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1685. you warning of Fears and Jealoufies his Lordship being at that time Lord among yourselves.

I had reason to Privy-Seal, the Lord Trevor, Co. hope the Reputation God has blessed me Philips, and Mr. Evelyn, were ap with in the World, would have created pointed to execute that Office in and confirmed a greater Confidence in his Absence. you of me, and of all I say to you. On the 15th of December, the But however you proceed on your Part; Ambaffadors extraordinary, whica I will be fleady in all the Promises I the Republick of Venice sent to con: bave made you, and be very JUST to gratulate the King, and to derre my WORD in every one of my Speeches. Permission to make Levies in Englas

for the Service of the State, agaich After which they face but three the Turks; made their publick EnDays, which time was employed in try through the City from the las preparing a Bill for the Supply, and er to their House in St. James's in considering upon a Bill for ma- Square; and three Days after were king the Militia more ferviceable; admitted to publick Audience, being but had not time to perfect either; conducted by the Earl of Derby, For,

and Sir Charles Cotterel, with the On the 20th of November, the Honours usually given to the AmKing prorogued the Parliament to bassadors of Crown'd Heads. But the ioth of February next : But they they effected not their Design; for fate no more; for after several Pro- it was not esteemed adviseable by rogations, they were finally diffol- any Means to give Jealousy to the ved on the 2d of July 1687. Grand Seignior, by reason of the

great and profitable Trade our NaThe next considerable Matter that tion yearly made to Turkey. So the occurr’d, was the Trial of the Lord after' fome Months carrying here. Brandon-Gerrard, Son to the Earl of and having been honourably Macclesfield, who on the 28th of No- tained, they departed home. vember, was brought to the King's On the 30th of December, Johor Bench Bar, and arraigned for High- Hambden, Eig; was indicted for Hig: Treason, in endeavouring to raise Treason, to which he pleaded g:Rebellion, and depose the late King ty, cafting himself upon the Kings Charles ; of which he was found Mercy, and obtained his Pardo. Guilty, but shortly after obtained On the 14th of January, Hen a Pardon. And,

Baron Delamere, was brought On the oth of December, Charles Trial in Westminster Hall

, bef= Bateman (a Surgeon) was likewise the Lord Jeffery's, constituted Lord tried for High-T reason, in conspi- High Steward pro bac Vict, 21 ring the Death of the late King, and such Peers of the Realm as the king found Guilty, for which he was ex had appointed ; and was arraig

: ** ecuted the 18th of the same Month. for High Treason. The Indictme

On the 4th of December the Earl being read, &c. the Lord Hacer of Sunderland was made President was first sworn, who gave an Ac of the Privy Council.

count of the Lord Sbaftstur's a: His Majesty was pleased to con- sign'd Insurrection. Next, the Land ficute the Earl of Clarendon Lord Grey of Wark deposed, That Cw Lieutenant of Ireland; who, on the fire was one of the Places piltaic 16th of December, set out from Lon upon for the Rifing; for which ery, don on his journey thither. And the Duke of Monmouth wens hus

