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1199. and all therein, if only their Lives He was contracted to Alice, the

and Limbs might be saved ; but the Daughter of Lewis VII. King of
King would accept of no Conditi- France. He married Berengaria, the
ons, bidding them to defend them- Daughter of Sanches VI. King of
selves as they could, for he would Navarre,
enter by the Sword, and hang them His natural Issue were Philip and
all. Whereupon an Arbalaster stand- Isabel.
ing upon the Wall, and seeing his This Prince is faid to have been
Time, charged his Steel-bow with of such Prowess, that he was inore
a Square Arrow, making first his feared and redoubted amongst the
Prayer to God, that he would di. Saracens, than ever was any Chri-
rect that Shot, and deliver the In- ftian Prince ; insomuch that when
nocency of the Besieged from Op- their little Children at any Time be-
pression; then discharging it, as the cry, the Mothers, to make
King was taking a View of the Ca- them hold their Peace, would say to
ftle, mortally wounded him in the them, King Richard cometh, and will
left Shoulder, the Anguish and Peril bave jou.
whereof was extremely increased by In the first Year of his Reign, (as
the Unskilfulness of the Chirurgeon. some write) he appointed Henry Fitz
The Castle by continuat Assaulis was Alwin to be Mayor of London, that
taken, and by the King's Command Honourable City having been for-
none left alive, fave this too skilsal merly governd by Portgraves, or
Archer, who neither denied, nor Portreves. He caused Money to be
excused the fact; but alledged the coined (held in great Request for
Neceffity of the Case, and the Justice its Purity) by the Easterlings, a Peo-
of God in it, for that the Kirig. he ple of Germany, afterward current
faid, had slain his Father, and two Money, and called Sterling, from the
Brothers, with his own hands. Yet Eaferlings. When this King was
did the magnanimous King, forgive in France, one Fulk, a Priest, tuld
this Bertram de Guidon the Fact, gave him, that he kept three Daughters,
him an hundred Shillings, and set which, if he did not dismiss, they
him at Liberty. But Captain Mar- would procure him God's Wrath.
kadry, afer the King was dead, cook Why, Hypocrite, says the King, al!
him, Alea'd him alive, and then the World knows that I never had
hang'd him. When Cæur de Lion a Child. Yes, said Fulk, you have
perceived the certain Approach of Three, and their Names are, Pride,
Death, with Contrition, Confeffion, Covetoufness, and Lechery. Is it fo?
ard Participation of the Sacrament, said the King ; you shall see me pre-
he prepar'd himself for another Life, fently dispose of them. The Knights
and died of his Wounds, April 6, Templars shall have Pride, the White
A. D. 1199. And according to his Monks Covetousness, and the Clergy
Command, his Bowels were buried Lechery ; and there have you my
at Charron, amongst the Rebellious three Daughters biftowed amongit
Poistovins, as thole who had only you. Now lived Robin Hood, an
deserved his worst Parts ; his Heart out-lawed Noble, and Little Joba,
at Roan, as the City which, for her who with an hundred ftour Fellows
conftant Loyalty, had merited the more, moletted all Pallenges by the
fame; and his Corpse was intombed Way, yet only robbed and made
at Font Everard, at the feet of his Prey of the Rich, selling goud Pea-
Father, to whom he had sometime oyworths when they had done.
been disobedient.

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A.D. JOHN (tho' that Arthur his their Bishop, whom the King had 1199. Brother Jeoffry's Son was appointed in the Place of him de

