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A. D. loe Cafie near Dundalk, with to King William. For the former 1690. 1,500 black Cattle, Sir Cloudsley having first passed the River, but

Shovel took in Dublin Bay the on afterward repassed it, chuling to ly Ship King James had. And in have it in his Front, there expecMay, General Schomberg besieged ted his Enemy, who on the zoth Charlemont-Caftle, a place of good of 7 une ordered his whole Army, Strength, furnished with a suficient by break of Day to move. King Garrison, but by reason of a Bloc: William marching at the Head of kade, for some time past strained his Army, took a view of the Ene. in Provisions. This Place flands my, and rode 300 Paces into the in the Heart of Uller, on the Bor- River to discover its Depth. The ders of the County of Armagh, Irish foon after having discovered towards Tyrone. King James confi- the King, fired hard upon the Place dering the Importance of the Place, where he ftood, and at the firi fent a ftrong Detachment with Pro- Shot killed a Man and cwo Hories visions to relieve it, which were within a Hundred Paces of his Alapolitickly let pass by the Blockade, jesty, and in the next Shot, a Balbut none permitted to come out; let gracing upon a Hillock, in its whereby the nuinber of Mouths Rebound ftruck the King allant being increased beyond Proportion on the Shoulder, tore through tis to the Vi&tuais they carryed in, the Cloaths, and raised the skin. The whole Garrison was soon distressed. disorder that this necessarily made And the Siege at the fame Time in those about the King, made the being vigorously pushed, they were Irish conclude him killed; which forced to capitulate on the 13th of Report immediately run to Dudit, May, And on the fime Day, Col. and from thence to Paris, wbere Woolley took Ballingary Caitle, they had the Folly to make publick near Cavan.

Rejoycings for it. This was the Posture of Affairs King Hilliam, having got his when King William arrived, who Wound dreiled, mounted again azd landed at Carickfergus, June 14th, lewed himself to the whole Army. attended by his Royal Highness That Evening a , Council of War Prince George, the Duke of Or- was held, wherein it was resolved mond, and several other Noble. to pass the River on the Morrow. men.

Duke Schomberg having advised As soon as King James heard of something that

was not accepted, King William's Arrival, he set for- retired to his Tent in disguft, and ward to take the Field; and de- had but a small part in the Action: parting from Dublin on the 16th But his Son was in the Heat of il, with 6,000 Foot Veteran Soldiers, and shewed great Bravery, he marched to join the rest of his July 1. This famous Battle was Army, which equalled King Wil- fought, the Detail whereof is wo liam's for Number, besides 15,000 long for this Manual. It is fufid in Garrisons.

ent to say, that King Wilson The Banks of the River Borne, was continually in Motion, and in which is that River that falls into the Places of greatest Darger, leadthe Sea at Drogheda, was the Scene ing up his Men, and giving 0:of that great Action, wherein the ders; and that in paling the RiEmpire of Britannia was finally ver, his Horse stock fo fast in the loit by King James, and confirmed Mud, chat he was forced to aligar

3. to get him out. Whilft on the o- Retreat brought off the rest, he tarri- A. D. la ther hand, King James food on a ed but one Night at Dublin, where 1690.

neighbouring Hill to see the Action, he made a Speech to his Friends, adCount Lauzun, Lieutenant General vising them to shift for themselves. Hamilton, and Mr. Sheldon, having The next Day he rode to Waterthe chief Command of his Army. ford, where he went on board a Ship The Battle lafted several Hours that lay ready for him, and failed

with various Success, both Parties back to France with all Speed. gl having at several Times Advantages The Protestants at Dublin being

in the several Places of Action, till hereby fet at Liberty, poffefs'd themin the End the Irish gave Way, and selves of the Militia Arms, form'd a Hamilton being taken Prisoner, Committee to take Care of Things, Lauzun rode to King James, and and sent away to King William to advised him to retreat, which wich. entreat his Presence among them. out Delay he did, and arrived that His Majesty sent the Duke of Or. Night at Dublin.

mond and Monsieur Overkirk with Duke Schomberg did not pass the a sufficient Body of Troops thither River till Monsieur Caislemore, who the 3d of July, and himself with commanded the French Resugees, the whole Army followed on the was carried off to his Tent, which sth. For he thought proper first leaving that Body in some Difor- to take care of Drogheda, where lay der, the Duke hafted over to their a good Magazine of Stores. The Afiftance, where he was presently Governor at that Place at first rejecafter attacked by a Party of King ted the Summons, but being told James's Guards, and wounded, but that if he ttood out he thould have not mortally ; but his Friends in no Quarter, and having considered firing too hastily upon those that it was impossible he should be reattacked him, shot the Duke him- lieved, accepted Conditions, and self through the Neck, of which he marched out with his Garrison. died immediately. Mr. Walker, the And now having brought the King Defender of Londonderry, having a. to the Capital City of his Third gain taken the Sword at this place, Kingdom, although the Enemy was was killed in the Fight. None powerful enough to give him the others of eminent Note are named Trouble of a third Campaign there, amongst the killd or taken in this we may fairly say, he was in full Por: Day's Action : Which indeed was session of the Britannick Empire. not a very bloody one ; for King But while the King was gaining James's Side, who lost most, were Victories in Ireland, the Qucen was reckoned to be diminished but 1,500 alarm'd in England with threatning Men by the Battle. Prince George Dangers. The Disaffected thereupof Demnark accompanied the King's upon concerted Measures with France, Person in all the Action, and both meditated an Insurrection in several were by Providence guarded from Places of the Kingdom, which was the least Hurt, although both were to be supported by the French Fleer, frequently within Reach of the E- and assisted by Men sent over from nemy's Shot.

