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819. in a Chapel : standing upon the tesy: In War; stout and victorie

Bank of Owse, which long since ous; in Peace, studious of enrichwas Twallowed up by the same Ri- ing his Subjects. He vanquished

the Kentish Men, and carried away In A. D. 755, was Sigebert, King their King Prisoner, detaining him of the Wef Saxons, fain by a Swine- captive, and giving his Kingdom herd; and A. D. 760, Kenwolph to Cutbred. He built a fair Church King of the Weft Saxons, made Wells at Winchcombe in Gloucestershire, an Episcopal See.

where, upon the Dedication there

of, he led Pren, his captive King A. A.DC Gfryd, the Son of Ofa, of Kent, up to the High Altar, and

restored to the Church there, without either his Entreaty, her ancient Privileges, which his or any Ransom, set him at full Li. Father had deprived her of. He berty: He died A. D. 819, and died in the first Year of his Reign, was buried at Winchcombe ; where and was buried in the Abby Church was buried also Kenelm, his Son, of St. Albans,

murdered by his Sister Quendred.

Now lived that greatly learned EngA. D.TT Enrolph, the 13th Kinglishman, and of moft Fame in that

of the Mercians, was Age, Alcuine, School-Master at Home a Precedent of Peace, Re- Charles the Great. This Learned ligion, and Justice, and Abroad of Man wrote against Image-worship. Temperance, Humility, and Cour

S A XON MONARCHS. 419 and Hum.

the Weft Saxons, first ber yielded him Obedience. warred against the Cornish and was crowned at Winchester absolute Welcb, a Remnant of the old Bri- Monarch of the whole Island in tains, which for fourteen Years held A. D. 819, and caused the South fide against the King ; which fo en- of this and to be called England. Taged him, that he made it present Three several times the Danes landDeath for any Britain to pass overed in England in his Reign, whom Offa's Ditcb, into England. Their he expelled. He died in A. D. 836, great Caerlegion, now Westchester, and was buried at Winchefter. But he took from them ; and at London his Bones were fince taken up, and, he cast down the Image of their with others, bestowed in Cheits, fet Prince Cadwallo. He subdued upon the Wall on each Side the Kent, Eaf-Saxons, and East-Angles, Choir of the Cathedral, with these also the Mercians, and indeed all Verses inscribed :

Hic Rex Egbertus paufar cum Rege Kenalpho,

Nobis egregia munera uterque tulit.
His Iffue were Ethelwolph and E- who was Governess of a Monaftery
thelstan, and one Daughter, named of Ladies at Pollefworth in War-
Egdith, commonly called St. Edith, wic'spire.



Thelwolph was in his to whom the better Part was alloe- 865.

