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having his Horse flain under him, the Earl's Hoft was, with much 1272. yielded himself Prisoner; the King Slaughter, especially of the Welsh, of the Romans, and other great Peers utterly in the End distressed and dif- Robert were taken, and the whole Hope of comfited. Simon de Montford being Kilwarthe Day loft on the King's Side. On slain in the Fight, had his Head, by, A.B. the next Day Peace was concluded Hands, and Feet chop'd off. The of Cant.

for the present, on Condition, that King, who had been brought a Pri: Prince Edward, and Henry the King foner into the Field, by his Friends

of the Romans Son, should also ren Valour and good Hap was restored der themselves into the BaronsHands. to his Liberty : And he, presently And now by this Advantage the after this cruel Battle, callà a Parlifactious Lords gained all the chief ament at Winchester, by whose ApCafles of the Kingdom in:o their probation he seized into his Hands Power

, Mortford carrying his So- the Charters of London, and other vereign as his Prisoner about the disloyal Towns, disinherited fuch as Country, (yet with all outward Re- were on the Earl's Side, and distrispeat and Honour) the rather to buted their Eftates amongst his wellprocure a more quiet Surrender of deserving Subjects. The Legate CarGarrisons. So fortunate may Trea. dinal Ottobon excommunicated the son and Rebellion for a Time be, Bishops of London, Winchester, Wortho' in the End it commonly speeds cefter, and Chichester, for their adas it deserves. To tame these Rebels, hering unto the Earl. And now all the Pope sends his Cardinal Legate things being calm in England, Prince to excommunicate them ; but they Edward, with many of the Nobles, trusting to the Temporal Sword, took the Cross upon them for the made light of the Spiritual

. How- Ho'y Land. And the King, to secure beit to the King's great Advantage, the Nation's Peace, held a Parliathere happened so irreconcileable a ment at Marlborough, whete the Difference betwixt the two great Statutes of Marlborough were ene Earls of Leicester and Gloucester, acted. But King Henry having that the latter forsook the Barons been at Norwich, to punish the CitiCause, and joined himself with zens Outrage in burning the Priory Roger de Mortimer, and his Affoci- Church, he, in his Return, fell grieales, to whom, not long after, Earl vously fick at the Abby of St. EdWarrer

, and Williamo de Valence, mond in Suffolk, and there died in Earl of Pembroke, with other Peers, A.D. 1272, and was buried at anited themselves, and Prince Ed Westminster. His Wife was Eleanor, evard escaping, came in Safety to the Daughter of Raymond Earl of them; the Counties of Hereford, Provence. His Iffue was Edward, Worceffer, Salop. and Chefter coming Edmund furnamed Crouchback, Riin to their Aluftance. When the chard, who died young ;

as also confiderable John, William, and Henry., MarStrength

, marched against Montford, garet, married to Alexander III, who bearing of the Prince's Ad King of Scotland; Beatrice, marri, tance

, encamped at E visam, where ed to John the First, Duke of Brer Prince Edward inclosed him, com tain ; Katharine, who died young.

pelling him either to fight, or This King laid the first Stone of the 1 yield. The first of which he elect new Work of the Abby Church of

ed, both Armies joining Battle be Wilminster. He founded the House fore the Town of Evilham, where of Converts, where such as forsook

Prince, having


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1272. the Jewil, Religion had Provisions hang'd for the Circumcising a Chri

for Maintenance. He also erected Aian Child, and their House called
and endowed a famous Hospital at the Thor defiroyed. A Scholar of
Oxford, both for the Entertainment Oxford, who attempted to kill the
of Foreigners and Pilgrims, and King in his Chamber at Woodfock,
for Relief of such as were diseased. was pulled in Pieces by wild Hor-
He was so disposed to performing ses. Now arofe in England a most
Acts of Charity, that he made Leo- monstrous Impostor, who pretend-
line Prince of Wales, (Montford's ed himself to be Chrift, procuring
Confederate) when he was threat. himself to be wounded in the Hands,
ned hardly, if he would not live feet, and Side, thinking thereby
in Peace, to answer thus : I more the more easily to delude the Peo-
fear the Alms Deeds of the King, than ple; his Punishment was immuring
all the Men of War which he hath, beiween two Walls, together with
and the Clergy to boot. King Henry, an old Hag, preteoding herself to be
because Thomai de la Linde killed the Virgin Mary, there to pine to
a White Hart at Blackmore Forest, Death.
which he much fancied, set a per. In this King's Reign flourished in
petual Fine upon the Land, which England, the irrefragable Doctor
at this Day is called White Hart Alexander de Hates, who was School-

