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• D, 1327:

1327. Allegiance to the Lord Edward of land, that upoñ $t. Laurence Évé

Caernarvon, late King, in these there was scarce Bread to be goc Words ; . I William Trufel, in the for Suftentation of the King's Hou• Name of all Men of the Land of hold, so great a Mortality likewise England, and of all the Parlia. accompanying this Dearth, that the

ment Procurator, resign to thee Living were scarce sufficient to bury • Edward, the Homage that was the Dead. In the Time of Scarcity, " made to thee sometime, and from the King set forth an Order, Thit • this Time forward I defy thee, Wheat ħhould be sold in the Market • and deprive thee of all Power- at Eleven Shillings the Quarter ; a • Royal ; and I shall never be ten, fat Ox stalled or Corn-fed, at Twen. • dant on thee after this Time, A. ty four Shillings; a fac Hog of two

Years old, at Three Shillings Four His Wife was Isabel, Daughter to Pence ; a fat Hen for a Penny; and Pbilip the Fair, King of France, Twenty four Eggs for a Penny : and Sifter to Lewis Huton, Philip But Victuals thereby became so scarce the Young, and Charles the Fair, ail in the Markets, that this Order was Kings of France. His Issue was revoked, and the People left to seil Edward of Windsor, fo furnamed, as they could. because born at Windsor ; obn of Merton College in Oxford brought Elibam, born at Elibam in Kent į forth in this King's, and his Son EdJoan, married to David Bruce, ward's Reign, those four Lights of Prince of Scotland : Eleanor, married Learning, namely, John Duns, call'd to Reynold, Earl of Gilder.

Scotus the Subule, who in a Fit of In the Fourth Year of this King's the Apoplexy, 'cis said, was buried Reign, a Baker, named John of alive; Bradwardine the Profound; Stratford, for making Bread lesser Ocham the Invincible, and Burlie than the Alūze, was with a Fool's the Perspicuous. And, as some say, Hood, and Loaves of Bread about Bacon borpe the Resolute, was of the his Neck, drawn on a Hurdle thro* lame College. the Streets of London.

Now was the Knights Templars So terrible a Famine was in Eng. Order universally extinguished.


A.D. Devard the Third was to dispatch him out of the Way; in 1327 crowned King upon order to which he procured an Ex

Candlemas - Day, being press from the young King (then a. the Eighth Day aster that his Father bout 16 Years of age) to remove had made a Resignation of the him from Kenilworth Castle, delive. Crown to him. And now because ring him into the Hands of those ig. sundry great Persons, with the nominious Knights Thomas de Gærwhole Order of Friers Preachers, ney Senior, and John Matirevert, took Pity on the old King's Capti- who conveying him from Kenil. vity ; Mortimer cherefore hástened worth to Barkly Caftle, there mur.


thered him, by running a burning English Peers. He also delivered Spit op into his Body, as he was a to them that famous Evidence cal. bout io disborthen Nature, Septem- led the Ragman - Roll, and like Thomas ber 22, 1327. His Body was bu- wise quitted them of all his Claim Bradwarried at Gloucester. To animate the to the Government of Scotland, din, A. B, bloody Regicides to the Commit- withal rendring back certain Jew- of Cant. ment of this horrid Fact, 'tis said, els taken by the English from the this ambiguous Phrase was invented Scots, amongst which was one of by Adam de Torleton, Bishop of He- special Note, called the Black Cross reford, and sent to them by Mortimer, of Scotland. In the same Year, beEdwardum accidere nolite timere boring in the Year of our Lord 1327. nam eft

