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At Renfrew, Sir John Cockrain, were afterwards taken and sent to 1685. one of Argylls chief Friends, un- Edinburgh. dertook to provide Guides to carry A Party of five of the Earl of Ar. them safe into Galloway ; but they ran's Militia of Clyddesdale, took miftaking their Way, led them in- Rumbald the Maltfter, and his Man, to a Bog, where having lost their who fought with great Courage, Horses and Baggage, the Foot were and killed one of the Milicia ; but dispersed into small Parties ; which being wounded, was forced to subthe King's Forces having Notice of, mit; and Colonel Ayloff with 200 divided to pursue them. Argyll more were soon after brought Pribimself returning towards Clyde, foners to Glasgow. was set upon by two of Gremock's On the 22d of June the Earl of Servants, at whom he fired, and Argyll was brought to Edinburgh, refused to yield; but receiving a

and committed to the Castle ; CoWound in his Head he left his Horse, lonel Ay!off, who should have been and run into the Water. This Noise brought with him, prevented it by brought out a Countryman, who ripping np his own Belly with a run into the Water, where Argyll Penknife. Rumbald was tried and being almost up to the Neck, pre condemned for High Treason, and fented a Pistol at him, but that mis was hanged on the 26th of June ; fing Fire, the Countryman gave him and on Tuesday following. Argyll a Blow over the Head, with which was beheaded on a Scaffold at the he fell, and in falling cried out, Crose in Edinburgh, his Head was Unfortunate Argyll! and before he fixed on the Talbooth, and his Body could recover himself

, the Soldiers buried in St. Magdalen's Chapel in took him up, and carried him to the Cowgate. This Execution was their Commanders.

in pursuance of his former CondemA Party of 40 Horse, comman- nation. He made no Speech on the ded by the Lord Ross, with as many Scaffold, only delivered a Paper to Dragoons, fell in with a Party the Dean of Edinburgh, to be given commanded by Sir John Cockrain, to the Lord Chancellor, And thus who had taken the way to the Sea. ended this Tragedy, Upon the Approach of the King's The English Parliament, accordForces, they potted themselves with ing to their vote, passed an Act, for in a small Inclosure, which cover. settling the Revenue on the King ed them Breast high : This hindered during his Life, which received the not the Lord Rofs from charging Royal Afient on the 30th of May; them ; but the Ground being too at which Time the king made a strong for the Horse, and the Cap- Speech to thank them for it, and the tain of the Dragoons being killed in Dispatch they made in it; and desithe Approach, the Lord Ross flight- red a farther Supply for the Stores, ly wounded, Sir Adam Blair Mot Navy, Ordnance, Debt of the late through the Neck, and Sir William King, &c. recommending the NaWallace shot in the Side, gave them vy in particular, and assuring them an Opportunity to make up into a of his Zeal for the Glory of the NaWood, before the Dragoons could tion. Which Speech the Commons dismount, and come up on Foot; took immediately into Confideratibut were, however, so surrounded on, and resolved to give the King a by the King's Party, that they could Supply for the Occasions mentionnot escape; yet Sir John and his Son ed in his Speech. made a Shift to break through, b. On the firit of June, her Rovei

-1685. Highness the Princess of Denmark The same Day a Proclamation

was delivered of a Daughter, who was published for the apprehending was the next Day christened Mary all Persons that should publish or by the Bishop of London.