Mafter to the Angelick Ductor Tbo.
In the 17th Year of his Reign, four mas Aquinas. Now also lived Ro-
Mock-Suns were seen from Morn. ber: Groft head, Bishop of Lincola, cal.
ing to Evening ; after which follow- lcd Romanorum Malleus, who wrote
ed so great a Dearth, that People boldly against the Pope, reproving
were forced to eat Horse Fleth and his arrogant (to call them no worse)
Barks of Trees; and in London twen Practices.
ty Thousand were familhed. In At Sorbiodunum, or Salisbury, Ri-
this Famine, which was about A. D. chard Poor, then Bishop of Sarum,
1235, certain poor People of Abol. built that stately Church, which hath
deslia (so called then) in Cambridge in it as many Windows as are Days
shire, whilft Corn was green, pluck'd in the Year; as many Marble Pil-
the Ears in the common Fields to lows as Hours ; as many Doors as
fultain their Lives; whereupon the Months.
Owners call upon and compel the · Magna Charta, containing the
Prieft to curse them all ; but one Sum of all the written Laws of Eng.
amorgit them, more human than the land, was ordained in the Ninth
seft, adjured the Priest, in the Name Year of Henry III. The Walls and
of God, to exempt his Corn from Bulwarks raised about the Tower of
the Sentence, saying, It pleased him London were thrown down by an
well that the Poor, for their Necessity Earthquake. Eighteen Jews were
bad took of his Corn ; and executed for crucifying a Child at
mended that which they had left to Lincoln. And in London were plain
God, who miraculously preserved it, of Jaws to the Number of 700,
when as all the other Corn (imongii their Wares spoiled, and their Syna.
which his grew) was atterly de gogues defaced, because a Jew would
ftroyed by terrible Lightning, Wind, have forced one Chriftian Man to
Hail and Rain, whilst the Priest was have paid more than Two Pence the
about to denource the Curse. A. D. Week for the Use of Twenty Shil.
1271, ceriäin y rws of Norwich were lings:


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The Welch-men Submitting to an Engl. Prince Born among them.p.8s

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Crosses erected in Honour of QEleanor where her Hearse refted.p.89


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Eward, surnamed Long- as being a Prince born in their Na

fhank., _at his father tion; and the ancient Race of their

Henry's Death, was em Princes being extinguished, ihey acployed in the Holy Wars, wherein knowledg’d the Sovereignty of Enghe lo excellently behaved himself, land, and did Homage to this Prince. that he gained the Repute of a moft Thus Wales being fettled in Quiet, valiant Soldier. At Acon an Affaf the King repaired into Franie, fin wounded him with a poisoned where he sate in Person with the Knife ; which Wound his Queen French King in his Parliament at Pa Elaror daily licked with her ris as a Peer of that Realm, in respect Tongue, till therewith the Poison of such Lands as he held in those was extracted, and the Wound heal- Parts; and being returned into Eng. ed; berželf receiving no Harm there. land, he addrested himself to purge by. When the News of his father's his State from the Oppressions under Death came to his Ears, lie grieved which is groaned. Fifteen Thoumuch more than for the Death of sand of the extorting Jews he banim. his Son, who died little before, say- ed out of the Land, confiscating their ing to the King of Sicily, who won Goods. His corrupt Justiciars he dred thereat, that the Loss of Sons is displaced, and fined, and confrained but light, because tbey are mulriplied all his Justices to swear, that from every Dar; but the Death of Parents that time, they would take no Fce, is irremediable, because they can ne

Pension or Gift of any Man, except ver be had again. At his Arrival only a Breakfast, or like Present. è in England, he was most joyfully He also appointed, that Justices Iti

welcomed, and with his dearest É- nerant should go their several Cirleanor was crowned at Weiminfter cuits at such certain Times of the by Robert Kilwarby, Archbishop of Year. And now the Crown of ScorCanterbury. When for the more land, by the Death of Alexander the Royal Célebration of the Corona- Third," being destitute of any appation Feast of so martial a Prince, renc Heir, by the Umpirage of King there were Five hundred great Hor: Edward, it was settled on the Head fes let loose, every one to take them of John Baliol, who did Homage to for his own, who could. The first' Edward (against the Minds of the Matter of Remark done by King Scots) for the whole Kingdom of Edward, after his Coronation, was Scotland. But shortly after, Baliol, to the subduing of Wales, whose Prince regain the Affections of his people, Lewellin, the last Prince of Britains combined with the French agaiak Blood, bad refused to do him Ho- the English: Where ore the King mage ; but being sain, his Head, advanced against the Scots with a crowned with fry, was set upon puissant Army, drove the Scots cut the Tower of London. In his Siead of the North Parts of England, the King created his own Son Ed. where they had done much Mischief

, rward (whom he caused to be born at took Berzuick Town and Catlle, had Caernar var) Prince of Wales. To runbar yielded to him, and after a whum the Welsh paciently fubmitted, cruel Fight, obtained a Victory of



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