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1685: and Prerogatives of the Crown, Method to take with me ; and

fo I will never invade any Man's that the best way to engage me to

Property : and you may be fure, 'meet you often, is, always to use • that having hitherto ventured my me well, I expect therefore, That * Life in Defence of this Nation, I • you will comply with me in what • shall still go as far as any Man, in · I have desired, and that you will • preserving it in all its juft Rights do it speedily; that this may be • and Liberties. And having give a short Session, and that we may en you this Assurance concern meet again to all our Satisfactions. ing the Care I will have of your

Religion and Property, which I My Lords and Gentlemen, • have chosen to do in the same

· I must acquaint you, That I • Words I used at my first coming have had News this Níorning from to the Crown, the better to evi- Scotland, that Argyll is landed in • dence to you, that I spoke them the West-Highlands, with the • not by Chance, and consequently ‘Men he brought with him from • that you may the more firmly Holland; and that there are two • rely upon a Promise so folemnly • Declarations published ; one in the

made; I cannot doubt that I fall Name of all those in Arms there, • fail of suitable Returns from you, the other in his own. It would • with all imaginable Duty and be too long for me to repeat the • Kindness on your Part, and par • Subitance of them; it is suficient . ticularly in what relates to the to tell you, I am charged with • settling my Revenue, and conti- • Usurpation and Tyranny : The *nuing it during Life, as it was « fiorter of them I have directed • in the Time of the King my Bro. "to be forthwith communicated to ther, I might use many Argu- you, I will take the best care I

ments to inforce this Demand, can, that this Declaration of their • from the Benest of Trade, the own Treason and Rebellion may • Support of the Navy, the Necef- ! meet with the Reward it deserves;

sity of the Crown, and the Well..and I will not doubt but that you • being of the Government itself, • all will be more zealous, so sup. • which I must not fuffer to be • port my Government, and give * precarious ; but I am confident me my Revenue as I have desired

your own Confideration of what it without Delay. • is just and reasonable, will sug

gest to you whatsoever might be The first thing the House of Com• enlarged upon this Occasion. There mons did, was to vote their mor • is one popular Argument, which humble and hearty Thanks to the • I foresee may be used against what King, for his molt gracious Speech • I ak of you, from the Inclina- and Declaration ; and then ocasi • tion Men may have for frequent mously resolved, That all tee Re • Parliaments, which some may venues enjoyed by the late Kiss

think 'would be best secured, by should be settled on his Majelty ke i feeding me from time to time by Lite: And next both Houses made

such Proportions as they fall an Address to che King, to aliye
think convenient : And this Ar. his Majesty, That they would face
gument, it being the firsi time I by him with their Lives and for
ipeak to you tiom the Throne, tunes against Argyll, and all video
I will answer once for all, That Enemies.
this would be a very improper In Scotland the Pasiiament, i;



pursuance of the King's Desire, paf- The English Parliament they decla- 1685. sed an AA, wherein they ordained, red against as packed; next, gave That any that should hereafter their Reasons for taking up Arms, preach in any House, or Field-Con. viz. To restore and settle the Proventicle, or should be Hearers at testant Religion, and entirely to exsuch Conventicles, thould be pu- clude Popery; solemnly declaring, nished by Death and Confiscation That they would never capitulate of Goods, And another Act, to with the King ; but prosecute the make it Treason to Give or Take War till they had perfected what the National Covenant, as interpre- they came for. ted in the Year 1638, or League and

The other Declaration was in the Covenant, as it is commonly called, Name of the Earl of Argyll himor to write in its Defence: And a self; wherein he declared he apthird A&t for raising 260,000 Poundspeared not in Arms for any private yearly for the King's Life.

Reason, but upon those only conThe Earl of Arg;ll, upon his Se- tained in the general Declaration, cretary's being seized, quitted Ork- and desired no more than his own sey, pursued his Course to the West Estate, with which he promised to of Scotland, and landed at Dunflaff- pay his own and his Father's Debts, nage, an old ruinous Castle in Lorn, &c. formerly belonging to himself: The Parliament in the mean time Having put a Garrison into this continued firm to the King, and enCastle, he marched up farther into acted, That the Oath of Allegiance the Country, and published his should be taken again at that JuncDeclaration; the Title of which ture, by all the Scorch Subjects ;

and that they should affert the PreThe Declaration of the Protefiant rogatives of the Crown, whenever Peaple, sbat is to say, the Noblémen, the Council fhould require it of Barons, Gentlemen, and Commoners them, on Pain of Imprisonment, Baof all forts, in Arms, within the nishment, &c. Kingdom of Scotland, with the Con Argyll being come to Loch-head, currence of True and Faithful Pasiors, alias Campleton, eight Miles from and of several Gentlemen of the Eng. the Mill head of Kintire, he sent lith Nation joyned with them. out Summons, subicribed by him

