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? 272. great Importance ; took the Castle mitted to John de Warren, Earl of wrof Roxbrow, had Edinburgh rendred Surry and Suffex. Out of Edinburgh John to him, so brought Baliol to fue for Edward took the Crown, Scepter, Peckham, Mercy ; which was granted on con- and Cloth of State, burnt their ReA. B. of dition that the Scors should submit cords, abrogated their Laws, alerCant. to him as their Sovereign. And ac ed the Form of their Divine Ser

cordingly the Nobles of Scotland, vice, transplanted their learned Men at a Parliament holden at Berwick, unto Oxford. The Marble Chair did swear to be true Subjects to Ed- in the Abby of Schone, wherein the ward for ever after ; and hereof a Kings of Scotland were wont to be solemn Instrument was there sealed crowned, he sent unto Wet minfleri by them. John the late King was This is the Chair upon which was sent to the Tower of London, and engraven the famous prophetical Diche Custody of Scotland was com

Ni fallat fatum, Scori quocunque locatum

Invenient lapidem, regnare tenentur ibidem. That the Scots should reign where to Battle. Capt Wallis encouraged soever that Chair Mould be ; verified his Men with this thort Speech ; in King James. But King Edward I have brought you to the King, kop drawn beyond the Seas, by occafion gif ye kun. In this Battle, fought of Wars in Gascoign, and for Aid of at a Place called Fawkirk, the Eng. Friends in Flanders, one William lif slew of the Scots 70,000. After Wallis, Captain of the discontented which Viêtury, King Edrvaid took Scots, put Earl Warren to Flight in fundry Places in Scotland, then reScotland, and all the English Forces turned into England, where in a Par. that were with him, taking them at liament holden at London and Staman Advantage as they were passing ford, he confirmed Magna Charla, over a narrow Bridge near Striveling, and Charia de Foresla, and yielded where the Slaughter of the Bnglife that there should be no Sublidy or was not small. Hugh de Creling- Taxation levied upon the People, ham, "Treasurer of Scotland for without Consent of the Prelates, King Edivard, was there Nain ; Peers, and People. And for the whose dead Body che Scots did fea, more ample Satisfaction of some dividing his skin amongst them. then discontented, he left cut this But King Edward being returned Clause ia the End of his Grants, into England, he summoned a Par. Salvo jur? Coronæ noftræ, Saving the liament to York, giving the Scots a Right of our Crown. Upon the Day to appear at it; which they not Pope's Request he set John late King doing, nor acknowledging that they of Scotland at Liberty, who departought so to do, he entred Scotland ed into France. And then the King with a mighty Army, where when made it bis whole Affair to finish he was near the Enemy, as he was the Annexation of Scotland to the putting his Foot into the Stirrup, his Crown of England ; to which End, Horse being "affrighted with the he passed with a dreadful Army into sudden Shout of the Scotch Army, Scoiland, where the Scots not being threw him down, and striking with able to withstand him by Force of his Heels, broke two of the King's Arms, procured inhibitory Letters Ribs, who nevertheless proceeded from the Pope ; but these the King


set Light by, fwearing per fangui- Nation; wherefore the King, in a 1272. tem Dei, that he would not de. Parliament holden at London, by che fift

. And when the Scots threat- Consent of the whole Representa- Robert ned, that if he would not defift his tive Body of the Realm, returned a WinchelHostility, the Pope would take the copious Defence of his whole Pro- sey, A. B. Marter upon him ; the King, with ceedings, with Protestations, first, of Cant. a disdainful Smile, answered, Have That he did not exhibit any Thing as' ye done Homage to me as to the in Form of Judgment, or Tryal of chief Lord of the Kingdom of his Cause, but for Satisfaction of his Scotland; and do you now suppose holy Fatherhood's Conscience, and not that I can be terrify'd with threatning otherwise. And because the Pope Lies, as if (like one that had no required that the King should stand Power to compel) I would let the to his Decision for Matter of Claim, Right which I have, to go out of the Earls and Peers (to whom the my Hand? Let me hear no more King wholly referred it) with one of this; for if I do, I swear by the Mind directly fignified, That their Lord, I will consume all Scotland King was not to answer in Judgment from Sea to Sea. To which the for any Rights of the Crown of Eng. Srets replied, That in Defence of land, before any Tribunal under HeaJustice and their country's Rights, ven, and that be should not (by sendo they would shed their Blood. How- ing Deputies and Attornies to such an beit, that the King might not End) make the faid Truth doubtful, Seem altogether to negle&t the Court because it manifefly tended to the of Rome, he sent the Earl of Lin- Difinberison of the said Crown ; cola thither in Juftification of his which, with the Help of God, they Proceedings ; and at the Instance of would resolutely, and with all their the Pope, he granted Truce to the Power, maintain against all Men. Scots from All Saints to Whitfontide. To which they all (being 100 Peers) But the Pope not long fatisfied with subscribed their Names. Dated as this, directly opposed the King in Lincoln, 1301. his martial Proceedings against that

