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Martyr; and Arange Miracles (be. Saint and his blood. Amongit other 1154. yond my Creed) are reported to Epitaphs made at his Death, this is have been done by this dead Roman

Quis moritur ? Preful. Cur ? Pro grege. . Qualiter ? Enfe.

Quando ? Natali. Quis lacus ? Ara Dei. . But the News of this vile Aceive all such as were in Banislıment coming to the Ears of the old King, for Becket's Cause; and besides these, he was exceedingly troubled ; and the Legates enjoy ned him fome oto take off the imputation of Guilt ther fecretly, which came not to from himself, he protested that he our Knowledge (faith the duthor of would submit himself to the Judg: Becket's Lift.) And now this Cloud ment of such Cardinal Legates as the thus blown over, another succeeds Pope hould send to enquire of the in its Piace, for his unnatural Son Faet. And to calm his own Pertur-' young King Henry (by the Inftigabations, and avert Mens Thoughts tion of his Mother Queen Eleanor) from the Considerations of that conspired against him, having for Tragedy, he undertook the Con- his Confederates, the Kings of quest of Ireland, which he effected, · France and Scotland, his two Brobeing helped forward therein by theis Richard and Jeffry, with mathe Civil Diffenfions then amongit ny of the English Nobles. Against the Irif petty Kings. Wherc having whom the Father, with a bleeding caused a Reformation of the Irish Heart for his Son's Ungracioufness, Church, and settled Affairs therein prepared bimself, and was very to his Conveniency, he returned in- successful in Little Britain, where to England, and from thence posted himself was in Person ; also in Ergo into Normandy; where attended for land by his faithful Subjects. For his Arrival two Cardinal Legates Humphrey de Bohun, High Confta(sent at his own Request for his ble of the Realm, with other NoPurgation, concerning Thomas a bles, vanquished Robert Earl of LeiDecket's Death) by whom he was cefier, and took him Prisoner, which absolved; having first given Oath, moved Lewis of France to seek a that he was no Way confenting to Truce of bim for fix Months ; the fact, and declared his Sorrow whereunto King Henry yielded; then for having in his Anger given Oc. shipp'd for England, landing at the cafion by rash Words for others to Port of Hampion. From whence he do the Deed, and engaged to per- took his Journey towards Cantera form enjoinid Penances. Thé Con- bury; and being come within about ditions of his Absolution were, That three Miles thereof, he went bareat his own. Charge he should main- footed, the hard Stones so cutting tain' 200 Soldiers a whole Year for his tender Feet, that the Ground the Delence of the Holy Land. That was stained with his Blood. And he should suffer Appeals to be made after he came to Canterbury, and free'y. That he should revoke all was entred into the Chapter house Customs introduced to the Preju- of the Monks, he molt humbly prodice of the Church's Liberty. That strated himself on the Ground, begte should restore and make up the ged Pardon, and by the Inilance Pefleisions of the Church of Can- of his own Petition, was by all the larbary. That he fhould freely re Brethren corrected with Rous. The



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1183. Number of Lashes which he receiv. logue of the Conspirators against

