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A. D. It may not be a miss to remark, were groundless and scandalous, and 1692. that the King at this Time made Sir Rowland was turned out of his

use of his Negative Voice to a Bill Place.
for ascertaining the Commissions and The Partisans for King Jame
Salaries of the Judges.

were still busy in Plotting his ReThese other Events were the only turn, which they were now more remarkable ones this Year, namely, than ever in hopes of, by reason November the oth at Night, a that the French King gave so much Fire happen'd in the Royal Palace into it, as to lend that Prince 30,000 at Kensington, which did much Mis- Men, with Affurance that the Nonchief, but was suppress'd before it ber should be doubled, if necessary. came to the Royal Apartment. No- This Force King James led to the vember the 25th, Doctor Tennison, Sea Coast of Normands, and was Minister of St. Martin's, was no- ready to put on board, when or minated to the See of Lincoln, in Fleet by a most signal Victory over the room of Doctor Barlow deceaf- the French prevented it. But firA ed. On the 20th of February Ge- his Letters to certain Privy Couaperal Ginkle was created Earl of sellors and other Persons of (caAthlone. On the ift of March the lity, inviting them over to be V 1. Earl of Pembroke was made Lord. nesses of the Birth of a Child his keeper of the Privy Seal, Sir Ed. Queen then was pregnant wita: ward Seymour and Mr. Montague and his Declaration inviting bi were made Commissioners of the Subjects to return to their ObediTreasury, in Place of Sir John Low- ence, and promising Pardan va ther and Mr. Pelham : The Lord the Exceptions under-mentioned i Cornwallis was made Commissioner were sent over to England, and de of the Admiralty. And on the 3d livered to the proper Persons. T* of March, the Lord Sidney was large Exceptions in the general Pz. made Lord Licutenant of Ireland. don fufficiently shewed the Sirengti On the 19th of March, Thomas of his Hopes, since so many per

: Coningsby, Esq; was made a Baron fons of known Worth could not be of Ireland; and Sir Henry Capel a denied his Favour with less lissa Baron of England.

than absolute Conquest. The fe The King embark'd the 5th of sons excepted were, The Duke of March, and arriv'd the next Day in Ormond, the Marquiss of limite Holland. And towards the End of the Earls of Sunderland, Batb, D. the same Month the Queen Dow. by, and Nottingham; the Lords Na ager departed from England to go port, Delamere, Wiltfbire, Cekbecom into Portugal by the Way of France, Cornbury, Dunbluir, and Cia.. where the safely arrived, and re- the Bishops of London and St. Auf! mained the rest of her Life, much Sir Roberi Howard, Sir John W.* honour'd in that Kingdom. Sir Samuel Grimion, Sir 31.6

Sir Rowland Gwin, at that Time Fox, Sir George Treby, Sir Beki wa Treasurer of the Chamber to the well, Sir James Oxenden ; Der Qučen, having spoken reflecting lotfon, and Dr. Gilbert Bartet i Fcm Words against the Lord Sidney, he cis Rufel, Ricbard Lerrian, and *** was (April 7:) queftion'd before the Trenchard, Esquires ; Ctariu De Queen and Council, where not be. comb; all thole who had offers as ing able to justify what he had said, dignities to him at Fevericas; 3: it was declared that the said Words who as Judges, Jury - mea,


were or


, had a Hand in putting at Nigh“, when the French, having A D. Ashton and Cross to Death ; and all loft four Ships which were blown 1692. Spies and such as had betrayed his up, and their Fleet much thatCouncil during his Absence from tered, stood off for Conquest Road; England. But his Hopes were all the Night was foggy and calm, blasted by the Victory, and he had but clearing up about eight in the the Mortifitation to be Eye-witness Morning, the Dutch discovered the of the Destruction of fixteen of the Enemy, and the whole Fleet folbest Ships of War the French King lowed the Chase, with all the Sail was Master of. The Particulars they could make, till a Calm falwhereof, as far as the Brevity of ling, both Fleets anchored till the this Hitory wiù admit, are as fol- Tide was spent; at eleven they

weighed, and stood to the West vill The Queen was so vigilant in her four next Morning, when the Tide Government, that she was informed obliged them to anchor again : That rom Time to Time of the Prepa- Day, the zift, the Enemy endeaations against her, and took the voured to escape through the Race receffary Precautions to protect her of Aldernay, which is the ChaPeople. Orders were given for ha- nel between that Iland and Cape lening out the Fleet, Directions if- de la Hogue, but were so closely sed for putting the Militia into a pursued by ours, that several of pod Poiture ; and some Forces de them were forced to run a-ground; gned for Flanders were ftopt, and in the Afternoon 18 more of them vith some other Troops

halled in for la Hogue, but the ered to form a Camp at Portsmouth. rest got off. Sir Ralph Delaval,

