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257 : thered in with a Fase as unlucky the Fishing-Trade, without his Ma: 1677

to the States ; for their Darling, jelly's Leave first obtained; with April, died of the Wounds which fecuring of Trade, and his Majehe had received some Days before in sty's Sovereignty in these Seas; in

Engagement with the French, in Pursuance of which Proclamation, the Bay of Augujia on the coast of several Privateers were stopt and

detained in many of the Ports of But to return home ; the first this Kingdom. Thing we meet with this Year, of

Augut the 20th, her Royal Note, is a dreadful Fire, which Highness was brought to Bed of a happened the 26th of May in the Daughter, christened by the Name Borough of Southwark; it began of Isabella ; the Lord High Treaabout Four in the Morning, and furer being Godfather, and the continued all Day, and Part of the Dutchiefs of Monmouth and Countess Night; and notwit: Nanding the of Peterborough, Godmothers. indefatigable Pains and Diligence

October the 26th, his Majesty of his Grace the Duke of Monmouth, passed an Order in Council, That of the Earl of Craven, and Lord: none of his Subjects, except the Mayor

, yet above 600 Houses were Queen's domestick Servants, should burnt and blown up by this fad repair to her Majesty's Chapel, or

to the Houses or Chapels of any His Majesty for securing Trade foreign Ambassadors or Agents, to and from his Ports, which was there to hear Maís, or English Sermuch difturbed by the Infolency of mons, upon Pain of having the Dutch

, Spanish, and French Priva. Laws severely executed against teers

, amongst whom the War them; and his Majesty appointed fill continued; on the 2d of Jure. Meslengers of the Chamber, and caused a Proclamation to be pub- other officers, to wait without at lihed, declaring all Ships, of what the Houses of foreign Ambaffadors, Party foever, that should put into and Agents, and to take Notice of any of his Ports, to be under his such of his Subjects as should come Protection during their stay there, out of the said Chapels from Relicommanding his publick Officers, gious Worship, and bring them or and all other his Viajesty's Subjects, their Names to the Council-Board. to use their best Endeavours to hin- The Principal Secretaries of State der the roving of any private Men were by his Majesty likewise reof War fo near his Coasts, as quired to repair to the faid Ambalmight give Apprehenfions to Mer- fadors and Agents, and in his Machant men ; That if a Man of jesty's Name acquaint them with War of any Party, and one or his Royal Pleasure in executing his more, Merchant-men of another, Laws, that they might have no Mould come into his Majesty's Ports, Cause to complain of Disrespect the Merchant-men should have the offered to their Character, or of any Priviledge to fail out two Tides be- Purpose of infringing their Privifore the Man of War; That none loges. of his Seamen should presume to A.D. 1677, April the 16th, his enter and lift themselves on board Majelty in his Royal Robes, with Of any foreign Man of War, or a. the usual Solemnities, came into by Ship detigned for Traffick or the House of Lords, whither the



1677. House of Commons being called, Augult the 4th, his Grace the

several Bills were pasied ; amongst Duke of Ormond, Lord-Lieutenant W. Sand-others, an Act for railing the Sum of of Ireland, began his Journey for croft, A.584,978 1. 2 s. 2d. halfpenny, for the that Kingdom. B.of Cant, speedy building of thirty Ships of And now his Majesty thinking

War ; another for an additional fit to put a Stop to the French vic-
Excise upon Beer, Ale, and other torious Proceedings in Flanders,
Liquors for three Years ; another bethought himself of entring into
for erecting a Judicature to deter. Alliances with some Princes and
mine Differences touching Houses States abroad, and began to raise
burnt and demolished by the late Forces for that Purpose; of whom
dreadful Fire in Southwark; ano. the Year following will afford more
ther for taking away the Writ De Matter of Discourse.
Hæretico comburendo, &c. and ihen October the gth, the Prince of O.
both Houses adjourned to the 21st range landed at Harwich, and wen:
of May following:

directly from thence to New-Mar.
This Month the Duke of New- kel, in his Majesty's Coaches that
calle, and Earl of Danby Lord attended his Highness there.
High Treasurer of England, were Sunda', November the 4th, the
inttalled Knights of the Garter at Marriage between her Highness the

