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1678. Rome ; Thomas Dangerfield, Miles any News could be heard of him, po Prance, and several others.

and then he was found cead in a There were also seized several Ditch by Primrose-H!!, with his Papers in Mr. Coleman's Cham. own Sword run through his Body; ber, importing a Design of obtain- and upon the Inquest, the Coroner's ing a Toleration for, and Prosa- Jury found that he had been n. 1. gation of, the Popish Religion in dered. England, being a fifted from France His Majesty publi led a P-oc'a. and Rome with great Sums of Mo- mation on the 20:5 for the Diro. ney, which was to be difpoled of very of the Níurtherers, promilrg in England to certain Persons for a Reward of soul which at the that Purpose. Which Papers dif- Parliament's Rrquest, which nei covered that he kept a constant the zift of October, being reveatCorrefpondence with la Chaise, the ed, with a Promile of protecting French King's Confeffor, who ne- the Discoverer, one William Bed gociated this Matter there ; and loe, cominonly called Captain Belwith the Pope's Nuncio at Bruf- loe, came in, and declared that fels, who agitated the same at had been trea ed with by some Rome ; this he himself confeffed, Popish Prielts 10 murder a cerbut to his Death denied any Design tain Gentleman, without naming of killing the King, or raising a Re- whom, but was ordered to infibellion,

nuate him elf into the AcousinThere were likewise Letters and tance of Sir Eamundburg Godfres ; Papers seized in Mr. Harcourt's that the Day that Sir Edrounding Lodgings, some of which gave an Godfriy was miling, one of the Account of a general Consult to be Priests, named la Fare, told him, held in London by the Jeluits on the that there was a confiderable Gen. 24th of April, for the transacting teman to be taken off that Night

, of some grand Affair.

who had in his Hands all the leTo which must be added, three formations of Oa:es ; that if they Letters written by some of the Je took those Papers from him, i Suits.

would obftruct the Discovery; and Sir Edmundbury Godfrey having asked him to affist in it, which be taken Oates's Depohcions, carried promised, and appointed to meet them to the Lord Chief Justice at Somerset - House, but failed i Scroggs, who informed the King that he feeing la Fare on Nerdes and Council of it, and WarrantNight, was charged for Breach of were immediately issued for appre. Proinise ; and that la fare then hending the Persons accused, who sewed him the Body in Somerjit were accordingly seized, and sent to House, which he imme iately Prison. And in the Midst of the knew to be Sir Edmundtury God Confiernation this Discovery hd frey's, and promised to allot in caused, Sir Edmundbury Godfrey was carrying it off, but that he tailed on Saturday the 12th of Oscber then allo: and being much ditera mifi g from his House, no body bed, went out of Town, and conknowing what was become of him; tinuing ftill restless, at length te: upon which it was immediately con- solved to discover it. This is the cluded that the Papists had murder- Sum of Bedloe's Teltimony in s ed him. It was four Days before Master.

But :

But soon after one Miles Prance, on Wednesday it was again carried 1678. a Silversmith, came in, and gave a to the Room where it lay before, more particular Account of it, viz. from wence it was at 12 a-Clock That one Girald and one Kelly, that that Night carried in a Sedan by were Popish Prietts, together with Prance and Girald, and Green and Robert Green, and Lawrence Hill, Kelly, by Turns, as far as Soho, were the Persons that perpetrated where Hill received it, and on a this wicked Villany ; the Manner Horse carried it to the Place where thus : Hill went to Sir Edmundbu- it was found, and run his Sword ry's House on the 12th of October, through the Body, that it might be in the Morning, and pretending supposed he killed himself. This is Business, he spoke with him ; and the Substance of what these two afterwards with Girald and Green, Witnesses deposed at the Trials of dogged him all Day long, till at the Persons that were afterwards Eight a Clock in the Evening, as hanged for this Murther. he paffed by Somerset House, Hill This horrid Murther made the came to Sir Edmundbury, and pre. House of Comnions very vigorous tending that two Men were quar- in examining the Evidence, and relling, desired him to come down seizing the Persons accused of the 10 pacify them ; which at their Popilh Plot; among which the Earl earnest Intreaty he was prevailed of Powis, Viscount Stafford, Lord upon to do, when going into Somer. Arundelof Wardour, Lord Peters, and set House Water-gate, and palling Lord Bellafis, were committed to the down towards the Yard that opens Tower : And upon the Parliament's to the Water, as he came to the Address to his Majesty to that PurBottom of the Rails, Green threw pose, a general Fast was order'd to be a twitted Handkerchief about his observed on the 13th of November, Neck, and dragged him behind the to implore the Mercy of Almighty Rails, and there throtled him and God upon his Majesty's Person, and punched him ; and Girald would in hin upon all his Subjects, and baye run his Sword through him, that God would bring to Light all but was hindred by the rest, leit secret Machinations against his Ma. the Blood might discover them; jesty and the whole Kingdom; while this was doing, Prance (who which Day of Humiliation was obhad been engaged in the Business by served accordingly all over the the Persuafions of Girald and Kel- Kingdom. Several Proclamations ls, and was called out of his Houle were ifsued for the Discovery and that Evening by Green) ftood to disabling of Popish Recusants, the watch at the Gate ; and Berry, who first on the 30th of October, comwas Porter to Somerset House, did manding all Papifts or reputed Pathe same at the Stairs ; and after piits to depart from the Cities of the Murther was done, he helped London and Wefiminfier, and all Hill, Green, Girald, Kelly, and Ber- other Places within ten Miles of Ty, to carry the Body into Hill's the same. And on the ad of NoChamber in Dr. Godwin's House, vember, an O.der of Council was where it lay till Monday Night, and publithed, promising a Reward of then it was removed into Somerset. 201. to those that should discover House ; on Tuesday it was again re any Officer or Soldier of his Maemoved near to Hill's Chamber, and sty's Guards, who having formerly


