire a Church, where the adby the Procurement of one of his joining Town from it and him bearown Captains, near Tamworth, and eth the Name Off-burch. He died at was buried at Repron ia Derbyshire. Ofley in A. D. 794, and was bu

ried without the Town of Bedford,



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