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2,294,560!. for maintaining an Army first Commissioner of the Treasury; A. D. of 69,636 Men, which Sums thry and accordingly a new Commission 1690. railed by divers Duties upon import- palsd, wherein that Lord, with the ed Goods, and by doubling the Ex- four old Commillioners, Sir yon cise ; together with the Land Tax Lowther, Sir Step. Fox, Mr. Hamband Loans upon the Excise. But in- der, and Mr. Pelham, were constiflead of that Loan, it was proposed tuted Commissioners of the Treasury. to give the forfeited Estates in Ire. And soon after Sir Charles Porter land, which some were of Opinion was niade Lord Chancellor of Iremight raise a Million of Money. But land, and one of the Lords Justices, this Proposal was rejected, and even and the Lord Sidnes, who possessed tie Bill, which afterwards pass'd that Poit, was recalled. the House of Commons, for attaint On che gth of January his Maing the Persons in Rebellion, confif- jetty embark'd for Holland, and on cating their Estates, and applying the 18th arrived on that Coaft; but them to the Service of the War, was adventuring to go off in the Shaldrop in the House of Lords. The lops, when the Yatches were a League Commons had, in their Estimate for and a half from Shoar, he was so the Sea Service, made a Provision surrounded by Ice, that he lay all for building fome Ships of War to Night in the Boat, accompanied by reinforce the Navy. But taking the Duke of Ormond, the Earls of that Matier into further Considera- Devonshire, Dorset, Portland, and tion, they voted on the 24th of Monmouth, Monsieur Overkirk, and December a Supply of 570,000 l. for Monsieur Zuylestein, who attended buüding 17 Third Rate Ships of him. At length they got safe on War of 60 Guns a-piece, additional Shoar, and arrived at the Hague the to what they had already provided 19th in the Evening. And this befor, and made Provision according- ing the first time his Majesty had ly. They also pais'd a Bill for ap- been there since his Accession to pointing Commissioners to take and the Throne, he was prevailed upon liate the publick Accompts. All to make a publick Entry, which which Bills, together with some o was accordingly performd the 26th thers that were neceffary, being with very great Solemnity and pass'd both Houses, his Majesty gave Pomp, several Triumphal Arches his Royal Assent to them on the 5th and divers Decorations being erectof January, and then made a Speeched for that purpose. to both Houses : Wherein he thank To meet his Majesty here, and ed them for the Dispatch they had concert the Methods of defending nade, which gave him Liberty to Europe from the Invasions of France, go into Holland (where his Pre- the Electors of Brandenburgh and ence was wanted at the great Con- Bavaria, the Dukes of Lunenburgh, press appoinced at the Hague) and Zell, and Wolfenbuttel, the Landleclared he would make no Grant grave of Here, with several other of the forfeited Lands in England Princes of Germany, and the Pleniind Ireland, till that Matter should potentiary Ambassadors of all the de settled in Parliament. And then, rest of the Princes engaged in the y his Majesty's Direction, both Confederacy, arrived daily, and Houses adjourned to the 311t of made the most illustrious 'Allem

bly that has any where been seen ; Nov. the 15th, the King was who for the space of two Months reas'd to appoint the Lord Godolphin held Conferences and Entertain


March next.

A. D. ments, wherein Resolutions were ken, the French withdrew and p? 1690. taken for carrying on the War, their Troops into Quarters, and the

which if they had been as regularly King bestowed his in the fame Manperformd by the rest, as they were ner, and then came over to England

, by England and Holland, the French and arrived at Whitehall, April 13th, Monarch's Pride had been effectual. In pursuit of the Thread of the ly pullid down. For it was resolved Discourse, we omitted an Event 2: that 222,000 Men should be the home this Winter, which is t00 Complement of the Army to act a- considerable to be pass'd over. The gaint France, whereof the Empe. Friends of King James were not ror's 20, the King of England's 20, totally discouraged by their Diapthe States General 35,000, and per. pointment last year, and by the haps the Duke of Savoy's Quota, Defeat at the Boyne, but fiili perwere always compleat ; but how sued their Designs; and to the purshort the other Princes were in theirs pose of carrying them on with Sccmay be judg'd by the faint Efforts, cess, enlarged their Party by taking which were made before England and in Whigs as well as Tories

, who Holland much enlarged the Number had any remains of Affection to of their Forces.