ed on his bare Flesh, amounted to him in that Action, he bitterly cur-
Fourscore, Likely this Penance was sed the Hour of his Birth, laying
that which the Legate enjoyned se- God's Curse and his upon his Sons,
cretly. About this Time William which he would never recal by any
King of Scots, that had lately entred Persuasions. But coming to Chi-
England, was taken Prisoner, and ron, he there fell desperately fick,
young King Hrary was with Storms and feeling Death approach, caused
driven back into France, and his himself to be born into the Church
Fleet scatter'd ; shortly after which, before the Altar, where, aíter hum-
Peace was concluded betwixt his ble Confesion and Sorrow for this
Father and hiin. But yet again Sins, he yielded up his Soul, A. D.
he sought his Father's Ruin, though 1189, and was buried at Font Eve-
before he could effect it, he was rard.
prevented by the King of Terrors, His Wife Eleanor was the role
Death, A.D. 183. The follow. Heir of William the Fifth of that
ing Year Herailius, Patriarch of Fe- Name, Duke of Aquitan. She was
rusalem, arrived in England, solicit- first married to Lewis King of France,
ing the King to undertake the Ho- and after his Death to this King
1y War in his own Person, which, Henry. She died 1 204.
by the Advice of his Lords, he refu. His Issue was William, who died
fed, yet yielded to aid the Cause 1156, Henry, Richard, Jeoffis, Phie
with Money, and gave them Leave lip, who died very young; Jobn ;
to go, that were difposed there. Maud, married to Henry surnamed
to. His Son Jobs (whom he ex- the Lion, Duke of Saxony. Ela.
ceedingly loved, and commonly in mor, married to Alpbonjo, surnamed
Jeft called Sans Terri, without the Good King of Cafile. Yoan,
Land) he made Lord of Ireland, first married to William King of Si-
anuring unto him also Lands and cily, and afterwards to Raimond the
Rents in England and Norwandy; fourth Earl of Thoulouse.
Richard and Jeoffiy his Sons rebel His base Issue William, furnamed
ling again againīt him. The young. Lons/pur, and Geoffry Archbishop of
er of which, in a Turnament at Pa York. These two by fair-Rosamund,
ris, was trod to Death under the and Morgan by another Woman.
Horses Feet, but the Elder lived to Rosamund, his beloved Concubine,
the farther Grief of his Father. For was the Daughter of the Lord Clir
joining himself with Philip of France, ford, whom, to keep safe from che
he forced his Father out of the City Envy of Queen Eleanor, he placed
of Mentz, (the City where he was in a Labyrinth which he built for
born, and loved above all others) her at Woodstock, with such Windings
which made King Henry to utter and Turnings, that none could conie
thele Words againit him, That fence at her Retiring Room save the King,
bis Son Richard

had taken from him or whom he instructed. How beit, that Day, the Thing which he most the jealous Eye of Queen Eleanor loved in the World, he would requite found her out by a Ciew of Siik, him ; for after that Da;, he would which Rosamund let fall as the sac to deprive him of that 7.5ing which in take the Air. For the suddenly fleebim should bejt please a Child, rame. ing to escape being seen, the End of ly, his Hiari. And afterwards find the Silk faftened to her Foot, and ing his Son John firft in the Cala- the Clew still unwinding, which the


Queen followed till she had found he ended her Days, whose Body 1189.
the lovely Rolamund, whom Me fo was buried at Godflow, with this
dealt with, (giving her Poison) that Epitaph upon her Tomb;

Hic jacet in tumba Rosa mundi, non Rosa munda,

Non redolet, fed olet, quæ redolere folet, King Henry divided England into As we forgive uch other mon, Ne Circuits, appointing that Two of let ous fall into no founding, Ac field his Judges should, cwice in the Year, ous from the foul thing. in each Circuit, adminifter Justice.

In the Year 1164, he called an In the Isle of Wight it rained Afsembly of the States at Clarendon Blood, the Shower continuing for the in Wills, where (amongst other Space of two Hours together. A Marters) it was decreed, That all great Earthquake in Ely, Norfolk, the Clergy should, bona fide, swear and Suffolk, which made the Bells Allegiance to the King, and should to ring in the Steeples. At St. Oappeal bur unto the Archbilhop, or fbs in Efex was seen a Dragon from him finally to the King, wich- of marvellous Bigness, which, by out particular License.

moving, burned Houses. Another In the Beginning of his Reign, great Earthquake, which overthrew one Nicholas Brekespear, an English many Buildings, and, amongst the Man, was elected Pope by the rest, rent in Pieces Lincoln CatheName of Adrian the Fourth, who, dral. Ac Creford in Suffolk, a cerin the Fifth Year of his Popedom, tain hairy Creature perfectly resemwas choaked with a Fly. He sent bling Man in all Parts and Proporthe Lord's Prayer (in this Mannel) tiors, was taken out of the Sea by from Rome, to be taught the Englis a Fisher in a Net, who, after he had People.