. Gourney or Corney and died Charles the Fair, King of his villainous Companions, when France, by whose Death the Crown they would needs shave the King on of that Kingdom devolved to Edhis Way to Barkly, left he should be ward King of England, in Right of known and rescued, inforced him to his Mother Queen Isabel, who was fit down on a Molehill ; and the Daughter to Philip the Fair, and Sister Rascal Barber, insulting, told him, to Lewis Hutin, Philip the Long, that cold water out of the next Ditch and Charles the Fair, all Kings of hould serve for his Trimming at that France successively ; and all three Time: To whom the forrowful dying without Issue, the whole King answered, Whether you will Right now seemed to be in 1faor no, there shall be warm Water, bel, the only Child of the said Phiand therewith thed Tears plenti- lip that had any Iffue. But the fully. But young King Edward at Frencb pretending a Fundamental his Father's Death was upon the Law, or Entail, called the Salique Borders of Scotland, where having Law, by which no Woman was ininvironed the Scots in the Woods of heritable to France, fought to deTividale and Stanbope, by the Trea- bar King Edward his Right, receive ca of Mortimer they escaped, and ing to the Crown Philip of Valois, he returned inglorious, after an huge whose Father was younger BroWale of Treasure, and great Peril ther to Philip the 'Fair, advanof his own Person. For had not cing the Brother's Son, before the bis loyal Chaplain stept in and re. Daughter's Son, not following the ceived the mortal Weapon in his Propinquity or Descent of Blood, own Body, the King's Life had but Meliority of the Sex. Againft

Shortly after this, the Stream of the Queen, and Peace was concluded with the Scots, her Lord Mortimer's absolute Sway, upon dishonourable Terms to the some greac Persons now stood, Exglish, by the Procurement of the among whom was the King's Une Mother · Queen, and her Minion cle Edmund Earl of Kent, whose Mortimer. Joan, the King's Sister, Death the Queen and Mortimer mas married to David Bruce; the shortly procured, Nor was Morti. Scets in Derision calling her Joan mer's Fall now far off, for the King Make Peace. King Edward at the beginning to perceive his own Peril Treaty of Peace fealed Charters to in the other's Potency, upon good the Scotish Nation, the Contents Advice therefore surprized Morris whereof were contrived by his Mo- mer with the Queen-Mother in Norther, Roger Mortimer, and Sir James tingham Caftle, and by a Parliament Douglas, without the Privity of the held at Nortingham, 'Queen Isabel's


been lost.

1330. Dowry was taken from her, and on- cepted to be King of Scotland, and

ly a Pension of a Thousand Pounds had Faith and Allegiance sworn Simon

per Annum allowed her. Mortimer unto him by the Scotifs Nobles. Ilip, A. B. was condemned in open Parliament Which done, Baliol repaired to of Cant. at Weftmintir, for causing the young King Edward, then at Newcafle uport

King to make a dishonourable Peace Tyne, where he submitted to Éd. with the Scots, from whom he recei- ward III. as his Father John Baliol ved Bribes ; for procuring the Death had done to Edward I. After which of St. Edward of Caernarvon the late the King of England affifted this King: For over Familiarity with Edward Baliol as his Homager, go

Isabel the Queen-Mother: For spoil. ing himself in Person divers Times ing and robbing the King and Com- for suppressing the Brucean Party, mons of their Treasure : He was ig. which he kept under, till such Time nominiously drawn to Tyburn, then that he was engaged against the called the Elmes

, where he was ex. French for the obtaining of that ecuted on the common Gallows, Kingdom, and the Recovery of fun. there hanging two Days and Nights, dry Towns and Places in Gascoigne

, 1330. With him there died, for Ex. injuriously withheld from him by piation of the late King's Death, the French King. To remedy Sir Simon de Bedford, and John De. which Wrongs, the King of Engverell, Esq;. About this Time be- land had address'd his Ambassadors

, fel great Diflurbances and Divisions but in vain ; therefore that the in Scotland, occafioned by young World might take Notice of his just Bruce and Baliol

