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was vacant by the Death of Dr. his Senses, and continued so, but 1684. Gunning, and November the 24th, in a weak and languishing CondiDr. New, Bishop of Bath and Wells, tion, till Friday the 6th of the same was translated to the Bihoprick of Month, when about Noon he died, Winebejter, on the Deach of Dr. being exceedingly bewailed by his Merley; and Dr. Kenn succeeded in Subjects. He was buried privately the See of Bath and Wells.

in King Henry's Chapel in WestminAnd now we are come to the fier, where he had an Effigies in Period of the King's Reign, for on Wax placed. Monday Morning, February the 2d, He left no lawful Issue by his 1684-5, the King was suddenly ta- Queen Catharine of Poringal; but ken with a Fit of an Apoplexy, but many natural Children of both Sexupon Blood-letting, and the Use of es, by several Women ; of all whom other proper Remedies, he came to he was extreamly fond.


AMES Duke of York, second derness and Clemency to his People.

Son of King Charles the First, That he affected not Arbitrary Power

was born on the 14th of Očlo as was laid to his Charge: That he ber 1638, and succecded his Bro. would preserve the Government, both ther King Charles the Second on in Church and State, according to the Friday the 6th of February, 1684-5, Efiablished Laws: That he was faon which Day he was with great tisfied and secure in the Loyalty and Solemnity proclaimed in the usual unshaken Fidelity of the Church of Places of the City of London, and England, and would therefore al. afterwards through all England and ways support it: That be aimed to all the English Dominions.

be no greater than the Laws would All Offices and Places, both Mi- make him, and therefore as he would litary and Civil, in England and not part with his own juf Rights Ireland being void by the Death of and Prerogatives, so would he neithe late King ; a Proclamation was ther invade

any Man's Property: That issued to confirm the present Por as he had often ventured his Life in fefsors in them till the King's far. Defence of the Nation, he would go ther Order. And the Orders and as far as any Man in preserving it in Directions of the Privy-Council of all its just Rights and Liberties. the late King were commanded to And, at the Request of the Lords be of the same Validity as in his of the Council, this Speech was Life. Which Order was also sent printed. to all the Foreign Plantations be The Act of Parliament that imlonging to the English Crown. posed the Duties of Tonnage and

The fift Time the King sat in Poundage, or Customs upon Merthe Privy Council, he made a chandize, given to the la:e King, Speech to them to this Effect : being expired by his Death, the

That since it had pleafed God to Merchants scrupled now
place him in that Station, he ihvught them. The King therefore publish-
fit to declare, That he would follow ed a Proclamation, commanding
ibe Example of bis Brother, in Ten- the Payment of the said Duties, as



to pay

1684. in the Life of the late King, to Lord Treasurer, who being assem

maintain the Fleet for the Defence of bled, and all sworn a-new, gave the Nation and Security of Trade, Orders for the proclaiming King till the Parliament that was soon to James ; which was accordingly meet should take Care of a suffici- done on the roth of February with ent Settlement on the Crown for the all usual Ceremonies, their LordSupport of the Government. Which ships affifting at it. After which, although a manifest Violation of the by his Majesty's Command, a ProPeople's Rights, and an Assumption clamation was published to contiof arbitrary Power, was at this time nue all Officers, Judges, and 11agitaken little Norice of.

itrates, in their respective Places, On the 14th of February, in the till further Order. This being done, Evening, the Corpse of his late Ma- the Lords of the Council sent a Letjefty King Charles the Second was ter to the King, containing an Ac privately interred in the Chapel of count of their Proceedings, with King Henry the Seventh in Westmin- Aflurances of hazarding their Lives fter Abbey, in a Vaule under the and Fortunes in Defence of his perEast-End of the South Ille. The son and Dignity. And at the fame Prince of Denmark being the chief time, the Archbishops and Bishops Mourner, attended by many Lords of that Kingdom sent a Letter to and Gentlemen of both the late the King, expressing both their Sarand present King's Servants. row for the Death of his late Ala

The next Day, the Duke of Or- jesty, and their Duty and Affection
mond, the Earl of Arlington, the to himself.
Lord Viscount Newport, the Lord On the uth of the fame Mort',
Maynard, and Henry Savil, Esq: the King was proclaimed in Irelaxi
were confirmed in their Places of also, with no less Solemnity and
Lord Steward, Lord Chamberlain, Expressions of Joy, by his Grace
Treasurer, Comptroller, and Vice the Duke of Ormond, affifted by the
Chamberlain, which they enjoyed Lords Spiritual and Temporal, the
in the late King's Time.