In this Declaration they pretend- felf, and dated at Campleton, May 21. ed many Advantages had accrued to requiring all Heritors, Tenants, and the Protestant Religion by the War others, and all sensible Men within against King Charles I. ascribing the Division of Cowall, of the Age the Success of the War to the Fa- of Sixteen to Sixty, to come io vour and Blefling of Heaven, gained the Tarbut by the 26th of May, or by the Goodness and Justice of their sooner, with all their useful Arms, Cause : And extolled the Fidelity and Provisions for a Fortnight. And of the Covenanters of Scotland, re to back this summons, put his Son proaching the Parliament for de- Charles into Cowall, who sent LetItroying the Laws made in those ters to several Gentlemen to repair

Times, and turning out the Fana- to him without Delay, under the tical Ministers ; arraigned the Go- Penalty of Fire and Sword. But vernment for putting Men to Death, neither the one nor the other had & C. declared againit the King's Suo any Effect, for the Gentlemen and premacy, and his Succession, terin Heritors came not near him. • ing him only James Duke of York. The Number of his Army was



U 4

1685. variously reported, but all Accounts ny Horses and Arms. This made

came within 5000; whereas the them retire to Ellengreg, where tsey King's Party were, in seven Days continued till the 15th, and then time, no less than 22,000 Men, part passing Loch-Long, marched towards of which, under the Command of Lenox, in the Shire of Dunbarton. the Marquiss of Athol, the Earl of The fame Day the King's Ships came Broad- Albin, and Sir Ewan Came- up to the Castle, where Arguits ran, marched into Argylfire Arms and Ammunition Atill las; the Enemy, and had like to have with a Resolution to batter it, and furprized Charles Campbell, the Earl's destroy the Ships. Bu: upon firing Son, who lay there with a Party a Gun, two Men put off in a Boas of 120 Foot, and 12 Horse, having with a White Flag, telling then upon Notice of the Marquiss's Ap- there would be no Oppofition made, proach, but just time to recover his the Enemies being all fled; which Boats, to which he fled, losing three proving true, they took Poffeflion of of his Men, one killed, and two the Castle, and found in it 5,000 taken Prisoners.

Arms, and 500 Barrels of Powder, From Campleton the Earl of Ar. with Ball, and all other Ammunigyll marched to Turbet, thence em- tion in Proportion bark'd to the Town of Ross in the On the 16th, Argyll marched to Island of Boot, where taking Provi. the Head of Gais-Löch, towards the fions for himself and his Men for Fords of the River Levin, one Night, he failed round the

On the 17th the Earl of Durbar. Hand, and returned to Ross again, ton, Commander in Chief o: the and fired seven Guns at his Landing, King's Forces, having an Acceut having with him 2500 Men. Upon of their passing the River Levina the Arrival of the King's Ships, he bove Dunbarton, marched from G4 quitted the land of Boot, and passed gow after them, and overtook tha to Cowall, and would have brought in the Parish of Killerne, in iie his Ships into Loch-Finne, towards Way to Sterling. The King's Pick Inverary; but being detained by and Dragoons kept up with the contrary Winds, the King's Ships till the Foot arriv'd; but it being came first up to the Entrance of late in the Evening, and the fre Loch-Rawan, and obliged him to my very strongly polted, it was ra: bring his Ships under the Shelter of thought fit to attack them then the Castle of Ellengreg, and to for- The Army therefore, continued 1: tify that, and a Rock, that lay near Battallia all Night, intending to a it in a little Island, to secure his upon them as soon as Day appear as Ships in Loch-Rawan. After which But Argyll found Means in ? himself marched towards the Head Night very silently to march off, eof Loch Finne, leaving 150 Men for took his Way towards the River the Guard of the Ships, and first Clyde, which he and his Her putting his Cannon, Arms, and swam over and procured Boats Ammunition, into the Castle. the Foot, and got into Renfrei.

On the 11th of June a Party of The King's Forces missing them. the King's Forces under the Mar- the Morning, march'd back to Gom quis of Athol, consisting of 300 gow, and after two Hours Rett, Foot, defeated' a Party of Argyle's Earl of Dunbarton, with the Here of 400 Foot, and 80 Horse, killing and Dragoons, marched after ther, and wounding a great Number, and ordering the Foot to follow wa allo taking fome Prisoners, and ma- all the Hafts they could make.

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At Renfrew, Sir John Cockrain, were afterwards taken and sent to 1685. one of Argyll's chief Friends, un- Edinburgh. dertook to provide Guides to carry A Party of five of the Earl of Ar. them safe into Galloway ; but they ran's Militia of Clyddesdale, took mistaking their way, led them in. Rumbald the Maltfter, and his Man, to a Bog, where having lost their who fought with great Courage, Horses and Baggage, the Foot were and killed one of the Miliiia ; but dispersed into small parties ; which being wounded, was forced to subthe King's Forces having Notice of, mit ; and Colonel Aylof with 200 divided to pursue them. Argill more were soon after brought Prihimself returning towards Clyde, soners to Glagow. was set upon by cwo of Gremock's On the 22d of June the Earl of Servants, at whom he fired, and Argyll was brought to Edinburgh, refused to yield; but receiving a and committed to che Castle ; CoWound in his Head he left his Horse, lonel Ayloff, who should have been and run into the water. This Noise brought with him, prevented it by brought out a Countryman, who ripping op his own Belly with a run into the Water, where Argyll Penknife. Rumbald was tried and being almost up to the Neck, pre- condemned for High Treason, and fented a Pistol at him, but that mil was hanged on the 26th of June; ling Fire, the Countryman gave him and on Tuesday following, Argyll a Blow over the Head, with which was beheaded on a Scaffold at the he fell, and in falling cried out, Crose in Edinburgh, his Head was Unfortunate Argyll! and before he fixed on the Talbooth, and his Body could recover himself, the Soldiers buried in St. Magdalen's Chapel in took him up, and carried him to the Cowgate. This Execution was their Commanders.