The Fleet put to Sea, and be- Vice-Admiral of the Red, being in ag joined with the Durcb, stood the Rear, was directed to keep ver to the French Coaft. Tour. Fire Ships about him to burn those ille commanded the French Fleet, that run in, while the Admiral purad hoped to fight us before the sued the Fugitives. Sir Ralph off vatch were joined; but that Junc- Cherbury sec Fire to Tourville's on being made, his King bad own ship the Royal Sun of a 104 int Orders to avoid fighting, which Guns, the Ambitieux a Ship of ither he did not receive, or could 104 Guns, and the Admirable of of obey, by our advancing fo near go 'Guns. Of the 18 Ships of the im; so he put on a Face of Cou. Enemy that run a ground, five of age, and bore down upon

us on them got off, so that when ours le 19th of May, when

smart halled in close to la Hogue the ingagement off Cape Barfleur was 22d, they found but 13 remaining, aintained from eleven to

four ; which were drawn up as close to herein the French suffered ex the Shore as poflible to avoid Pureamly. Before five they endea. fuit. But that did not save them, Sured to escape by rowing off their for on the 23d, Vice-Admiral Rook sabled Ships, and took the Ad- with several Men of War, who lotage of a Calm, when we could were sent in to fire them, not be* pursue ; but about fix a fresh ing able to get in far enough for ale springing up, the Blue Squa- want of Water, manned the Boats, ron and some of the Red renewed and with incomparable Bravery atup Fight, and continued is till den tacked and burnt fix of them in



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A. D. spight of the Fire from the Plat On Sunday Augu the 3d, the 1692.

forms of Cannon planted on foar. Batile of Steenkirk was fough', The next Day he repeated his Blow, wherein the Confederate Arny ad. went in again with the Boats, and ed with great Bravery, the Ex: burnt the other seven, together with lish especially performed Wonder several other Ships. These 13 were After great Difficulties were got a all Ships of from 60 to 80 Guns a ver in advancing through Wosch piece.

and Deniles, they fired for 143 King James was very much af- Hours together upon the Enemy, flicted at this Misfortune, which with such Order and Courage tha, put an end to all his great De- the French could not stand it, bu ligns: He wrote a very mournful deserted one of their Batteries ci Letter to the French King on Occa- Cannon, which Colonel Warning fion of it, and withdrew to St. Ger. took, and the whole Frencb A:. mains.

my were near deserting their Camp, There was a Mew of a Descent when for want of Reinforcemer.:, on France from England this Sum- which Count Solmes was by 16. mer, a Body of Forces under the peated Orders commanded to se! Command of the Duke of Leinster in, our Men were not able to ta(since Schomberg) being shipped off low the Blow, for the Foot being at Portsmouth for that purpose ; but a Mile in the Rear, and in mawhatever put a stop to it, they re- king two much halte to come up turned, without failing further than threw themselves into Disorder, and the Place they were ordered to open the Van-Guard being attacked by their Orders at.

30 Battalions, and a fresh Body of In Flanders Things went but ill Dragoons brought in by Bougies, this Summer, The French King they were forced to retreat

, whicz came himself to take Namur, before with the coming on of the Nigas which Place he opened Trenches the left the French the Poffeffion of bus 29th of May, took the lower Town Field, and some of our Cantos, the 5th of June, Fort Coeborn on with many Prisoners. the 22d of June, and the Castle This Battle may be called fata, was surrendred che ist of July. since it loft us those brave Officers King William marched on the 3d of Major General Mackay, Sir Joti June with an Army to its Relief, Lanier, Sir Robert Douglaji, But was watched so well by the Earl of Angus, and many other Duke of Luxenburg, who covered who were killed in it, besides 2,00 'the Siege with 70,000 Men, and was Soldiers killed, and 3,000 woerca

distavoured by bad Weather, or taken. On the French Sky that after he had posted his Army the Prince de Turere, the Mark on the Mebagn, and ordered the de Bellefonds, the Marquis Pontons for palling it, he was fain Tilladet, Brigadier Stoupa, ** to defint.

Marquils Fimacon, and scu The French King, after the taking Persons of Distinction, with 2,042 Nainur, left the Army under the private Soldiers were killed. 'Tw* Command of Luxemburg, and re- afterwards discovereà that Larix turned to Versailles. That General burg received Information of encamped in an advantageous Post that passed in our Army, by 13 between Enghien and Steenkirk, Hand of one Millevsir, 'a where King William resolved to as tick of the Duke of Bacardi, tack him.



which, as it most probably chang'd at his Death confessid the whole, A. D. the Forrune of the Day, the Au- and acknowledged his Guilt. 1692. thor could not be sufficiently pu The Duke of Savoy this Camniih'd for. He was hang'd'on a paign invaded Dauphine, and took Tree foon after, and the Army re- the City of Embrun, where he found treated in excellent Order, without 20 Pieces of Cannon, 20,000 Crowns the leait Disturbance from the Ene- in Gold of the French King's Mo

ney, which with 40,000 Livres ConBoufflers soon after bombarded tribution from the City, and large Charleroy. And on the other Side Contributions from all the neighthe English Forces with the Duke bouring Towns, he brought off ; of Leinsler commanded upon the and had carried his Arnis much intended Expedition, being at their farther, if he had not unhappily falReturn sent over to Flanders, land- len Sick of the Small-Pox, which d at Ofend on the 18th of Septem- was followed by an Ague, and jer, and took the two Towns of hindered all farther Martial Operafurmes and Dixmuyde.