France. The Queen had IntimaKing James was dispirited by tion of the Design, and therefore the Lols of the Battle, that altho' gave immediate Orders to the Adas we have said, he loft but 1,500 miral to put to Sea, and fight the Men, and his Gencrals by a skilful French. Accordingly,


A D. On the 24th of June, the E. of Bands, which in a dutiful Address 1690. Torrington put to Sea, the French to the Queen they declared. But

being at the same Time out, and lay the French, disappointed of their Ex-
hovering near the Coat. On the pectation upon the Fleet, did no
30th, the two Fleets off of Beacby more than send their Gallies, who
drew up in Line of Battle, and the had Landmen on board them, into
Signal for Engagement being given, Torbay, and from them fent some
the Dutch, who were the Vanguard, Boats with Men afhore, who burst
began the Fight, and were seconded Tinmoutb, ravaged the Country a
by the Eng Ships that lay near- little way up, fole fome Sheep, and
elt, but the Admirai in the Center with their Plunder went aboard, and
not engaging, the rest of the Fleet soon after returned to Breft.
lay by, and did no more but make

On the 14th of July, the Queen
good a Retreat during the whole published a Proclamation for appre-
Day that the Fight lafled. The hending the Earls of Litchfield,
Dutch fought bravely, but bearing Ailesbury, and Caflemain, the Lords
the whole Brunt of the Action they Montgomery, Preston, and Bellapse
muft necessarily suffer, as in Effect Sir Theoph. Oglethorpe, Sir Edward
they did, so far as to lose two Rear Hales, and others.
Admirals, and one Captain, and Thus the Danger, which appear'd
had leveral Ships disabled. The so formidable at first, was happi'y
English also loft two Captains of diffipated, and his Majesty left a-
Ships, and two Captains of Ma- gain at Liberty to prosecute his l'ic-
rines. The Admiral was univer- tories in Ireland, which upon the
sally blamed, and tho' upon Trial first News of it he was preparing to
before a Court Martial he was ac. leave to his Generals.
quitted upon his arguing the Inequa To return therefore to Ireland,
lity of Strength, the Enemy being King William entred Dublin July
82 Men of War, yet he was no the 6th, and went immediately to
more employed. However, when St. Patrick's Church, where he
after the Peace the French came gave God Thanks for his Victories,
promiscuously to England, fome and heard a Sermon preached by
French Sea Captains, who were in Dr. King ; and in the Afterr.001
that Engagement, coming over hi- returned to his Camp, which was
ther, applauded the Admiral's Con- pitched the Day before at Finglas.
duct, as having by preserving the The next Day be published a
Fleet, entirely disappointed them Declaration, promising Pardon and
of the Advantages they hoped for Protection to the Irish chat should
from the Destruction their great return to their Houses by the itt of
Strength was able to have made in August. And soon after, a Procla
it, if they could have come to en- mation to cry down the Brass Mo-

ney, which King James during his The Advantage the French were Refidence at Dublin had obligad supposed to have got, occasioned the People to take. The Army in dreadful Apprehensions of Danger; two Bodies broke up the gth to coevery body expected a Descent, and ter upon new Action. One Part the Militia was raised in the mari besieged Athlone, but ineffe&t jallr. time Counties, and London was pre- And his Majesty marched Weftparing to raise Auxiliaries additi. ward. Major General Kirk was de onal to dicir Regiments of Traincdtach'd to attack Waterford, whic

gage it.

furrendered the 25th, as did Dun- before they had got far, they sawa A. D. cannon. the 26th. Here the King great Light in the Air, heard a great 1690. left the Camp, and return'd to Dub- Noise, which arose from the blowlin. But receiving there a good ac- ing up of the Train. The Artillery count of the Posture of Affairs in were come within seven Miles of England, he returned to the Army the Camp, when Sarsfield (who had August the 5th.

skulked among the Mountains to Tyrconnel and Lauzun had drawn watch a convenient Opportunity ) all their Forces towards Limerick, came upon 'em on sudden, cut the the Strength of which Place afforded few Troops that guarded it, whose them convenient Head Quarters, they Horses were at that time a grazing, resolved there to make a Stand. to pieces, blew up the Powder, bura

The King therefore resolved to the Cannon by over-charging and besiege it ; and accordingly on the clapping the Muzzle in the Ground, gth of August Limerick was invest- and then marched off without Loss, ed. The Governor, one Boissileau, the Body sent from the Camp comwho was affitted by the Duke of ing not in time enough to intercept Berwick and Colonel Sarsfield, re- them ; for tho' they came in fight solved to defend the Town, which of the Rear, they could not overwas the Answer he returned by the take them. This unhappy Blow Trumpeter who was sent to Sum was a great Disappointment to the mon him.

