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• all their Poffeffions, without Mo- large Chapel ; but both this and " leftation. And did likewise de- that were destroyed at the Revolu

clare, That the Execution of all tion. Besides these, there was a • Penal Laws in Ecclefiaftical Mat- College of Jesuits planted in the Sa.

ters is suspended, and command- voy, where they erected a School • ed that all. Persons be permitted for the Education of Youth, and

to meet and exercise their Reli- published fair Promises of teaching gion without Disturbance, so that Children gratis, without meddling nothing feditious be preached a with their Religion ; these had allo mong them, and that the Meet- a very large Chapel. The King, ing be peaceably and publickly for his own Use, built a new Cha.

held, and that they do fignify pel at Whiteball, which was very • the Place of their Meeting to the finely beautified with Paintings, 6c.

next Justice of the Peace. And But all their Endeavours procured • further did declare, That the them but few Profelytes, for though

Oaths of Allegiance and Suprema- their Chapels were crowded, it was • cy, and the Telts enjoyned by the by such only who went for Curio• Act of Parliament, should not here. fity to see the Pageantry, a very • after be required to be taken by a- small Room containing those who • ny Persons imployed in any Office came for Devotion. or Place, Military or Civil.


On the 16th of April, Sir Rebert • added a Pardon and Indemnity to Wright, one of the Justices of the • all Penalties incurred by Noncon. King's Bench, was made Lord Chief formity, and

an Afurance of Justice. . maintaining all his Subjects in On the same Day his Grace the • the free Enjoyment of all their Duke of Buckingham departed this • Properties, as well Church and Lise at his House in Yorkshiri. • Abbey Lands, as any other Lands About this Time was reviv'd the and Properties whatsoever. ancient Order of the Knights of St. This Declaration was followed by Andrer», or the Thifile, in Scotland

, Addresses to the King, from the which was first instituted there by Disfenters of all Perfuations all over King Achaius, but had been discogEngland, filled with most hyperbo- tinued for some Reigns. lical Expressions of Gratitude and July 2d, the Parliament was by Loyalty, with a thousand Assuran- Proclamation dissolved. ces of standing by him with their This Summer ended with the Lives and Fortunes.

King's Progress round the NorthAnd now many Popish Chapels Welt Parts of England, where he Here erected in and about London, was received in every Town with also in all the chief Cities and all Respect

. The King and Queez Towns of the Kingdom, as at York, tarried fome Time at Balb, making Brillol,, Gloucrsier, Cambridge, S:. use of those Waters, From whica Edmundstury, &c. And not only Time the Conception of the Prince so, but two Convents of Monks of Wales was dated. were erected in London, the one at One Edward Petre, a Jesuit, St. John's rear Smithfield, where monly called Father Perres, who they purchased the Earl of Eerkley's some time ago came from Flat House, and were at great Expence ders, being related to the late Lore in firting it to their Purpose ; the Petre, had by his Aleans been 1aother was in Lincoln's Inn Fields, croduced at Court, where he made Tiere they began to build a very a Shiti to gain such Interest, chat

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the King was pleased to make him upon which they fent_the proper 1687. even a Privy Counsellor, into which Officers to inform Mr. Francis, that Place he was sworn on the 11th of the Senate were ready to admit November.

him upon his taking the Oaths reThe King in his Declaration for quired by Law; which he refusing, Liberty of Conscience, had repeated and insisting upon the King's Difhis Promise of protecting and main- pensation, they made Choice of two taining the Church of England in of their Body (to avoid tumultuous the free Exercise of their Religion, Petitioning) to wait upon the King, and in the quiet Enjoyment of all and with all Submiflion, to repretheir Possessions ; which how well sent to him, That they thought the he perform'd, may be judged by Admission of Mr. Francis, without the Proceedings against the Bishop the usual Oaths, illegal, and contraof London already related ; and by ry to the Oaths themselves had tathe Prosecutions of the Vice Chan- ken. But in the mean Time Francellor of the University of Cam- cis was posted to London, to posless bridge, and the Fellows of St. Ma- his Patrons with the Stubborness, ry Magdalene College in Oxford, as they call it, of the University; which I am

now going to relate this obliged them immediately to And first that of Cambridge, which dispatch a Squire - Beadle with a was thus ;

