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who gave a great Defeat to the Eng- was concluded. But that Stephen h. Then David King of Scots (let might be kept employed, the Emon by some disaffected to Stephen) but press Maud landed near to Arundel, in a short time Peace was concluded with but 140 Men, whom Stephen with him. Then the Welch again hastened to meet; but the colouring make Inroads into the Land, carry- her Deligns with the Pretences of ing away great Spoils. Next Da- Amity and Peace, he over creduvid King of Scots enters Northum- lous, caused her to be honourably berland, in the Quarrel of the Em- conveyed to Bristol, where she repress, where his rude Soldiers dealt mained Two months, and then moit barbarously with many of the went to Walling ford; ber base BroInhabitants, ripping up the Wombs ther, Earl Robert, in the mean time of Women with Child, and tossing gathering Aids for her. Walling, their Infants upon the Points of ford King Stephen besieged, and his their Spears, slayirg the Priests at B other the Bishop of H'incheier, inthe Altar, and after an inhuman vited certain of ihe Nobles of his Manner dismembring the sain Bo- Palace, where he kept them as Pridies. After this the Peers of the soners, till he had gained them to Land conspire against the King, ta- resign their Castles to the King. king themselves to strong Holds; Worcester, Earl Robert subdued and a great Cause whereof was, because spoiled. Nottingham, Ralph Painel the King fhewed extraordinary Fa. burned in favour of the Empress. vour to William de Ypre and his And the, for her better Security, tock Flemings, following their Counsels, into Lincoln, whither Stephen folk w. and chiefly relying upon them. ing her, gained the City, the E.m. When David King of Scots, taking press making an Escape. Shortly Opportunities from these inbred after which, Robert Earl of Glouce. Troubles, again entred Northum- fler, and Ranulph Earl of Chester, berland with a great Army, against encountred the King near to Lincoln, whom the Northern Lords marched where with equal Success the right at the Command of Thursian Arch- was maintained a long time, till at bishop of York, the King's Lieute- lengih the King's Horsemen (not nant, who himself being then sick, without Suspicion of Treason ) gave appointed Ralpb Bishop of Durham back and fled, and shortly after his for his General. Which Bishop of Foot began to faint and fly, leaving Durham, in the close of his inve- this valiant King almost alone, who Crive Oration to his Army againit with his bactie Ax drove back the Scots, before the Battle, abioly. whole Troops affailing him, mained from Punishment of Sin all taining the Quarrel against his Fees such of his Si'e that should die in with an undaunied Courage, cill his the Fight, whereby the English were Battle-Ax broke; and after that ti!! inade io tight the more deiperately; his Sword flew in Pices. When so that in a thort time they vanquish. now weaponle she was struck ed the Scots, driving the King of Scots down, taken and carried to the and his Son out of the field. King Empress at Gloucejter, from whence Stephen went on also very profpe- he was sent to Bristol. The Emrously against his Barons, winning press for a while ruling all; Lonmany Callies from them. Which don, after much Perswation received done, he proceeded against the Scots, her, with Royal Proceflion ; but in with whom in Mhort time a Peace short time grew ciscontented; te


cause the refused to remit some o. caused her self to be put into a

1154 ver-hard Laws made by her Eather, Coffin, as though dead, bound falt and to restore those of Kirg Ed- with Cords, and so as if it had Theobald, ward. Many Nobles also repined, been her dead Corpse, she was car- A. B. of as ccoceiving themselves too much ried in a Horse-Litter to Gloucester. Cant. flighted by her. The Bihop of King Stephen and Earl Robert being Winchefer, who a while before had exchanged one for another, the accurled all that withitood her, now King now pursues Matilda, and in absolves them, under Pretence that Oxford besieged her, won the Subthe Barons had kept Faith with urbs thereof, and brought her to her, the not with them. The dif- that Streight, that for her Escape contented Londoners he solicited in a great Frost and Snow, the in his Brother Stephen's Behalf. was forced (in order to the deceivDivers Castles he ftored with Mu- ing of the Centinels Eyes) to cloath nition and Men. In the mean time, her self with Linnen Garments, Matilla came to Winchefter, where and so on Foot to run through Ice ferding for the Bishop (being then and Snow, Ditches and Valleys, till the Pope's Legate) though he doubt- she came to Abingdon, where taking ed some Danger, yet not daring to Horse, she got the same Night to ferd a fat Denial, returned this Wallingford Castle. After which, maequivocal Answer, Ego parabo me, ny Bickerings happened betwixt the I will make ready, as though he two Parties, with variable Successes had nieant to follow the Messenger, to and fro. Sometimes in one Part whereas he addressed himself to of the Nation Matilda's Side prework her Downfall. For sending vailed, in another Part Stephen's, to for his Brother's Queen, Prince the great Ruin of the whole Realm. Euftat, the Londoners, and William However, Stephen, to assure ihe Suc1pre, he made strong his Party for cession to his Son Eusiace, called a