, both pretending Proceedings, he, in a large Leiter Right to that Crown ; which Op- directed to the College of Cardi: portunity King Edward tock hold nals, justifies his Design upon France of, conceiving himself not obliged to be equal and honeft : First, beto ftand to that Contiact made in his cause himself of any Male living Minority by the Predominancy of was the nearest in Blood to the lae his Mother and Mortimer, the Scots K. Charles his Uncle. Secondly, bealso detaining his Town and Castle cause the French had refused to put of Berwick from him. Wherefore the Cause to Civil Trial. Thirdly, he raised an Army, and with Ed. for that the Process of the Twelve ward Baliol marched to Berwick; Peers, in giving the Crown from which having besieged, David Bruce him when he was under Age, was fent a puissant Holt to the Relief by all Laws void and frustrate. thereof, and at Hal;den-Hill the Fourthly, for that Philip of Valois had English and Scots Armies joined Bat. invaded Aquitain, which belonged tle, where the Scots were vanquish to the Crown of England, and deed with a iamentable Slaughter of tained such Places as he had wrong. them. There died Archibald Doug- fully gained therein. Fifthly, For las, Earl of Angus, and Governour that the said Philip had aided the of Scotland; the Earls of Southerland, Scots in their rising against him. Carrick and Rofs ; the three Sons Edward having done this, he next of the Lord Walter Stewart, and makes a Contederation with the at lealt Fourteen Thousand others, High and Low Dutch, and other with the Lofs only of one Knight Foreigners, then prepared a brave and ten other Englishmen. Here. Army, bis English subjects contriupon Berwick was surrendred to buting liberally for the carrying on King Edcvard, and Baliol was ac- of the War. And to make his Cora


fers the fuller, he made bold with of their Ships into the Sea as over 1216. the Lombards, and the moveable brave Frenchmen did. From which Goods of such Priories in England, Saying the King took a Hint of the as were Cells to Monaiteries in Overthrow. After which famous France

. Thus provided of Men and Sea Victory obtained by the English, Monies, K. Edward sailed with his puissant King Edrward, with his Host Forces to Antwerp, and by the Im- confiiling of near an hundred thou. portunity of the Flemings, he first fand Men, set down before Tourna;; affumed the Title and Armories of from whence he sent to the French the Realm of France, quartering King, whom he faluted only by the the Flower de Lis with the Lions. Name of Philip of Valois, challenge Aed entring France, he burnt and ing him to fight with him Hand to spoiled the North Part thereof up Hand in single Combat; or, if that as far as Turwin ; then returning to pleased not, then each to bring an Antwerp, be there kept his Chri- Hundred Men into the field, and mas with his Queen Philippe; from try the Event with so small a Hather ce about Candlemas he fet Sail zard; or otherwise, within ten Days for England, where, in a Parliament to join full Battle with all their bolden at Wifiminfler, he obtained li- Forces near Tournay. To which beral Aids for the Support of his de- Philip made no direct Answer, alfigned Conquest. In lieu of which ledging that the Letters were not he granted a general large Pardon of sent to him the King of France, Trespasses, and other Dues to him, but barely to Philip of Valois. Ne and confirmed Magna Charta, and vertheless he brought his Army in Charta de Forèsia, with some others. Sight of the English Hoft, but by Then upon june 23, he shipped the Mediation of Queen Philippe's from Harwich to Sluys in Flanders, Mother and two Cardinals, a Truce near which Place the French lay in was concluded between the civo wait with a Navy of 400 Ships, with Kings till Midsummer next followIntene to intercepe him ; bur Edward ing. The main Reason irdacing having the Advantage of Wind and King Edward to yield hereunto, was Sun, furiously set upon the French the Want of Supplies of Money, Ships

, putting the Monfieurs fo hard thro' the Fault of his Officers in Engto it

, that a great Number of them land, whom he severely parished at chose to cart themselves into the Sea, his Return: “And now to weaken father than to become Prisoners. great Edward's Strength, the Pope Thirty Thousand of them are con- put Flanders under Interdiet, as feffed to have been sain and drown- having disloyally left their own ed, and more than half of their Earl and chief Lord Philip, King Ships were either funk or taken. of France. And Lewis the Emperor The Loss was so very great on the breaking League with the King of French Side, that left the