living, yet) by the Affil- ceased. Hubert, Archbihop, called tance of his Mother Eleanor and o a General Council in his Province ther noble Friends, was by the great without the King's Pe mission, and Council of the Realm,admitted King. then disdained the King's ProhibiTo whom they then sware only a tion thereof. The Lay-Peers they conditional Feally, viz. To keep ame in also to act a Part, and at Fai:h and Peace to him, if he would a Time when the King stood in need render to every Man their Rights. of their Help against the PoittoHe was crowned at Westminster by vins and French, refused to attend Hubert Archbishop of 'Canierbury: the King in his Wars againft them. His Reiga throughout was attended Howbeit, King John put forth to with great Troubles : For first, the Sea, arrived in Normandy, and in King of France took upon him to Battle overthrew his Nephew Arettablish yoang Arthur in the King. thur, and by Valour recovered all dom, tho'after a while, for his own the Province that had revolted ; Advantage, he deliver'd the Prince Prince Arthur, and all the Peers of into his Uncle's Hands. Then the Poistou, above 200. French Knights, King of Scots procured some Ditur- and others of Command, he took bances ; but an Accord was fhortly Prisoners. Not long after which, made, the two Kings of England young Arthur died, not without and Scotland sweari g faithful Love Suspicion of Violence. Which gave to each cher upon the Crosier of a fresh Occasion to some of the difArchbishop Hubert. Presently after affected Peers to bandy against the which, these two Kings, with the King, whom the King of France King of South Wales, expressed their now cited as his Homager for the great Hamility, by helping to carry Dukedom of Normandy, to appear the Corpse of Hugh Bishop of Lin- at a set Day to be tried by his Peers cole, on their Shoulders, to the Place upon Point of Murther and Treaof Interment. Then the Clergy di- son. And King John not appearfurbed the Peace, oppugning the ing at the appointed Time, was by King's Royal Title to a Benefice, the King and Peers of France dilinlocking the Church Doors against herited and condemned, and accordbis Presence, scorning his Princely ing to the Sentence they proceeded Letters, fencing the Church with againft him ; and what by the King's armed Men against his Officers, as. Remissness, the Treachery of his failing his Sheriff, moving the Pope People, and Power of his Enemies, to excommunicate all their Oppo. he lost a great Part of the strongest sers ; yea, caused the King himself Towns and Caitles in the French to be accused to the Pope for a Ty. Territories. But the delinquent rant. The whole Ciftercian Order Peers and Barons King John put to denied the Payments of a Subsidy their Fines; and for the gar:ying on granted the King. The Canons of of the Wars againt France, had a Lincoln refused to accept of him for Subsidy granted him, which moved


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1199. the People to think hardly of him. and the other Spectators. But for

The King of France, who had been all this famous Chanipion, K. Philip too fucceisful of late against the En. by degrees gained all in Normands. glish, sent a braving Champion over even Roan itfell. Nirin, Turin, and into England, to justify by Duel his Poitoi, revolted from K. John, and Proceedings in King John's French Ansiers was betrayed : All thcie Dominions; with whom John Cur. Lofles happened through the Decy, Earl of Uliler, undertook to fault of some of the Eni? 3 Peers combat. This Curcy was a Ma and Prelates. For whe che King of Gigantick Limbs and Strength, was in Readiness to iake Shipping and of s me Condicions not despica- for Normandy, Hubert the Archbible, had chey not been savaged with shop torbad bim pr ceeding in the too much Rudeness : Which ap- Voyage'; the Peers also agaja refu. pear'd not only by his wild Speeches led to attend him: Wherefore the touching the King's Misufage of his King put many of his Earls, Barons, Nephew Arthur ; but even then, and Knights, yea, and Clergymen when the King demanded of him also, to a grievous pecuniary Rewhether he would combat in his demption ; and Hubert's Wealth and Quarrel; he answer'd, No, not in ihy Portemons (who died the same Year) Quarrel, nor for thy Sake; yet for the King seized on. This Hubert the Kingdom's Right I will light to was suspected of too familiar practithe Death. But this the Frerich fing with the King of France. UpChain pion never put liim to; for on the Death of this Archbishop hearing of the Eari's excesive Feed. Hibirt, the Monks of Canterbury ing, and Strength anfierable there made Choice of Reginald their to, the Monsieur sneak'd away into Sub. Prior, in his Stead; and the Spain, as alhamed to fhew his Face King, after them, of John Grey, again in France. Oi Earl Curry 'tis Bishop of Norwich,, a Nian of great farther said, that when the two Wisdom. But the Pope, neglecung Kings of France and England met both these, recommende Stephen together upon a Truce in France, de Langron to the Monks of CanKing Philip having heard of Curry, terbury, and Bishops of that Proand hac he was in the English Camp, vince, to be presently chosen for sequeted' of King joba that he their Priinate. Which the Monks might see some Experiment of his unwilling, and deferring to do, also much feared and famed Sirength. ledging that no Can nical Election Whereu, on an Helmet of excellent could be made at Rome, where was Proof, lull farced with Mail, was no Con:cnt neither of King nor set upon a wooden Block; when the Convent, the Pope with Choler

