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A. D. Service of the Year 1695. Her Sacred Majesty Queen Mary 1694

The House of Commons unani. was seized by a Sicknels, which mously voted a Supply to their Ma- proved to be the Small Pox, and jefties, and upon calculating the Ef. chat so violent, and with fuch mortimate, agreed that 2,382,712 1. be tal Attendants, that all the Power raised for the Navy, which was vo of Art was baffled, and her Ma. ted November the 30th ; and that jesty expired on the 28th, to the 2,500,000 l. be raised for the Army, excessive Grief of all the Nation, which was voted December the 4th. This Princess was extreamly hoTo raise this Sum, there was grant

noured and beloved by the People; ed a Land Tax of 4 s. in the Pound. but it may with Truth enough be A Sale of Reversionary Annuities. said, not half so much valued as ber A Duty upon Births, Burials, and Merits juftly claimed. Marriages, with a Clause of Credit Her Majelty's Corpse lay in State for 650,000 l. A Duty on Coals, at Whitehall with great Solemnity with a Credit on it for 564, 700l. for many Days ; and was interred together with the Duty on Tonnage at Wilminster with her Ancettors, and Poundage, as abovesaid. All on the 5th of March. which raised what was granted and The Funeral was folemniz'd with 400 l. over. But the State of our as much Magnificence as without Silver Coin being at that Time ex- Pageantry has been ever feen. Betream bad, (Clipping and Counter- fides all the Officers of State and feiting having reduc'd its Value fo the principal Mourners, there at low, that giving a Guinea for 30 s. tended the House of Peers in their was giving more in Value in Gold Parliament Robes, the House of than the Silver received for it was Commons in deep Mourning with worth) reduced the Price of our long Cloaks, together with divers Money abroad, and raised the Price Noblemen, attended by the Heralds of Commodities at Home, fo that bearing the Regalia and Infoguia, all. Things was brought to the Efti and the Horse of State covered to mate of 30 s, for a Guinea, where che Ground with Purple Velre. by the Denomination of Pounds be- The Royal Corpse lay depofized in ing retained, the King's Supply was an open Chariot with a Canopy onear upon so much deficient as the ver it, drawn by eight Horses coDifference between 22 s. and 30 s. vered with Purple Velvet. In the amounted to. Whereby, as was Chairot fat a Lady in deep Moore afterwards made appear in Parlia ning, at the Head, another 2 ment, there proved a Deficiency in the Feet, the Coffin being cothis Year's Provision of 400,5147. vered with a Golden Pall, and the This was the Sum of Parliamentary Crown, Orb, and Scepter on act Proceedings before a very melan fhion ; 300 Old Women in Black choly Scene opened it self upon us. Gowns led the Way; and a Nu

But firit we must say, that Dr. ber of Ladies, those that attenTillotson, Archbishop of Canterbury, ded her Majeky's Perfon in bez departed this Life November 22, Life time, followed the 'Hete. The Bishop of Lincoln, Dr. Tenison, This Attendance composed a very was nominated by his Majetty to long Train, which moved with fucceed him.

that decent Gravity the mourn ul

Occasion claimed. “At Nine in the On Friday the 21st of December, Morning they fet out from 1943:4

All 1694.