been kept a while, secretly flip'd

away into the Sea again. Ure Fader in Heaven rich, Thy Å. D. 1174, By the King's ComName be bailed over-licb. Thou bring mand was the City of Leicester set us thy michel bless, Als bit in Hear on Fire, the Walls and Castle raven y doe. Evar in yearth been it zed, and the Inhabitants expulsed also. That holy Bread that lasteth for their Disobedience towards the ay, Thou fend it ous this ilke Day. King. Forgive us all that we have don,

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RICHARD I. A.D. Ichard, from his exceed- which many of them fuffer'd Death. Baldwin, 1189. ing Valour, surnamed The Coronacion Rites performed, A. B. of

Cour de Lion, was crown. Richard with all Speed prepares for Cane. ed at Weftminster by Baldwin Arch- his Voyage into the Hely Land, apbishop of Canterbury. At which pointing William Longchamp, Bishop Time, a great Number of the Jews of Ely, his Chief Juilice and Lord were in tumultuous Sort Naughter- Chancellor, joining with him Hugh ed by the conimoa People, før Bilhop of Durham, for the Parts

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169. bevond Humber, associating to those King's noble Exploits (though con

Bishops divers Temporal Lords for trary to the French Mens Will) rethe Defence and Preservation of turned into France, having first giJustice. And with the King of ven Oath to the King of England, Scois he concluded firm Friendship. that he would well and faithfully Which done, with a Royal Navy he keep the Lands and Subjects of King pat out to Sea, and by the way to Richard, and neither do Damage to the Holy Land seized on the Island them himself, nor suffer others to do Cyprus, where he folemnly took to it till Richard's Return. Howbeit, Wife his beloved Lady Berengaria. while Richard was bufied in the The Iland he committed to the keep- Holy War, the King of France, af. ing of his own Deputies, permitting ter his Return home, devised how to the Islanders to enjoy all such Laws trouble and endamage his Domiri. and Liberties, as they held in the ons, but was hindred by his own Time of Emmanuel the Emperor. Nobles. In England the Peers and Farther in his Way he conquered a People were much disc. ntented at mighty Argolcy, called a Dromond, the incredible Insolencies and intowherein were aboard a Thouland lerable Tyrannies of the Chancellor, Five hundred Saracens (Jisguised which tho' King Richard heard of, under French Flags) furnished, be- yet kept he himself employed in the sides all other Provisions, with Fire War, wherein he performed many works, Barrels or Cages of veno- Heroick Acts. Within Sight of mous Serfenis, for the Use of the Sa. Jerusalem he encountred Saladix, racens at Poolemais, since call'd Acon. ilew a great Number of his Soldiers, Of the Saracens he kill'd and drown. took 3000 Camels, 4000 Horses ed 13co, and then failed safely to and Mules, took his Carriage richly Aron ; before which lay these laden from Babylon, rescued yoppa, Chriftian Nations, the Genoefe repulfing Saladin from thence. He and Florentines, Fleming's, Aimains, allo essayed to regain Jerusalem ; Danes, Dutch, Pisans, Friezlanders, but being in that Enterprize abanLombards, and the English, under doned by the Duke of Burgundy, he Hubert Bishop of Saruin. Besides was persuaded to accept Saladan's the Knights Templars, collected out Cffer for a Three Year's Truce. of all Nations, and also the Aids Which having concluded, and setof the Afrians. The King of France tled his Affairs in the East, he set also came to the Sitge; where, Sail homeward ; where in his Pafwhilft the Christians lay, Sultan fage his Ships were scatter'd by TemSaladin cut off the Heads of 1500 pelt, and driven hither and thither ; Christian Captives ; in Revenge but he happily gaining the Shore, whereof, King Richard, in Sight of hoped, in Disguite as a Merchant, to Saladin's Hott, cut off above 2500 have free journeying thro' Germaof the Heads of Turkish Slaves. But he being by the Way overThe Siege before acon was so well free in his Expences, became suspecplied, (no:withitanding lundry Dil- red for another kind of Man than a jensions betwixt King Richard and Merchant ; and near to Vienna was Philip King of France, the iwo Com- difcovered, and imprisoned by the petiiors of Glory in this Siege) that Arch-duke of Austria, under' Prethe City of thion was furrendered tence that he was guilty of the Death