The Names of the worthy Patriots who withstood

Papal Usurpation.
YOHN, Earl of Warren ; Thomas of Wadham; John de St. John, Ld.

Earl of Lancaster ; Ralph de Mon- of Hannake ; Hugh de Vere, Lord of

thermer, Earl of Gloucester and Swaneftampe ; William de Breuse, Hereford; Humphrey de Bobun, Earl Ld. of Gower ; Robert de Montbault, of Hersford and Effex ; Roger Bigod, Lord of Howarden ; Robert de Tatto Earl of Norfolk ; Guy, Earì of War- sball

, Lord of Wokebam ; Reinold de wick; Richard, Earl of Arundel; A- Grey, Lord of Ruthin; Henry de Grey, demer de Valence, Lord of Monterney; Lord of Codnore; Hugh Bardolph, Herry de Lancaster, Lord of Mon- Lord of Wormgay ; Robert de Clifmoucb ; Jobn de Hastings, Lord of ford, Chatellain of Appleby ; Peter Bergevenny ; Henry de Percy, Ld. of de Mallowe, Lord of Mulgreen ; Top-life ; Edmund de Mortymer, Lord Philip, Lord of Kime; Robert Fire of Wigmore; Robert Fitz Walter, Ld. Roger, Lord of Claverings ; yobr de

1272. Moham, Lord of Duneftar ; Elme- Hall; Nicholas de Segrave, Lord of

riche de St. Edmund, Lord of Wide. Stowe ; Walter de Tey, Lord of Storehay; William de Ferrers, Lord of grave; John de Lisle, Lord of Woda Groby ; Alane de Zouch, Lord of Albo ton; Eustace, Lord Hacche ; Gilbert by ; Theobald de Verdon, Lord of Peche, Lord of Corby ; William PaiWebberly ; Thomas de Furnival, Lord nell, Lord of Trachington ; Roger de of Schefield, ; Thomas de Multon, Lord Albo Monasherio, Fulk de Strange, of Egremont; William Latimer, Lord Lord of Corsham ; Henry de Pinkeof Torby ; Thomas, Lord Berkley ;, ney, Lord of Wedon ; John de HodeFoulk Fitz Warren, Lord of Meting- lefton, Lord of Aners; John de Huntham; John, Lord Segrave; Edmund ing field, Lord of Brandenham ; Hugh de Eincourt, Lord of Tburgerton; Filz Henry, Lord of Ravenswarb ; Peter Corbet, Lord Caus; William John Daleton, Lord of Spole; Nide Contelow, Lord of Ravensthorpe ; cholas de Carru, Lord of Mulesford; John de Beauchamp, Lord of Hache; Thomas, Lord de la Roche; Walter Roger de Mortimer, Lord of Pentetb- de Mouncie. Lord of Thornton; Jobu, lin; John Fitz Reinold, Lord of Blen. Lord of Kingflon; Robert Hafling, leveny; Ralph de Nevil, Lord of Ra- the Father, Lord of Cheleffey; Ralph by ; Brian Fitz Alane, Lord of Be- Lord Grendon; William, Lord Leidale; William Marshal, Lord of tourne ; John de Gre;fock, Lord of Hengham; Walter, Lord Hunter Morpeth; Matthew Fitz-Joba, Lord come; William Martin, Lord of Ca- Stokenham; Nicholas de Nevil, Loid meis ; Henop de Thies, Lord of Chil. of Wherlton ; and John de Painel,

ton; Roger le Ware, Lord of Tefield; Lord of Aicli. Galter

John de Rivers, Lord of Angre; Reynold,

John Grisdale

Robert , Lannier these 4. B. of Henry Tregoze, Lord of Caringes having erough to do with the Canç.