Letter to their Chancellor, and anOne Alban Francis, a Benediétine other to the Earl of Sunderland, Monk, obtained the King's Leiter purporting a Submission to the King to the University of Cambridge, in all legal Commands; and procommanding then to admit him to testing that what they did, prothe Degree of Master of Arts, with. ceeded not from Disobedience, or out taking the usual Oaths. This Want of Respect to his Majesty, Letter he posted with to Cambridge, but out of a conscientious Sense of where arriving the gth of Februa- the Obligations they were under to ry laft, he immediately shew'd it to the Laws and the Oaths they had the Vice Chancellor, and demand. taken ; and that they were ready to ed Obedience to it, which the Vice petition the King, if his Majesty Chancellor desired Time to consider would please to admit them; to of, and to consult che Senate of that which Purpose they entreated his University, whom he accordingly Lordship to mediate for them. But allembled on the zift. And the the Officer was sent back without Letter being read to them, it was any Answer; on the contrary, a resolvd, That the Vice Chancellor second Letter was sent down to the be advised to forbear admitting the same Purpose with the former ; (wo faid Francis till they had petitioned of their Members were thereupon the King to revoke his Mandate ; fent up to London with Letters, but and in order to it, the Vice Chan were received as before, and told cellor wrote a Letter to the Duke of that the King was offended at the Albemarle, their Chancellor, to in. Proceedings of the University, and tercede with the King for the same, would take Order very shortly to which the Duke accordingly did, give a farther Answer. Not long but without Effect; wherefore he after a Messenger was sent down advised them to petition the King from the Ecclefiaftical Commiffiothemselves, fuppofing that fuch a to summon the Vice Chan. Body as the University might have cellor and the Senate by Deputies nose Prevalency with his Majeity ; to appear, to anlwer what should



1587. be objected against them ; accord- which the Commisioners were plez.

ingly the Vice Chancellor, Dr. Pea- fed to sentence the ViceChancellor chell, and eight Members of the Se- to be deprived of his Ofice, and nate, appeared in the Council-Cham

not only to, but be suspende l, ab ber at White hall, where were pre- Officia & Beneficio, of his Headihip fent fix of the Commissioners for of Magdalene College. Ecclefiatical Affairs; who demand The next was the Prosecution of ed of the Vice Chancellor, why he the Fellows of St. Mary Magdalene did not obey the King's Commands, College in Oxford, upon a Quarrel and admit Mr. Francis ; to which, of the same Nature. after a Weck’s Time granted to Dr. Clark, President of that Ccl. him to prepare it, the Vice-Chan- lege, happening to die, the King's cellor pui in his Aniwer in Wri Mandate was procured by fome il. ting, containing a Recital of several affected Persons, for one Farmer to Statutes, which commanded several succeed him; a Person not only unOaths to be taken by all Persons capable by the Statutes of the Col. promoted to any Degree in the U. lege, but also a very diffolate ill niversities, and intilling, that him- Liver; which Mandate being reself, and every Member of the Se- ceived, the Fellows immediately nate and University had taken the sent a Petition to the King, reprefaid Oaths; that they had tendered senting that the said Mr. Farmer the said Oaths to Alban Francis, but was altogether incapable by their he refused to take them; that the Statutes to be President ; they thereadmitting him without the faid fore befought his Majelly to let Oaths was a Breach of their Trult, them proceed to Election, or recomand Violation of their ( ths; and merd one to them capable by their therefore they could not admit h m; Statutes of the Office. To this they to which they added, That this be- received a Mort Answer from the ing no Ecciefiaitical Ma'ter, they Lord President, That the king exdesired their Lordships to confidir pected to be obered. The Fellows if this Case were under their Cog- again petitioned the King, and w rute pizance; and lastly, That by the to the Duke of Ormond, Chancello Statute of 16 Car. 1. it was or of the University, and to their lildained, That no Court, like the tor the Bishop of Wini bester, dep!crHigh-Commission Court, should be ing their Misfortune in being re. thereafter erected, but that all Com- duced to the Necessity of either c. missions for such be void.

obeying the King, or violating the This Answer being read, the far- Oaths. At length the Time being ther Confideration of it was ad- come, when by the Statutes they journed for ten Days, and they were were bound to make Election, and commanded to attend again on the receiving nothing farther from 7th of Alaj, which they did accord- Court, they proceeded according to ingly, and some Quesions being the Scalutes, and on the 15th a put, concerning Perions being for April chose Dr. Hough, one of the merly admitted without the Daihs, Fellows, for President, who being and concerning any former Refusal presented to the Visitor, was die of the King's Mandate, to which proved, sworn and inttalled in the the Vice-Chancellor gave direct An. Form of Law. fwer; That none had been so ad The News of which being arrived mitted, and that the King's Letters at Court, the Fellows were conbad been retuled. No:withstanding manded to send the King an Account


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of what they had done, which they blesome and turbulent a Nature, 1687. did, and set forth the Incapacity of that he was desired to leave Magthe Person recommended : Upon dalene Hall, where he had been adwhich they were cited to appear mitted ; that at the very time the hefore the Lords Commissioners for King's Letter came down, he was at Ecclesiastical Causes, where Dr. Ald- Abingdon in very ill Company, drinkworth the Vice-President and five ing to Excess; and that in a Fromore as Delegates for the rest, ap- lick, he, with other disolute Per. peared accordingly ; and being de- fons, had pull’d up the Stocks in the maided why they refused to obey Town, and threw them in the Ri. the king's Mandate, they put in ver ; with many other lewd Actitheir Aniwer in Writing, which con ons, such as attemping to debauch tained to this effect :

divers Women, Drunkenness, ProThat Magdalene College was a faneness, and what not : All which Body Corporate, and govern'd by they proved by Certificates, LetStatutes granted by King Henry ters, and Witnesses of undoubted 'VI, and confirm'd by several Credit. These Objections against