Which done, the of the Marquiss Corrade at Trre. French King envying the Englifs Then the Person of this fanious

upon Articles.

King being thought too great a had made an Incursion up to Beru- 1189. Booty for the, was gained vais, where the Bishop (being also a w into the Emperor's Hands, whose Peer of the Royal Blood) valiantly Huberi. Ulage towards him was very cruel, fighting, was taken in the Skirmih, A. B. of and the Ransom required from him armed at all Points, on whose Be. Cant. most unreasonable, being 100,000 half the Pope wrote somewhat ear-, Marks Sterl, to himself, and 50,0vo nestly to King Richard, to set his more to himself and the Duke, be very dear Son (for so he call'd the fides other Conditions. All which Billiop) at Liberty. The King, in a being yielded to, and Engagement kind of pleasant Earnet nefs, caused given for the Performance, after the Habergeon and Cuirasles of the Fifteen Months Imprisonment, he Bishop to be presented the Pope, was fet at Liberty, to the great with this Question, See cuberber ibis Joy of many Princes in those Parts, be thy Son's Coat, or not? Whereapand the unspeakable Joy of his own on the Pope replied, That he was Subjects in general, tho' not of his neither his Son, nor the Son of the Brother John, who with the King Church, and therefore should be ranof France ('tis said) were some In- ' fomed at the King's Pleasure, because fruments for the procuring of his he was rather to be judged a Servitor, unhandsome Usage. But Cæur de Of Mars, thin a So dier of Christ. In Lior (escaping the Way-layings of this War with the French, the King, the Emperor, who sent to retake amongst other Victories, obtained kim after his Release) safely landed one of Fame; taking an Hundred at Sandwich, whither Hubert Arch- Knights and Servitors on Horseback, bishop of Canterbury, that had been and Footmen without Number, with him in the Holy Land, came thirty Men of Arms, also 200 great with a joyful Heart to meet him, Horie, whereof 140 had Barbs whom when the King faw, he dif- and Caparisons armed wish Iron. mounted, bowed his knees, then fell The King in his own Person did upon the Earth.

In like sort the most nobly, for with one Spear he Bichop lay upon the Ground over- threw to the Earth Matthew de against him, till at lalt both of them Mummcranci, Alan de Rusi, and rising up, ran into each others Arms, Fulk de Gijerval, and took them. com orting themselves with mutual So have we vanquilled the King of Embraces, and weeping for Joy. France at Gysors, boubeit we have His Brother John, who had been not done it, but God and our Right by false to him, upon his Submission he us, said the King in his Letter to freely forgave, calmly saying u.1 the Bishop of Durham. But the fatal to him, Would that thy Fault may Accident is at Hand, which put an fo be forgotten of me, as that thyself End to this renowned Warriour; na; keep in Memory what thou host for the Viscount of Limoges, having

dore. And after this the King re found a great Hoard of Silver and : tored his forfeited Possessions to his Gold, fent a great Part thereof io

Brother John, who from that Time King Richard, as chief Lord ; wih! became faithful to him, and did him which the King being not contented,

very noble Services, especially a came with some Forces to the Cattle : gainst the French, with whom Ri- of Chaluz, belonging to the Vila

chard then warred. In which count, where lıe supposed the Riches Wars

, this John, Earl of Norton, and were ; the Garrison of which Place : Biarkadey, Captain of the Routs

, offered to yield the fame to him,

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