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ter. That Irish Papists were listed the Player, of which he was Febrx: A. D. among Recruits. That Protections ary the 4th acquitted.

1692. were granted to Irish Papifts. That On the 23d of March Sir Fobn Outlawries were revers'd. That Trenchard was made Secretary of forfeited Eitates were lett at under State, in the Place of the Earl of Rates. That there were great Em- Nottingham. And the Custody of bezlements in the Stores and in the the Great Seal was on the same Day forfeited Estates. And that Addi. given to Sir John Summers, at that tions were made to the Articles of Time Attorney General. A new Limerick, whereby the Irish Papists Commission of the Admiralty alsa were encouraged, and the English passed, whereby that Charge was Interest weaken'd. Which Abuses given to Sir John Lowther, Henry they prayed might be redress’d, and Priefiman, Esq; Lord Falkland, Rethat no Grant might be made of the bert' Auften, Esq; Sir Robert Rich, forfeited Estates, till that Matter Henry Killegrow, Esq; and Sir Ralph could be settled in Parliament. Delaval. They also prayed that the Articles On the 31st of March the King of Limerick, with the Additional set out for Holland, where he arrived Articles, might be laid before them. the ad of April. The King gave them a Gracious This Summer was unfortunate to Answer, and soon after put an End the Confederates on all Sides ; and to the Session. For,

first to us by Sea. The English and On the 14th of March his Maje. Dutch Fleet being joined, they set fy came to the House, paffed the fail to the Westward with a very Tax Bills, a Bill for appointing numerous Fleet of Merchant Men Commissioners to face the Publick bound for the Streights, which failAccounts, and 18 other Publick Acts. ed under their Convoy. They failed And made a Speech, and then the all in Company to a certain LatiParliament was prorogued to the ad tude, as their Orders directed, and of May.

then Sir George Rook with a SquaIn this Interval of the Sitting of dron of 23 Men of War parted of the Parliament, the Events without to convoy the Merchant Men. BeDoors of publick Notice were, On ing arrived within 60 Leagues of the zoth of Dec. Sir John Trevor Cape St. Vincent, June 15th, they was made Master of the Rolls. On discover'd the French Fleet. The the 24th of February the chief Com- Merchant Ships were ordered to mand of the Fleet was taken out of make the best of their way to the the Hands of Admiral Ruffel, and Streights, while the Men of War given to Mr. Killigrew, Sir Ralph lay behind to cover them. In the Delaval, and Sir Clouds.ey Shovel in Evening the French came up with joint Commission. And on the 8th the Stern-most, and took three of February Mr. Rook was made Dutch Men of War, who had enVice Admiral of the Red, Lord gaged Eleven French. The Mer. Berkley Vice Admiral of the Blue, chant Men making off to Shoar, Colonel Aylmer Rear Admiral of the the Enemy followed them, and gave Red, and Mr. Mitchel Rear Admiral opportunity to those Ships which of the Blue.

lay to Windward to escape. Sir The Lord Mohun was brought to George Rook with the Men of War Trial January 30th before his Peers and some Merchant Men got_safe for the Murther of Mr. Mountford to Ireland, but the Turkey Fleet

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4. D. running into Gibralter were all ei In Germany the French took Hes: 1693, ther taken, burnt, or funk. The delberg, set both City and Caitle on

Loss was great, for befides 50 Mer- Fire, and miserably ravaged the Pa.
chant Ships destroyed, the French latinate.
took 29, besides cwo Dutch Men of In Savoy, a Battle was fought at
War taken by Tourville and D'Etrees, Marsiglia, wherein after an obfti
and an English Man of War, and a nate Combat the French got the
sich Pinnace burnt.

In Flanders, Huy was taken by In England, the Lord Capel, Sir
the French, July 23d. And soon af- Cyril Wyche, and William Dunceab

, ter the Duke of Luxenburg, who Esg; were appointed Lords Justices commanded an Army much more in Ireland, and set out the 10.h of numerous than the Confederates, July on their Journey thither. The attacked the King in his Camp at Lord Sidney being recalled, who at Neerbespin near Landen.

his Return was made Master of On July the 28th was fought the the Ordnance. That Lord had terrible Battle of Landen, wherein acquired fome Ill-will in Ireland by after much Bravery on the Confede. infitting too positively on the King's rates side, the French obtained the Power of presenting Draughts of Victory, and the Confedera'es were Bills to the Parliament, whereby forced to leave behind them 60 the Parliament's Power would Pieces of Cannon and 9 Mortars, be reduced to a Negative Voice besides 6,000 Men, who fell in the only ; but they infifted on their Battle, and in the Retreat ; for a Right of forming the Draeghes

