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membred of him, that when two

had made common.

Duke Robert 1087. Monks were at Drop - Bezantine, commanded him to be supplied ; (then current Gold) before him for whereat King William was wroth, an Abby, he spied a third Monk of To whom Robert said, And doj their Company standing in a Cor- thou esteem more of Water which is ner, to whom King William said, every where to be got, than of a And what wilt thou give to be Ab- Brother, having no more bue him and boc? Not one Farthing, answered

me ?

In short Time after, these he, for I renounced the World and three Brethren were reconciled, Riches, that I might serve God more and in short Time after that the two fincerely. Then said the King, elder again disagreed. The Peace Thou art worthy to be made Abbot, of England was also disturbed by and the Abby thou shalt have. His Malcolm, King of Scots ; but by the Brother Roberi's Territories in Nor- Ambushment of Mowbray, Earl of maxdy he invaded, taking divers Northumberland, he was sain, with strong Holds and Castles, inforcing his Son Edward. Then Mowbray, Robert to make a Peace with him. grown proud, turns Rebel, but was After which these two Brothers u. taken and committed to Windfor. nite their Forces against their Bro Duke Robert preparing for the ther Henry: But he fearing After- Holy Wars, mortgaged his Dukeclaps, had strong

strongly fortified the dom to his Brother William for the Cattle of Mounç St. Michael in Nor. Sum of Six Thousand Six Hundred mands, wherein they besieged him; Sixty Six Pounds of Silver ; for the in which Time of Siege, King Wil- making up of which Sum, King lian's Life was in great Hazard, for William made the Religious Houses some of the besieged sallying forth, to ransack their Coffers. NormanWillian, more boldly than wisely, dy was therefore now the King's rode against them, and a Knighe en Concern to keep as his own ; wherecountring him, flew his Horse un fore, a while after, hearing as he fat der him, and had sain him too, had at Meat, that Main, a City in Nore. he not made himself known by his mandy, was ftraitly besieged, and his Voice. Whereupon the armed Men Subjects forely distressed, he swore with great Reverence took him up, his wonted Oath, By St. Luke's and brought him another Horse; Face, that he would not turn his Back when the King not staying for the till he was with them. And thereStirrup, sprang into the Saddle, and upon commanded the Wall of the with an angry Countenance, de House to be broke down, that he manded who it was that overthrew might go forth the next way to Sea, him; and the Knight as boldly an leaving Order for his Nobles straitswered, and thew'd himself who he way to follow him : But the Winds

B, Luke's Face, quoth the being contrary, and Seas raging, his King, thou shale be my Knight, and Piloi humbly desired him to Itay a be enrolled in Check, with a fee while, till the Winds and Seas were anaerable to tby Worth.

appeased. To whom the King said, Prince Henry, in the Time of this Halt thou ever heard that a King Siege, being forely distressed for haih been drowned? Therefore heijt Water, sent to his Brother Robert up the Sails, I charge thee, and be gone. (knowing him to be of the better Which accordingly being done, the Temper) defiring him that he might King making tuch Haile, relievhave that permitted him which God ed the City before it was expected.



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1996. Then settling hio Affairs in that York to the Hononr of St. Peter.

Country, he returned into England; In his Reign the Bishop's See was
wbere, as he was Hunting in liepv- translated from Selley to Chichester,
Foreft, Sir Walter Tyrrell, a French anciently called Cisanceffer.
Knight, shooting at a Stag, the Ar In this King's Reign happened a
sow glanced against a Tree, and most dreadful Earthquake, and ve-
ftruck the King into the Breast, with hement Lightning, leaving an in-
which he immediately died, Aug. 1. tolerable Stink behind it.

An ex-
A. D. 1100.

His Body laid in a ceeding Tempelt of Wind, that in Collier's Cart, was drawn with London drove down Sixty Houses, one poor Jade, through a very dirty blew off the Roof of Bow Church, Way, till the Cart broke, where with the Beams, Six of which in for a while the Corpse was left in their Fall were

driven Twenty
the Dirt ; but afterwards was con three Foot deep into the Ground,
vey'd to Winchester, and there bu- (the Streets of the City lying then
ried in the Cathedral Church. The unpav’d.) A blazing Siar appeared,
Bones since have been taken up, and and other Stars seemed to shoot
Jaid in a Coffin with the Bones of Darts one against another. The
Canutus. At Westminster he laid Şea broke over its Banks, drowning
new Foundations of a most stately abundance of People; and in Kent
Palace, and finished that fately overwhelmed the Lands that some.
Building, called the Great-Hall, time were Earl Goodwin's, which
which he found fault with, because now are called Goodwin's Sands,
no bigger, accounting it scarce wor very dangerous for Navigators. Á
thy the Name of a Bed-Chamber, Weil of Blood for Filteen Days
in respect of that which he intend- rose out of the Ground at Fircb-
ed to build. He new-built the City amstead, near Abingdon. Pestilence
Carlisle, which 200 Years before and Scarcity.
had been spoiled by the Danes, built Robert of Gloucesier hath a pretty
the Church of St. Saviour's in South. Pasage of King William, in these
wark, and founded an Hospital in Lines.

