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975. Famine, fold away all the sacred disclosing to che People that this

Vessels of the Church for to relieve was but a Trick of the Monks, in the Poor, saying, That there was placing a Man behind the Wall, no Reason that the senseless Tem. who through a Trunk uttered these ples of God should abound in Riches, Words in the Mouth of the Rood ; and lively Temples of the Holy it was there instantly desired, that Ghost to want them.

the Case might be once more scan.

ned, which was granted ; and at A. D. Duard, surnamed the Clevis in Wiltshire, the Prelates, Peers 97) Ikartyr, was much oppo- and Commons assembled, where besed by his Mother-in-Law Queen ing sat in Consultation, the ChamElfreda, and many of the Nobles, ber Floor, being over-pressed with as being illegitimate ; but by the the Weight of People, broke and Procurement of Dunstan, and the fell down, hurt many, and killed Clergy, he was admitted to be King, others; only St. Danjian, by a Miand was crowned at King fon in A. racle, remained without any Hurt, D. 975. The Beginning of whose the Poft whereon his Chair stood, Reign was attended with a misera- ftanding still firm. This is the ble Barrenness of the Ground, and Story. And now the secular marMurrain amongst Cattle. A dread- ried Priests were left to take Care ful Comet also appeared. These without any Cure. But King Edmany Men thought to be Signs and ward, as he hunted near Corf-Canile, Judgments fent from Heaven, for where Elfreda and her Son Erbélred the Sins committed against the mar- resided, either on Purpose, or by ried Clergy, who were expulfed Chance, parted from his Company, from their ancient Poffeffions. In and came to the Castle to visit his favour of whom the Duke of Mer- Brother-in-Law; where as he fat cia destroyed the Monasteries in his on Horseback at the Gate, discour.

Province, cast out the Monks, re- sing with Elfreda and Ethelred, and Ethelgar foring to the Priests and their Wives whilft he was drinking a Cup of and El. their ancient Revenues. On the con Wine, a Knife was ftruck into his trick, A. trary, Duke Edelvin in East-Saxia Back, by a Servant whom Elfreda Bps. of grievously opposed the married had appointed thereunto. WhereCane. Prieits. To put an End therefore upon the King setting Spurs to his

to these Troubles, and to prevent Horse, rode away ; bui fainting, the Dangers that might enfue, the thro' che Loss of much Blood, he Case was referred to be heard in fell from his Horse, and with one Council at Winchesler, where the Bu. Foot in the Stirrup, was drag, finess was debated so long, till the ged up and down the Woods and Monks were in hazard of losing the Grounds, till in the End his Body Day. Whereupon it was persuaded was left dead at Corf's Gate, and to be referred to the Rood, placed was first buried at War ham, afterwhere the Council fate ; which wards removed to the Miniter of Oracle (after devout Prayers made Shaftsbury. Elfreda, his Nioher-in

unto it) thus (pake, God forbid it Law, fore repenting of the Fact, to Siricius should be so, God forbid it should be expiate her Guilt, and pacify his and El- for you judged well once; and to crying Blood ( as she thought ) phegus, change that again is not good. Upon founded the Monasteries of Ainou

A. Dps.of which Words the married Prielts ry and Worwell, in the laft whereof
Cant. went down the Wind.
But they she died and was buried, *


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Thelred, for his Slowness, Danes. And in 1004, Thetford in 1016. was crowned at Kingston. Upon was sacked by the Danes ; for the his Coronation a Cloud was seen Recovery whereof Bishop Arfaf rethrough England, one Half like moved his Episcopal See from ElmBlood, the other Half like Fire : ham thither. Norwich was fired by And in the third Year of his Reign, the Danes ; its Calle was afterward the Danes arrived in sundry Places re-edified by Hugh Bigod, Earl of of the Land, and did much Spoil, Norfolk. And about the same Time a great Part of London was consumed by A. D. Fire. He payed Tribute 40,000 l. 1016. yearly (called Dane-gilt) to the Ethelred had living at his Death, Danes. His Reign was much mo was crowned at Kingston by Livin- Livingus, leted with Danish Invasions in di- gus, Archbishop of Canterbury, A. A. B. of vers Parts of the Land. And so low D. 1016; at which time the Danes Cant. were the English brought at that time were so powerful in England, that by the intruding Danes, that they Canute was accepted King at South. were forced to Till and Sow the ampton by many of the Clergy and Ground, while the Danes fat idle Laity, who sware Fealty to him. in their Houses, and eat that which But the City of London Atood most they toiled for; also abusing their firm for Edmond, and bravely withDaughters and Wives, and having stood Canute besieging it, till such all at their Command; the English, time that King Edmond came and for very fear, calling them Lord relieved them. At Penham, near Danes. Hence we call a lazy Lub- Gillingham, King Edmond engaged ber a Lurdane. In this the English with the Danes, where he put many distressed Estate, the King, at lait, of them to the Sword, and the rest sent forth a secret Commiffion into to Flight.' And not long after, his every City within his Dominions, and the Danish Hoft met nigh to That upon the Thirteenth Day of Shorefton in Worcestershire, where the November they should massacre all Battle was for the first Day fought the Danes, which were amongst with equal Success; but on the next them. This Command of the King Day, when the English were in Forthe People pur in Execution with wardness and Probability of the extreme Rigour, in A. D. 1002. Victory, the Traitor Edrick on purBut to revenge this great Destructi- pose disanimated them, by cutting on of the Danes, Swein, King of off the Head of a dead Soldier, put Denmark, prepared a very great Na- ting it on his Sword's Point, then vy, and arrived in the West of Eng- crying to the English Hoft, Fly, se land, and shortly after Canutus Wretches, Aly, and get you brought 200 Sail of Ships well for your King is pain; behold, bere furnished to his Alfistance. And in is his Head; seek therefore now to 4. D. 1016 King Ethelred died, save your own Lives. By which and was buried at St. Paul's. Means the Fight ended on

