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1635. Established Church, and that he cited to give Teslimony in Cales of

would maintain them in all their Treason, and refuse to do so, foculd Rights according to Law, not fuf- be proceeded against as guilty of the fering them to be arbitrarily op- fame Crime they were to witness. pressd by Soldiers, or others; and On the 28th of April, a Procla. further, That the King would con- mation was published for putting descend, as far as could be expected, the Kingdom of Scotland into a Poin the Business of the Excise and sture of Defence, against the EneMilitia ; he proposed to them the mies of the King and Government, establishing the Revenues upon the commanding all the King's Subjects King, as amply as his Predecessors to be in Readiness, and with their had enjoyed them: And, that ef- beft Arms to affift against any Comfectual Means might be found to motions and Insurrections : And, destroy the desperate Fanatick Party, That Care be taken of the Coasts, that had brought that Kingdom to and ordering all the Militia ar.d the Brink of Ruin.

flanding Forces of that Realm. The Lord Chancellor made also a But to return to England. Speech to them, wherein he remem On the gih of May, Dr. Oates bered them of the Disorders the Na. was tried at the King's Beach Bar, tion had been subject to, through upon the two Indictments of Perju. the restless Endeavours of the Fa- ry, preferred against bim in the last naticks; and by what gentle Means Reign, and was found guilty of the King, when he was Lord Com. both. And about the middle of the missioner, had quieted theni ; and fame Month, was brought again to therefore urged them to serve the the Bar, where the Lord Chief Jo. King, promote his Interest, and stice being on the Bench, he redestroy that Brood of. Villanous ceived Judgment, To be divejfed of Men.

his Canonical Habit for ever: To be Which Speeches being over, the carried round Westminster Hall, with Parliament drew up a Letter to the an Inscription upon his Forehead, dr King, expressing how sensible they claring his Crime : Afterwards, # were of his Remembrance of their ji and in the Pillory; and tale abiga former Services, and their Resclu- ped from Aldgate to Newgate, and tions to exceed what they had for- from Newgate to Tyburn. Also, merly done, and be exemplarily to fland in the Pil'o'y five times yeerloyal in advancing such Laws as ly, during his Life'; 10 pay ioco might secure his Authority, extirpate Marks for each Porjury, and to be the Fanatical Party, and punish the imprisoned during Life. late Conspirators.

And on the 30th of May, Tbazar And soon after, they passed these Dangerfield was tried upon an laFour Acts, viz. i. For jecuring the formation, for writing a Libel calProtestant Religion. 2. For annexing led his Narrative ; and being found the Excise upon Foreign and Inland guilty, was on the 29th of you Commodities to the Crown of Scot- sentenced to fand in the Pillory; to land for ever. 3. Concerning Cita- be wbijp'd from Aldgate 17 Newtions and Processes of Treason, rati. gare, and from Newgate to Tybura, fying the former Cuftoms of the Ju- and fined 500l. He was according's ficiaries Proceedings against Pannels whipp'd ; but, as he recurr'd 33 already in Prison, &c. 4. Concern- Neregate, was run through the Ele ing Wilnefes, That thoje that are into the Brains, of which head

of Salop.

he died; and the Person that did it an Express was dispatched to the 1685. was tried, found guilty, and hanged King. for it.

On the 19th of May, the ParliaNear the same time the King con ment met at Westminster, where the ferred fome Honours; viz. Henry King being on the Throne, and the Jermayn, Esq; was created Baron House of Commons attending, the of Dover; John Lord Churchill, who Lord Keeper told them, The King had been created Baron of Anmouth would defer Speaking to them, till in Scotland by King Charles II. in they had taken the Oaths : And that the Year 1683, had the Title of it was his Pleasure they should imBaron of this Kingdom conferred on mediately proceed to make Choice of a him, by the Name and Stile of Ba- Speaker. And they returning to Ton Churchill of Sandbridge in the their House, unanimously chose Sir County of Hertford; and Sir George John Trevor, who was that AfterJeffreys, Lord Chief-Justice, was noon presented to the King. And made Baron of Wem in the County on the 22d the King came again to

the House of Lords ; whither the But King James was hardly set. House of Commons being come up, tled in the Throne, when two At- his Majesty made the following tempts were made to heave him out; Speech to the Parliament. one by the Earl of Argyll in Scotland, and the other by the Duke of My Lords and Genilemen, Monmouth in England. You have .