Lord-Mayor and Aldermen of Das.
On the 16th, Laurence, Earl of lin, &c.
Rochester, Lord President of the In the mean Time Addresses dai
Council, was made Lord High ly arrived from all Parts of the

Treasurer of England; on the 18th Kingdom, congratulating his Ma
the Lord Marquiss of Hallifax was jesty's Accession to the Throne, and
declared Lord President of the to thank him for his Promile e
Council ; the Lord Clarendon Lord maintaining their Religion
Privy Seal ; the Duke of Beaufort Laws : Which were all kindly re-
President of Wales, and the Lord ceived by the King; and the AB
Godolphin Lord Chamberlain to the rances repeated.
Qucen. Several other Persons were Nor were foreign States wanting
at the same time confirmed in the in their Respect, each fending the:
Places they enjoyed in the late Ambassadours to congratulate b:
King's Reign.

Majesty's Accession to the Throse. The News of the King's Death The first of which, that arrive, being arrived at Edinburgh, the was the Count Serelais de Tu", Lords of the Privy-Council were who was sent from the Alarquis immediately called together by the Grana, Governor of the Spar: Earl of Perth, Lord High Chancel- Netkerlands, with Compliments ! lor, and the Duke of Queensbury, Condoleance and Congratulason,

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and was followed by the rest of the flies were crowned with the usual 1685. Princes of Europe.

Ceremonies and then returned with In Scotland, on the 20th of Fe- the whole Assembly in the fame Orbruary, a Proclamation was publish- der into Wefiminser Hall to Dinner; ed to summon a Parliament to meet at which Time Sir Charles Dymock, at Edinburgh, on the oth of April the King's Champion, in compleac following. And an Address of Con- Armour, accompanied by the Lord gratulation was sent to the King High-Steward and the Earl-Marfrom the Magiftrates and Council fhal, rode into the Hall, and perof that City, as were likewise others formed the usual Ceremony of the from several Corporations in chat Challenge.

On the fame Day that the King The King's Coronation being was crowned at Westminster, the now under Confideration, in order Parliament met in Scotland: At the to it, a Proclamation was published opening of which, a Letter was on the 6th of March, commanding read, which the King had sent to all those who by Tenure of Lands, them ; wherein he was pleased to &c. are obliged to claim or asist intimate, thereat, to put in their Claims be That their Zeal and Loyalty, which fore the Lords thereby authorized he had experienced in his Brother's to receive them.

Reign, engaged him to summon them But before we speak of that so. at the Beginning of bis, to give them lemnity, the Order of Time re an opportunity of demonstrating their quires as to look over into Ireland, own Duty, and to be exemplary to where on the 21st of Marcb, the others in their Affections to his PerDuke of Ormond, Lord-Lieutenant, son and Service. delivered up the Sword of State to

That what he had now to propose, the Lord Archbishop of Armagh, was for the Security of their LiberChancellor of Ireland, and the Lord ties and Properties, more than the AgGranard, whom the King confti- grandizing of his Power ; though tuted Lords Justices for the Go- the Preservation of that would the vernment of that Kingdom. And bettet enable him to preserve them in the next Morning the Council be- the quiet Podelion of their Rights ing called together, were dissolved, and Religion, against the Endearcurs and a new one appointed ; the of the Fanaticks, the restless Enemies Members of which, that were in or of both. near the City of Dublin, were im. That the Importance of the Marmediately sworn.

ters now to be proposed, would have A. D. 1685. On the 23d of April obliged him to have come him/elf to was folemnized the Coronation of them had it been possible at this the King and Queen. Their Ma- Functure of Time ; be had therejelties proceeding

from Wesiminster. fore instructed the Duke of QueensHall to the Abby Church, attended bury in all Things relating to his by the great Officers of State, No. Service and their Happiness; 1.01 bility, Archbishops, Bishops, Judges, doubting of their Compliance and Af Masters in Chancery, Lord. Mayor hitance. and Aldermen of London, Choir of After the reading of the Letter, Wellminster, &c. in their refpective the Lord Chancellor made Robes, where the Sermon being o. Speech; wherein, after an Eul gium ver, which was preached by Dr. upon the King, and afuring them Turner, Bishop of Ely, their Maje. of his Majelty's Protection of the

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1635. Established Church, and that he cited to give Testimony in Cases of

would maintain them in all their Treason, and refuse to do so, Josuld Rights according to Law, not fuf- be proceeded against as guilty of the fering them to be arbitrarily op- same Crime they were to witness

. pressd by Soldiers, or others; and On the 28th of April, a Procla. further, That the King would con- mation was published for purting descend, as far as could be expected, the Kingdom of Scotland into a po in the Business of the Excise and sture of Defence, against the Ene. Militia ; he proposed to them the mies of the King and Government, establishing the Revenues upon the commanding all the King's Subjects King, as amply as his Predecessors to be in Readiness, and with their had enjoyed them: And, that ef- beft Arms to assist against any Comfectual Means might be found to motions and Insurrections : And, destroy the desperate Fanatick Party, That Care be taken of the Coafts, that had brought that Kingdom to and ordering all the Militia and the Brink of Ruin.

