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Captain Beach being in the his Royal Example to encourage Streights with four English Frigats, the wearing of the Manufactures of met a Squadron of seven Algier Ships his own Kingdom, and to discounof War, well mann'd, gave them tenance the Use of foreign; to which Battle, and after a fhort Dispute, the King having graciously conde. forced them all alhore, where two scended, they were prorogued till of them were burnt by themselves, the 26th of April ensuing. and the rest by the English; most of In June Sir Edward Sprague, Adtheir Men were loft, and 250 Chri- miral for the King in the Mediterra. itian Slaves set at Liberty.

nean Sea, burnt and took under the In October the Parliament met very Guns of the Castle of Bugia

, again, according to their Adjourn- nine of the best Men of War of Alment, and then was the Peace be gier. This News so incensed that tween England and Spain beyond the People, that in a tumultuous Manner Line concluded and ratified.

they cut off the Head of their King; The Prince of Orange came this the Aga having done the like to Year into England, and having vi- their Ĝeneral, and forced their new. sited both Universities, after a short created King to make a Peace much Stay he returned.

to the Advantage of England. During this Session of Parlia. This Year his Majefty was pleal ment, the Lords and Commons ed to honour the City of London Jiaving humbly represented to his with his presence at the Lord. MayMajesty, their Fears and Jealousies or's Feaft, being the first that fince of the Growth of Popery, the King the Fire was kept at Guildhall, af. by Proclamation commanded all ter it was advantageously repaired. Jesuits, and English, Irish, and Scot The King having long conceal'd tish Priests, and all others that had his just Displeasure against the Dutcé, taken Orders from the See of Rome, and his Resentments of their unworexcept such as were to wait upon thy Dealings towards him, intends the Queen and foreign Ambassadors, now an open War with the United to depart the Kingdom, upon Pain Provinces." In order thereunto, in of having the Laws and Statutes of January 1671, his Majesty declared, the Realm put in Execution against That seeing his Neighbours were them.

making great Preparations, both by A. D. 167!, in the Beginning Sea and Land, he looked upon of this Year died at St. James's her himself as obliged to put himself Royal Highness Anne, Dutchess of in such a Poffure, as might belt York, Daughter to the Earl of Cla- secure his Government and People : rendon ; and was shortly after pri. And that seeing Money, which was varely buried at Westminster. She absolutely necessary for that End, was educated a Protestant, but turn. was wanting, he was unavoidably ed Papift.

forced (which otherwise he would The Parliament still fat, and a. not have done ) to put a Scop to mongst others, having passed an the Payment of all Monies brought Ac for an Addition to the King's in, or to be brought in, to his Revenue, by an Imposition on Pro. Exchequer, for the space of one ceedings at Law, by an humble whole Year. Address they petitioned his Maje In the mean Time, Sir George fty, That he would be pleas'd by Downing, his Majeliy's Ambail


dor in Holland, pressed the States this Month; and then in Southwold- 1672, hard with the Business of the Flag; Bay a sharp Fight began, about five but finding his Demands shifted off of the Clock in the Morning, and with Delays, and his Negotiation was obstinately maintained on both like to prove successless, he return. Sides till Night ; the Dutch then ed back in a short time to England, bore away, and the Duke stood afwhere he was committed to the ter them, keeping within Sight of Tower for not having punctually the Lights all Night. In the Enobeyed his Instructions.

gagement died the Earl of Sandwich, And soon after, Sir Robert Holmes Captain Digby in the Henry, Sir John with five Men of War, cruising Cox hard by the Duke in the Prince, near the Isle of Wight, met the Dutch Sir Frescheville Hollis, and Monsieur Smyrna Fleet convoyed by fix Men de la Rabiner the French Rear-Adof War, of whom he demanded miral. Several other Officers were the Flag ; which they refusing he slain and wounded, about 700 comset upon them March the 13th, and mon Seamen loft, and as many maintain'd the Fight all Night ;, The wounded ; the Royal James burnt next Morning three other Frigats and the Katharine taken, but by coming in, the Fight was conti. her own Men rescued again. On nued to the great Damage of the the Dutch Side were killed Admiral Dutch, whose Rear-Admiral was Van Ghent, and Captain Brackhell. . funk, and five of their best Mer- Their great Ships were fadly shatchant-Men taken. And then open terred, cwo sunk, one taken, and one War was proclaimed against Hol- burnt; many others were missing,

whereof no Account could be given, One Mrs. Jones, of Monmouth, or and a great many of their common some adjacent Parish, was murther. Seamen killed and wounded. The ed; for which cursed Fact, her Son, French at the same time, to increase a Lawyer by Profession, was pressed their Loss, took several of their to Death, the Maiden-Daughter Towns and Forts by Land. burnt, and the Seryant-Boy, who Next Day after this Engagement, did the Fact, was hanged at Mon- the Duke of York put twice out his mouth. The Son refused to plead, bloody Flag upon Sight of the Dutch, the Daughter Aed, and the Boy, up but was as often prevented from on Examination, confessed the fact. engaging them by thick Fogs and