, Small River that lay behind them, and have since enjoyed it uncoste: whose opposite Bank was steep, ex. ftably. posed them to a double Danger, of The Earl of Bellamont and Sir Drowning and the Enemies Fire. James Hamilton exhibited ConThe Enemy did not acknowledge plaints to the Queen against the the Loss of above 2,000 Men, but Lord Conine soy and Sir Charles Perrer for their Honour they ought to have late Justices in Ireland, which were confessed more, since if their Loss referred to the Privy Council, but was not greater, they were ftupid to the Accusers declining to appear lie still for 15 Days together, and the Matter fell. give the Confederates leave to re On the 30th of Otteber the King cruit, which by the Junction of a arrived at London from Holland, and Body of frelh' Troops under the on the 6th of November appointed Duke of Wirtemberg, who had for. Mr. Ruffel to resume his Place of ced the French Lines in Flanders, Admiral of the Fleet. and lay levying Contributious in November 7. The Parliament althe Enemies Country at the time sembled : To whom the King rethis Battle was fought, the Army commended an Increase of our ferwas so restored as to be able to ces by Sea and Land, which the make Head against the French all Confedera:es had already resolved the Summer, but were not however on. The House of Commons vou Itrong enough to raise the Siege of ted, That they would support their Charleroy, which the French sat down Majesties and their Governmen. before on the 10th of September, And chearfully agreed with his Ma. and after a Siege of 23 Days took jesty's Proposal of Augmenta:ion ; it by Capitulation.

for on the 25th of November they

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voted that Two Millions should be the Throne ; and therefore the next 4. D. railed for the Service of the Navy Day voted, that whoever advised 1693, for the Year 1694, besides 500,000l. the King not to give the Royal Alfor paying Arrears of Wages to Sea- sent to that Act, was an Enemy to men. They voted also, that the their Majesties and the Kingdom. Army for the Service of the Year And by the Expostulatory Repre1694 should confist of 83,122 Men, fentation concerning the ancient Uand that 2,530,5821. be raised for fage in pafling Acts, alledged, there maintaining them ; which was rai- were few Instances in former Reigns, sed by a Land Tax of 4 s, in the where the Royal Aflent had been Pound; by a Lottery of one Million; refused to such Bills as both Houles and by erecting the Bank one pass'd, and where that Assent had Million and cwo hundred thousand been with held by private Infinua. Pounds ; by Annuities ; by a quar- tions, without Advice of the Privyterly Poll ; by a Stamp Duty ; and Council, it had been attended with by Licensing Hackney Coaches : great Inconveniencies. Which produced the Sums they were An Act passed this Session for paygiven for ; but by Expences, Dir. ing the Debts due to the Orphans counts, Loss on Guineas, &c. a De. of London. The East India Comficiency arose of 177,5301.

pany having obtained a new CharThe House took into Considera. ter from the King, Petitions were ion the Disappointment at Sea, and presented to the Commons againk voted November 17th, that there had it ; this put the House upon exabeen treacherous Mismanagement mining into that Matter, which it in the Miscarriage of the Turkey seems appeared fo disagreeable, that Fleet. They biamed the Grand on January the 19th they voted, Fleet for not accompanying Sir that

all the Subjects of England have George Rook; and when it was al equal Right to trade to the East. ledged that they were not suffici- Indies, till prohibited by Ad of Parendy Victualled, after Examination liament. into that, it was voted, That there The Earl of Bellamont presented was sufficient on board the main Articles to the House against the Fleet to have convoyed the Mer. Lord Coningsby, and Sir Charles Porchant Ships out of Danger. And ter, but upon Examination and Con, afterwards,

on December 6, it was fideration of the Circumstances of voted, That the Admirals, by not Affairs in Ireland, they were dissending into Brest for Intelligence, missed. before they left the Streights Squa

The Parliament having gone dron, were guilty of a high Breach through all the publick Business beof Trust, to the great Lols and Dif- fore them, the King came to the honour of the Nation.

House on the 25th.of April, and pase On the 25th of January the King sed the Acts that were ready. And came to the House, and passed the having made a Speech, the ParliaA& for the Land Tax, but refused ment was prorogued. a Bill for free and imparıial Pro In November this Year, Captain ceedings in Parliament, which, as Bembow, with a Squadron of Men we told you lalt Year, stopt in the of War, and new invented BombHouse of Lords ; but now having Vessels, fail'd to St. Malo, and bompassed both Houses, the Commons barded it four Days fucceffively, refented much that it was topt at but with no great Effect.


A. D. On the 24th of November, Dr. Houblon, put in their Places. A new 1694. Sanderoft, the depriv'd Archbishop Commiffion for the Treasury alfo

of Canterbury, departed this Life. paffed the Seals, whereby that

On the 3ift of December, Prince Charge was put into the Hands Lewis of Baden arrived in England. of the Lord Godolphin, Sir Stepber was lodged in Whitehall, and enter. Fox, Charles Montague, Esq; Sir tained by the King and Nobility William Trumbal, and John Smith, with great Honour till his Return Esq;. on February 14.