As his Chamberlain him brought, as he rose on a Dar,
A Morrow for to wear a Pair of Hole of Say,
He asked what they coffned, Three Shillings be feid,
Fie a diples, quoth the King, who say fo vile a Deed,
King to wear jo vile a Cloth, but it cofined more ;
Buy a Pair for a Mark, or thou shalt ha cory fore.
A worle Pair enough the ether with him brought,

And feyd they cefined a Mark, and uneath he them fought.
Ave bil-amy, quorb the King, these were well bought,

Inibis manner serve me, or ne serve me not.
A. D. 1096, and in the Reign groaned, the Tillage of the Earth
of William Rufus, by reason of the was neglected, where by ensued
Pestilence then raging, and the Op- great Scarcity the Year following
preslions under which the English throughout all England.




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A.D. L ] Enry for his Learning Maud, Daughter to the King of Anselm,

ftiled Beauclerk (whilst Scots by Margaret Sister to Edgar A. B. of

his Brother Robert was Atheling. But Duke Robert being Cant. bufied in the Holy War) promising returned with greatest Honour from many good Things, was with the the Holy Land, claimed the Kinggeneral liking of the People crown- dom of Enrland as his rightful Inei at H'eliminpler in A. D. 100. heritance; landed an Army at Portf Whole firit Business was the Re mouth, many of the Englif flocking forming of his own Court and to him. Ai length, the Difference Houshold, for a Pattern to his Sub- between these two Brethren was jetis. Next, he restored to the reconciled on these Terms ; That English the Use of Fire and Lights Henry should enjoy the Crown dur-. at their own Liberty, freed the ing his Life, paying

to Robert, in way Church from Reservation of its of Fealty, Three Thousand Marks Poffeffions upon Vacancies; made by the Year. But this Sun-fhine of che Heirs of the Nobility free to Peace was shortly after withdrawn possess their Fathers Lands with by the Rebellion of Robert Beliasme, out Redemption from him, enga- Earl of Shrewsbury, who in short ging the Nobles to do the like by time, being vanquished, fled into their Tenants. Allowing the Gen- Normandy for Shelter. Archbishop try to marry their Daughters and Anselm is also said to have disturbed Kin women without his Licence, the Peace, by standing too flifly for so it were not to his Enemy: Or- the pretended Rights of the Church dained that the Widow should enjoy of Rome, against the King's real her Jointure, and be at Liberty to Rights and Prerogative, peremp. marry according to her own liking: torily depriving what Prelates he That the Mother and next Kin- pleased of their Promotions, and dred should be Guardians to father- refosing to consecrate certain Biless Children: That Coiners of false Mops that the King had advanced. Money should be punished with the Moreover, the King and his BroLoss of Hand and Genitals. He also ther Robert continued not long in appointed a Measure to the Length Amity, e'er Henry invading Nor. of his Arm, to be a Standard of mandy, takes his Brother in Fight, Commerce amongst his People. He whom he sent Prisoner to Cardiff forgave all Debts to the Crown be- Castle in Wales, where he had the fore his Time. And that which did Liberty to walk in the King's Mea. the most content his Subjects, was, dows, Foretts, and Parks; but en. that he revived the Laws of Edward deavouring to make his Escape, ne ibe Confeffor: After which, he re was committed to a frieter Du. call Anselm, Archbishop of Canter. rance, and also deprived of the Sight bury, who had been forc'd out of the of both his Eyes; and in few Years Realm by Rufus, because he opposed after died, and was buried at Glowhim for keeping Church Livings in cefter, his Brother Henry not long bis Hands.' And Henry, to lettle surviving him. himself che more deeply in the Af Some Troubles arose from the fections of the English, married Welch; but that People the King re


1100, strained, chiefly by placing those after the Death of the Emperor her

Flemings among them, whose Lands Husband, King Henry her Father Radul the Seas had devoured some Years sent for over into England, where phus, before, and to whom King Rufus calling a Parliament, he caused SteA. B. of had granted, that they should leat phen his Sister's Son, with his NoCant. themselves in Cumberland. The bles, to swear Fealty to her, as to

poor married Priests Anselm fadly his lawful and now only Heir. perplexed. And the King imposed . This is commonly efteemed, but heavy Taxes on the People, and re without just Reason, as the first ferved vacant Church Promotions Parliament. And therefore some to his own Use, under Preience of . date the Origin of that Court from keeping them for the most deserv. hence. But the King failing again ing. But how unworthily he dif- into Normandy, he there, after his posed some of them, may be gues. Pleasure of Hunting, made a great fed by that pretty Reproof which Repaft of Lampreys; upon the eating Raymond his Chaplain gave him. of which he fell exceeding fick, Who on Rogation Sunday, celebra and after Seven Days Sicknets died, ting Service in the King's Chapel, A. D. 1135, at the Town of St. being to read that Lesion out of St. Denys. His Bowels and Brains and James, v. 17. It rained not on the Eyes were buried at Roan. The Earth by the space of Three Years Physician that took out the Brains and Six Months ; he purposely read, was poisoned with the Stench. His It rained not one, one, one Years, and Body sliced, powdered with Salt, Five one Months. Which causing and wrapped in a Bull's Hide, was Laughter or Admiration in all that conveyed to Reading, and there heard him, the King rebuked him buried in the Abbey which himself for it, demanding the Reason why had founded.