Robert Hipard, Lord of Lumford; King of France, left the Scots to Walter, Lord Falconbridge ; John look to themselves as well as they Strange, Lord of Cnokin ; Robert could ; over whom King Edward Strange, Lord of Elsemere ; Thomas had appointed the valiant Lord Sede Chances, Lord of Norton ; Walter grave Cuftos; but nocwithstanding de Beauchampe, Lord of Alcefter ; his Valour, the Scots discomfited him, Richard Talboi, Lord of Ecclefwell; and took him Prisoner, whom Sir John Butelourt, Lord of Mendesh 1m ; Robert de Neville rescued, as also the John Engaim, Lord of Colam; Hugh Reft of the Prisoners, without the de Poinz, Lord of Canualet; Adam, Lcss of one Man of his own. When Lord of Wells ; Simon, Lord Monta- the Report of this Success of the cute; John, Lord Sulle ; John de Scots came to Edwara's Ears, he Melics, Lord of Candebury ; Ed- went in Person with a great Army, 'mond, Baron Stafford; John Lovel, piercing therewith thro' all Scotland, Lord of Hackings; Edmond de Ha- from Roxborough to Caitbeefs, being ftings, Lord of Elehunbonokes ; Ralph about three hundred Miles, not an Fitz Williams, Lord of Grinthorpe ; Enemy appearing with Power to Robert de Scales, Lord of Neuselis ; obstruct hin, but all either submitWilliam Tucher, Lord of Lewenhales ; ting or betaking themselves, with John Abadan, Lord of Doverstone; their Captain Willis, 10 the Woods

ohn de Haverings, Lord of Graf- and Mountains. King Edward, afTon i Robert la Wurd, Lord of Whiteter he had settled Afairs in that

Fobin de Lancafter, Lord of Grifdale ; Pachece migh Resolutions, and


Nation to the best Conveniency, re- of a Dysentery at Burgh upon Sands, 1272. turned to London, whither not long A. D. 1307, and was buried at after, Captain Wallis, a Knight's Wefiminfier. His first Wife Eleanor, John Son, having been betrayed, was was the Daughter of Ferdinand the Stratford, brought Prisoner, and at Wefmin- Third King of Cafiille; his second 4. B. of fier, for Treason, and other Crimes Wife was Margaret, the Daughter

Cant. tried, found guilty, and adjudged of Philip the Hardy, King of France. to Death ; which Sentence was exe His Issue by Queen Eleanor, were cuted on him, and his Quarters set John, Henry, Alphonso, who all up in divers Paris of Scotland. Af died young, Edward, who succeedter this Man's Death, generous

ed him ; Eleanor married to Henry Bruce (who attained the Crown of III. Earl of Barie; Joan married Scatland) headed his Countrymen to Gilbert Clare, Earl of Gloucester the Scots, and was put to Flight by and Hereford; Margaret married Aymery de Valence, and forced into 10 John the Second Duke of Bra. the atmost Isles of Scotland, where bant ; Berenger and Alice, then Mafor a while he lived in great Distress, ry, who at Ten Years of Age was till feeing his time, he appeared a- veiled a Nun in the Monastery of gain in an hostile Manner in Scot Ambresbury in Wilts, at the earnest land, doing many Things above the desire of her Grandmother Queen Opinion of his Means. This indu. Eleanor, who was there a: that Time ced martial King Edward to advance of the same Profession ; then Elizatowards Scotland, but in his March beth, who was first married to John he fell fick at Carlife, where (a- the First Earl of Holland and Zeamong& other Things given in land, then to Humphrey Bolun, Earl Charge) he commanded his Son of Hereford and Esex ; then Beatrice Edward that he should be industri. and Blanch, By Queen Margaret ous in carrying on his Design a. he had Iffue, Thomas, created "Earl gainst the Scots, and that he ihould of Norfolk, and Earl-Marihal of Engcarry his Skeleton along with him land; Edward, created Earl of Kent ; thro' the Scottish Nation