the late King. These held Confules

, The Entertainment, and the Con- and resolv'd to apply themselves to ferences at the Hague were but just the French King for Afistance ; and over, and the King retired to Leo, accordingly the Lord Prestoa wih when he was alarmed with News two Gentiemen, Mr. Ashton and Mr. that the French had befieged Mons. Elliot, were deputed (and actua; On the 15th of March N. S. a De- took thipping in the most pivare tachment of French invested that Manner) to go to France, but the Atrong Fortress, and a few Days af- Government having notice watched ter the King himself with the Dau- them, and a little below Graviti phin and Duke of Orleans came to their Ship was boarded, and the command in the Siege. King Wil. Persons seiz'd; in Mr. Afton's Bir liam haited to its Relief, and drew fom was found a Packet of Papers, an Army together for that purpose, which thro' the Suddenness of taking which he brought as far as Hull him he had not time to throw 01: by the 6th of April, but thro' the board, as was apparently intenend Negle&t of the Spaniards in provi: by the Lead affix'd. By this Packe: ding Carriage his Artillery came not it was plain that they were going in up in time; for the French advan- France to invite the French King ced their Trenches with all possible invade England; Letters and su Expedition and fired upon the dresses from several Persons (per Town from 60 pieces of Cannon, cularly Dr. Turner, late Bilhor and 25 Mortars, with such incef- Ely) to King James, Minutes e fant Fury, that the Burghers would Instructions for the French Fleer, it's not bear it, and as they were strong. Other Papers of like import, bes: er than the Garrison, they beat the found in it. Chamade, and forced the Governor The Lord Prefion was brough: 18 (who was resolveft to hold out till Trial at the Old Bailey on the i... the Succours came up) to sign the of January 1690.1, and Capitulation, whereby this impor- on the 19th ; both of them wet tant Place was taken by the French found guilty, and the latter erectKing, April 10th, almoit in light of ed, but the Lord obiained Pardas. King William. The Town being ta.


A. D. 1691.

During the King's Absence, an 7th of that Month sat down before unhappy Fire broke out at Whi:eball, Ballymore, a_Town seated on the which burnt the Lodgings over the edge of a Bogg in Wet-Meath Stone Gallery, but was extinguished County, 12 Miles North Éaft from before it reached the King's Lodg- Athlone, which surrendred the ings.

next Day. On the 19th they inSir Edrward Villers was on the vested Athlone, and took the Eng. 25th of March, 1691, created a lish Town Sword in Hand the 20th ; Baron and Viscount of England, by the Iriß Town being to be attacked he Title of Baron Villers of Hos, cross the River, and the Besiegers ind Viscount Villers of Hartford in having broke the Bridge, made thé he County of Kent.

taking it exceeding difficult. HowHis Majefty made but a short ever after many Repulses the Enga stay in England, for purposing to lifh got over the River by a Ford, Command the Army in 'Flanders and by unparallelled Bravery gained n Person he made as much Dif- the Bridge, which also gained the atch thither as possible. And Town, for the Enemy deserted it herefore having given the necesla. and fled to their Army, which lay

Orders for the total Reduction all the while behind the Town'; f Ireland; and for the fitting out à Circumstance, that as it encounumerous Fleet, whereof Mr. raged the Enemy, increased the uffil (fince Earl of Orford) was Merit of the Generals and Soldiery, spointed Admiral; and filled up who in their Sight took a well forle vacant Sees, he departed for tified Town over à River in ten allard, where he arrived May the Days time. On the rotli of July

the Army marched after the EneThe Ecclesiastical Promotions my, who were retired into a ftrong ere, 'Dr. Tillotson to the Arch- Situation near the Castle of Aghrim. shoprick of Canterbury, Dr. A Morass lay on their Right, and atrick Bishop of Chichester to the a Rivulet with steep Hills and little shoprick of Ely, Dr. Grove to Boggs on their Left, and the Cattle bicbefter, Dr. Fowler to Glou- in their front. The French Ge. ler, Dr. Cumberland 10 Peterbo- neral St. Ruth commanded in chief, ugb, Dr. Moor to Norwich. Dr. assisted by Sarsfeild. On the other ?veridge to Bath and Wells; but he side General Ginkle was allsted by clining it because Dr. Kenn was the Duke of Wirtembergh, Generals ring, Dr. Kidder was afterwards Mackay, Talmash, Tetteau, la Mel. omoted to that See. And in the lioniere, &c. St. Ruth perceiving onth of May this Year Dr. Sharp our Army intended to actack him, ceeded Dr. Lamplugh in the Arch- made a blattering Speech to his Solhoprick of York, and Dr. Irone diers, and prepared to receive us. !, Dr. Crofts in Hereford, and On Sunday, July 12. the Battle was : Hall fucceeded Dr. Ironfide in fought, wherein the Irish fought iftol.

fo bravely, that altho' the Englif And now we must look over in- performed Wonders, the Victory Ireland, where Lieutenant Gene- was doubtful for some Hours, nay, Ginkle commanded in chief his St. Ruth thought he had us in his

Power; but a Cannon-bullet foon In the beginning of fine the after put an End to his Life, which my took the Field, and on the allo put their Army into Confusion,



ajesty's Army.