the . the Care of Helmefian, Bishop of 857, and was first buried where Wixcbefter, and by him unto learn- he deceased, but afterwards his Boed Swithun, the Monk. He took dy was removed to the Cathedral such a liking unto the quiet and soli- of Winchester. He had Issue Etbeltary Life (enjoyed only by religious bald, Ethelbert, Ethelred, Elfred, Men, all other Eftates being moleft- and one Daughter nam'd Ethelfwith. ed to withstand the intruding Danes) It is said of this King, That by the that he took upon him the Monkih Advice of his Nobles he gave for Vow and Profession, and was made ever, to God and the Church, both Deacons and shortly after, upon the the Tithe of all Goods, and the Death of Helmeftan, he was elected, Tenth Part of all the Lands of Engif not consecrated also Bishop of land, free of all secular Service, Wiacbefter. But the Death of his Taxations, or Impositions whatsoFather immediately following, by ever. the Intreaty of the Nobles, and Conkeraiat of her Clergyhe was made 4.0E Thelbalda ou Ethilovald; Gregory the ivth. His Bishoprick ther-in-Law. Some say that he he bestow'd on Switbun. This King, married his own Mother, who was in great Devotion, passed to Rome, King Erbelwelph's Concubine. But where be rebuilt the School built by when he had reigned about two King Ofe (lately fired) bearing the Years and a half, he died in A. D. Name of Thomas the Holy, confirm. 860. His Body was first buried at ed the Grant of Peter-Pence, and for Sherbourn in Dorsetshire (where at his kind Entertainment in the Pope's that Time was the Cathedral Church Court, he covenanted to pay ioo and Episcopal See) but afterwards Marks to St. Peter's Church, ano was removed to Salisbury. ther to St. Paul's Light, and a third to bis Holiness. In his Return 4.0 E Thelbert D.was disquieted Lambere through France, he married fair Judith, the Daughter of Charles the of his Reign. First, they spoiled all lard, A. B. Bald, then Emperor, in Honour of before them to Winchester, also fack of Canterwhom he ever placed her in bis Eng. ing and spoiling that City; howbeit bury. ligh Court in a Chair of State; with in their Return, the Berkshire Men, all other majeftical Complements of under the Command of Ofrick, Earl a Queen, contrary to the Law of of Hampton, met with them, recothe Wer Saxons, formerly made for vered the Prey, and flew many of Eibelberga's Offence; who by Ac- them. The same Year also the Danes cident had poisoned'hér own Hus- with the Normans entred Tl:anet; but band with the Poison she had prepa- these the Kentish Men repulied, and red for one of his Minions. Which made a great Slaughter of them. Respect of his to his Queen so dif- Ethelbert died in A. D. 866, and pleased his Nobles, that they role in was buried at Sherbourn. Arms against him; but by Mediation of friends, the Difference was A.D. ETbelred was now King Composed on these Terms, viz. 865. of , That the Land should be divided be arrived on the English Coast an huge twixt himself and his Son Esbelbald, Army of Danes, under the Com


876. mand of those strong and cruel Mercians to compound with them,

Captains, Inguar and Hubba, who banishing Burthred their King, plaburnt down the City of York, and cing another in his Stead of their therein consumed with Fire all those own chusing. Their King Halden that had fled thither for Security : gained Northumberland, which he Who entred Mercia, won the City of bestowed amongst his Followers. Nottingham, and therein wintered : In A. D. 876, Rollo, a Nobleman of Who with Fire and Sword laid all Denmark, came over with a great waite where they came, and spared Army of fresh Forces, making a neither Sex nor Age, Religious or miserable Spoil where he came; but Seculár. Therefore to avoid their Alfred forced him out of the Land. Barbarities, the Nuns of Coldingham Howbeit the Danes, who had aldeformed themselves, by cutting off ready seated themselves in England, their upper Lips and Noses. King brought the King many times to such Ethelred, in one Year's Time, fought Extremities, that he was forced to so less than nine fet Battles with hide himself out of Sight, and with these Danes; and at that Battle fuch small Companies as he had, to fought at Efendon, not far from live by Fishing, Fowling, and HuntReading, he obtained a great Victory ing, having no more of his great over them. But in a Fight at Basing Monarchy left him but Wilts, Somerthe King receiv'd his mortal Wound, set, and Hampshire, nor them neither whereof he died at Wittington in free from the Incursions of the A. D. 872. He was buried at Win- Danes. The solitary Place of his bourn in Dorsabire, with this In- chief Residency was an Illand in Icription :

Somersetshire, commonly called E. In hoc loco quiefcit corpus Sancti delingsey, where in poor Disguise Ethelredi Regis Weft-Saxonum, Mar- he was entertained in a Cowherd's tyris. A. D. 872, 23 die April. Cottage. This Cowherd, who per manus duorum paganorum occu- succoured King Alfred, was named buit,

Duru'olfus, whom the King after His Ifue were Elfred and Oswald, set to Learning, and made Bishop and one Daughter named Thyre. of Winchester, Yet in these his