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Progress in those Parts ; and, That and that thereupon the Prisoner gave 1685. the Prisoner was one he was direct him eleven Guineas and five Pounds ed to advise with. Then gave an in Silver, and hired him a Horse account of the Duke of Monmouth's for his Journey; and that he did preparing in Holland for the Rebel- deliver the Meslage accordingly. lion; and that the Duke at first in And here ended the King's Evitended to land in Cheshire, he very dence. much relying upon that County: To which the Lord Delamere be: Next Nash. Wade was sworn, and gan his Defence, with Proteitalian gave an account of the Manner of of his Innocence; and urged his carrying on the Design of the late Father's and his own Loyalty. And Invasion; and, That the Duke of as to the Evidence, he observed it Monmoutb sending over one to ac all circumstantial, and by quaint his Friends, he heard the Hearsay only, except Saxton's; and Lord Delamert named for one. therefore applied himself particularAnd, That when the Duke was ly against that. And several WitFanded, he ordered his March fo, nesses were produced, who testified hat he might meet his Cheshire Saxton to be an ill Man, and guilty riends. Richard Goodenough depo- of Cheating and Forgery. Next ed, That being beyond Sea with he called several to prove, That neihe Duke of Monmouth, a Messenger thier he, nor Sir Robert Cotton, nor vas sent from thence to the Lord Mr. Offiey Crew, were in Chifhire Delamere among others) to give at the Time that Saxton swore he otice to him to be ready, Jones was with them there: Which being vore, That the Duke of Monmouth declared, he proceeded to give an ent a Message from Holland by Account of the Reason of his going in to Captain Matthews, or Ma- down, which was to see a fick Child, or Windbam, to desire them to ac That he went under a feigned Name, raint the Earl of Macclesfield, because he heard there was a Warord Brendon, and Lord Delamere rant against him : That he came to ith his Design. Several other his House on the 21st of May, and litnesses were also produced, to returned again to London on the 3d of the Prisoner acquainted with of June, his Son in London being lanmouth's Design ; and that he also fallen fick ; which he also provent down into the Country about ed by several Witnesses. After le end of Mag privately, under a which the Peers retired for half an igned Name. And lastly, Thomas Hour; and being returned, declared ixton was Sworn, who deposed; him Not Guilty. 'hat he was sent for to my Lord And it having manifeftly appear. elameri's House, on the 3d or 4th ed that Saxton was perjured, the

June ; where being come, he King ordered an Indictment to be und Sir Roberi Cotton, and Mr. preferred against him ; and accordHey Crew, with my Lord: That ingly on the 10th of February, he ley told him, my Lord came down was tried and found Guilty of the 10 the Country to have rais'd 1000 same. Jen for the Duke of Monmouth in The Earl of Stamford, who was "bebire, but could not get them committed, as you heard, in July eady time enough; and therefore last, no Prosecution being made aked him if he would undertake to gainst him, petitioned to be admitlrry a Message to the Duke of Mon- ted to Bail, which was this Hilary cuth, which he laid he would; Term granted; and he was bound



1686. to appear at the Bar of the House High Commissioner) made a Speech

of Lords, or at the Council-Board, to this Effect;
when he should be required : But • He told them how sensible the
his Lordship in a little time after ob- “King was of their Zeal and Lor:
tained a Pardon.

• alty to him. That they should a! Philip Vernatti, who had long share in the Protection and Care since been out. lawed for the Mur. dis Majesty would have ever ther of Sir Edmundbury Godfrey, ap- 'them. To demollrate which, peared now at the King's-Bench Bar, “the King was opening a fiee inand was allowed to reverse the Out tercourse of Trade between Eng Jawry, and take his Trial on the land and Scotland. That he had 10th of February. Upon which no 'full Instructions to consent to asv Evidence appearing against him (for Proposal for freeing them from the Prance had retracted, and Bedloe - Inconvenience of importing Iris was dead) he was acquitted. • Cattle, and to the settling an osca

And now these Trials being over, • Mint for the Benefit of Trade. the King was pleased, on the 18th • That the King desired no furibes of March to publish a Proclamation Supply, being extreamly faristed of General Pardon, with the usual in what they had already given. Exceptions of Murther, Felony, &c. • That he was impowered to creand of very many Persons by Name. • sent to whatsoever Laws icey

• fhould contrive for the Regulatico Great Alterations were now made ' and Pay of the Soldiers. Ach: among the Judges. February 13. ' consent to an Act of Oblivion, Sir Thomas Jennor was made one with some necessary Exceptions. of the Barons of the Exchequer, in The oth of May the Parliament the room of Sir William Gregory; met at Westminster, but were agira and Sir Henry Bedding field was made prorogued to the 22d of Mias one of the Justices of the Common ber. Pleas, in Place of Sir Crefwel Levinz. On the 14th of May the King oz!