ball, and soon after Twelve at Noon up and lodged in private Places, A. D. the Royal Corpse entred into Westo and Men listed to bear them. minster Abbey. There a solemn which was discovered by one Lunt, Dirige was sung, and a Sermon who came from France in December, preached by the new Archbishop of 1693. Another Person named Taffe, Canterbury, all which was not fi- who became acquainted with Lunt, nished till the Close of the Day. pushed him forward in his DiscoveThe Way from Whitehall to the ry, and was very active in affifting Church was plank'd and rail'd as the Messengers sent down to search at a Coronation, and covered with for Arms. But it seems, either the black Cloth, the whole Procedure Informations were false, or the Conbeing on Foot. The King present- spirators had Time to remove them, ed Mourning to all the Members of for none or few Arms were found, the House of Commons. In the nor any Commissions of Papers, exMiddle of the Abbey Church there cept the Draught of a Declaration was built a large circular Pavilion in Favour of King James. Taffe on Columns, covered with black was thought over busy in seizing lo Cloth, and adorned with Infignia far as not to scruple Felony, which or Scutcheons of the Illustrious put him out of Favour with the and Royal Families from which her King's Officers, and therefore was Majesty descended. Here the Corpse denied the Reward he demanded. lay deposited during the time of the This put him out of Humour, and Service and Sermon ; afterwards it render'd him liable to the Temptawas kept standing for some Months, tions on the other Side, who failed and a Coffin covered with a Velvet not to take the Advantage, but Pall, and a Crown lying on it, stood bought him over to their Service. there in Remembrance of the real He then declared, that it was all one. This was called a Mausoleum, a Sham invented by him and Lunt, as Structures of that kind usually which together with the Circumare, from the famous Tomb of Mau- ftance of nothing found in searchfolus, which was one of the Won- ing, and some Management in the ders of the World.

Trial, brought the Gentlemen off, To return back to the Affairs who were tried for it at Manchetransa&ting in the mean time. ster, October 16, 1694, and acquit

On the 16th of January, Dr. ted; and the Witnesses were orTennifer, Bishop of Lincoln, was dered by Authority to be prosecutranslated to the Archi-episcopal ted for Perjury. If the Lancashire

Gentlernen had fat still here, they The Time of the Session of the might possibly have been believed House of Commons was chiefly innocent, but their own Warmth taken up in examining into two made them bring it into Parliament, Particulars : First, The Lancashire Nov. 22, 1694. The House of ComPlot; and, Secondly, The Matter mons examined into it with great

Exactness, and in the Month of FeThe Lancashire Plot was a De- bruary following voted, That there Sign of the Roman Catholicks to was sufficient Ground for the Proraise a Rebellion against the King fecution and Trial of the Gentleand Queen ; to which purpose Com- men at Manchester, and that there missions were sent to them from was a dangeroas Plot carried on aKing James, and Arms were bought gaint the King and Government.


Sce of Canterbury.

of Bribery.

A. D. And the Matter being afterwards miffioners for licenfing Hackney. 1694. carried into the House of Lords, it Coaches as guilty of Bribery.

was there also resolved, That the And finally, a Committee was Government had sufficient Cause to appointed to search and make Dil prosecute the Lancashire and Chefire covery of all other Crimes of this Gentlemen. But notwithstanding Nature. And now came on the all this, the Witnesses were con- Discovery of that Myftery of Inivicted of Perjury at the Lancapire quity, the Dealings of the Eal ]s. Allizes next Summer.

dia Company to obtain a Charter, The next great Affair which em- and an Act of Parliament to conploy'd the House of Commons seve- firm it. sal Months, was the Enquiry into The Committee examining the Briberies, which from one step to Company's Books, discover'd, That another grew to a large Extent. in three Payments 77,2587. had been

A Petition was presented Janua. issued for special Service, besides fery 12, from the Town of Rofion, veral smaller Sums, which amountagainst Abuses of the Soldiery, in ed to 10,144 l. more. All in the exacting Subsistence Money, which Year 1693, while Sir Tho. Cook was was voted Arbitrary and Illegal. Governor. 'Tis too tedious and And Tracy Pauncefori an Agent, be- too intricate to enter into a Detail ing Guilty of it, was taken into upon this Matter; for besides this Custody ; and for Obstinacy in not Sum, 90,000 l. more was discove'd answering the Questions propound- to have been paid by Sir Tho. Candy ed to him committed Prisoner to whereof 30,000 /. to Sir Ball Firethe Tower. His Brother Edward brass. And that the Company mide Pauncefort being accused of contri a Contract to give 12,000 l. for zoo ving to cheat Col. Hastings's Regi. Tun of Salt-Petre, the prime Cell ment of 500 Guineas, was also or- whereof was but 2,000 l. to buy dered into Custody. And a Mem- off an Interloper. In Bort fach ber of Parliament, who had taken terrible Walte appear'd to have a Bribe of 200 Guineas, was com- been made of the Company's Momitted to the Tower. On the 26th ney, that provok'd further Er of February, the Commons made a quiry, which in the End produ'd Representation to the King against a Discovery, that one Mr. Rabari, the Colonels and Agents.