News there. England, took Part with France ; of might too much affic the King which when King Edward under: of France

, his Jefter disclosed it to food, he angrily faid, I qvill fighe kim, by oftentimes repeating this with them both.' And not long afa Saying in his Hearing; Cowardly ter, he was upon the Sea with a very Englidmen, Daftardly Englishmen, great Fleet, none knowing whither Faiat-hearted Englismen. Why? he would fter his Course ; but in faid the King at length: Because

, Normand, he landed; where he took faid the Jetter, they durf not leap out the populous and rich City of Caen,


1346. and with his dreadful Hoft, burning of Battle being given by K. Pbilip,

and spoiling round about, marched a bloody Fighe ensued, wherein the Simon up almost as far as the Walls of Pa. Black Prince was very hard beset ; Langham, ris; where with his Army, in an E- therefore his Father was sent for to A. B. of nemy's Country between two Rivers his Rescue, who upon the Hillock Cant. Seine and Soame (the Bridges being of a Windmill food to behold the

broke down by the French) Edward Fight, being in Readiness to enter designed at low Water to have pas- thereunto when just Occasion should fed over a Ford between Abbeville invite him. But at that time he refu. and the Sea, whom to intercept, the sed to go, returning the Messengers French King had sent thither before with this Answer, Let them send him Godner du Foy, wich 1000 Horse, no more to me for any Adventure and 6000 Foot.

• that may befal, while my Son is Howbeit, undaunted Edward en • alive; but let him either vanquish, tred himself into the Ford, crying, or die, because the Honour of this He that loves me, let him follow me, • brave Day shall be his, if God sufas one resolved to pass over, or there ! fer hiin to survive. Which he to die ; the first of which he did ; did, and beat the French out of the for his Soldiers following him, Field.

following him, Field. Whereapon King Edward won the Paffage, putting du Foy to with his untouched Battle advanced Flight. And now King Edward towards his victorious Son, and afbeing come near to Crellie in Pon- fectionately embracing and kifling tbieu, lying between the Rivers of him, said, Fair Son, God send you Soame and Anthy, he there most vi. Perseverance to fuch prosperous Be. gilently provided for his Defence ginnings ; you have nobly acquirited against King Philip, who was ad; sourjelf, and are well wortby to vancing towards him with an Hun- have the Governance of a Kingdom dred Thousand Men and apward. intrusted unto you for your Valour, When the two Armies were within In the field were found the dead Sight of each other, the King of Bodies of eleven Great Princes; and England, after he had called upon of Barons, Knights, and Men of God, disposed his Hoft into three Arms, above Fifteen hundred. There Battles. To his Son Edrvard the were flain the King of Bohemia, Black Prince, he gave Order of the King of Majorca, Earl of Alensen, Van; the second Battle the Earls of Duke of Lorrain, Duke of Bourbon, Northampton and Arundel cominand- Earl of Flanders, Earl of Savoy, the ed; the third himself. And as if Dauphin of Viennois, Earl of San. he meant to barricado bis Army cerre and Harcourt, Earls of Aumarl, from flying, he caused his Carriages Nevers, &c. Six Earls of Aimais, to be placed in the Rear thereof, and besides others of great Account, with Trees to be plashed and felled, to the Grand Prior of France, and Archftop up the Way behind his Hoft; bishop of Paris. Of the Commons commanding withal, that all should then fell-about 30000. Of the Eng, forsake their Horses, and leave them lifh Side not one Man of Note or How amongit the Carriages. On the nour was slain. Enemies Part, the King of Bohemia A, D. 1346, from the Forest of and Earl of Alenfor had Charge of Cresie, King Edward marched to the Van-Guard, King Philip was in Calais, and besieged it. In the the main Battle, and the Earl of Sa- Time of which Siege, the Governor vay commanded the Rear The Sign thercof, for the sparing of Food, 1.


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