On the 21st of April, Sir Thomas the whole Court removed to Wish Jones, Lord Chief Justice of the for, where the Princess of Dore" Comnion-Pleas, the Lord Chief Ba- was brought to bed of a Daugie, ron Montague, Sir Job Charlton of who was christened Anne ders, the Common-Pleas, and Sir Edward by the Bishop of Durham. Nevill of the Exchequer, all receive Miles Prance, one of the . ed their Quietus's: And Sir Henry nesses of the popisa Plot, fird-:| Bedding fi la fucceeded Sir Thomas Things run high, and himself ir. da Jones; Sir Edrward Atkins was made ger of either itarving abroad (*.x Lord Chief Baron, Sir Edward Lut ther he had Aed) or of fome leica ich was advanced to be a Justice of Punishment, if he came home, Common-Pleas, and Richard Heath, seems thought it his beit way to co? Efq; to be a Baron of the Exchequer; pound the Matter, acknowledge i: and on the 26th of April Sir Chrislo. self a Villain, and retract all be pher Niiloon was made Baron of the sworn concerning the Death o' Exchequer, and Sir John Powel Ju- Edmundbury Godfrey, and the stice of the Common-Plcas.

But the doing this in prirase ". The Parliament of Scotland met not sufficient, it musl be publi2...! about the latter end of April, to all the World: To wbich fu; whom th. Earl of Marraz (being he was on the 14th of Niaj, s tl4

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King's-Bench Bar, indicted of Perju The King was very uneasy under ry, to which he pleaded guil:y. the Reit: aint of the Telt. ct, by

The Army, as we have said, was which Roman Catholicks were exkept up, and increased, and being cluded from all Places of Trust, and quartered up and down in the Coun- made it his great Study to get over tries became a great Grievancce to it; in order to which, a Propofition the Subject ; to ease whom, and to was ttarted, and very strenuously inure the Soldiers to a War-like argued in Pamphlets, That the King, Manner of Living, the King caused in cale of Necefity, had a Power of his Army to lie encamped on Hount- dispensing with Laws; and that he low-Harb, a good part of this Sum. was Judge of that Neceflity. This mer, as he did also every Summer was brought in:o Wesiminster. Hall, after, all his Reign.

and caused to be declared for Law June 21. Mr. Samuel Johnson, in the following Manner ; Clerk, was tried at the King's-Benih An Action was this Trinity-Term, Bar upon an Information of High brought by one Godden against Sir Misdemeanor, for writing and pub- Edw. Hiles, for holding the Place lishing (wo Libels, of which he was of Governor of Dover Castle withfound Guilty; and on the 16th of out qualifying himself according to November following was senten- Law by taking the Test, &c. to ced to stand in the Pillory, to be which he pleaded the King's Dilwhipt from Newgate to Tyburn, and penfation; the Validity of which bebelides, fined 500 Marks, and to ing disputed, it was referred to a lie in Prison till it is paid.

special Verdict; and the judges be. July 17, the Earl of Powis, the ing consulted, they did all, except Lord Arundel of Wardo::r, the Lord one, Mr. Justice Street, agree in Bellafis, and the Lord Dover, all the following Judgment, viz. Roman Catholicks, were sworn of the King's Privy. Council.

1. That the King is an Independent The King having named Dr. Prince. Cartwright Dean of Rippon, and 2. That the Laws are the King's Dr. Parker Archdeacon of Canterbu. Laws. ry, to succeed the eminently learn. 3. That the Kings of England have ed and pious Dr. Pearson, and Dr. Power to dispense with Penal Fell, deceased, in the Bithopricks Laws, if Neceflity require. of Cbefter and Oxford, they were 4. That they are. Judges and Araccordingly confecrated the bitrators, and have power to +7th of Otober.

judge of the Necesity, which The King, that he might de. may induce them to make use of monftrate his Respect to the Church these Dispensations. und Court of Rome, was pleased to And lalily, That the Kings of Eng. end the Earl Cafilemaine Ambassa. land cannot renounce the Prero. dor to the Pope, where he made a gatives annexed to the Crown, very splendid Entry, and was received with much Affection.