a Servant to the Duke of Lord, The House examining further in- had receiv'd 5,000 l. of it, which to Abuses, found Occasion to call fome Enemies of that Lord catch'd apon James Craggs, one of the Con- such hold of as to urge for an lotractors for Cloathing the Army, to peachment. His Grace came to give an Account of the Disposition the House to defend himself, bæ of the Money receiv'd to that Pur. could not divert the Storm, ter 31 pose, which he refusing was com- Impeachment was carried up to the mitted to the Tower. And a Bill House of Lords; but Robart, who was order'd to oblige Pauncefort was the only Witness, being with to discover how the Monies paid drawn, the Matter never came to into his Hands had been dispos'd a Trial, though the Duke prest ear of. And Harnage, another Clo. nestly for it. ther of the Army, was taken into While this was transacting, 24Custody.

other Enormity of the same Sot After this they censured the Com- was discover'd. It seems when the

And on

Bill for satisfying the Debt due to certify the Weight and Fineness A. D. the Orphans of London, was lant Sef- of the Piece, any Nation that de- 1695. fion in the House, to push it for- bases the Alloy, or diminishes the ward the City made a present of Weight in its Coin, does so much 1000 Guineas to Sir John Trevor abate the Value of that Coin in Speaker, 20 to Mr. Hungerford Chair- Foreign Markets, however Autho. man of the Committee, 5 to Mr. rity may be able to keep it up at Harcourt their Councel, and 60 l. 10 Home. Mr. Foddrell the Clerk of the House. This made Guineas run up to The Speaker finding the Displea- 30 s. a piece; and milled Silver fure this Discovery might give the Money had done the fanie too, if Hoale, forbore che next Day to give by an Act of this Seffion it had not his Attendance, and therelore the been prevented. The iwo Houtes House proceeded March 14th, to taking into Consideration the bad the choice of a new Speaker, Eltate of our Coin, a Committee vihich fell upon Paul Foley, Esq; of the House of Commons gave in

the 16th they voted, a Scheme of what they judged proThat Sir John Trevor being guilty per, which went upon the Foot of of a High Crime and Mildemea- altering the Denomination, altho' ior, in receiving the Gratuity of the Standard be retained. But the 1000 Guineas for palling the Or- Lords judged wiser of the Thing, phans Bill, be expelled the House; and fent down a Bill, wherein ic Wr. Hungerford also was expelled was furbid to raise the Price of Silhe House.

ver Money. To which was added Sir Tho. Cooke having offended the by the Commons many wholsome flouse, by giving unfatisfactory Proviso's for preventing the inelting Answers to the Questions pro- down the Coin, as had been very pounded to him, a Bill was or- much practised of l'ate. lered to imprison him for a Year, The two Bills which had so oł. ind with him Sir Bafil Firebrass, ten miscarried; namely, For regu\Ir. Craggs, and Mr. Bates, who lating Trials in cale of Treason, vas the Person that paid Robart and a Bill touching free and imhe 5000 l.