. Earl first lowring round about him, replied, That he had Plinitude of with a deadful Aspect, lift up his Power over the Church of Canter. trufly Skeyn, and cleft :o deep quite bury ; and moreover, that no Conthrough the steely Refitance in:o fent of Princes used to be expected ihe knotty Wood, that none there in Elections where the Pope was. present, save himself, could draw it He therefore commanded them, unout again; which he did with Ease. der Pain of his high Curse, to accept

Then being by the King asked, why him for their Prinate : Which all he frowned so angrily before he accordingly did. (though not withStruck ? he answered, That he pur- out Murmering) lave one Elias de poled, if he had failed of his Blow, Brantford. And to work the King to have killed them all, both King


into a Compliance hereto, the Pope The Lay People were tumbled like 1199. sent him four Gold Rings with four Dogs into every Ditch. Howbeit, precious Stones, an Emerald, Sap- the King to be even with the Pope, phire

, Ruby, and Topaz; fignifying profcrib'd the disloyal Clergy, their in his Letter sent with them, that Revenues he confiscated, their Bi-, the Ring's Roundness must remem- opricks, Abbies, and Priories, he ber him of Eternity, the quadrate put into Lay-mens Hands, and Number must mind him of Con- every where they suffered Wrong, itaocy, and the four Cardinal Vir- without ordinary Protection of Jutues, Prudence, Judice, Tempe- ftice. But some of the Eminent rance, and Fortitude. The Gold's Clergy detested the Pope's favage Price, of Wisdom ; the Emerald's Proceedings, as Philip, Bishop of Greenness of Faith ; the Sapphire's Durham, and his Successor the Brightness of Hope ; the 'Ruby's Bishops of Winchefer and Norwich; Reness of Charity ; and the To. they animated the King to contemn paz's Clearnefs of Sanctiiy of Life. the Papal Curse, and the Cifercian But King John, for all these fond Abbots ( neglecting the Interdict ) Toys and fine Words, when he ob- continued the Divine Service, till ferv'd the Pope's Arbitrariness; the the Pope suspended them for their Dihonour arising to himself, in be- Contempt. Moreover, the Pope to ing frustrated of his Choice; the revenge himself on the King, anaPrejudice of his Crown, in having thematized him by Name, which a Bishop thrust upon him without caused many to desert his Service ; Sovereign Consent; the Hazard to for which he punish'd them by Fine. the Sa'e in having a French Favou. Yet at length, the better to secure, sile over the English ; with also the himself and State, the King was ve. Monks Disloyalty in yielding to the ry desirous to come to an AtonePope's Election : He first of all pro- ment, and allured under his Seal, fcribed the Monks as Traytors, and that Archbishop Langton, with the after that writ Letters to the Pope, Bishops and Monks, and others, wherein he alledged the Wrongs should be restored both to his Fadone to himself, and made his Ex- vour and their Poffeffions ; that ceptions against Langton, vowing Holy Church should have all its immuably to stand for his own E. Franchises, as in Edward the Conlection, and to die in Defence of the fessor's Time; but because he would Liberties of his Crown : Likewise not make full Satisfaction to the minding the Pope of his great Pro. Clergy for all Confiscations, and ofis he received from England, me.

