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We shall not pretend to give the ing the Oaths expir'd in August, at History of Foreign Affairs; but the which Time the Archbishop of 1689. Death of Pope Innocent XXI. which Canterbury, the Bishops of Glouce. happend on the 12th of August this fter, Ely, Norwich, Chichester, Bath Year, is too momentous to be omit- and Wells, and Peterborough, with ted. His Family Name was Odes- some few of the Lower Orders, chalchi, and by that he is known to stood out. os, with whom he had no small Previous to the meeting of the Respect, because of the Opposition Parliament, the Marquis of Halihe always made to the growing fax was at his Request removed Power of France, and the Counte. from his Place of Speaker of the nance he gave to the present Con- House of Lords, and the Lord Chief federacy against it.

Baron Atkins was appointed to perDuring the Recess of the Parlia. form that Office. ment, the King, after having ta On the 19th of Ozzober the Parken a turn to New Market, and vi. liament met, to whom the King ated the University of Cambridge, made a Gracious Speech, exhorting et to work to prepare Matters for them to prepare such Supplies as he next Session and because a they should think fitiing for the Convocation was at the same Time Service of the War, withi as much o be assembled, a Commission un- Dispatch as might be, that the Preler the Great Seal was issued to parations for the next Campaign he Archbishop of York, the Bi- might in due Time be made, and hops of London, Winton, Roffen, and that our Allies, who were speedily thers, to the Number of about to meet in Congress at the Hague, Cwenty in all, to prepare Matters might be informed how to take their or the Convocation. The Subject Measures. Telling them also, that of this Commission was an Occa- to satisfy them how the Money on of secret Censure, till Dr. they had given had been laid out, acheverell in his famous Sermon his Majesty had ordered the Acaving severely reflected upon Com counts to be laid before them. And rehension, gave Occasion to Dr. then recommended to them a Bill Vake then Bishop of Lincoln, to re of Indemnity. eal the whole Matter in the Par Because of the many Debates in iament House, and appeal to the the last Sessions, which might be cords for their Judgment upon it, reviv'd, unless the Parliament were s may be seen in that Printed prorogued, it having hitherto been peech

only adjourn'd, it was by Consent We omitted to speak of Dr. Bur. of 'both Houses accordingly proit's Promotion to the See of Sa. rogued by his Majesty on the 2ift, sbury, which by the Death of Dr. and appointed to meet again the eth Ward was vacant soon after the 23d. evolution. At this Time these Afier the Addresses of Thanks to dees vacant by Death were like his Majesty, a Committee was narife filled up, viz. Worcester, by Dr. med, to report what Bills were detilling fleet; Chicheffer, by Dr. Pa- pending last Sessions, wherein the ick; and Bristol by Dr. Ironfide; Bill of Rights being of moft

: Imho were all consecrated the 13th portance, was revived, and soon f Odober.

paffed. A Bill of Indemnity was The Time for the Clergy's tak- also broughc in, and the House


Аа 3

A. D. voed a Sapply to their Majelties of sent to the Tower, but fuch ftri 1689. Two Millions Sterling:

Guard was kept upon the Coasts, Colonel Ludlow, one of those that he couid not get out of the who fat as Judges on K. Charles I. Kingdom, and therefore he furand signed the Warrant for his rendred himself also. The Exami. Death, presuming to come over to nation of the Matter was left to the England this Winter, and appear House of Lords, where it bavitz publickly at London, the Commons been lately resolved, that Coloid addressed the King against him, Sidney was unjustly condemced, who accordingly published a Pro- since nothing but Writings in his clamation, November 14, ordering Cuftody was brought againt bin, him to be apprehended, which fome Lords argued a Parity of Cake, drove him back to his old Recire. and so he was let go. ment in Switzerland.

The Lord Prejlon presented to The Lord Griffin, who had been the House of Lords à Patent of made a Peer by King James a very King James's to create him a liflittle Time before the Revolution, count of England, dated at Perwas one who adhered heartily to sailles, Jan. 21st, that is one Day his Interest, but did not retire with before the Parliament declared the him. The House of Lords there. Throne vacant, wherefore be arfore required his Attendance, and ged that his Patent was good; but upon Neglect thereof addressed the upon Consultation with the Judges, King to summon him by Procla- the House declared that the Throze mation, which obliging him to ap was vacant from the Time King pear on the Day the Parliament am's left the Govertment, and met, he was required to take the lo his Plea was over-ruled, and Oaths, upon which he desired Time he was committed to the Terunt, to consider. But it soon appeared but upon Submilijon soon te he had no Inclination to it, for on free. the 21st of October a Discovery was The Convocation met in Nais: made of a Correspondence that Lord ber, and adjourned to the 31it of held with King James. The Mat- that Month, and then the Upperter was discovered thus : A Pewter House chose the Bishop of Lords Bottle with a double Bottom was in Absence of the Archbishop to brought late at Night to a Pewter- prekide, and the Lower Houie Chole er, to have the false Bottom soldered Dr. James their Prolocutor, um on, which the Workman prying in- carried it against Dr. Tillotjos, who to discovered a Packet between the the King designed for the Place. two Bottoms, and opening it he The Bishop made a Speech, where found Letters to King James, the in he advis'd a Temper in Things Duke of Berwick, &c. This occafi- not essential in Religion, in orat: oned him to seize the Person, who to open the Door of the Churc.. proved to be the Cook of the Lord and enlarge the Number of is Grifin. Upon Examination of the Members; and hinced that the ChaLetters by the Secretary it was sity and Indulgence formerly profound, that they gave Advice of the mised to the Diffen:ers ought now secretest Councils, and the Strength to be exercised. Dr. James's Spera and Pofture of our Forces. The was an Eulogium on the excelles