In the Month of June "this Year

, And now again the Turkey Fleet (the Commision being pafled for suffered a Misfortune. Sir Francis that Purpose) the Books were oW beeler, with a good Squadron of pened for Subscriptions to the Bank Men of War, was their Convoy; of England, and the whole 1,200,which secured them from the Ene. 000 l. being subscribed, the Charter my, but the Elements could not be was soon after given them, whereby contended with, for on the 17th of the Subscribers were made a Corpo. February a terrible Storm overtook ration, and enabled to fue and be them in the Mouth of the Streights, sued, but with Proviso that they foon after they failed from Gibraltar, should never owe above the Capifor the Levant, which continued tal Stock paid into the Excheqaer, two Days successively, and made which together with 100,0001. miserable Destruction in the Fleet. Annum, they received for Interet Sir Francis's own Ship foundered, for it, were to be always liab'e to and he and all his Men were loft ; their Debtors. They were also for four of the Turkey Ships, one for bid to trade in Goods Othersie Leghorn, and one for Venice, were than by Pawn; or to lend Money ali driven afhoar, and the Men lost, to the Crown but upon Parliamentogether with three Dutch Ships tary Security. richly laden, who had the same This Summer proved a Time of Fate. The rest made a Shift to get Adion at Sea ; the main French into Ports, but in very bad Condi. Fleet indeed escaped us, but the Ation.

larm we gave their Coasts, and the On the 25th of April, the King Damage we did their Towns

, was conferred the Title of Duke upon a Matter of great Trouble to the the Earl of Shrewsbury, the Marquis Enemy. The English Fleet being of Carmarthen, by the Style of joined by the Dutch, were early at Duke of Leeds, and the Earl of De Sea, and stood over for the Fresch vonshire ; the Title of Marquis on Coast, with Intention to block up the Earl of Mulgrave, by the Style the French Fleet in Breft, but could of Marquis of Normandy. And soon not effect that, nor bring them to after the Lord Sidney was made Earl Battle, for the French avoided ED of Rumney, and Henry Herbert, Efq; gagement, and made the beft of Baron Herbert of Cberbury. The their way for the Streights. The Lord Falkland (against whom a Admiral therefore sent our DetachComplaint was made in Parliament ments ; one under Captain Pics about a Bounty received from the kard put into Bertbaume Bay, and Crown,) Mr. Killigrew, and Sir burnt or funk 35 Merchant Ships, Ralph Delaval, were turned out of Another under Lieutenant General the Commiflion of the Admiralty; Talmaß for the Land Service, and and Admiral Rusel and Sir John the Lord Berkley as Sea Commander

made an Attempt upon Breft. On Country, they were able to take the A. D. the 5th of June they failed from the Town and Castle of Huy, and keep 1694. Fleet, and on the 7th anchored in the French at a Distance in Defence Camaret Bay. So many Ships as of their own Country. were necessary drew in near the In Catalonia the French had great Shore, and General Talmals with Success this Campaign, they took the Well-boats of 900 Men, land. Palamos, Gironne, and Ofalrick, and ed, but made nothing of it; the would have besieged Barcelona, if Marquiss of Carmarthen brought the Neighbourhood of our Fleet the Boats off after the Loss of many had not prevented.

Admiral Rulel Men, but General Talmajh lost his was now able to contend the Do-, Life in the Attempt. But the Lord minion of the Mediterranean Sea, Berkley had better Success at Dieppe, and forced the French to hide them. whither he rail'd, and threw in 1000 selves in Thoulon all the rest of the Bombs, which set the Town on Time of the War. Fire in several Places, and frighted Nothing happend very confiderathe People fo entirely, that if he ble this Campaign either in Pied. had been sensible of it, the Town mont or in Germany. And so we had been taken. From thence they will dismiss the Story of Foreign went to Havre de Grace, where Affairs, Bembow threw in at least 300 Bombs The King returned to England on more, and did considerable Da- the 9th of November, and met his mage ; but the Weather proving Parliament on the 12th, bad, he was forced to draw off. His Majesty in his Speech menAnd then the whole Fleet failed to tioned the good Success at Sea, and Cadiz, where they lay all the the happy Prospect at Land ; adviSummer, and protected Spain, sed effectual Provision for the War, which the French had Intention and recommended a Law for encouto have used roughly this Cam- raging Seamen. paign.

The Houses adjourned to the The Prince and Bishop of Liege 19th, and being reassembled, the dying this Summer, the French en- first Thing, the Commons went adeavoured to get the Cardinal de bout was the Bill for frequent calling Bouillon elected, but could not ef- and meeting of Parliaments : A Law fect it, for by the Interest of the which they, having been twice disapConfederates, Prince Clement of Ba- pointed in, were become the more varia, already Elector of Cologne by earnest for now. The Tenor of that the same Interest, obtained to be e- Bill was, that the Parliament should lected along with the Great Master assemble and be allowed to fit and of the Teutonick Order ; who also do Business every Year, and that had such a Number of Votes as to no Parliament should last above claim the Election ; but he soon af, three Years, but be re-chosen at the ter dying, the Archbishop of Co- End of that Term. This Bill foon logne's Election was confirmed by passed both Houses, and received the Pope.

the Royal Assent on the 14th of In Flanders, the Confederates had December. On which Day the King this Campaign a gallant Army, and also passed an A&t for continuing were so far luperior to the Enemy, the Tonnage and Poundage for that besides putting them to their five Years, which was made a Fund Shifts all the Year to defend their of Credit for 1,250,000 1. for the


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