Fter it pleased Almighty heard that the Earl of Argyll was


• God to take to his Mercy condemned for High-Treason in the late King, my dearest BroScotland, but made his Escape, and 'ther, and to bring me to the peacefied into Holland; and that the Duke able Possession of the Throne of of Monmouth, having been pardoned 'my Anceitors, I immediately reby King Charles, offending again, solved to call a Parliament, as the was banished the Court. After which 'best Means to settle every thing he also went over to Holland, where upon those Foundations which these two meeting, together with may make my Reign both easy and several others that had been con- happy to you ; towards which I cerned in the Rye-House Conspiracy, am disposed to contribute all that and were fled, immediately after the is fit for me to do. What I said to Death of the late King, set them. 'my Privy Council at my firtt comselves at work to form a Rebellion, ing there, I am desirous to renew and resolved to invade both Engs to you ; wherein I fully declarland and Scotland at the same time. ed my Opinion concerning the Accordingly, Arms and Ammuni Church of England, whose Memtion were bought, and as many Men "bers have shewed themselves so got together as they could find in eminently Loyal in the worit of those Countries fit for their Purpose. “Times, in Defence of my Father,

part of these, and five Ships, • and Support of my Brother of blesArgyll first set forth for Scotland, and *fed Memory, that I will always on the gth of May, appeared before take Care to defend and support it, Orkney; where sending his Secre- •I will make it my Endeavour to tary and Surgeon on Shore, they preserve this Government, both in were both seized by the Inhabitants • Church and State, as it is now by of the land, and the News imme- Law established, and as I will diately sent so Edinburg, from whence never depart from the Jutt Rights

• and


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1685. ' and Prerogatives of the Crown, Method to take with me ; and

' so I will never invade any Man's that the best way to engage me to

Property : and you may be fure, 'meet you often, is, always to use • that having hitherto ventured my me well, I expect therefore, That

Life in Defence of this Nation, I you will comply with me in what • shall fill go as far as any Man, in • I have desired, and that you will preserving it in all its juft Rights do it speedily; that this may be and Liberties. And having giv- ' a short Session, and that we may en you this Assurance concern-'meet again to all our Satisfactions. ing the Care I will have of your

Religion and Property, which I My Lords and Gentlemen, • have chosen to do in the same • I must acquaint you, That I • Words I used at my first coming have had News this Morning from • to the Crown, the better to evi- Scotland, that Argyll is landed in • dence to you, that I spoke them the Weft-Highlands, with the *not by Chance, and consequently Men he brought with him from • that you may the more firmly Holland; and that there are two • rely upon a Promise so solemnly Declarations published ; one in the

made; I cannot doubt that I shall Name of all those in Arms there, • fail of suitable Returns from you, the other in his own. It would • with all imaginable Duty and be too long for me to repeat the • Kindness on your Part, and par Subitance of them; it is sufficient * ticularly in what relates to the 'to tell you, I am charged with • settling my Revenue, and conti • Usurpation and Tyranny : The • nuing it during Life, as it was ' fiorter of them I have directed • in the Time of the King my Bro. "to be forthwith communicated to

ther. I might use many Argu- you, I will take the best care I 'ments to inforce this Demand, 'can, that this Declaration of their • from the Benesit of Trade, the own Treason and Rebellion may • Support of the Navy, the Necef- ! meet with the Reward it deserves ;

sity of the Crown, and the Well. • and I will not doubt but that you • being of the Government itself, • all will be more zealous, so fup. • which I must not fuffer to be • port my Government, and give

precarious ; but I am confident me my Revenue as I have detired your own Confideration of what it without Delay. • is just and reasonable, will suggest to you whatsoever might be The first thing the House of Com

enlarged upon this Occasion. There mons did, was to vote their molt • is one popular Argument, which humble and hearty Thanks to the • I foresee may be used against what King, for his molt gracious Speech . I ak of you, from the Inclina- and Declaration; and then unani• tion Men may have for frequent mously resolved, That all the Re • Parliaments, which some may venues enjoyed by the late King

think' would be best secured, by thould be settled on his Majesty to • feeding me from time to time by Lite: And next both Houses made • such Proportions as they 'hall an Address to che King. to alīze think convenient: And this Ar- his Majesty, That they would hand griment, it being the first time I by him with their lives and For

ipeak to you from the Throne, tunes against Argyll, and all over • I will answer once for all, That Enemies. this would be a very improper In Scolland the Parliament, is

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pursuance of the King's Desire, pas- The English Parliament they decla- 1685.

fed an Act, wherein they ordained, red against as packed; next, gave · That any that should hereafter their Reasons for taking up Arms,

preach in any House, or Field-Con- viz. To restore and settle the Pro-
venticle, or hould be Hearers at testant Religion, and entirely to ex-
such Conventicles, should be pu- clude Popery; folemnly declaring,
nished by Death and Confiscation That they would never capitulate
of Goods, And another Aế, to with the King ; but prosecute the
make it Treason to Give or Take War till they had perfected what
the National Covenant, as interpre- they came for.
ted in the Year 1638, or League and The other Declaration was in the
Covenant, as it is commonly called, Name of the Earl of Argyll him-
or to write in its Defence : And a self; wherein he declared he ap-
third A&t for raising 260,000 Poundspeared not in Arms for any private
yearly for the King's Life.