Befiegers; however, the King reThe King was active all that Day solving to pursue his Work, sent for in posting the Army, and ordered Cannon from Waterford. General Ginkle that Night to pass The Trenches were opened before the River Shannon, which he per- Limerick on the 17th, and Batteries formed, and invested the Place on being raised against a strong Fort all Sides. In the mean time the Ar- that annoy'd them, that Fort was tillery, which lay at Kilkenny, was taken the 20th. By the 27th a ordered to march to the Camp. Breach was made in the CounterThe Town fir'd briskly, and aim'd scarp, at which an Assault was made their Shot much at the King's Tent, with great Bravery, but the Breach which his Majesty was therefore being somewhat too small, which prevailed upon to remove,

for want of Bullets could not be enOn the 11th a Country Gentle larged, after a long Action, they man named O Brian, who lived were forced to retreat. near the Town, came to the Camp, The King perceiving the Work and gave Notice that Sarsfield was to be too difficult to be toon ended, gone out of the Town with 5 or and confidering the Approach of too Horse and Dragoons, and paf- the wet Sealon, resolved to raise the sed the River nine Miles above, Siege, and accordingly on the 30th which he supposed was upon some ill of August the heavy Baggage was Design. His Advice was not mind- sent away, and the next Day the Ared by the Officers, but being at last my decamp’d. And his Majesty have introduced into the King s Presence, ing difpofed the Army into Quarhis Majesty immediately gave Or. ters, constituted the Lord Sidney der to Sir John Lanier to march and Thomas Coningsby, Esq; (fince out with 500 Horse to meet the Lord) Lord Justices, and gave for Train. But it seems he was too di the present the Command of the la:ory in observing that Order, for Army to Count Solmes. And then


4. D. he embark'd for England, September could the French boast Advantage, 1660. the 5th, arrived the next Day at having loft as great a Number of

Brillol, and on the 9th came to Men as the Confederates in the Ac-

tion. In Germany nothing material
Cork in the mean time was besie- was performed. And in Catalonia
ged by Forces under the Command the French obtained some small Ad-
of the Earl of Marlborough, in the vantages.
Attack whereof the Duke of Graf. In England the Parliament me:
ton, who acted as a Volunteer, was on the izrh of September, and were
un happily killed. On September the prorogued to the ad of Otober, at
28th the Town capitulated, and which time they met, and continued
was accordingly surrendred. And, fitting. His Majesty on the Day of

On the 3d of O&tober he invested their Meeting made a Speech,where. Kinsale, opened Trenches the 5th, in he represented to both Houses the and by the 15th had made practi- Neceffity of making early and effeccable Breaches, which occafioned a tual Provision for the carrying on Capitulation, and the next Day the the War ; intimated the short ProTown was surrendred, and soon vision made laft Seffions, and the after his Lordship returned to Eng. Arrears of Pay to the Army thereland, which ended this glorious by iocurr'd; that the Revenue being Campaign

all applied to the Service of the Having thus related our own Ac- War, it was expedient to consider tions this Summer, let us take a Step of a Provision for the Civil Lł. abroad, and view the State of our Mentioned the Bravery of the Arcy, Confederates in the great War a. and blam'd the Conduct of the Fice; gainit France. The Alliance, upon and concluded with exhorting them which the War began, consisted of to be unanimous and expeditious in the King of Great Britain, the States their Consultations. General, the Emperor, and the King Both Houses presented Addrefes of Spain, to which was this Sum of Thanks to the King for his gramer added the Duke of Savoy. cious Speech, and for the unparalThat Prince refused all Overtures lell’d Goodness and tender Affeftion from France, and declared for the his Majesty had shewn to his PeoConfederates. Upon which the Mar- ple in undertaking in Perfon the u: fhal Catinat was sent with an Arny in Ireland, where next under God of French to invade his Country ; the Success was owing to his A's. and after the Battle of Saluzes, jefty's great Valour and good Co2 fought the 18th of August, wherein duct. And to the Queen, ackcow. the French had the better, they took ledging the great Wildom and Cothe Town of Suza,

rage her Majefty had fhewn in the In Flanders, the only notable Difficulties and Dangers during ha Transaction this Summer was the Majesty's Absence, and declariss Battle of Flerus, fought on the ift their Gratitude and affectionate Zeai of July, between the French under to both their Majefties Service. 0.3. the Duke of Luxemburgh, and the the geh, the Commons voted a Sup Dutch and Confederates under Prince ply for carrying on the War box Waldeck, wherein, after an obftinate in Ireland, and againft France, ar! and bloody Battle, the Confederates the next Day vored the Sums * had the worst, as being obliged to the Navy to be, 1,791,695 7. And on quit their Cannon : In nothing else che 4th of November they re:


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