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ter; resolving for this lewd Man's them out of most Places of his 1307. Sake to put Crown, Life, and all Realm, and making great Spoil in in Hazard. And now the insolent Northumberland: Which awakening John OfEarl trives to outgo himself in his King Edward, he marched with a

ford, A. former Courses, consuming the very great Army againAt him, tho B. of King's Treasures and Means, To that many of the Nobles refused to at

Cant. there was not sufficient left for the tend him in this Service, because he Neceflities of the Court ; and draw. delayed to ratify their desired Liing the King into such Debauche. berries, and Provisions for better ries, that the Queen conceived her. Government, so often consented self injured thereby, as well as the unto by himself. At Bannocksbourn Nobles

. Whereupon Gavefton is a the English and Scots Armies came in tbird Time forc'd out of the Realm; Sight of each other, when the Eneinto which he again returned the my left nothing undone that might following Christmas, when the King be for their Advantage, digging bewelcomed him as an Angel from fore their Batallions certain TrenHeaven, and forth with advanc'd him ches, wherein they stuck Marp Stakes, to be principal Secretary ; but the covering them with Hurdles, which Lords, as well Ecclefiaftical as Tem- miserably afflicted the English Caporal, resolved by Force of Arms valry, falling into them at unawares, urterly to extirpare. him, choosing thereby procuring to the Scots the for their Leader in this Design, greatest Victory that ever they had Thomas Earl of Larcaffer. And at over the English. In this Fight King Darbington, this infamous Earl Ga. Eduard did gallantly behave himvejlon was surprized by Guy, Earl felf, nor' would he fly, till by the of Warwick, who conveyed him to Imporcunity of Friends he Waruick Cafile, and in a Place cal- thereunto forced, for his Preservaled Bla klow (afterwards Gaveshead) tion. Now was flain the Earl of caused his Head to be cut off, as á Gloucester, the Lord Clifford, with Subverter of the Laws, and an open other Lords, and about 700 Knights, Traytor to the Kingdom. Which Esquires, and Men of Armories ; Ad caused a lafting Hatred in the Humpbrey de Bohun was taken PriKing to his Nobles, though for the soner, and a great Booty the Scots present the King's Displeasure was gained ; for the English in this Exallayed by the Mediation of the pedition had adorned themselves as Prelates, and especially of Gilbert for a Triumph, with all Sorts of Earl of Gloucefter, who stood Neu- Riches, Gold, Silver, and the like, tral. But whilft the English King in a kind of wanton Manner, corminded only his Pleasure, undaunted responding to the Prince they folBruce (now the received King of lowed. In those Times the Scots Scotland) indufriously profecuted made such like scoffing Rhimes as his Defign, for setting his Country this on the English: ar Liberty from the English, driving

Long Beards Heartless, painted Hoods Witlofs.

Gray Coats Graceless, makes England Thrifiless.
This Conquest encouraged the made great Spoil, some of the dir-
Srets to make İnroads into the Eng- loyal Ēnglishmen joining with them.
lyt Northern Countries, where they The King neverthelels could not



1323. forget his Gavellon, whose Body Place. The Earl of Lancaster, a few ñ with great Pomp he caused to be Days after, was beheaded at Pont

transferred from Oxford to Kings- fract, the Barons and Knights were
Langley in Hertfordshire, himself in drawn, hang’d, and quarter'd. The
Perlon · honouring the Obsequies. Lord Badlefmere, who refused to
Then in Pierce Gavefton's Place, the let the Queen lodge at Leids, was
King advanced into his Favour the executed at Canterbury. Never did
two Spencers, Father and Son, whose English Earth at one Time drink so
intolerable Insolencies and Oppref- much Blood of her Nobles, as at
fions seemed to exceed those of Ga. this Time in fo vile a Manner thed,
vefton's; against whom the Barons one Earl and fourteen Lords suffer-
did swell with such Impatience, that ing Death, most of them by the
not content with the Waste of their. Halter. But that this Tragedy of
Lands, by Threats of Civil War, the Lords was exploited by others,
they procured their Banishment, and not by the King's free Inclina-
The Queen, who hitherto had been tions, appears ; for that when some
a Mediatrix betwixt the King and of the Courtiers and Favourites
his Lords, having received the De- pleaded for the Life of one of a
nial of one Night's Lodging at the mean Family, condemned for being
Castle of Leeds in Kent, which be- engaged in the Rebellion, the King
longed to one of the Barons, whom fiercely answered, A Plague upon you
fhe perceived to take too much up- for cursed Whisperers, malicious Back-
on them, now turned her Spleen a- biters, wicked Counsellers ; intreat
gainst them, incensing the King her you lo for the Life of a most notoricus
Husband against them so highly, Knave, who would not speak one
that King Edward resolved to die Word for the Life of my mot dear
in the Quarrel, or to bring the fac- Kinsman, that most noble Knight Ear!
rious Lords into a more becoming Thomas ? By the Soul of God, this
Carriage towards him. The Judg- Fellow pall die the Dealb be bath
ment given against the Spencers he deserved.
procured to be reversed. Some of In 4. D. 1323, King Edward
the delinquent Lords render'd them- marched with a mighty Hoft into
selves to the King; others of them Scotland, from whence for Want of
were apprehended, amongst whom Viętuals he was forced in a short

the two Roger Mortimers, Time after to return, without the Father and Son, who were com Honour of any Archievement, the mitted to the Tower. Howbeit the Scots also following him at the Heels