Lady Mary, the Duke of York's e May the 21st, both Houfes, ac- delt Daughter, and his Highness the cording to their last Adjournment, Prince of Orange, was private's met again at Wefiminster, his Ma- celebrated at St. James's by the jesty having before by Proclamation Bishop of London, in Presence of required all the Níembers to be his Majesty, their Royal Highneites present, in order to the debating and some of the chietelt of the NoMatters of great Importance. In bility: And on Wednesday fellowthis Session the House of Commons ing, her Royal Highness the Duimade an Address to his Majesty, chess of York was brought to Bed o: That he would be pleased, for the a Son, who was christened by the Security of the Nation, and repref: Name of Charles, but died in De sing the growing Greatness of cember following. Frane, to enter into some Leagues November the uth, about Nire proposed by them in their Address; of the Clock in the Morning, their to which, on the 28th of the same Highnesses the Prince and Princes Month, he gave them his Answer of Orange parted from Whitetan at the Banqueting House ; which in order to their embarking in the being in Print, we shall refer you Yatches appointed to transport the to the Answer it self, His Majesty Highnesses to Hollard; his Viajesty farther told them, That it was his and his Royal Highneis having ac. Pleasure the House should be ad- companied them to Eritb, wie journed to the 16th of July follow- their Highnesses went on board. ing; and that if he intended they The Parliament, pursuant to the should fit again before Winter, he last Adjournment, having met :: would give them Notice by his Pro- W'cfimin/ter, received an In'impclamation. Accordingly both Hou on from the King, That his Ni:ses were adjourned till the 16th of jelly had Matters of very great imJuly ensuing

portance to communicare so bei

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Houses, in order to the Satisfaction all Seamen, his Subjects., who had 1678. of their late Addreises for the Pre- lifted themselves in the Service of servation of Flanders, but Matters Foreign Princes or States, forthnot then being ripe eno'gh, it was with to withdraw and return home, his Al jelly's Pleasure they should and that none for the future should be adjorned till the 28th of the presume, without Permission from fame Month, and accordingly they his Majesty, to engage in any such were adjourr ed.

Service. At the prefixed Time they met a. About this Time, at Bruges in gain, and the King in a gracious Flanders, happened a great DisorSpeech acquainted both Houses to der, occasioned by a rude Action this purpose. Thai according to his of a Burgher, who in Time of a Promise to them, that be quould do Procession, ftruck a Ditch Capfomewhat for their Satisfaction before tain with a lighted Torch over they met again, he had made Allian, the Face, because he did not uncoces with Holland for the Preservation ver himself so soon as the Townfof Flanders, which if feconded by men would have had him ; this plentiful Supplies from them, and due occasioned presently the drawing Care from the Spaniards for their own of many Swords ; and the English Priservation, might be able by Arms being fallly accused of the Tumult, to restore such an honourable Peace to some Soldiers were killed in the Chrittendom, as might not be in the Streets; but by the Care of the Power of one Prince alone to difiurb; Magistrates and Officers, the Stir which he had ender veured to do by a being quieted, and the Truth of fair 'Treaty: That he bad married his the Matter discovered, the MagiNeice to the Prince of Orange, and so ftrates of the Town imprisoned engaged himself io maintain his Inte- and punished some of the Authors rejt. And having laid before them the of the Tumult; and to testify their Expences he had been at, and what Trouble at the Accident, magnifi. an actual War would needs require, cently treated the English Officers with very pressing Confiderations, his and Soldiers, and published a PlaMajefe demandid of them answera- cart in their Justification, charging b!c Supplies.

all Persons to use the said Soldiers March the 20th, amongst other with all Kindness and Civility. Bills'in Parliament, there passed On Saturday, April the 13th, a an Ad for raising Money by Poll Woman of Swansey was brought and other Ways, to enable his Ma- to Bed of a dead Female Child, jeity to enter into an actual War which had two perfect Heads and against the French King; with a Necks upon one Body, with all Prohibition of all French Commo- the Parts of each Head exact, dities.

and the Members of the Body perA. D. 1678, many of the For- fect. ces raised by his Majesty since Sep The Parliament, pursuant to the tember last being already in Flan- last Prorogation, having met the ders, and more going over daily ; 23d of May, and continued fi ting his Majefty, that he might put hin- till the 15th of July following: self in a Pótture of acting by Sea as his Majesty that Day in his Robes well as by Land, caufed a Procla- came into the House of Lords, and maion to be published the Begin- there gave his Roy nl Afient to fening of this Year, Rrictly charging veral A&ts, amongit which, to one


S 2

1678. for raising Money for disbanding rogued from the 29th of Augs,

of the Army, a great Part of which to the first of October following ; was now in Flanders ; another for and afterwards, by another Procła. granting an Additional Duty to mation, to the zift of the fame his Majesty upon Wines for three Month ; at which Time his MaYears ; a third for burying_in jesty required a full Meeting of the Woollen, and a fourth for the Re- Members, in order to their fitting lief and Discharge of poor distref- for the Dispatch of weighty Matfed Prisoners for Debt.

ters; which indeed happened to After which the Lord Chancel- be of greater Concern than was lor, by his Majesty's Command, imagined. acquainted the two Houses, that The Prince of Orange was now his Majesty had thought fit, in marched with his Army to the Rethe prelent Conjuncture of Affairs, lief of Mons, at that Time blocked to prorogue them to the first of Au up by the French under the Comgufi following, and so keep them mand of the Duke of Luxembers