His Issue were Ethelftan, Egbert, Hands. And the next Night folEdmond, Edred, Eduy, Edgar, Ed. lowing Canute stole away towards ward, Elfred, and four Daughters. London, whom Ironside followed,

In the Year of our Lord 991, first raising the Siege that Canuwas pswich in Suffolk facked by the tus had laid againit London, and




1016. then marching after him to Brent- to a small Illand called Alney, ad

wood, where he gave the Danes a joining to Gloucester, there they valigreat Overthrow. Then near un. antly fought, till Canute having reto Oteford in Kent, the two Armies ceived a dangerous Wound, and met again, and fought in a furious finding Edmond to over-match him Manner, till at last the Day fell to in Strength, he thus (pake to the Engthe English, who flew Four thou- lillo King: What Necessity should fand five hundred Men, with the move us, most valiant Prince, that Loss of but Six hundred, and put for the obtaining of a Title, we the rest to Flight, whom the King should thus endanger our Lives? had pursued to their utter Confu • Better it were to lay Malice and fion, had not his Brother-in-Law' Weapons afide, and to condescend Edrick played the Traitor again, to a loving Agreement. Let us now dissuading him from the Chale of 'therefore become sworn Brothers, them, under the Pretence of Danger and divide the Kingdom betwixt of Ambushments, and the English us, and in such a League of Amity, Soldiers Over-weariedness. Where that each of us may use the other upon Canute had the Opportunity of ' as his own; fo fhall this Land be passing over into Efex, where his peaceably governed, and we jointscattered Forces rallied, and freshly aflift each other's Neceflity. Supplies came in to them. After Which Words ended, they both whom Edmond advanced, and at casting down their Swords, embrace Alodon by Saffron-Walden, the Ar- as Friends, with the great Joy and mies joined Battle, when a bloody Shouting of both Armies. And acSlaughter ensued, with the Hopes of cording to Canute's Proposal, the Victory on the English Side, which Kingdom was divided betwixt the ever-traiterous Edrick perceive them, Edmond having that Part that ing, be withdrew his Strength to lay coasting upon France, Canute the the Danes, the Enemy thereby re- rest. But the Traitor Duke Edrick, gaining the Day. Of King Ed- with Design to work himself farmond's Nobles were sain, Duke Al- ther into Canute's Favour, procured fred, Duke Goodwin, Du. Ethelward, Edmond to be thrust into the Body Duke Ethelwin, Earl Urchel, with as he was easing Nature. Then Cadnoth Bishop of Lincoln, and Wol- cutting off his Head, he presenced Sey, Abbot of Ramsey, and others of Canute therewith, saying, All bail, the Clergy that were come thithertbou Sole Monarch of England, for to pray for good Success to the Eng- bebold bere the Head of thy Colifh. The Memorial of this Battle is partner, which for thy Sake I have still retained by certain small Hills adventured to cut off To whom there remaining, where the Dead Canute, like a worthy King, repliwere buried. From hence King Ed ed, Thac in regard of that Service, mond march'd to Gloucester with a ve the Bringer's own Head should be ry small Army, which he there in advanced above all the Peers of creased. After him Canute follow- his Kingdom ; a while after pered, and at Dearhurst, near Severn, forming this his Promise, by cau. both Hofts met, and were ready to sing Edrick's Head to be cut off, join Battle ; when by the Motion of and placed on the higheft Gate of a certain Captain, Edmond and Ca. London. But some say, that King nute undertook by single Combat to Edmond died a natural Deach at end the Difference. So entring in London, when he had reigned fe

ven Months, whose Body was bu- med the Out-law (because he lived 1017. ried at Glaftenbury.

out of England during the Reign of un His Iffúe were, Edward, surna- the Danes) and Edmond.

D A N E S.


A. D. Arute, the Dane, after ment (faith my Author) he hath also 1017

the Death of Edmond, this, we admonish diligently all seized upon the other half Part of Christian Men, that they do althe Kingdom, the English Nobles' ways love God with an inward owning him for their rightful King, Heart, and be diligently obedient and swearing Allegiance to him. • to Divine Teachers, and do subHe was crowned at London by Li tilly search God's Learning and vingus Elftane, Archbishop of Can. • Laws, often and daily to the Proterbury, Å. D. 1017.