: For, said and Eleanor, who died young. the King, Whilft thou bajt my Bones When the King took his long and with thee, live shall be able to over- dangerous Voyage into the Holy come thee. he likewise command- Land, his Queen Eleanor would by ed the Prince, on Pain of his Curse, no Means be persuaded to stay bé. bot without common Consent, to hind him, but would needs accomrecal Pierse Gaveflon, who for a- pany him, saying, Nothing ru busing the Prince's tender Years jart them whom God hath joined, with wicked Vanities, by common and the Way to Heaven is as near Decree, was banished. He charged in the Holy Land ( if not nearer ) the Prince too, That he should send as in England or Spain. In Reahis Heart into the Holy Land, ac- membrance of his firs Wise, Queen companied with 140 Knights, and Eleanor, who died at Herdeby in their Retinues, for whole Support Lincolnsisire, he erected Crosses behe had provided thirty two Thou- tween that and Westminster, in all fand Founds of Silver. Lastly, he Places where her Hearle rested ; charged him, that upon Pain of e- namely, at Lincoln, Grantham, Stamternal Damnation, the faid Monies ford, Geddington, Northampton, Sionsshould not be expended upon any o. Stratford, Dunstable, St. Albans, ther Ufes. This heroick King Cied Waltham, Wef. minflor, called Cb4


1307. ring-Cross, and adorned with her hold it till his Death." In a Synod

Arms of Castile, Leon, and the holden at Reading, it was ordained,
County of Ponthou, which by her That no Ecclesiastical Person Should
Right was annexed to the Crown have more than one Benefice, to
of England. 'Tis said, that he built which belonged the Cure of Souls.
Hull in Yorkshire, which was after. There were executed at London 297
wards beautify'd with fair Buildings Jews at one Time, for defacing the
by Michael de la Pole, Earl of Suf. King's Coin. A. D. 1288, was
folk. In the Eighth Year of his the Summer so excessive hot, that
Reign, he sent out his Writ Quo many Men died with the Extremity
Warranto, to examine by what Ti- thereof, and yet Wheat was sold at
tle Men held their Lands, which London for three Shillings four Pence
brought him in much Money, till the Quarter.
John Earl of Warren being called Now flourished Roger Becor, a
to fhew his Title, drew out an old Franciscan Frier, an excellent Philo-
sufty Sword, and said, he held his sopher and Mathematician.
Land by that, and by that would


A.D. Dward, called Caernar. with Buffoons and Parasites, and 1307. von, after that he had the like pernicious Instruments, to

provided for the Affairs waste the Wealth of the Kingdom of Scotland, and had Homage done in Revellings and riotous Courses, him by many of the Scottish Lords at to transport Riches into foreign Dumfries, he next took unjust Re. Parts, bestowing upon him his own venge on Walter Langton, Bishop of Jewels, and Ancestors Treasures, Chester, by imprisoning him, and sej- and even the Crown it felf of his zing all his Temporal Goods and victorious Father. Not ficking to Credits ; because that in his Father profess, that if it lay in his Power, King Edward's Lise-time, the Bishop he should succeed him in the Kinghad gravely reproved him for his dom, being wholly ruled by him. Misdemeanors, and had complained Therefore to repress Gaveflon's Exof Pierce Gaveston, whereon ensued orbicances, the Lords in Parliament young Edward's Imprisonment, and procured (though with no GoodGaveston's Banishment. Then he will of the King) that Gaveston Earl failed into France, where, at Bo- of Cornwall should be perpetually leine with wonderful Magnificence banished, they gratifying the King he was married to young Isabel, with a Subsidy of the 20th Part of Daughter of Philip the Fair; and at the Subjects Goods. Howbeit short his Return for England, broughtly after, the King, contrary to his back with him his beloved Minion Oath made unto the Parliament, Pierce Gaveston, who was a Gen. called Earl Gaveston Home out of tleman Stranger brought up with Ireland, himself meeting him at kim. Which Gaves on the King Flint Cafile, and then bestowing on suffered now to lord it over the bim to Wife, Joan of Acres, Coan. Chief Nobles, to fill the Court tels of Gloucester, his Sifter's Daugh

ter ;

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