landing Forces of that Realm. The Lord Chancellor made also a But to return to England. Speech to them, wherein he remem On the oth of May, Dr. Oates bered them of the Disorders the Na. was tried at the King's Bench Bar, tion had been subject to, through upon the two Indictments of Perjuthe restless Endeavours of the Fa- ry, preferred against him in the last naticks; and by what gentle Means Reign, and was found guilty of the King, when he was Lord Com- both. And about the middle of the missioner, had quieted them ; and fame Month, was brought again 10 therefore urged them to serve the the Bar, where the Lord Chief JuKing, promote his Interest, and stice being on the Bench, he redestroy that Brood of Villanous ceived Judgment, To be divifted of Men.

his Canonical Habit for ever: To be Which Speeches being over, the carried round Westminster Hall, aith Parliament drew up a Letter to the an Infeription upon his Forehead, # King, expressing how sensible they claring his Crime : Afterwaras, 1 were of his Remembrance of their siand in the Pillory; and to be white former Services, and their Resclu- ped from Aldgate 10 Newgate, ari tions to exceed what they had for- from Newgate to Tybu:n. Allo, merly done, and be exemplarily to fand in the Pillory five times gier loyal in advancing such Laws as ly, during his Life'; to pay foco might secure his Authority, extirpate Marks for each Perjury, and ts te the Fanatical Party, and punish the imprisoned during Life. late Conspirators.

And on the 30th of May, Those And soon after, they passed these Dangerfield was tried upon an IcFour A&ts, viz. 1. For securing the formation, for writing a Libel al Protestant Religion. 2. For annexing led his Narrative ; and being found the Excise upon Foreign and Inland guilty, was on the 29th of Jus Commodities to the Crown of Scot- fentenced to fiard in the Piliory; land for ever. 3. Concerning Cita- be whipped from Aldgate to Mer tions and Process of Treason, rati. gare, and from Newgate to Tyeun, fring the former Customs of the Ju- and fined sool. He was accordirgię fticiaries Proceedings againt Pannels whipp'di but, as he returns to

already in Prison, &c. 4. Concern- Nerugate, was run through the pre ing Winebes, That ibaje that are into the Brains, of which werd


he died; and the Person that did it an Express was dispatched to the 1685. was tried, found guilty, and hanged King. for it.

On the 19th of May, the ParliaNear the same time the King con ment met at Westminster, where the ferred some Honours; viz. Henry King being on the Throne, and the Fermayr, Esq; was created Baron House of Commons attending, the of Dover; John Lord Churchill

, who Lord Keeper told them, The King had been created Baron of Anmouth would defer Speaking to them, till in Scotland by King Charles II. in they had taken the Oaths : And that the Year 1683, had the Title of it was his Pleasure they should ima Baron of this Kingdom conferred on mediately proceed to make Choice of a him, by the Name and Stile of Ba- Speaker. And they returning to son Churchill of Sandbridge in the their House, unanimously chose Sir County of Hertford; and Sir George John Trevor, who was that AfterJeffress, Lord Chief Justice, was noon presented to the King. And made Baron of Wem in the County on the 22d the King came again to of Salop.

the House of Lords ; whither the But King James was hardly set- House of Commons being come up, tled in the Throne, when two At- his Majesty made the following tempts were made to heave him out; Speech to the Parliament. one by the Earl of Argyll in Scotland, and the other by the Duke of My Lords and Genilemen, Monmouth in England. You have Fter it pleased Almighty heard that the Earl of Argyll was • God to take to his Mercy condemned for High-Treason in the late King, my dearest BroScotland, but made his Escape, and ther, and to bring me to the peacefled into Holland; and that the Duke able Possession of the Throne of of Monmouth, having been pardoned my Anceitors, I immediately re. by King Charles, offending again, 'folved to call a Parliament, as the was banished the Court. After which 'best Means to settle every thing he also went over to Holland, where upon those Foundations which these two meeting, together with 'may make my Reign both easy and several others that had been con- 'happy to you ; towards which I cerved in the Rye-House Conspiracy, am disposed to contribute all that and were fed, immediately after the “is fit for me to do. What I laid to Death of the late King, set them. *my Privy Council at my first comselves at work to form a Rebellion, ing there, I am desirous to renew and resolved to invade both Eng- to you ; wherein I fully declarland and Scotland at the same time. 'ed my Opinion concerning the Accordingly, Arms and Ammuni. ' Church of England, whose Memtion were bought, and as many Men 'bers have shewed themselves so got together as they could find in eminently Loyal in the worit of those Countries fit for their Purpose. “Times, in Defence of my Father, With part of these, and five Ships, and Support of my Brother of blesArgyil first set forth for Scotland, and 'fed Memory, that I will always on the gth of May, appeared before take Care to defend and support it. Orkney; where sending his Secre- • I will make it my Endeavour to tary and Surgeon on Shore, they preserve this Government, both in were both seized by the Inhabitants • Church and State, as it is now by of the Inand, and the News imme • Law established ; and as I will diately sent to Edinburg, from whence never depart from the Jutt Rights

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