in pursuance of his former CondemA Pariy of 40 Horse, comman nation. He made no Speech on the ded by the Lord Ross, with as many Scaffold, only delivered a Paper to Dragoons, fell in with a Party the Dean of Edinburgh, to be given commanded by Sir John Cockrain, to the Lord Chancellor, And thus who had taken the way to the Sea. ended this Tragedy, Upon the Approach of the King's The English Parliament, accordForces, they posted themselves with ing to their Vote, passed an Act, for in a small Inclosure, which cover- fetiling the Revenue on the King ed them Breast high : This hindered during his Life, which received the not the Lord Rofs from charging Royal Aflent on the 30th of May; them ; but the Ground being too at which Time the King made a strong for the Horse, and the Cap- Speech to thank them for it, and the tain of the Dragoons being killed in Dispatch they made in it; and desithe Approach, the Lord Rofs flight- red a farther Supply for the Stores, ·ly wounded, Sir Adam Blair thot Navy, Ordnance, Debt of the late through the Neck, and Sir William King, &c. recommending the Na Wallace shot in the Side, gave them vy in particular, and assuring them an Opportunity to make up into a of his Zeal for the Glory of the NaWood, before the Dragoons could tion. Which Speech the Commons diímount, and come up on Foot; took immediately into Consideratibut were, however, so surrounded on, and resolved to give the King a by the King's Party, that they could Supply for the Occasions mentionnot escape ; yet Sir John and his Son ed in his Speech. made a Shift to break through, On the bird of June, her Royal

1685. Highness the Princess of Denmark The fame Day a Proclamation

was delivered of a Daughter, who was published for the apprehending was the next Day christened Mary all Persons that should publish or by the Bishop of London.

disperse the Duke of Monmouth's De. I have told you that the Duke of claration, and another ProclamatiMonmouth was making Preparati. on promising a Reward of 5000 l. ons in Holland to invade England, to him that should bring the Body and second Argyll. Accordingly of James Duke of Monmouth dead having made the best Provision he or alive. could with his small Force, being The Duke of Monmoutb's Declabut three Ships, and not above 150 ration was intiiled, The DeclaraMen, he set Sail from the Texel, and tion of James Duke of Monmouth, fteering to the Weft of England, on and the Noblemen, Gentimen, and the urth of June landed at Lyme others, now in Arms, for the Defence Regis in Dorsetshire, the Mayor of and Vindication of the Protestant Rewhich Town fent an Express to the ligion, and of the Laws, Rights, and King to inform him thereof; which Privileges of England, from the Invathe King having communicated to foon made upon them, and for deliver the Parliament, they immediately ing the Kingdom from the Ujarparian expressed their Detestation of the and Tyranny of James Duke of York. Same, in an Address from each And in it he charged the King with House, wherein they offered their ut- Poisoning his late Majelty. moit Assistance, and promised to stand On the 14th of June, Morazaté by his Majefly with their Lives and having already increased his NumFortunes against the Duke of Mon- ber, marched out of Lyme with to mouth, and all his Adherents, &c. Horse, and 120 Foot, went with

A Proclamation was issued imme- them two Miles, and then left then diately, declaring, That the King to the Command of the Lord Gr. having received Advice, That the These entered Bridport (where were Duke of Monmouth, the Lord Grey, assembled some of the Gentlemen and several others were landed at of the Country, and Soldiers of the Lyme, in a hottile Manner, and had Militia) in a very hoftile Manner, poffefled themselves of the Town, firing the Guns and Piftols very and sent their Accomplices into the thick; some of them attacked an adjacent Country, to excite the Peo- Inn, where they leized ten Hories, ple to join with them; the said and killed two Gendemen, Mr. Duke of Monmouth, and all his Ad- Waabam Strangeways, and Mr. Edherents, were therefore declared ward Coaker, and wounded a third, Traytors and Rebels, &c.

one Mr. Harvey. This alarmed the The Parliament, to make good rest of the Gentlemen and Soldiers, their Promise, ordered a Bill of At- who soon got to their Arms and tainder against James Duke of Mon- charged them, killed about feves, mouth, which being brought into the and took twenty three Prisoners, House of Commons, on the 14th, and put the rest to flight, who ler was read three times and passed the behind them about torty Molkets, fame Day, and received the Royal but carried off one of their facen Assent on the 16th; together with that was killed. Upon this the Kit; two A&ts more, granting a Supply sent down with all speed several d. to the King, by an Imposition on ficers, and some Troops to attit ide Tobacco, Sugars, Wines, and Vi- Militia, till the Body of the disy negars.


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