, in Call by thort Prorogations; his before he had the News of the Majelty not knowing how soon Peace: And his Highcess, accom. he might have Need of their further. panied with the Duke of MarService and Allistance; but atmouth, about the Beginning of As. his Majesty's Intention was, they gust, being advanced near the Eshould not meet till towards Win- nemy's Camp at St. Denis, brave. ter, unless there were Occasion for ly aitacked it, and after a long and their assembling sooner, of which brisk Dispute, forced the French he would give them timely Notice to dislodge, and poffefied himlet by Proclamation : And accordingly of the Ground. The Prince ard the Parliament was prorogued till the Duke of Monmouth were in the first Day of Augufl.

great Danger in this Engagement, In pursuance of this Prorogation, but both came off without any a Parliament met at Wefiminjier Hurt; the Earl of Ofery the first Day of Augufi, and were manded his Majesty's Subtus then by Commission prorogued to that were in the States Service, the 29th of the same Month; at who gained no small share in the which Time his Majesty being Honour of this Day's Action, thu' willing they should meet and con- many gallant Men perished in the tinue fitting for the Dispatch of Attempt. weighty Affairs, did issue out a This Year likewise, one 17Proclamation, requiring all the tus Oates, who had been educa. Níembers to give their Attendance ted at Cambridge, and admitted at Wesiminfter the said Day. But into Orders, did afterwards (feenthe Face of Affairs abroad being, ingly at least) turn Roman Calle much altered by the Conclusion of lick, and going over to St. Ometi, the Peace betwixt the French King was admitted into the Engliß Cola and the States of the United Pro- lege there ; where having con tituvinces, which was signed at Ni- ed some Time, he went into Spsis, meguer the first of August, his and at length, after some l'an Majesty thought fit likewise to Correspondence with the Englios lo change his Reiolution ; and there- suits abroad, came home, intuired fore by Proclamation declared, with Letters and other Malles te That both Houfes should be pro- their Friends here. This gave them


a Confidence in him, and obtained being loose, he could not shoot; 1678. him the Privacy to all their De- That 5,000 l. had actually been figns, which when he had suffici- paid in Part to Sir George Wakeman, ently informed himself of, he con- the rest being to be paid when the sulted with one Dr. Tongue, a Mi- Thing was effected. And that the rifter in London, concerning the four Ruffians had been sent to VindDiscovery thereof; who advised for in August last, and the 801, sent him to apply himself to Sir Ed- after them, himself having seen the mundbury Godfrey, a Justice of the Money paid. That an Army was Peace in Westminster; to whom he to be raised and commanded by went, and on the 28th of Septem- certain Lords. That there was also ber, 1678, discovered several trea

a Design laid for killing the Duke sonable Designs, that the Jesuits of Ormond, and raising a Rebellion and Romish Priests, and others of in Ireland, 40,000 Blank Bills bethat Religion, were carrying on, ing provided to be sent thither for to murther the King, deltroy the the Papists. That Commislions Government, and subvert the E- had been granted from Rome, to fablished Religon. That in order make the Lord Arundel of Wardour to it, there had been Consults held Lord Chancellor, the Earl of Powis by several of the Conspirators, on Lord Treasurer, the Lord Bellafis the 24th of April, in the Month of General of the Army, the Lord Augufi, and at other times, in which Peters Lieutenant-General, the Lord it had been resolved to kill the Stafford Paymaster of the Army, King; one Grove, a Layman, and Mr. Coleman Secretary of State, and Pickering, a Priest, being contracted Mr Langborn Advocate of the Arwith to do it ; for which the for- my. The chief Conspirators were mer was to receive 1,500 l. but the Mr. Coleman and Mr. Langborn, latter content to have 30,000 Mafles Lawyers ; Tho. U'hitebread, Provinfaid for his Soul after his Death ; cial of the Jesuits in England; WilThat this Resolve be put into Wri. liam Harcourt, pretended Rector of ting, and figned and sealed by seve- London ; John Fenwick, Procurator ral of the Conspirators: And left of the Jesuits in England; John this should fail, a Contract was by Gawen, Anthony Turner, William others made with Sir George Wake- Ireland, William Marshall, William fiança Physician, who for 15,000 l. Rumley, James Corker, Thomas Pickwas to poison the King : Again, ering, Jesuits, Popish Priests, and lelt both these should fail, a third Monks, John Grove, the five Lords Means was proposed, and that was abovementioned, and several others by four Ruffians, who were hired not taken. for 80 to assassinate his Majesty To corroborate Oates's Testimo. at Windsor. That he had seen the ny, there afterwards came in divers Pittols that Grove and Pickering had other Witnesses, namely, William prepared with silver Bullets to shoot Bedloe, formerly Servant to the the King in St. James's Park, and Lord Bellasis, but afterwards emthat he had several times seen Grove ployed in carrying Letters beyond and Pickering in the Park waiting the Sea for the Jesuits ; Stephen an Opportunity; That in March Dugdale, who had been Servant to laft Pickering had a fair Opportuni- the Lord Afon, one Smith who had ty but that the Flint of his Piftol been a Priest of the Church of

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