: Lord himself had Time to escape, Constitution of the Church of Es and his Lady only was seized and land, and a Caution against charge

ing Laws. Before they entred up- plaints that the Artillery was a long A.D. on any, Debates, the Bishop of Lon- time with-held, that the Men and 1689. don told them there was a Defect Horses were ill provided, and therein the Commission, as wanting the by the Army incapable of making Great Seal, and therefore adjourned that Progress which he should have them for some Days; the Defect done, if the Supplies from England being supplyed, they met again, and had been duly sent over, alledging, received a Letter from the King, that when he first landed, the lwherein he expressed his Affection rish were so frighted, that he could to the Church, and promised his have marched to Dublin, but waitProtection, desired their Affistance ing above a Month for the Artillein promoting its Welfare, and ad- ry, they had time to recover themyiled that such Things as should selves, and discover his Weakness : be proposed to them should be The Fault of all which lay upon Mr. calmly and impartially considered. Shales the Purveyor-General, a PerThe Upper House drew up an Ad- fon who had served King James in dress of Thanks to the King for the same Office in his Camp at bis Favour to the Church, and for Hounslow. The House addressed to afiembling them to endeavour the know who advised his Majesty to reconciling the Disienters. But the employ Shales; to which he declared latter part was disagreed to by the it was imposlible to answer, for it Lower-House, and a new Form seems he was proposed in full Coundrawn up by them in very general cil. But to give the Parliament SaTerms, which was presented, and tisfaction, the King sent a Message received a very gracious Answer. to the Commons, desiring them to reBut the King perceiving little was commend seven Persons, to whom to be done of what he proposed, the he would give Commission to inspect Convocation was adjourned to the the State of the Army in Ireland, 24th of January.

and the Preparations for it. The The Commissioners appointed by House in a full Body gave his Mathe King had considered what Con- jesty Thanks for his Favour, and defcenfions might be made by the left it to him to name the CommifChurch in order to reconcile the fioners. The King also let the Dissenters: The Cross in Baptism, House know that he had ordered and fome other Things they were Duke Schomberg to secure Shales. willing to give up for Peace sake, Several Party Debates arose, but bar the Diffenters insisting upon the none important enough to be here Validity of their Orders, and at recited. On the 16th of December the same Time ordaining at least the King came to the House, and 50 young Students, and the Ma. gave his Assent to two Bills, viz. jority of the Cünvocation peremp- One for Aid of two Shillings torily opposing it, the Reconciliation in the Pound on Land. The other was made impracticable.

Declaring the Rights and Liberties The Parliament went on with of the subject, and the Settlement Business, and in the Course of it of the Crown. Which latter conmade complaint of the Miscarriages tained the whole Declaration made in Ireland; where instead of 23,000 the 13th of February, which we Men established there were not a. have already given you at large ; bove 14,000. Duke Schomberg at with some Additions, the princiche same time sent over his com pal whereof were, That no Papist

A 44


A.D. shall ever hereafter inherit the and Sir Stephen Fox were constity. 1689. Crown, nor any King marry a ted Commissioners for executing the Papilt.

Office of Lord High-Treasurer

. The Commons took into Confi. On the 19th of February the King deration the settling the Revenue up was pleased to take the Privy Seal on her Royal Highness the Prin- from the Marquiss of Hallifax, and cess Anne of Denmark, which they gave it to William Chesney, Esq; Sir fixed at Fifty Thousand Pounds per John Knarchbull

, and Sir Willias Аппит. .