S 4

1678. taken the Oaths and Teft

, had since Town ; which not availing, he been, or should hereafter be per was found guilty, and on the 3d verted to the Romish Religion. All of December was drawn to Taburn, Papists were besides confined within and there hanged and quartered. five Miles of their own Habitati The Parliament were still wholons, and a Reward of 20 l. was ly taken up in searching into the promised to the Discoverer of a Po- Plot, and Sir Edmundbury Gotfrey's pith Prielt.

Murther, with whom the King None that were accused of the heartily concurred, and came 10 Plot came to Trial till November the Parliament House on Purpole to the 27th, when Edward Coleman, thank them for their Care, and proEfq; who had been Secretary to the mise his Aflistance, and at their Re. Dutchess of York, was brought to quest, issued forth his Proclamation, the King's Bench Bar, and indicted promising a Reward and Pardon to for High Treason, in endeavouring any Person that could make further to subvert the Protestant Religion, Discovery of the Plot. Wbih to introduce Popery, and kill the brought in Dugdale, Smith, Dany. King; The Evidence against him field, and others.' And on the zoch were Oates and Bedloe ; the first of November, his Majesty gave the depofing, That he had received yal Assent to an Act for disabling Letters of Mr. Coleman to carry to Papists to fit in Parliament, by obSt. Omers, which contained Ex. liging all Members of both Houses pressions that intima ed a Design to not only to take the Oach of Alkill the King; that Coleman was legiance and Supremacy, but also privy to Grove's and Pickering's De- to subscribe a Teit, being a Declafign of killing the King ; that heration against Popery ; but refused was also privy to, and ariilted in to pass à Bill terdered to him for hiring of Ruffians to kill the King raising the Militia, and continuing at Windsor, and also to the other them in Duty for forty two Days, Means of doing it by Sir George and gave his Reason for it; Trat Wakeman ; and to the Design of that would put the Milivia out of his murthering the Duke of Ormond; Power, which he would not have and that he had seen a Commislion conjented to, if it had been but fer beli from Rome for Mr. Coleman to be an Hour: Búc was pleased, at the Secretary of State. Mr. Bedloe de- Defire of the House of Commons, posed, That he had heard of the to consent to the disbanding of an Commission above-mentioned, and Army then on Foot, that had been that he had heard Mr. Coleman de. raised for the Preservation of Flesclare, That he would lose an hundred ders, Lives, if he had them, to carry on On the 5th of December, the Comthe Difign, and would deftroy an

mons sent up to the Lords an imhundred Heretick Kings to effect it. peachment of High Treason agajnit To these two Witnesses was added Henry Lord Arundel of Warisht, the Evidence of his Papers, which William Earl of Powis, Jobr Lord were produced and read in Court. Bellasis, William Lord Peters, and The Prisoner endeavoured to inva- William Viscount Stafford, and lidate Mr. Oares's Testimony, by mised speedily to exhibit to their proving himself in Warwickshire, at Lordships the Articles of the Charge a Time he swore him to be in against che faid five Lords.





The ref of the Session was ta than six Millions of Livres per Anken up in preparing a Bill for rai But it seems a French Mifing Money to disband the Army; nitter at London had got the King wherein the Commons were so to consent to two Millions of Livres, distruitful of the King, that the which, as Mr. Montague argues Money was by the Bill ordered to (in writing to the King and to the be paid into the Chamber of Lon- Lord Treasurer) was 12,000 l. less don, and not into the Exchequer ; than the 200,000 l. he insisted on, Sir Gilbert Gerard, Colonel Birch, and was sure he could have uband Colonel Whitley, three of their tained, besides four Millions of Liown Members, being appointed vres at the End of the War, which Commissioners for paying off the the King let drop. This is the Soldiers ; and in drawing up Arti- main Substance of those Letters, cles of Impeachment against the which seem to be published only Earl of Danby, Lord-Treasurer, to fhew that Mr. Montague. was which was occasioned by some deeper in chat Negotiation than the Clashings between him and Mr. Lord - Treasurer ; whose Letters Montague, who had been Ambaf- shew him indeed to be in the Se. fador in France, and was then a cret, but against the French, and Member of the House of Commons. ignorant of the King's Contract. This Story having been told by And he seems to lay fome Stress this Lord' himself in his Volume and Glory upon the Money's not of Letters printed soon after the being paid to him, but to Mr. Death of Montague, must not be Chiffinch, who every Body knows omitted.