Diftreffes he would sometimes difLfred, or Alfred, the guise himself in the Habit of a com. 872. Ethelwolph, was, in his young Years Camp, and by his excellent Skill in and Father's Life-time, anointed Mufick and Songs would gain the King at Rome by Pope Leo ; but Opportunity of observing as well after his Brother Ethelred's Death what their Designments were, as their was crowned at W’inchester, and is Security, which he wisely improv'd: by some ftiied the firit absolute For seeing his Time, he gathered Ríonarch over the English. Within what small Forces he could, and on a Monch's time after his Coronation the sudden surprized his careless lie was forced into the field against Enemies in their Camp, making a

the Danes, whom he fought at great Slaughter of them, to the great Lambert Wilton, where he was worsted. Then 'Terror of others of them in other and Athe. the Danes constrained the Weft-Sax- Parts of the Nation, who accounted lard, A.B.ons to enter into League with them, the King dead long before. Shortly of Canter-at that Time advanced to London, after this, the Devonbire Men join. bu:y. where they wintered; compelled the ed Battle with King Habba, whom

4,2: Eurodoch som ,

they flew with a great Number of North Gate of the City, fince called 886. i his Danis, near unto a Castle then Hide. He was born at Wanading,

called Kinwith. The Body of Hub- now Wintage in Berks, where an-
ba was there buried in the field, and ciently was a Manor House of the
therefore called Hubblefone. In Kings of England.
that Fight the English took the Danes London, that had been destroyed
much esteemed Banner, called Rea- and burnt by the Danes about A. D.
far, wherein a Raven pourtrayed 839, King Alfred repaired and made
was wrought in Needle work by habitable again in `A. D. 886. At

the three Sisters of Hutba. And Edeling sey he built a Monastery; at · now the English Fortune seemed so Winchester another; at Shaftsbury

advanced, that the Danes sent to the a Nunnery, where he made his King for Peace, which was conde- Daughter Erhelgeda Abbess. The scended unto, and Gormon, or Gur- Day and Night, consisting of 24 abrun, their King, was baptized; Hours, did this virtuous Prince des Alfred being his Godfather, and sign equally (when State-Business

giving him the Name would permit such an Order) to Celnoth of Athelsone, and with- three special Uses ; and them hé ob. , end Ethel- al beitowing on him, in served by the burning of a Taper rad, A. B. free Gift, Germoncefier, fet in his Oratory. Eight Hours he of Cant.

or Godmoncbefier, near spent in Contemplation, Reading,

Huntingdon, with the and Prayers; other eight Hours for adjoining Territories. Thirty of the his Repose and Health; and the ochiefett Danish Nobility were like. ther eight in the Affairs of State. wise baptized, upon whom King His Kingdom he likewise divided Alfred bestowed many rich Gifts. into Shires, Hundreds, and Tithings, And thai the Limits of the English for the better Administration of Jumight be free from Danis Incur- ftice, and suppressing of Thieves ; fons, thus the Confines of King whereby he effected so great Secu. Alfred's Kingdom were laid out. rity 10 his Subjects, that honest His Dominions were to stretch from Men might travel without Injury ; the River Thamesis, and from thence and that Bracelets of Gold being to the Water of Lea, even unto the hanged in the Highways, none durit Head of the same Water, and so be so bold as to take them away. forth ftraight unto Bedford ; and, He ordered all his Subjects poffeflaitly, going along by the River sing two Hides of Land, to bring Ouje, to end at Watling.street. But up their Sons in Learning till Fifnotwithitanding this Agreement, the teen Years of Age at least ; saying, Danes were itill unquiet, with That he reputed a Man free-born, and whom one Hastings, a Nobleman get illiterate, no better ihan a Beast, a of Norway, joined, bringing a con- brainless Body, and a very sot. Nor fiderable Force to their Aslittance. would he admit any into Office in And in the Year of Grace 901, his Court, unless learned. His this excellent King died much be. Census or Tribute he divided into wailed of his Subjects, whose Body fix Parts ; the first Part of which

was first buried at Winchester, next he gave to the Poor ; the second = removed into the Church of the new to the Foundation of Churches;

lionastery ; and lastly, his Body, the third to Scholars at Oxford; Monument, Church, and Monafte. the fourth to the Lights of the "y, were all removed without the Church; the fifch to his Military