disperse the Duke of Monmouth's DeI have told you that the Duke of claration, and another Proclamati. Monmouth was making Preparation promising a Reward of 5000 l. ons in Holland to invade England, to him that should bring the Body and second Argyll. Accordingly of James Duke of Monmouth dead having made the best Provision he or alive. could with his small Force, being The Duke of Monmoutb's Deciabut three Ships, and not above 150 ration was inciiled, The Declara. Men, he set Sail from the Texel, and tion of James Duke of Monmouth, steering to the Weft of England, on and the Noblemen, Gentimen, and the urth of June landed at Lyme others, now in Arms, for the Defence Regis in Dorfelfbire, the Mayor of and Vindication of the Protestant Me which Town sent an Express to the ligion, and of the Laws, Rigbts, and King to inform him thereof; which Privileges of England, from the Invathe King having communicated to fion made upon them, and for deliverthe Parliament, they immediately ing the Kingdom from the Ujurparian expressed their Detestation of the and Tyranny of James Duke of York. Same, in an Address from cach And in it he charged the King with House, wherein they offered their ut- Poisoning his late Majesty. molt Assistance, and promised to stand On the 14th of June, Mennsats by his Majesty with their Lives and having already increaled his NamFortunes against the Duke of Mon. ber, marched out of Lyme with to mouth, and all his Adherents, &c. Horse, and 120 Foot, went wich

A Proclamation was issued imine. them two Miles, and then left them diately, declaring, That the King to the Command of the Lord Grg. having received Advice, That the These entered Bridport (where were Duke of Monmouth, the Lord Grey, assembled some of the Gentlemes and several others were landed at of the Country, and Soldiers of the Lyme, in a heitile Manner, and had Militia) in a very hoitile Manner, pofíefled themselves of the Town, firing the Guns and Pistols very and sent their Accomplices into the thick; some of them attacked za adjacent Country, to excite the Peo- Inn, where they seized ten Horles, ple to join with them; the said and killed two Gendemen, "Mr. Duke of Monmouth, and all his Ad- Waabam Strangeways, and Mr. Es herents, were therefore declared ward Coaker, and wounded a third, Traycors and Rebels, &c.

one Mr. Harvey. This alarmed the The Parliament, to make good rest of the Gentlemen and Soldiers, their Promise, ordered a Bill of At- who soon got to their Arms and tainder against James Duke of Mon- charged them, killed about seven, mouth, which being brought into the and took twenty three Prisoners, House of Commons, on the 14th, and put the rest to flight, who let: was read three times and passed the behind them about torty Mokers, same Day, and received the Royal but carried off one of their Officers Allent on the 16th; together with that was killed. Upon this the King two Acts more, granting a Supply sent down with all speed several C:to the King, by an Imposition on ficers, and some Troops to affittbe Tobacco, Sugars, Wines, and Vi- Militia, till the Body of the Army negars.



could be ready to move; these under The same Day Colonel Oglethorp, 1685. the Command of the Lord Churchill with a Party of 100 Horse, fell ub. being arrived at Chard, a Party of on a Party of Monmouth's at Cani20 Horse, under the Command of pham-Bridge, between Bristol and Lieutenant Monoux, on the 19th, Bath, and cut off two Troops of fell in with a Party of Monmouth's their Horse. The next Day, being of the same Number, killed cwelve the 26th of June, all the King's of them, and wounded many of the Forces joined near Bath, upon which rett, but were forced to retire upon the Duke of Monmouth, with his another Party of Monmouth's coming Forces that lay then near that Place,

drew off, and marched towards In the mean Time, Monsouth Philips-Norton ; and were followed marched to Taunton, and from thence the next Day by the Duke of to Glaftonbury, Wells, and