partial Proceedings in Parliament, Our Coin was at this Time ex were again brought in this Sefiion, remely debas'd by Clipping, which but, as formerly, did not pass the was got fo far, that Half Crowns two Houses. "Tis needless to say were reduced to Shillings, and Shil. several other Bills did not pals, ings were reckoned large that since that is usual. veighed Eight-pence, and ihen too These Maiters spun out the Ses. ear one half of what passed wa's fion to the 3d of May, on which ounterfeit ; for the old hammered Day his Majeity came to the Ioney · being at first not curious, House, passed the Bills that were vas easily counterfeited well e- ready, among which, that for Imnough to pass through many igno. prisoning Sir Tho. Cooke, &c. An ant Hands. This made Foreign Net for appointing Commisioners Exchanges rise upon us; for as Sil. to state the Publick Accompts. An er is the Medium of Trade, that Act to prevent the counterfeiting Vietal is by all Nations allowed the Coin. An Act for laying o bear a certain intrinfick Value ; a Duty on Glass and Earthen Ware, and Coinage being inverted to Cuals and Culm. And an Aft for




A.D. the King's General Pardon. And for settling a Trade in the Western 1695. then the King made a Speech, and Plantations, and several other very

the Parliament was prorogued to good Laws.
the 18th of June.

And a Complaint being broege The See of Lincoln, which was into the House of a very toul ki. vacant by the Archbithop's Pro- ness the Slaughter of the Glen: motion, was given to Dr. Gardi. Men, that Affair was examined in

to; the Story was in fum this: A As soon as the Parliament rose Proclamation had been publified the King prepared to go to Holland, that all the Highlanders that withand in order to it constituced these food the King's Authority, who seven to be Lords Justices for ad- should come in and take the Oats ministring the Government in his by the first of January, itga, Absence; namely, the Lord Arch- should have Pardon and Protetsbishop of Canterbury, Sir John So One Mac.Jan Mat-Denais, mers Lord Keeper, Earl of Pem- Laird of Glenco, one of the gren: broke Lord Privy Seal, Duke of De- eft Clans in the North of Scatiesa

, vonshire Steward of the Houshold, came to Inverlochy, and addrecies Duke of Shrewsbury Secretary of himself to Colonel Hill, Govercos State, Earl of Dorset Lord Cham- of the Fort, about the Time's exberlain, and Lord Godolphin first piring, to take the Oaths; the Commisioner of the Treasury. Sir Colonel declared it was not in ba John Trenchard being dead, Sir Wil. Power but the Civil Magifra:e'i liam Trumbal was made Secretary and therefore he muft apply himof State, The Lord Capel was made self to the Sheriff or some or bet Lord Deputy of Ireland. Monfi- Magistrate. He went afterwards eur Zuylésein was created Earl of to Inverary, the chief Town of Rochester, and the Lord Grey Earl Argyll hire, to the Sheriff, but te of Tankerville. Which being per. Time being then elapsed by cre formed, his Majesty departed, and Day, the Sheriff made for arrived in Holland, May the 14th. Scruple of accepting him. But i

A Parliament in Scotland assem- being one Day, and he alledgins bled May 9, where the Marquiss he came to Col. Hill in full Tisk of Tweedale, his Majesty's High the Sheriff did administer 2 Commisioner, after delivering a Oaths to him and his Attenda:', Letter from the King, made a and he went Home in Confsa. Speech to them, wherein he ad- of Indemnity. In the Month vised raising a Supply for Pay- January, there came to that Cou ment of the Forces on Foot, the try the Earl of Argyll's Regice former Subsidies being near ex and Inverlochy being full, pising. And hinted at an Im- quartered at Glenco. On Firmen provement of Trade by eltablish- the 12th, a sudden Order Care ing Plantations abroad, where it That the Soldiers at Five [vis might lawfully be done.

the next Morning fhould fet :: The Parliament answered the on the Glenco Rebels (io u King's Desire, and gave suficient were term’d) and destroy Supplies for maintaining the For- none were to be spared, and of ces, and for providing Cruisers cially the Old Fox (which and Convoys for the Protection of understood to be spoken of Me Trade. They palled also an Ad Donald) and his cuss were to?

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