Ther Emoluments received of them, Tracing withal, that if he were crof- the Pope's Nuncio's refused a Peace sed in this, he would then stop all with him. And the Pope was so from crossing the Seas to Rome.' To mad, that he absolved all Kings and which Letters of the King the Pope People, Poor and Rich, having Deanswered very comminatorily, and pendance on him, from all Fealty Shortly after, viz, in A. D. 1208, and Subjection to him ; whereupon because the King would be King in Malecontents set themselves to work his own Dominions, this Servus Mischief. The Wilch fall off from Servorum interdicted the whole the King ; whereupon at Nottingham Kingdom, under which it lay for he hangs up their Holtages, 28 in the Term of fix Years and fourteen Number. His Nobles many of them Weeks, without God's Service, or held themselves discharged of their or Christian Burial,



1199. Allegiance, fo rebel, inviting the Pope ; profeffing he did it neither uñFrench King to their Afstance, and through Fear or Force, but of his

promilling to settle the English Crown own free Will, as having no other on his Head; Stephen Langeon, and Way to satisfy God and the Church other Bishops, implore the Pope's for his Offence : And that from Help to support the Church of Eng. that Time forward he would hold land, being at the Point of Ruin. his Crown of the Pope, payirg a His officious Holiness thereupon Pension annually of a Thousand decrces, that King John mut be de. Marks for the Kingdoms of England posed, and that he would appoint and Ireland. Pardulpb now having one more worthy in his Stead. To gotten what he came for, hattens effectuate which, the Pope sent his for France, there to dissuade Phi. Letters to Philip King of France, lip from proceeding against King requiring him to undertake the Af- John, as being become an obedient fair of dethroning the King of Eng- and reconciled Son of the Church. land, and for his Reward he should But Philip, who was not of his Holy have Pardon of all his Sins, besides Father's Mind, not caring for King the enjoying of the Englifh Crown Jobr’s Repentance, but his Crown, to him and his Heirs for ever. Al

in great Choler prosessed, That fo transmitting his Letters general since the Pope himself had so far to all Potentates, Soldiers, Men of thruf bim on, bis Legate's SuggestiWar of all Nations, to sign them- ons, no, nor bis Threats of Excomfelves with the Sign of the Cross, and munication, foould withdraw bim to follow Philip in this Design, affu- from his intentions. In which Resing all that iheir Asistance herein, solution, calling his Peers into a whether in Person or Purse, should Consultation, they all approved his be no less meritorious, than if they Design, fave Ferdinand Earl of Flanvifited our Saviour's Sepulchre. ders, who alledged, that it was an The King of France accepts the Of unreasonable Thing to think of in. fer, and makes great Preparation vading another Man's Right; infor the invading of England; and forcing this his Judgment with so King John raises a Land Army, and good Arguments, that thereby maprepares a Royal Navy to withstand ny of the Peers were induced to him. But e'er the French made change their Opinion. Which so their Attempts, Pandulph, the Pope's incented King Philip, that he drew Messenger, arrives in England, and his Forces against Flanders, comso wrought upon the King, what manding his mighty prepared Fleet by representing the Danger he was to set forward thitherward. Of in, and what by flattering Promi- the which King Fobn having speedy ses, that King obr (not insensible Intelligence, let forth his Navy, of his desperate Ettate) sware in all and happily fürprized the French Things to submit to the Judgment Fleet at the Port of Damme (whilft of the Church. And shortly after, most of the Soldiers were on Land, at the Knights Templars House in fpoiling the Earl's Country) taking Dover, he surrendred his Crown in. Three hundred Veffels laden with to the Hands of Pandulph, for the Provisions, Arms, and other coftly Use of the Pose, laying at his Feet Freight, and burning, and finking his Scepter, Robe, Sword, and Ring, above 100. And now the King, and subscrib’d to a Charter, where thinking to take the Advantage of by he religned his Kisgdom to the this Victory, made ready a great


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