, Earl of Lancaster in the North re and so suddenly affailing him, that solved, with what Force he could he was forced to leave bis Treasure procure, to fight for his Securily; and Furniture for Pillage to them. against whom the King marched, Buc by reason of the Interdict which and at Burrow. Bridge encountred the Pope had put the Scots under him ; where Humphrey de Bohun in Favour of the English, a Truce was Nain with a Spear from un. was made beiwixt the two Nations der the Bridge ; and the Earl of for Thirteen Years ; which b:ing Lancaster, with other principal Men, confirmed, Edward took his ProBarons and Knights, to the Num- gress through the Counties of York ber of above Ninety, were taken by and Lancaster, and Marches of Wales, Andrew de Herkly, Captain of Car. from whence the late Seditions had lille, afterwards created Earl of that their Nourishments ; there punith.



K.Edward II. Surrend" (nnn to his Son.

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ing many severely. Amongst the of Exeter's Head, whom the King 1323. reit be caused Andrew de Herk', to be had left Guardian of London. The degraded, hang'd, drawn and quar- Torver they gained into their poftered, for traiterously taking Partseflion, proclaimed Jon of Eltham with the Scots. Whilst these Things Cuftos of the City and whole Land, were acting, young Roger Mortimer, and set at Liberty all Prisoners. The having corrupted his Keepers, or Queen did the like throughout all potion'd them with a Neepy Drink, the Realm ; by her Order also all escaped out of the Touer, getting banished Men were revoked, whereover into France. The Spencers, Fa. by no small Increase was brought ther and Son, one created Earl of to the Barons Forces. From OxWinchester, the other of Gloucester, ford the Queen marched to Bristol, behav'd themselves exceeding lord- which the besieged and took, and ly, even to the Queen herself, therein Hugh Spencer the Elder, whose Maintenance they abridged, whom the caused, without any to advance their own Wealth. Ma- Form of Trial, to be cut op alive ny Nobles that had been engaged in and quartered, having been first, at the Barons Quarrel, they put to the Clamours of the common People, such excessive Rates for purchasing drawn and hanged in his proper the King's Favour again, that ut. Armories.

Armories. The unfortunate King terly impoverished them. Adam, being now forsaken of almost all Bishop of Hereford, and Henry, Bi. his English Subjects, after much Mop of Lincoln, for the fame Cause wandering, intrusted himself with they deprived of all their Tempo- the Welcb (who still loved him) lysalities. But the Queen and discon- ing hid in the Abby of Neath, till at tented Nobles resolve to clear them- length, after much Search, he was felves of the Spencers; to which found out, and with him young le End the Queen procured Aids out Spencer, Robert Baldock, Chancellor, of Hairaul and Germany, and uni- and Simon de Reading, were ting them with the Barons Forces; ken. King Edward was conveyed marched againft the King, who to Kenilworth Castle, the Lords to fourd but few Friends, because of Hereford, where the Queen lay with the mortal Hatred that the People her Hofi. Spencer, and Simon de generally did bear to the Spencers. Reading were condemned to Death The Queen, lying with her Army by William Truffel, and were both at Oxford, caused the whole Univer- ignominiously, hanged. The difiy to be called together; when in stressed King being now shut up in the Presence of the Queen, Prince, Prison, and without Hopes of any Roger Mortimer, and other Nobles, Redemption, after he had been much the Bishop of Hereford preachd un solicited, at lait yielded to resign to them from that Text, 2 Kings the Crown to his Son Edward ; iv. 19. My Head, my Head aketh : which being granted by the King, Delivering to them the Reasons of the Lords forthwith proceed to the the Queen's coming with her Ar- fhort Ceremony of his Resignation, my; concluding that an aking and chicfly consisting in the Surrender fick Head of a Kingdom was to be of his Crown and Ensigns of Mataken off, and not to be tampered jesty, to the Use of his son Prince wild by any other Physick. “The Edward ; Sir William Truffil thereLoidozers ftood high for the Queen upon, in the Behalf of the whole and Barons, cutting off the Bilhop Realm, renounced all Homage and



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