• fit of themselves. And we warn And to establish the Crown more • that all Christian Men do learn to fure to himself, he banished Edwin know, at the leaftwise, the right the Son of King Erbelred) who' for Belief, and aright to understand, his melancholy and regardless Beha- * and learn the Pater-nofter, and the viour, was called the King of Cburls. Creed. For that with the one, eHe also sent away Edward and Ed very Christian Man shall pray unmord, the Sons of Edmond Ironfide. ' to God, and with the other shew Next he espoused Emma, the Wi- • forth right Belief. He went on dow of King Ethelred, and Sister to Pilgrimage to Rome, where he comthe Duke of Normandy, on this plained against the exceflive Actions Egenoth, Condition, that the issue of her and vast Sums of Money extorted A. B. of Body by him should inherit the by the Pope from the English Archbi-Cant. English Crown.

shops, at such times as they receivThen calling a Parliament of his ed their Palls from thence. Which Peers to Oxford, he there established the Pope engaged to redress for the these Laws following, viz. That all future. The Greatness and Glory decent Ceremonies, tending to the of this King was such, that some Increase of Reverence and Devoti- Court Parasites sought to perfuade on in the Service of God, should him, that he possessed a more than be used as need required. That the human Power : but he, to demonLord's Day Tould be kept Holy. ftrate the contrary, (being then ac That a Clergyman killing a Lay. Southampton) caused a Chair to be man, or for any other notorious set on the shore, when the Sea beCrime, should be deprived both of gan to flow, then fat himself in it, his Order and Dignity. That a and in the Presence of many Attenmarried Woman, convict of Adulte- dants, thus spake to the swelling, fy, should have her Nose and Ears Waves : Thou Sea art Part of my cut off: And a Widow marrying Dominion, don't therefore, on Pain of within the Space of Twelve Months Punishment, presume so much as 10 after her Husband's Decease, should wet the Róbes of the Lord. But the lose her Jointure.

And amongst unruly Sea swelling on farther and many other good Laws be made in farther, first wet his Skirts, then the Time of his Princely Govern. Thighs, so that the King suddedly


1040. farted up, and retiring, faid, Let Prince Alfred was accordingly arri

the Inhabitants of the World know, ved, Earl Goodwin, who pretended that the Power of Kings is but weak great Kindness unto him, betrayed and vain ; and that none is worthy. him and his small Party brought the Name of King, Jave He that over with him into Harold's Hands, keepeth Heaven, Earth, and Sea in who at Guildford committed them Obedience to his own Will. After to the Slaughter, only reserving ewhich Time he would never wear very Tenth Man, either for Service his Crown, but therewith crowned

or Sale.

Alfred he sent Prisoner the Picture of Christ on the Cross into the Ine of Ely, where his Eyes at Winchester, which became a being put out, he in short time after Prize to the Church-men. He died died through Grief and Pain. Queen in A. D. 1035, and was buried at Emma's Goods Harold confiscated, Winchester. His Issue were, Swein, banished her out of the Realm, and Harold, Hardicanute, and two oppressed the English People with Daughters.

great Payments. He died at Oxford, In Efex he built the Church of A. D. 1040, and was buried at Alndon, where he had the Victory Westminster. over King Edmond. In Norfolk he founded the Abby of St. Benet's, A. D. Ardicanute, upon the and in Suffolk the Monastery of St. 1040.

Death of Harold, was, Edmond, which Saint he much by the States of the Land, as well dreaded. To the Church at Winche- English as Danes, invited over from Rer, besides other rich Jewels, he Denmark, to take upon him the Gogave a Crofs worth as much as the vernment of the Kingdom, which

Revenue of England amounted to he accordingly did, and was crownElnothus, in one Year. And unto Coventry, ed at London by Elnothus, ArchbiA. B. of they say, he gave the Arm of St. ihop of Canterbury. The dead BoCant. Augustine, which at Pavia coft him dy of his half Brother King Harold

an Hundred Talents of Silver, and he caused to be taken up, and to one of Gold.

be thrown into the River Thames,

which being found by a Fisherman ing Swiftness surna. St. Clement-Danes ; so called, bemed Harefoot, the base Son of King cause it was the great Burial-place Canute, in the Absence of Hardi- of the Danes. canuti, his Father's Son by Queen Hardicanute, for the maintaining Emma, was admitted King by the of his Fleet, imposed heavy Tributes Nobility, and crowned at Oxford on the English, insomuch that two by Elnotbus, Archbishop of Canter- of the Collectors thereof, named bury. Which done, for the better Thurslane and Feader, were Nain by securing of his Crown to himself, the Citizens of Worcester, for which he fought Means to gain Edward Fact their City was burnt, and their and Alfred (the two surviving Sons Bishop Alfred expulfed the See, till of King Ethelred) into his Hands. that with Money he had purchased In order whereunto, he sent to them his Peace. Earl Goodwin presented into Normandy a Letter feigned in to this King a Ship, whose Stern their Mother Emma's Name, invi was of Gold, with eighty Soldiers ting them over into England for the in her, all uniformly and richly fuitRecovery of their Right. But when ed : On their Heads they all wore

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