His Wives were, he read so. Marry, quoth he, I see first Maud, the Daughter of Malcolm you beftow your Preferments on such the Third, sur-named Canmoir, or as can read so. Wherewith the Great head, King of Scotland ; his King touched, preferred him ; and Second Wife was Adelicia, the for the future was more cautious Daughter of Godfrey the first Duke whom he raised to Preferments in of Loraine. Besides his lawful Ifue the Church. The Estates both Spiri- William and Maud, he is said to have 'tual and Temporal he caused tö al- had fourteen Illegirimate, some say semble at Salisbury; then reforming more. He built a magnificent Pamany Abuses, and laying here the lace at Woodstock in Oxfordshire. In a first Foundation of our High Court great Dearth in the Countries of Anof Parliament About this time jou and Main, he fed every Day with Lewis King of France invaded Nor. Tufficient Sustenance Ten Thousand mandy, whither King Henry passed, Persons, from the Beginning of and vanquished him. But as his Son April, till such time as new Corn Prince William was returning after was inned. He erected and endowhim out of Normandy, he was caited the Sees of Carlife and Ely, and away, and with him 160 Persons of the Abbies of Hide, Reading, Cirenprime Note and Efteem, none of cefter, and the Priory of Dunfiable. Their Bodies being found. The Ma His Queen Maud was so devout, „riners had too much Wine beltowed that He would go to Church bareon them at their putting to Sea. foot, and constantly exercise herself Maud, or Matilde, the Einpress, in Works of Charity, infomuch


that when her Brother, Prince Da- Efex, the Lady Inga founded a 1135.

vid came out of Scotland to visit her, Priory for black Nuns, which afterThe found her in her Privy. Chamber wards became an House of Monks.

wathing, wiping, and kissing poor Which Monks, 'tis faid, did allow a Peoples Feet ; which he disliking, Gammon of Bacon to such married faid

, Verily if the King your Husband Couples as repented not of their knew this, you should never kiss bis Bargain within a Year and a Day Lips. To which she replyed, That after Marriage, nor made any Nupthe Feet of the King of Heaven are tial Transgression in Word or Deed. to be prefered before ibe Lips of an This they were to make a folemn Eartbly King. 'Tis reported that Oath of,' In or near the Year 1115, when the King was preparing for and O&tober the roth, did the River bis laft Passage into Normandy, there of Thames so fail of Water, that, happened a fearful Earthquake, and between the Tower of London and that out in the Chinks of the Earth the Bridge, People not only passed arcse burning Flames which could over on Horseback, but also great not be quenched.

Numbers both of Men and Children
In the Year 1111, at Dunmow in cid wade over on Foot.

S T E P H E N.

1:10: S Tephen

Earl of Blows, Son felf to maintain, he fealed at Oxford. William 1135. ,

Corbell, the Conqueror, was ad stoms, and Possessions granted to the A. B. of mitted King by the Workings of his Churches

, should be firm and in Cant . Brother Henry Bishop of Winchester,

force: That Persons and Causes Ecand Roger Bishop of Sarum; but clefiaftical should appertain only to chiefly through the Means of Hugh Ecclefiaftical Jurisdiction: That the Bigot, who took his Oath that King Vacancies of Churches and ChurchHerry had, on his Death bed ( upon mens Goods should be ač the fole fome Diftafte taken againit 'his Disposal of the Clergy: That all bad Daughter) difinherited her, and ap- Usages in the Land, touching Fopoined Stephen to succeed him. He relts, Exactions, & c. should be extirwas crowned at Westminster on St. pated ; and that the ancient Laws Stephen's Day, in A. D. 1135, by should be restored. Many Castles he William Corbell, Archbishop of Can

either caused or suffered to be erected terbury, the Prelates swearing to o in the Land, which he intended for bey him as their King, so long as his own Security against Maud; but he should preserve the Churches they proved greatly

they proved greatly to his own DeRights ; and the Lay-Barons in like triment. His Entrance was very manner swore Allegiance to him so peaceable ; but by little and little long as he would keep his Covenants civil Discords increased to the mito them, and preserve their Rights. ferable Spoil of the Realm, besides His Right he owned to be by E- the Troubles arising from Outparts. lection

. The Charter containing his Baldwin de Redners first began to Peoples Franchises, Liberties, and break the Peace, but him the King Immunities, which he bound him- soon quieted. Then the Welchmen


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