and to- Grafton, with a Detachment of wards Bristol, gathering still as he 500 Foot, Horse, Dragoons, and went, notwithstanding the Dukes Grenadiers, who hearing some of Albemarle, Somerset and Beau- shooting in a Lane that led to fort, had posted themselves near the Town, the Duke entered it Taunton, ai Batb, and at Bristol, with a detached Party, but quickly to obstruct the Country's coming found it to be lined on both sides in to him. But notwithstanding his with Musqueteers, who fo galled Numbers, he was able to effect no his Men, that several were killed, thing; for the Militia and the besides 30 wounded. He passed King's Forces so strained him that however through the Lane, but in he was forced to march back again his Return was stopt by the Enemies the same way, not being able to Horse, through which he was fain advance forward into Wilshire, the to fight his Way to get to the main Militia of which County, under the Body of his Men. From hence they Command of the Earl of Pembroke, marched off with the rest of the Lord-Lieutenant, behaved them- King's Forces under the Earl of felves very bravely. His Lordship Feversaam, who was Lieutenantbeing informed that the Rabble, General, and drew up on a little headed by the Constable at Frome, Hill hard by, where the Cannon had set up the Duke of Monmouth's played on both sides, but without Declaration in the Market-place, any very considerable Damage, Nodrew out 160 Horse, and mounted thing of Moment happened after, some Musqueteers behind them, till the great Action that put an end with which he marched thither; to all. where the Rabble hearing of his The Duke of Monmouth marched coming, were increased to two or and countermarched from Place to three Thousand; notwithstanding Place, till July the ad he came to which, his Lordship marched into Bridgwater ; the King's Forces the Town ; the Rabble at first July the 4th, marched from Somerseemed very resolute, and some fi ton to Weston, within three Miles red, but the main Body of them of Bridgewater. The Horse and quickly threw down their Arms, and Dragoons were quartered at Wefton, filed; upon which the Declaration and the Foot encamped in an adwas pulled down, and the Confta- vantageous Post near it, fronting ble committed to Prison, the Lord towards the Moor ( being a fine Pembroke having first made him large Plain) with a Ditch before write an Abhorrence of the fame. them. 'Twas in this Pla that


1685. the Duke of Monmouth resolved Perrot, his Major, the Constable of

to attack them in the dead of the Crookhorn, and the Duke's Servant,
Night. Accordingly late in the with_200 Guineas of his Master's.
Evening he drew his Men out of The Duke's Coat he usually wore was
Bridgwaier, and ordered his found in the Field, which gave Occa.
March with that Care and Silence, fion to a Report of his being killed in
that he paffed without Opposition, the Fight of the King's forces a.
into the Moor, and formed his bout 300 were killed, and a great ma.
Foot into Battalia, being in Num- ny wounded.
ber between 5 and 6,000 Men; the The Duke of Monmouth, and the
Duke himself at the Head of them. Lord Grey made toward the Sea -lide,
With these in the Morning before and coming to Gillingham, were
Day-break, he advanced very near conducted by a Guide to Hengord,
to the King's Camp, before they but Parties being sent out in Pur-
were discovered. But when Notice suit of them, on the 7th of July
was given of their Approach, the the Lord Grey was taken in a Wood
Earl of Feversham immediately near Hoit. Lodge, with his Guide ;
ranged the King's Forces, being and the next Day the Duke of
2,000 Foot and 700 Horse, in or Monmouth, with a German Colonel,
der to receive them. The Luke of was also taken in an Inclosure ad-
Monmouth's Party began with a joining to the Wood, by fome of
great Volley of Shot and Shou:s, the Lord Lumley's Regiment of
which was returned by the King's Horse, and was immediately brought
In the mean time, the former in. to London, and committed close Prie
tending to bring up their Horse, foner in the Tower. And on the
which were commanded by the Lord 15th of the fame Month was be.
Grey, to second their foot, were headed on Tower Hill, by Virtue of
hindered by a Party of the King's an Attainder in Parliament,
Horse, commanded by Colo el Thus ended the Life of this Duke,
Oglethorp, who engage them till who made himself unhappy by his
the Earl of Oxford's Regiment and imprudent Ambition. He was the
a Detachment of the Guards came eldest of King Charles's Natural
up to form the Line; and so the Sons, and dearly beloved of his fa-
Duke's Horse performed nothing, ther, who had heaped upon him
but quitted the field in a litle Honours and profitable Employ.
Time, and were never drawn up ments, and married him to the
into a Body, notwithfanding they Heiress of one of the Richelt and
were between 1000 and 1200 Men. Noblelt Families in Scotland, wita
But the Foot on both sides itood whom he lived in great Splendor
firm, exchanging several Volleys of and Reputation till he lost his Fa-
Shot, before they were able to close, ther's Favour, as before related.!
because of the Ditch we have men. He left lwo young Sons, who were
tioned. But the King's Cannon com for some time confined, but with
ing up, and his Horse breaking honourable Attendance.
in upon the Enemy, they were at And now the publick Peace being
last entirely roated, their Cannon restored, the King, by Proclamat-
taken, and near 2,000 of their Men on, appointed a publick and Solemn
killed, besides a great Number ta- Thank giving to Almighty God, to
ken Prisoners. Or the latter, the most be made on the 26th Day of July, cur
conliderable were Çolonel Holms, the happy End of this Diltus dance,