Himself and Friends Council at London, commanding abiding in the City, and the Em- Theobald Archbishop of Canterbury press keeping in the Castie, not da to confecrate his Son King. Which ring to adventure forth for about the he refusing to do fand that by the Space of Seven Weeks. When the Pope's special Mandate) was forced Bihop, to deceive Matilda, com to Ay into Normandy, the King Danded Peace to be proclaimed, and seizing upon all his Poffeffions. the City Gates to be set open. But But Euftace hortly after dying, the Empress and her Friends, now King Stephen inclined to Peace, leaving the Castle to go to some o.

and was

content to adopt Henry ther Place, were pursued by the Bi. Fitz Empress for his Son and Suc. fhop's Forces, in which Pursuit ma. ceffor. To whom the Nobles at ny of her Party were wounded and Oxford did Homage as the undoubt. Niin, Earl Robert taken, and others ed Heir ; and the Prince yielded flying into the Nunnery of War. Stephen the Honour of a Father. suell, were burned, together with But King Stephen being afflict. the Place. And Winchester City the ed with the Iliac Pallion, togeBishop caused to be fired, for the ther with his old Disease the HeCitizens Affection to the Empress. morrhoids, gave up the Ghost at The Empress, who had escaped to Dover, A. D. 1154, and was buri. the Caitle of the Devizes, and ed at Feversham in Kent: Though there in Hazard to be surprized, his Body alterward, for the Sake of


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the King.

11$4. the Lead, wherein it was wrapped, Money ; but afterwards fitting

was cast into the River. Maud the down to Dinner, at the first Morsel Wife of King Stephen, was the of Bread he put into his Mouth, he Daugher of Euftace Earl of Bul- fell into a Fit of Madnefs, and in loigno, the Brother of Godfrey and that Fit died. King Stephen erectBaldwin, Kings of Jerusalem. He ed the Abbies of Cog shall in Effex, had Hue Baldwin, Eusiace, Willi- of Famaft in Lancashire, the Nunam, Maud, Mary, and iwo Natural neries at Carew in Higham, an Hof. Sons; the younger, named Gervas, pital at York, and a Monastery at being made Abbot of Westminfter. Feversham. About the Beginning His Son Eustace in a Rage set Fire of his Reign, a Fire beginning at on the Corn Fields belonging to the London-Stone consumed Eastward Abby of Bury, because the Monks to Aldgate, and Westward to St. denied to help him to a Sum of Paul's.


A. D. ENRY Plantagenet, the King Lewis for his French Provinces 1154

Son of Maud the Em- Normandy, Aquitain, Anjou, Main

press (who was the and Loraine, which partly were his Daughter of King Henry I. by Maud Patrimony, and partly the Inherihis first Wife, who was the Daughter tance of his Queen Eleanor ; setof Malcolm King of Scotland, by tled an Accord between himself and St. Margaret, Daughter to Edward, · Brother Geofry; and at his Return Son of Edmund Ironfide) and Earl into England entred into Amity Geofry of Anjou, was crowned at with Malcolm King of Stots, restoWestminster by Theobald Archbishop ring to him the Earldom of Hunof Canterbury. And Henry, to settle tingdon. Then he advanced againft the Realm in quiet, demolished cer the Welcb, with whom fighting, his tain Cattles, and fortified others. Person was in great Danger, his Some Earls unduly created he redu- Standard. Royal cowardly abandonced into a private Condition, pur- ed; for the which Henry de Efex, ged the Realm of foreign Soldiers, Standard-Bearer, was afierward acchiefly of the Flemings; chose him cused by Robert de Montferd, who in self a Council out of the most emi- single Combat, within Lilts, vannent Persons Spiritual and Tempo- quilhed him at Reading, where the ral, and restrained the Insolencies of said Efex was shorn a Monk. But some great Personages, which made the King at length overcame the some of them discontented, especi. Welch, and returned with Triumph ally that arrogant Lord Hugh de into England; after which, himself Mortimer, who raised a Rebellion. and his Queen Eleanor were crowned Against whom the King went in at Worcester, where they both, at the Perfon, where, in the Siege of Bridge- Offertory, laid their Crowns upon north he had been shot with an Ar. the High Altar, vowing never to row, had not Hubert de St. Clare wear them after. This now was the interposed, and took the Arrow into third time in which at three several his own Bosom. The King having Places, Wellminster, Lincoln, and quieted the Rebels, he halted into Worcester, he had been crowned. Frans, and chere did Homage to


K.Henry. I. Serving a Dish to his Son's Table. p.64


fighting the Saraiens in the Holy Land. p.68

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