D 2

еп ;

Men; the fixth to Labourers and All Souls, founded by Henry Artificers. The best Laws for his Chicheloy, Archbishop of Canterbury, Subjects Good, he render'd into Eng. 1437. lish. The Holy Gospel he render'd Magdalene Coll. by William Wania into the Saxon Tongue, and there- fleet, Bishop of Winchester, 1459. in the Lord's Prayer, after this Brazen Nose Coll. by William Manner :

Smith, Bishop of Lincoln, 1513, but Fæder ure thu the eart on Hea. finished by Richard Sutton. fenum, k thin nama gebalgod, to be Corpus Chrifli Coll. by Richard cume thin Rice, Gewurthe thin villa Fox, Lord Privy.Seal, and Bishop on cortban fwa fwa on heafenum, urne of Winchester, 1516. ce dæghwanliæn blaf sole us to dag ; Chrif-Church, begun by Cardinal and forgyf us ure gyltas fwa fwa Woolsey, 1546, and by King Henry we forgivath urum gyltendum ; and the Eighth ordained the Cathedral ne geledde thu us on cofenung, ac Church of the See of Oxford. alyse us of yfele. [Si it fwa.]

Trinity Coll. first founded by TheHe was a great Protector of the mas Hatfield, Bilhop of Durbam, by Clergy, Widows, and Orphans, de- the Name of Durham Cell. 1518, vout in the Service of God. 'Tis but after its Suppreffion, Sir Thomas also said of him, that he laid the Pope restored it, and dedicated it to Foundation of the University of Ox. the Holy Trinity, 1556. ford, and of that College, callid St. John's Coll. founded by Henry

University College. Others say, that Chicheley, Archbishop of Canterbury, Oxford was built by one Mempricius, by the Name of Bernard's College, a British King, and from him was at 1437, but after its Suppression by first named Caer Mempric; et crevit Henry the Eighth, Sir Thomas White, ibi pofteris diebus nobile fludium gene- Merchant-Taylor of London, rebuilt rate, ab inclita Universitate de it to the Honour of St. John BapGreeklade derivatum.

tiff, 1557 Baliol College was founded by Jefus Coll. by Dr. Hugh Price, John Baliol, King of Scots, in A. D. 1562. 1263.

Wadham Coll. founded by NichoMerton Coll. founded by Walter las Wadham, of Somersetshire, and de Merton, Lord Chancellor, and Dorothy his Wife, 1613 Bishop of Rochester, 1274.

Some report, that Cambridge was Exeter Coll. by Walter Stapleton, built by Cantaber, a Spaniard, 375 Bishop of Exeter, and Lord Trea- Years before the Birth of Chrift, furer, 1316.

and that he founded the University Oriel Coll. founded by King Ed- there, and brought thither from ward the Second, or by his Almo- Athens certain Philosophers, amongit ner Adam Brown.

whom were Anaximander and Anax. Queen's Coll. by Robert Eglesfield, agoras. Another Author thus writChaplain to Queen Philippe, Wife .eth, Oxonii gymnafium inftituit Aluof Eduard the Third, 1340. redus Alfred ) bortante Nooto viro

New Coll, by William of Wick- fan&tiffimo, unde à tempore quo Canham, Bishop of Winchester, 1379. tabrigia fub Sigeberto, Rege Orie

Lincoln Coll. first founded by Ri- entalium, & Oxonia fub Aluredo chard Fleming, Bishop of Lincoln, condita funt, semper fuere Viri in 1420, but finished by Thomas Ro- Anglia doétiffimi, à quibus Lutetia theram, Bishop of the fame See,

Pariformi, Papa in Italia priginem

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