Soon after the Lord Chief Justice sed into Laws: Among which was 1685. Jefferies was sent down into the one to encourage the Building of Well with a Commission of Oyer Ships. And the King then intimaand Terminer, to try and judge ted to the Parliament, That he did those that had been concern'd in not intend they should then fit, but the Rebellion ; great Numbers of be continued by Adjournments till whom, being found guilty, were at the Winter. several Times and Places executed ; On the 19th of this Month a Probesides which, about 700 had their clamation was issued to summon Lives, given them; but were trans- the Lord Delamere to appear within ported into the Plantations in Ame- ten Days at the Council Board. And rica. And many others made a on the 26th another Proclamation Mift to obtain their Pardons. The to fummons George Speak, Esq; and Condemnations and Executions in others there named, to appear withthis truly call’d Bloody- Affize, were in twenty Days. so namerous, that Jefferies bragg'd On the 23d the Duke of Norfolk, He bad bang’d more Men than all the Lord Peterborough, and Lord RoJudges of England, fince William chefter, and on the 3 ift the Earl of ibe Conqueror. And this too after Feversham were installed Knights of Kirk (a Man famous for his Cruel- the Garter ; and the next Day the ty) had already by Martial Law Lord Mulgrave was sworn of the hang’d up great' Numbers.

Privy Council. The Parliament in the mean time, On the 26th the Lords Stamford, had demonstrated their hearty Loy. Brandon - Gerrard, and Delamere, alty to the King, by passing an Aết, were committed Prisoners to the to grant an Aid to his Majesty for Tower. suppreling the Rebellion, by Im On the 28th the Earl of Arlingpofitions on French Linnens, Eajt ton, Lord Chamberlain of the King's India Goods, &c. which together Houshold, departed this Life in the with an Act for consolidating the 67th Year of his Age, and the Earl Estates Tail and Reversion in Fee, of Ailsbury succeeded him in that which the King has in the Post Of. Place. fice; and an Act to enable his Ma On the 4th of August the Parliajelly to make Leases, & c. received ment met, and were again adjourn'd the Royal Ailent on the 27th of to the gth of November. June; and, at the same Time, an On the 5th of September, Francis A& to revive former Acts to encou- Lord Guilford, Lord Keeper of the sage Coining. An Act against the Great Seal, departed this Life, and Importation of Gunpowder, Arms, on the 28th of the fame Month cc. An Act for continuing former George Lord Jefferies, Baron of Acts, for preventing Thefts on the Wim, and Lord Chief Justice, was Northern Borders of England. Two made Lord Chancellor of England. Aas concerning providing Carri- And on the 21st of October, Sir Edages for the King's Progress, &c. ward Herbert Chief Justice of ChefAn Act for the Improvement of Til- ter, was made Lord Chief Justice of lage. And an A&t for finishing the the King's Bench ; and Sir Robert Building of St. Paul's Cathedral Wright, one of the Barons of the Chorch.

Exchequer, was removed to the On the 2d of July the Parliament King's Bench, in Place of Sir Thowag adjourned to the 4th of August; mas Walcot, who had his Quietus. and Five more Bills were then pas


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