was the King's Closet-keeper, and By these Letters it plainly ap one whom the King much confided pears, that a Bargain was made in. at the Court of France, for an Mr. Montague, who had desired Annual Sum of Money to be paid to be Secretary of State, finding to the King of Greai-Britain, to himself opposed in it by the Lordinduce him to fit still, and not in. Treasurer, came privately over in terrupt the French King in the Auguft, 1678, and got himself Progress of his Arms in Flanders. chosen a Member of Parliament. Mr. Montague, who haggled for The King was displeased with the King at the Court of France, his Conduct, and Montague found , always inlisted upon 200,000 l. per himself in Danger; which at first Annum during the War, and de he endeavoured to avoid by Flight ; manded also four Millions of Livres but unable to endure the stormy at the Conclusion of the Peace. Weather his Ship was attacked His Arguments at that Court were, with in Margate Road, he came That the King was unable to sup alhore, and afterwards endeavoured port his Affairs with a less Sum to get off at Dover,.but was stopt than 200,000 l. per Annum ; That by the Officers, which obliged him France might very well agree to to come to London ; and finally, his Demand, since the Increase of the King having sent a Message Power by the Conquests (which to the House of Commons Der. Was absolutely owing to the King's 19, accusing him of Corresponfitting still) was vastly great, and dence with the Pope's Nuncio at the Addition of Revenue no less Paris, and having ordered his Pa


1678. pers to be seized, Mr. Montague prorogued the Parliament to the ch

on that Occasion told the House, of February following, and after-
“ He had in his Cuftody feveral wards on the 24th of January dis-
“ Papers, which he conceived might folved it (after it had continued in
“ tend very much to the Safety of being 17 Years, 8 Months, and 17
“ his Majesty's Person, and the Days, and is cherefore commonly
Preservation of the Kingdom.” called the Long Parliament) causing
A Committee was thereupon imme. a new one to be fummoned to meet
diately ordered to fetch the Wri at Wejiminfier the 6th of March
tings to the House; and Mr. Mon. next.
tague shewed the Letters from the The Courts of Justice in the mean
Lord-Treasurer relating to the Bar- time were no: idle; for on the 17th
gains above said, especially two, one of December, 1678, three of the
whereof had a Postscript of the Popish Conspirators, William Ire-
King's own Hand. This Letter is land, Thomas Pickering, and Jebe
writ by my Order : C. R. wherein a Grove, were at the Sellions- Houie
Demand was made of 6,000,000 l. in the Old Baily arraigned and tryed
per Ann, for three Years, to be paid for High Treason ; the Witneiles
by France to the King, upon the against them were Oates and Dedict,
Allies excepting the Terms of Peace who swore that Ireland was pretent
offered by France, because (lays that at a Consult held on the 24th of
Letter ) it will probably be two or April, at the White Horse Tavern in
three years before the Parliament will the Strand, and signed the Recive
be in Humour to give any Supplies. for killing the King, which Group

The Indignation that an English and Pickering undertook to do; and
Parliament, who had been so long that he saw them cwo in the Park
labouring the Point of engaging the with screwed Pistols and silver Bul-
King to come into the War, for pre- lets, with which they had followed
serving Europe against the Invasions the King for several Years; that in
of France, muit necesiarily have March lait Pickering had a fair Os;
upon this Discovery, may well be portunity, but the Flint of his Priol
supposed to create a Flame that was was loose, and so could not fh voi,
not easily to be extinguished. Alon- for which he was corrected. For
tag ue had the Art to skreen himself, these Treasons they were condem-
and turn the Blow upon the Lord- ned, and executed at Tyburn; bre-
Treasurer, who unable to stand it, land and Grove on the 24th of Ja:
at first retired, but a Bill of Ato nuary, and Pickering on the gta af
tainder being brought against him May following:
in the next Parliament, and near February the roth Robert Greer,
pafling, he surrendred himself, and Henry Berry, and Laurence Hill, were
produced the King's Pardon; but brought to Trial at the King's Beach
in vain, for he was committed to Bar, for the Murther of Sir Edmuas-
the Tower, where he lay many bury Godfrey; where, upon the Evi-
Years, as is seen in the Course of dence of Prance and Bedloe, before
the History.

mentioned, they were all three found This having put the House into guilty, and were accordingly execua Ferment, the King thought it pro. ted at Tyburn on the 21st of February. per to separate them, and accor And now the Business of the Nido dingly, on the 30th of December tion was canvalling for electing


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