Reason, but upon those only con-
The Earl of Argill, upon his Se- tained in the general Declaration,
cretary's being seized. quitted Ork and desired no more than his own
ney, pursued his Course to the West Estate, with which he promised to
of Scotland, and landed at Dunsiaff- pay his own and his Father's Debts,
nage, an old ruinous Castle in Lorn, &c.
formerly belonging to himselfi The Parliament in the mean time
Having put a Garrison into this continued firm to the King, and en-
Castle, he marched up farther into acted, That the Oath of Allegiance
the Country, and published his fhould be taken again at that Junc-
Declaration; the Title of which ture, by all the Scotch Subjects ;

and that they should assert the PreThe Declaration of the Protefiant rogatives of the Crown, whenever People, that is to say, the Noblemen, the Council should require it of Barons, Gentlemen, and Commoners them, on Pain of Imprisonment, Baof all forts, in Arms, within the nishment, &c. Kingdom of Scotland, with the Con Argyll being come to Loch-head, currence of True and Faithful Pastors, alias Campleton, eight Miles from and of several Gentlemen of the Eng. the Mill head of Kintire, he sent lith Nation joyned with them. out Summons, subicribed by him

In this Declaration they pretend- felf, and dated at Campleton, May 21. ed many Advantages had accrued to requiring all Heritors, Tenants, and the Protestant Religion by the War others, and all sensible Men within against King Charles I. ascribing the Division of Cowall, of the Age the Success of the War to the Fa- of Sixteen to Sixty, to come to vour and Blefling of Heaven, gained the Tarbut by the 26th of May, or by the Goodness and Justice of their sooner, with all their useful Arms, Cause: And extolled the Fidelity and Provisions for a Fortnight. And of the Covenanters of Scotland, re to back this summons, put his Son proaching the Parliament for de- Charles into Cowall, who sent Letftroying the Laws made in those ters to several Gentlemen to repair Times, and turning out the Fana to him without Delay, under the tical Ministers; arraigned the Go- Penalty of Fire and Sword. But Verament for putting Men to Death, neither the one nor the other had &c. declared againit the King's Süe any Effect, for the Gentlemen and premacy, and his Succession, term

Heritors came not near him. ing him only James Duke of York. The Number of his Army was



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1685. variously reported, but all Accounts ny Horses and Arms. This made

came within 5000; whereas the them retire to Ellengreg, wheret ey King's Party were, in seven Days continued till the 15th, and then time, no less than 22,000 Men, part paling Loch-Long, marched towards of which, under the Command of Lenox, in the Shire of Dunbarton. the Marquiss of Athol, the Earl of The same Day the King's Ships came Broad- Albin, and Sir Ewan Came- up to the Caftle, where Argrits ran, marched into Argylıphire afier Arms and Ammunition ftill Lly, the Enemy, and had like to have with a Resolution to batter it, and furprized Charles Campbell, the Earl's destroy the Ships. But upon firing Son, who lay there with a Party a Gun, two Men put off in a Bær of 120 Foot, and 12 Horse, having with a White Flag, telling them upon Notice of the Marquiss’s Ap- there would be no Oppofirion made, proach, but just time to recover his the Enemies being all fled; which Boats, to which he fed, losing three proving true, they took Poffeffion of of his Men, one killed, and two the Caille, and found in it 5.cco taken Prisoners.

Arms, and 500 Barrels of Powder, From Campleton the Earl of Ar. with Ball, and all other Ammunigyll marched to Turbet, thence em

tion in Proportion bark'd to the Town of Ross in the On the 16th, Argyll marched to Illand of Boot, where taking Provi- the Head of Gais-Loch, towards the fions for himself and his Men for Fords of the River Levin. one Night, he failed round the On the 17th the Earl of Duzbar. Mand, and returned to Ross again, ton, Commander in Chief of the and fired seven Guns at his Landing, King's Forces, having an Account having with him 2500 Men. Upon of their passing the River Lovin a the Arrival of the King's Ships, he bove Dunbarton, marched from G's: quitted the land of Boot, and passed gow after them, and overtook the m to Cowall, and would have brought in the Parish of Killerne, in fe his Ships into Loch-Finne, towards Way to Sterling. The King's Hicrie Inverary ; but being detained by and Dragoons kept up with to contrary Winds, the King's Ships till the foot arriv'd; but it being came first up to the Entrance of late in the Evening, and the fine Loch-Rawan, and obliged him to my very strongly posted, it was r® bring his Ships under the Shelter of thought fit to attack them then the Castle of Ellengreg, and to for- The Army therefore continued tify that, and a Rock, that lay near Battallia all Night, intending to 2. it in a little Island, to secure his upon them as soon as Day appear's Ships in Loch-Rawan. After which But Argyll found Means in a himself marched towards the Head Night very silently to march off, and of Loch Finne, leaving 150 Men for took his Way towards the River the Guard of the Ships, and first Clyde, which he and his Herre putting his Cannon, Arms, and swam over and procured Boats Ammunition, into the Castle. the Foot, and got into Renfraes

. On the 11th of June a Party of The King's Forces miffing them 11 the King's Forces under the Mar- the Morning, marchd back to Gosquis of Athol, consisting of 300 gow, and after two Hours Reit, Foot, defeated a Party of Argyle's Earl of Dunbarton, with the Here of 400 Foot, and 80 Horse, killing and Dragoons, marched after ther, and wounding a great Number, and ordering the Foot to follow wa also taking fome Prisoners, and ma- all the Hafto they could make.


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