And thus all the Laws made for The Pope, in return, sent a Nun- the Security of the Subjects Liberty rio to the King, Count Dada, who ever since ihe Conquest, were at once triade his publick Entry at Windsor, declared of no Force; for fince these and reliled here, in that Quality, rettrained the Prerogative that Wilul the set of his Reign.



X 2

1644. July the 3d, was a great Fight Oxford, with some Additional ; as, mat Marfion-moore, where the Parlia- That his Majesty, according to the

ment Army obtained a very con- laụdable Example of his Royal siderable Victory. And October the Father, of happy Memory, would 27th, Efix, Waller, and the Earl be pleased to swear and sign the of Manchefier, met the King as he late Solemn League and Covenant, came out of the West at Newbury, and that an Ad of Parliament be where a sharp Battle was fought, passed in both Kingdoms respecand the King's Party forced out of tively, for enjoyning the taking of the Field.

the same, by all the Subjects of the In November, Mack Mahon, an I- three Kingdoms ; That the Persons rijk Rebel, was hang'd and quarter- who shall expect no Pardon, be oned at Tyburn. And December 23, ly these following, Rupert and Sir Alexander Carew was bebeaded Maurice, Sons of the Count Palatine on Tower- Hill, for attempting to of the Rhine, James Earl of Derbs, give up the Iland of Plymouth to John Earl of Bristol, William Earl the King's Forces.

of Newcastle, Francis Lord Col. January the ist, Hotham the Son, tington, John Lord Pawlet, George and January the 2d, Hotham the Lord Digby, Edward Lord Lille Father, were beheaded on wer. ton, Matthew Wren Bishop of Ely. Hill, for designing to betray Hull Sir Robert Heath, Dr. Bramall to the Royalists, and for other Trea- Bishop of Derry, Sir John Biros, cheries.

William Widdrington, Colonel Gesrge William Laud, Archbishop of Goring, Henry Germyn, Esg; Sir Canterbury, having been veted guil- Ralph Hoplan, Sir Francis Deddingty of High Treaion by the House ton, Mr. Endymion Porter, Sir George of Commons, and condemned by Ratcliffe, Sir Marmaduke Langdale, the House of Peers to be drawn, Sir Henry Vaughan, Sir Francis Hishanged, and quartered, (though debanke, Sir Richard Greenvile, upon his Petition_they changed Mr. Edward Hyde, Sir John Marthe Manner of his Execution ) was ley, Sir Nicholas Cole, Sir Tbomas brought to the Scaffold on Tower. Riddle, jun. Colonel Ware, Sir Hill, January 10, where he preach. John Strangewaies, Sir John Calpe ed his last Sermon, taking for his per, Sir Richard Floyd, John BedText Hebr. xiii. 2. So yielding vile, Esq; Mr. David Jenkins, Sir his Neck to the Stroke of the Ex- George Strode, Marquis of Hunsley, ecutioner. The Charge against him Earl of Montrose, Earl of Niddel was, endeavouring to_subvert the dale, Earl of Traquair, Earl of CarsLaws, Religion, and Privileges of wath, with some other Scotcb Lords Parliament.

and Gentlemen (named). January 30. By his Majesty's 2. All Papiits and Popith RecuProcurement, a Tieaty was held sants who have been, now are, or at Uxbridge, where the Parliament's shall be actually in Arms, or volunDemands were, That Epifcopacy tarily afälting against the Parliament, might be extirpated, that Presby- or Estates of either Kingdom. tery might be eltablished, and that 3. All Persons who have had any the King should yield up the Mili Hand in the Plotting, Defigning, ria solely unto the Parliament's Dif- or Aflifting the Rebellion in Irposal, &c. as in the 19 Propofi- land. tions, and those in the Treaty at This Treaty also proved frui:lefs.


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