A. D. 1672, the French King Mists, which gave the Dutch OpDow being joined with the Englijh portunity to retreat ; and so no in War against the Dutch, in the more considerable A&tion was perBeginning of this Year, marches at formed this Year. the Head of his main Army to the The States being thus pressed (in Frontiers of the United Netherlands, all Probability ) above the Strength and sends his Fleet to join the Eng- of fo small a Republick ; having life.

the French on the one side, the BiIn May boch Fleets were joined shop of Munster on the other, by at Sea, under the Command of his Land, and the English by Sea, to Royal Highness the Duke of York, deal with, were not able to supmaking all together about 160 Sail. press the Tumults and Infolencies They had often Sight of the Dutch, of the exasperated People. The but no Engagement till the 28th of Burghers of Dort, in a cumultua



1673. rý Manner, got the Prince of 0. be disfatisfied with the King's in

range created Stadt-holder, which dulgence and Toleracion to Dif. was afterwards confirmed by the senters ; though his Majesty, by a States. And at the Hague; not gracious Answer to an Address of long after,

a masterless Rabble theirs, endeavoured to remove that haled out of Prison the Ruart vari Scruple. Putten, and his Brother De Witt, Å. D. 1673, to prevent Danwho had been condemned to lose gers which might happen from Potheir Dignities and be banished, for pish Recusants ( Romilla Emiffaries fome Designs against the Prince, being at that Time, and for some and barbarously murthered them, Years past, having been more than dragging their Bodies through the ordinarily busy to seduce the King's Streets, hanging them on the Gal good Subjects, and having been too lows by the

Heels, and afterwards "fuccessful, especially among the inhumanly tearing and cutting them Great Ones) it was enacted, That to pieces.

all, as well Peers as Commoners, This Year was the Earl of Essex that fhall bear any Office, Civil or sent into Ireland, to succeed the Military, or shall receive any Pay, Lord John Berkley, as Lieutenant of Salary, Fee, or Wages, by reason that Kingdom. The Lord-Keeper of any Grant or Patent from his of England, Bridgman, now aged Majesty, or shall have any Place or and infirm, having resigned his Place, Command from or under the King, the Earl of Shaftsbury was made or be of his Houshold, or in his Chancellor of England, and Thomas Service, or the Duke of York's, should Lord Clifford Lord High-Treasurer. take the following Oath in open

Towards the Beginning of Dr. Court, viz. I A. B. do derlari, cember, the Duke of Richmond, who That I do believe that there is si had been this Year fent Ambassador any Tranfubftantiation in the SacraExtraordinary into Sweden, died in ment of i be bord's Supper, or in the his Calasche, as he was upon his Elements of Bread and Wine, al or Return to Ellenore, from being a. after Consecration thereof, &c. board of the Yarmouth Frigate. No The Island of Tobago was this other Reason could be given for the Year taken by the English from the Suddenness of his Death, but the Dutch, in Exchange whereof the extreme Coldness of that piercing Dutch took St. Helena from the Air, to which his Body was not English ; which might have proved accustomed.

of very bad Consequence to the The Time of Prorogation being English Eafl-India Trade, had it not expired, the Parliament met again; been retaken by Captain Morda, and upon their Removal of Sir Ed- with three Durch Eat-Indie Me ward Turner, their Speaker, to be chant-Men besides, which full Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer, paid the charges of its Repriza.. Sir Job Charlzon was made Spea- For this good Service Captain Ma ker; but he shortly after falling day was knighted. fick, Edward Seymour, Esq; fue The Dutch this year were fri e ceeded. This Seffion of Parliament Sea, and attempted a vain Project voted the King a Supply of eighteen of stopping up those narrow Cha Months Asiesiment, not exceeding nels that gave Encry to the River 70,000 l. a Month, but began to of Thames. Prince Rupert,


commanded the English Fleet, put English, and bore briskly down up. 1673. out to encounter them; but they on them ; the Fight was obstinate retreating to their own Shoar, the and bloody on both sides, especial. Prince food to the Westward, that ly between Sir Edward Sprague and he might join the French and Part Van Trump; but the French making of the English Fleets. This being as if they stood off for the Wind, Shortly after done, the whole Fleet did it in Reality, that they might made toward the Coast of Holland; have the Conveniency of being and the Prince finding them before Spectators. Prince Rupert and De Schozvelt, secured by their Bankos Ruyter, who had been engaged toand the Shallowness of the Water, gecher all Day, finding themselves on the 28th of May detached a at Distance from their respective Squadron of 35 small Frigats to Squadrons, stood back again to their provoke them to an Engagement. Assistance; and De Ruyter, designThe Dutch, contrary to Expectati. ing to have cut off the Blue Squaon, came forth in good Order, and dron from the rest of the Fleet, was engaged. The French and English, so smartly charged by the Prince, emulous for Honour, fought with that he was fain to give way ; so extraordinary Eagerness, and some- that had the French made use of the what entanyled each other ; but at Wind they had, the Dutch had cerlength, after a marp Dispute, the tainly sustained far greater Lofs than magnanimouis Prince forced the E- they did, and not so easily drawn nemy to run, and followed them off by Favour of the Night. In this as far as the Sands and Water did Engagement, Sir Edward Sprague, permit, till Night put an End to as he was shifting from one Ship to the Conflict, and the Dutch re- another, had his Long-boat, by a gained their Station. The English Random-shot, shivered to Pieces loit but a few common Seamen, under him ; and so, to the Grief and not one Ship ; Captains sain, and Regret of all that knew him, were Forles, Finch, Tempeft