Kings; that by the Statutes the Farmer prevailed to lay him aside ; President must be a Man of good but Dr. Hough the President, and Dr, 'Life and Undertanding, and o- Fairfax, one of the Delegales, were therwise qualified to be fit for however suspended upon pretence of such a Charge. That none but the undue Election, and contempt Fellows of that College, or of of the King's Letter. New College, could be admitted to The King then granted a new that Office, which they were Mandate to Dr. Parker, Bishop of • bound by Oath to ob erve. And Oxford, commanding the Fellows

all the Fellows had been sworn to admit him for their President, at their Admittance to observe all but they still persisted in their Rethe Siatutes of the Coilege, and solution of observing the Statutes of not to make Use of, or consent to their College, according to which 'any Dispensations. And because they had already elected ; .fo that

Mír. Farmer was a Person no ways nothing was done in it, which made qualify d as the Statutes required, the King, when he came through they could not, without manifeft Oxford, in his Progress this Sum.

Violation of their Daih, comply mer, send for them to come to him, ' with his Majesty's Letter, and had where himself was pleased to tell therefore chosen Dr. Hough, one them, they were undutiful, and every way qualified as the Sta- had affronted him, and commanded tutes directed, Which Answer them to admit the Bishop of Oxon the Commiffioners took time to their Head; the Fellows, upon their confider of, and they were ordered Knees, offered a Petition, which the to attend again, on the ad of j une. King rejected, and again commandAr which time the Fellows deli- ed them to elect the Bishop, telver'd in their Reasons for not Elect- ling them they must expect to feel ing Mr. Farmer, as being a Person the Weight of his Hand. Upon of ill Life, viz. That he had misbe. which they returned to their Colo haved himself at Trinity College in lege, where Dr. Pudsey, the Senior Combridge, where he had received Fellow, proposed to the rest of the Admonition in order to Expulsion ; Fellows whether they would elect That he had taught School without the Bishop; to which they answered, a License ; that he was of so trou. That they were ready to obey his


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1687. Majesty in any Thing that lay in and expel 26 of them, besides Dr.

their Power, but the electing the Hough and Dr. Aldworth (already Bishop of Oxon being directly

con- suspended) accordingly their Names trary to the Statutes and the Oaths were ftruck out of the College they had taken, they apprehended it Books, and the Sentence of Expul

. not in their power to obey him in fion, dated the 16th of November, this Affair. In this State the Mat- was fixed on the College Gates ; ter continued till O&tober 19, when and not only so, but they were, by the King fent down the Bishop of the Ecclefiaftical Commissioners at Chefter, the Ld. Chief Justice Wright, London, declared incapable of any and Baron Jennor, with a Commis- Ecclesiastical Promotion or Benefice; fion of Visitation, who summoned and those of them that were not in the Fellows to attend them in the Holy Orders, they adjudged incapaChapel of the College, on the 22d ble of receiving them; and all Archof Oober, where they appearing bifhops, Bishops, & c. were required were demanded if they subinicted to to take Notice of this Sentence, and the Visitation ; to which they an- pay Obedience to it. swered they did, so far as it was On the 23d of December, a Proconsistent with Law, but withal ob- clamation was issued, appointing a ferv'd, that their Commission im- Day of folemn Thankigiving for powered them to change and alter the Queen's Conception. And the the Statutes, which they told their fame was ordered likewise in ScorLordships they were bound by their land, on the 17th of January. Oaths not to admit of. Afterwards About this time, Commiflioners some Expoftulations were made con were appointed by the King, and cerning Persons formerly admitted sent into the several Counties of by Mandate, whom the Fellows England, to enquire what Money or proved to have been all Statutable Goods had been levied upon Rosar Men. After which the Fellows were Catholicks and Disfenters upon the all asked if they would choose the Prosecutions for Recusancy, and not Bp. of Oxon President, which they paid into the Exchequer. refused, as being not in their Power, On the iIth of March, a Coun. having already elected Dr. Hough, cil of Officers, or Court Martial, who was duly elected, sworn, and was appointed to meet every Friday, installed, as the Statutes directed, for redressing Grievances, and corand therefore it was not in their recting the Disorders of the Soldiers, Power to put him out again. It was, to whom all Complaints againit the among other Things, urged by the Soldiery were ordered to be made. Commisioners, That they ought not On the 14th of March, a Procato have made an Election till the mation came out, to command all King had been fatisfied that Farmer the King's Subjects that were in was an unqualified Person; to which Arms in the Service of the States the Fellows proved in Answer, that of Holland, to return to England. they tarried to the very laf Day that Which Proclamation gave occafien the Statutes permitted, before they to fome Disputes betwixt the Alarmade the Election ; in fine, the Fel- quiss of Abbeville, the King's ErJows perlifting in their Resolution, voy at the Hague, and the Stars the Commissioners proceeded first to General. install the Bishop of Oxon as Prefi There were fix Regiments of Foot. dent, and upon their Refusal to ac- three of English and three of Scams knowledge him as such, to deprive Soldiers, which by the last Ticacy

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