A.D. for Sarsfild was not acquainted Arms for three Days, till they 1691. with the Order of Battle. The might send to Lieutenant General

English, perceiving their Disorder, Sheldon, who lay with 1,500 Hore pushed fo feasonably, that they put not far off, in order to include the Enemy to the rout, and pursued him in the Capitulation, which them three Miles, till Night com. they were disposed to enter ingo

. ing on they were obliged to let the Which being granted, and Holtages relt escape. The Irish loft above exchanged, on the 26th of Septes 4,000 Men in the Battle, and the ber the Treaty commenced, whertEnglijf had 700 killed, and as many in the Irislı asked fuch high Terms, wounded.

that a new Battery was ordered 19 The General resolving to pursue be erected ; but at the Requeft of his Blow, in a few Days marched the Besieged the Treaty being re. . the Army towards Gallaway, which newed, it was finally concluded on was now besides Limerick, the on the 3d of Oxtober. The Lords ]=ly considerable Place the Irish por- ftices having to that purpose made fessed. The Governor pretended a Journey to the Camp, and fub at first to hold out, but after a few scribed that part of the Aruces Days Experience of the English that related to Civil Rights

. By Bravery he came to a Treaty, and on this Treaty all that the Irijos beia the 20th of July the Town was sur for King James was to be sorrearendered

dered, and all the Irish that were Limerick now was the next Un- defirous to go to France were pe dertaking. Tyrconnel dyed there mitted to depart. Thus was Prethe 14th of August, so the chief land intirely reduced to the ObediCommand devolved upon 'Sarsfeild, ence of King William. who made a very obstinate Detence. In England all was quiet i On the 25th of August, the Eng- Summer, and nothing disturbed be lish Army sat down before the Majesty's Administracion, Reisa Town, and soon_took the Out. did any Event happen that may ar Forts. But the Town was im- ferve publick Norice. The Fleet pregnable, till the General found Sea defended our Coaft, and ps3 Means to pass Part of the Forces tected the Turkey Fleet, which is over the River, and attack it on French way-laid, but no Aco that side also. Where, by a remar- happened. In Flanders the tun? kable Bravery of the English Gre- Armies equally strong lay at iv nadiers, who were employed to all the Summer, but at break attack two Forts at Thomond Gate, up the French falling on the Asian 600 of the Enemy were cut to pie- of the Confederates, killed the ces, when retiring from those Forts 1,000 Men, with half that Lo ? to the Town, the Gate was shut themselves. In Savoy the Friteuse upon them to prevent the English en- had great Success; and in Spais te tring with them, so closely did took a small Town and bonte: they pursue : The Englis' being Barcelona. hereby lodged at the foot of the The King returned to Eng. Bridge, which cut off from the Ene- Otober the 19th. And as my all Communication with their 23d of the same Month the pe Horse without, who were all this liament assembled; to whom * while scouring the Country. They Majetty made a Speech, intima foon after demanded a Cessation of the Reduction of Ireland, Ebe di


was loft.

rit of that Army, and Reasonable addressed his Majesty to incorpo. 1. D. ness of paying the Arrears, the Ne- rate the East India Company by 1691. ceflity of a good Fleet at Sea, and Charter, that the same might al un an Army of 65,000 Men at Land. terwards pass into an Act. And a And advised them to Unanimity Bill was ordered accordingly, but and Dispatch.

when that Bill was brought ir in The usual Addresses being over, February following, so many Peti. the Houses, proceeded, and on the tions appeared against it, that the 5th of November the Commons House thought fit to address the loted, that a Supply be granted King to diffolve the East India o their Majesties for carrying on Company, and conititute a he War against France. And on One, for the better preserving that he 18th they voted that the Sum Trade to the Kingdom. A Bill or the Sea Service of the Year 1692, passed the House of Commons for, e 1,575,890 l. including the Ord regulating Trials in Cases of Treaance and the Building of Docks, son, to which the Lords added a - Ind on the 14th of January, they Clause in their own behalf, that in

oted 1,935,787 1. for the Army. case of the Trial of a Peer, all the Which they raised by a Land Tax, Peers should be summoned and fit Jouble Excile, and Quarterly Poll. to judge the Cause. To which the at these raised not what they were Commons disagreeing,, occasioned iren for, by 230,000 l.

many Conferences, and both Houses At the beginning of this Sellion adhering to their Opinions, the Bill etitions were presented

to the fouse of Commons against the

One Fuller, an abscure Fellow, aft India Company, praying that who pretended to have been a Page jat Trade might be laid open. in the Family of the late Queen aç he Matters of Complaint being the Time of the Birth of the Prince 'mmunicated to the

the Company, of Wales, and to be employed in ey presented their Defence. Both the Service of their Cause in Enghich being duly confidered, the land, appeared before the House of ouse voted on the 17th of De- Commons, declaring himself capamber, several Articles of Regu- ble of making great Discoveries, cion for the East India Trade, and promised to produce Vouchers, hich are too numerous to be in- if he might have a Pass for two Perrted here ; the Principal

were, fons to come from beyond Sea, which hat the Company should annually was accordingly granted him, but port Goods of the Product and to no Purpose, for such Persons never anufacture of England,

to the appear’d, nor could be heard of, and alue of 200,000 1. That

no one therefore the House voted him an rson should have a Stock of a. Impostor. And in Consequence of ve 5,000 l. That no private Sales their Address to the King to prosesuld be made.

Divi- cute him at Law, he afterwards nds should be made without stood in the Pillory, iving a suficient Fund to pay all

On the 24th of February, his ebes, and carry on the Trade. Majesty came to the House, pased ad that Security Ghould be given several Bills, and made a Gracious at the Stock was then worth, all Speech, and then the Parliament ebes being paid, 749,000 1. rich Articles being agreed on, they All adjourned to the 12th of April


That no

B b 2

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