, and was drowned ; his Ship, ftrangely Woorden. On the Dutch Side were disabled, was by his valiant Second, killed Vice-Admiral Schram, Rear- the Earl of Offory, brought off. Cap. Admiral Vlugh, and six Captains tain Neeve was sain, Reeves and more. They lost considerably in Heywood died of their Wounds, and Níen, but only one Ship, that was Martel only of the French was kilnamed the Deventer.

led. The Loss of common Seamen On the 24th of June happened was not very g:eat on the English another Engagement, wherein no Side. The Duteb lost two Flaggreat Execution was done on ei- Officers, several Captains, and ather Side, it being managed at great bout 1000 common Seamen. Distance, and most part in the About the Middle of June the Night-time.

Lord Clifford resigned his Treasurer's And that the Series of this Year's 'Staff; and Sir Thomas Osborn, creaWarlike Actions may be continued ted Viscount Osborn of Dumblain in without Interruption, on the roch Scotland, and afterwards Earl of of August both Fleets met again at Danby in England, was made Lord Sea, and gave the last Stroke to High-Treasurer. And this Year this War. The Dutch being about allo Sir Heneage Finch, Bart. was the Gorce, got the Wind of the made Lord-Keeper of the Great Seal,


1676. and created a Baron by the Style His Majesty having been pleased

of Lord Finch, Baron of Daventry to accept of the Freedom of the in the County of Northampton. City of London, and of the Gold

The King issued out his Procla- smiths Company, was, in Decemmation, requiring all Judges and ber, by Sir Robert Viner, LordJustices of the Peace, effectually tò Mayor, in the name of the City, prosecute the Laws against all Pa- presented with the Copy of the Freepists and Popish Recusants.

dom in a large square Box of malAbout the latter End of Novem- fy Gold, the Seal appending being ber, his Royal Highness the Duke in a Box of Gold, set all over with of York was married to the Princess large Diamonds. of Modena, a Roman Catholick, About the Beginning of January after the Parliament had used great 1674, her Royal Highness was Endeavours to prevent it.

brought to bed of a Daughter, chriThough the Preparation for War Itened at St. James's by the Bishop went on vigorously, both on the of Durham, by the Name of Karbe. English and Dutch Sides, yet Over- rina Laura ; the Duke of Monmouth tures of Peace were still set on foot; being Godfather, and the Lady Maand his Majesty condescended to a ny and Lady Anne Godmothers. Treaty at Cologne, which took no. A. D. 1675, there happened this Effect. The Dutch, in the mean Year a dangerous Plot carried on time, thought it not fit to defift; with great Secrecy by the Blacks of but by another way of Negotiation, Barbadoes against the English, which that is to say, by Intercourse of upon the very Nick of being put in Letters, they at length prevailed so Execution was detected, and the far, as to receive a condescending Conspirators punished. Letter from the King of England, in The Natives of New England, February 1673, which was hortly ander the Command of King Phi after followed by a Conclusion of lip Hegamore, rose likewise again the Peace by them so much desired. the English, and did them contide

A. D. 1674, Peace being now rable Damage ; but were in fort concluded, this Year affords no time curbed for their Insolencies, great Transaction of Importance; and driven to their Sculking. the Consultations of Government holes. being chiefly directed to the Preser In September most part of the vation of Quietness and Unity at Town of Northampton was by Home, in order to which his Ma- dreadful Fire burnt down ; nothing jesty published several Proclamations let standing except a few Houles against the Papists and Jesuits. in the Ouikirts of the Town.

The Duke of Monmouth, upon On the 5th of March 1675 Resignation of the Duke of Buck. Sir John Narborough concluded art ingham, was chosen Chancellor of honourable Peace, and of great the University of Cambridge. The Advantage to the Trade of this Earl of St. Albans giving up the Staff Nation, with the Government of of Lord-Chamberlain of his Maje- Tripoly. fty's Houshold, his place was given A. D. 1676, the Freneb in ebe to the Earl of Arlington, to whom laft Campaign loit their famoci Sir Joseph Williamson succeeded as Marshal Turenne; and the Dalibo Principal Secretary of State. marine Expeditions are this year


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