tion on his fide. But another Affair, which hap In Germany the French had the sened in Flanders this Summer, better, for tho they took no Towns leserves our Notice. The French this Campaign, they surprized a Court had for a long Time in. Party of 4,000 Horse commanded lulged it felf in an Opinion, that by the Duke of Wirtemberg, whereof I was lawful to take away the Life they killed 1,000, and took that f King William by any means that Prince Prisoner, and afterwards liv'd night effect it. And therefore Cha. at Discretion in his Country. uillard himself, their prime Mi. On the 7th of June this Year rifter of State, did not disdain to happen'd that dreadful Earthquake reat with one Granvale, who last at Jamaica, which overthrew alCampaign undertook to assassinate most the whole Town of Port Royal, im. What he could not effect swallow'd up 1500 Persons ; and a hen, the same Man was now a- vaft Quantity of Merchandize in the ain attempting, and had affocia. Warehouses. On the 8th of Seped to him for it two Persons, na- tember following a Shock of Earthned Leefedeal and Du-Mont, who quake was felt here in England, and vere to have stabbed the King at a Flanders, and France, but it was, onvenient Opportunity, and then blessed be God, not violent enough o have fled to a Body of Luxem to do much harm. urg's Army, who under the Com It was in this Year that the Duke nand of Monsieur Chamlay and of Hanover was by the Emperor conColonel Parker (an Englishman, stituted an Elector of the Empire, cho had been in all their Designs and thereby a ninth Voice made in gainst the King's Life) were to the Electoral College. dvance to receive him. But it It was this Summer also, that leased God to touch the Hearts of one Robert Young, a villainous Felhis two Accomplices with Com- low, counterfeited the Hands of punction, and they having discover the Lord Marlborough, the Bishop d the Thing, Granvale was seized of Rochester, and others, to an In! Eyndenhoven, and brought to strument in the Natute of an AssoI'rial, where, being convicted, he ciation against the Government, Nas executed Augufi the 13th, and and then having lodg'd that and

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A. D. some other such sort of Papers in A Fund of 100,000 l. per Annua 1692. the Bishop of Rochester's House, went out of the Excise, to pay Annuities

and informed against him; the Pa- to Persons that should advance Ose
pers being accordingly found by the Million of Pounds to the Service of
King's Meslenger, who was sent to the War, and Additional Impofii-
search the House, his Lord'hip for ons, and a Review of the Poll. A!!
the Present underwent some Censure, which did not raise the Sum vored
but the Roguery was happily detec- by 545,596 ?
ted, and the Bishop's Innocence Several Bills of publick Nature,
made plain.

that were order'd to be brought in In Scotland and Ireland all was this Şeflion, did not pass into Acts, quiet this Summer.

A Bill for Regulating Trials The King returned from Holland, in Cases of Trearon. A Bill fa and arrived at London, October the satisfying the Debts due to the 01191h. Both their Majesties did the phans of London. A Bill for betier City the Honour to dine at the Preservation of their Majefties Per Guildhall on the Lord Mayor's Day sons. A Bill to ascertain the Fees cf this Year.

Officers of Justice. A Bill for free On the 14th of November the and impartial Proceedings in Par. Parliament met, and his Majelty liament, whereby several Persons in made a Speech to them, wherein he Offices were to be excluded. A mention'd the Victory at Sea, wifh- Bill for the frequent calling and ing the fortune had been as good at meeting of Parliaments

. Winch Land, and applauded the Courage lait passed both Houses, bue 525 of the English. Advised a Provili- Atopped at the Throne on the sch on for the War as large as before, of january, when the King pared and intimated a Design to invade the Land Tax. France. The Commons thanked

A Complaint being made in the his Majesty by an Address for his House against a Pamphler, intit'ed

, Gracious Speech, and the Queen King William and Queen Mary Corfor her excellent Government. The querors, it was order'd to be bore', House also gave their Thanks by as was also a Pamphlet written by the Speaker to Admiral Ruffel, for the Bishop of Sarum, intified, his Conduct and Courage in the late Pastoral Letter, wherein the far? Viciory. Some Exceptions indeed Doctrine was maintained. Th were made to his Conduct, as if the Lords also taking that Matter 113 Vi&ory might have been carry'd far- Consideration, passed a Resolutio, ther, and Enquiry was made into That such Affertion is incorrei the Stoppage of the intended De- with the Principles on which thi fcent, but after strict Examination Government is founded, and tecof all Parlies, the Admiral was by ed to the Subversion of the Rigde Vote fully quitted.

of the People. On the 15th of November, a Mo. Complaints from Ireland being tion being made for a Supply, it laid before the House of Commons was unanimously agreed to, and they presented an Address to ? on the 2d of December was vored King on the 9th of Marcb, where for the Navy 1,926,516 1. and on the in they set forth Abules and M joth, for the Army 2,090,5631. To managements in that Kingdes saife which Money á Land Tax Complaining that the Protesta of 45. in the Pound was granted. Subjects were exposed to free le

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