Pulteney, in Commission. The Clashing between the two On the 20th of Marob the ParParties in the House of Commons. liament met, and the Commons run pretty high, one Part of the having chosen Sir John Trevor Ministry being pecked at by one side, Speaker, the King made a Speech and the other Part by the other, to them the next Day, telling them both Sides excusing their friends, that he continued his Resolution of and laying all the blame on the o. going to Ireland, and called them ther; one cried out of the Miscar- iogether to have their Aflftance for riages in Ireland, another on the prosecuting the War with Vigour

, People that let the Lord Griffin in- desired they would settle the Reveto fuch Secrets, and others against nue, which he was willing might certain Lords. Wherefore the chief be made a Fund of Credit for the Business being over

, the King came present, not doubting of their di to the House, January the 27th, charging hereafter what should be and passed an Aa for Revierú of nowolaid upon it. Then declared the Poll, and to lay an Additional his Desire of composing all Die Poll . An Alt for laying one Shila rences among his Subjects

, to which ling in the Pound more on Land. purpose he had formerly recom: An Act declaring the pretended Par mended an Act of Indemnity, but liament at Dublin illegal, and their seeing the Debates upon it take up Proceedings void, and some others. time in the Houses, he intended :0 And then made a Gracious Speech, fend them an A&t of Grace with as wherein he thanked the Parliament few Exceptions as might be. He for the Money granted, promising told them that the Difaffecied er; a due Application of it, and then couraged themselves by the hopes cí told them that he would go over in creating Differences in the Two Person to Ireland, and endeavour Houses, and advised them to tak? to reduce that Kingdom, that it care to disappoint them by Urani might be no longer a Charge to mity and Dispatch. ' Then recem this. And the Spring growing on, mended to them an Union with Serie it was convenient he should be as land, whose Parliament having sesoon in the field as might be, and minated Commislioners for that per: therefore thought fic to put an End pole, he wished they would do te to the Session.

fame, propos’d to them the prepa. Accordingly the Parliament was ring a Bill to impower the Queen profogued: And on the 6th of Fe- to administer the Goverment ia bruary by Proclamation it was dif- his Abience, if they thoughe is De solved, and a new one appointed to cessary, and concluded with the meet on the zoth of March. And ling them, that the Season and his about a Month after Sir John Low- Journey to Ireland would admi: Iber, Mr. Hambden, Mr. Pelban, but of a very thort Setton, and

vised them to dispatch, that we might fton, with sufficient Forces, were, A. D. not be engaged in Debates, when sent against them. Cannon endea 1689. our Enemies are in the Field. voured to engage the Gentry in his

This House of Commons had Party, but his Letters were interfewer Men of Heat among them cepted, and all suspected Persons than the former, and therefore Sir confined, which so far lessened his John Sedley's famed Speech against Power, that he thought fit to rePlaces of Profit in the Court or tire to Ireland, and then Sir Hugh State had no great Influence.

Cameron became their Leader. He The Revenue, as we have for was reinforced from Ireland by as merly told you, was in the first Ses- many Officers, Arms, Clothes, and fion of the former Parliament set- Ammunition, as King James could tled upon their Majesties to Christ- spare; which Aufhing his Party, mas 1689, which in the last Sef- they ventured to appear in a large fions had been continued one Year Body, but were set upon so vigolonger, and now a Bill was brought rously by Sir Thomas Leving for in for continuing it for four Years near Strathpag in the County of from Cbrifmas 1690. Charging Murray, that 500 of their Men three fourths of the Customs with were killed, 100 taken Prisoners, a Loan of 500,000 l. and the Ex- and the rest put to fight. And le. cise with a Loan of 250,000 1. to. veral other Advantages were obtainward che Expence of the War. Aed by the King's Forces there this Bill was also brought in for put. Spring: ting the Administration into the In Ireland the Army for some Queen's Hands, whenever the King's time continued in fickly State, but Affairs should call him out of the by the Care of the General in proKingdom. These, together with viding them good Food they began a Bill for reversing the Judgment to recover, and by the beginning of against the Charter of London, a Spring were fit for Action. For the Bill for granting a General Pardon, quicker recruiting it, the King had and some others passed into Acts hired 7,000 Danes, who together this Seffion; which terminated the with some Dutcb Regiments and 23d of May, by Adjournment to French Refugees being fent over, the 17th of July, and from thence the Army was become considerable. by several Adjournments to Sep- In February the Enemy began to be tember, when they were proro. in Motion, and seemed to threaten gued.

the Frontier Garrisons. To preOn the 17th of April, the Lord vent which several Bodies of Forces Viscount Lumley was created Earl were sent out, that under Colonel of Scarborough, the Lord Dela. Woolsley from Belturbat, being not mere Earl of Warrington, and the above 1,000 Horse and Foot, advenLord Grey Viscount de Langue tured to attack a Body of the Ene. ville.

my, whom they did not expect In Scotland there remained still a were so large, but found to be 9,000 Body of Rebels, who were head- Men. However being in, they ed by Col. Cannon, and, ikulking fought so bravely, that they entirein the Highlands, made frequently defeated the Enemy, and pursuDepredations upon the neigbour. ing them to Cavan, returned to ing Country. Wherefore General Belturbat with a good Booty of Mackay, and Sir Thomas Living- Cattle. Sir John Lanier took Bed


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