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Ød, that upon the whole, the Deficen- miraculously restored. Difficulties 1695. сies for this Year's Service amoun. to be sure must happen upon so sed to 2,078,975 l.

great an Alteration, in the means of The Birincis of reforming the Buying and Selling, but they proCoin was the matter next conside. ved extreamly less than was apprered. Reasons Pro and Con were hended. The broad Hammered Mobandied upon the Subject. The ney pretty well supplyed, till the reNecesity of doing it was evident, coined came abroad. And the L: 5 but the Manner was the Question. having already pinned down milled To bring all the Coin at once to Noney to its old Price, those that the old Standard, was by many had it now no longer hoarded it. In looked upon as impracticable, and Guineas alone there was a grea: loks yet to depart from the Standard and felt, for when the milled Money begive a Denomination above intin came current, 'twas absurd io give fick Value, was giving no Relief 30 of those Shillings for a piece of in the most considerable Article Gold that was worth but zi s. and of Grievance, Forcign Exchange. 6 d. Wherefore the Price of them But upon the Issue, the Matter was was lower'd by Degrees, forf to most happily accomplished. First 26 s. and then to 22 s. of all it was resolved by both Hou To provide for the Loss of Refes, That the old Standard should coining the House voted 1,200, be maintained, and no Alteration 000 l. which they raised by a Day admitted in Name or Value, Se on Houles, commonly called the condly, to relieve the People who Window-Tax. poffcffed the bad Money, it was The next confiderable Materih resolved, 'That it hould be taken Session, was the Debates in the by tale as usual in the Exchequer, House about the Scotcb Africa 21 upon Loans and all Payments of East India Company. On De Taxes. And that even the coun. cember the 14th, the Lords conterfeit Money of base Alloy fould municated to the Commons far

refused, Thirdly for a their Concurrence an Address which quicker Supply of Coinage, a Pre- they had drawn up to present to mium was granted to all Persons the King, complainirg, That pe”. that would bring in Plate. "And suant to an Ad passed last sein for a Dispatch of the Coinage, of Parliament in Scotland, a Con. | Mints were erected at York, Nor- Pany of Merchanış was erected and wich, Cbeier, Exeter, and Brisol. impowered to Trade to Africa, 12 And lattly, all broad hammered East-Indies, &c. free from i Money was permitted to pass for Payments of Customs, Taxes e fome time, after the Day prefixed, any Impositions whatsoever, fo which was February the joih, pro- the Term of 21 Years; and for vided it were punched thro' to pre- thermore that his Niajesty vent Clioping.

And for all Mo. to protect them and interpole nies which came not in by the 4th Authority, for Reftitution and R:: of May, Five Shillings and Eight paration of any Damage caze u Pence per Ource was allowed in the their Ships. Which Powers puro Exchequer, til November, and after ting their Company opon fo macha that Day Five Shillings and 2 Pence better Foot than the Englijs wer,

would tend to the Deftru&io By these Methods our Coin was the Trade of England. To wird


not be

per Ounce.

Address the Commons agreed, and plith it, and therefore to assassinate A. D. it was accordingly presented to the him in his Palace, had the soft 1695. King. Who answered that he had Term given it of attacking the. been ill served in Scotland, but he Prince of Orange in his Winter loped some Remedies might be Quarters. Agents were accordingly found to prevent the Inconveniences employed in England, and Meawhich might arise from this Act. sures concerted in France to back

The House of Commons taking them. To which Purpose Troops this Matter into consideration, dis were ordered to file down towards covered that a private Oath de Fide- Dunkirk and Calais. And on the li, had been administred to the 18th of February, King James himMembers of this Company, and self went to Calais to see the Men that divers Merchants of London embarked, and to receive the Signal had entred into it, and taken the from England for Sailing. faid Oath, Twenty whereof being But it pleased God to disappoint named, they were voted guilty of a them, by discovering the Design. High Crime and Misdemeanor, and The Conspirators at London, havordered to be impeached. But the ing received a Commission from Person who was the principal Evi- King James, consulted upon the dence against them withdrawing, so means of affaflinating King Wil. as not to be found, the Matter felt. liam; divers Ways were named and

This produced an Act for esta- disapproved, till at last it was ablihing à Council of Trade to pre- greed, that the most feasible would vent future Evils of this Sort, which be to attack him as he returned from Council still subfifts.

Hunting, in a Lane a little beyond Another Affair which employed Brentford, which the King usually the Consideration of both Houses passed through after he came over this Session, was a Grant from the the Water, without waiting for the King to the Earl of Portland, of coming up of the Guards, the greatthe Lordships of Denbigh, Brom- eft Part whereof remained on the field and Yale, and other Lands in other Side, expecting the Ferrythe Principality of Wales, Part of Boat back again. The 15th of Fethe Demesnes of the Prince of Wales. bruary was pitched upon to be the Which Grant being brought to the Day, but the King not then going Lords of the Treasury to be passed, abroad, it was put off to the 21st. was opposed by divers Wellh Gentle. But on that Day too, News was men, who urged such Reasons a: brought them by Keys their Mefgainit it, that it stopt for some time, fenger, called the Orderly-Man, who and now being complained of in went daily to Kensington for Intelthe House, after full hearing, the ligence, that the Guards were all Commons unanimously voted, That come back, and that there was a an Address be presented to his Ma. Muciering of a damnable Plot disjesty to stop the said Grant: which covered. Thus far on their Side; let was done accordingly.

us now trace the Steps of the DisAnd now a Scene opened which covery. gave us great Surprize. The Ene On the first Notice of the French my, as I have said, had taken up Preparations, the Elector of Bava. an Opinion, that it was not dil ria and the Duke of Wirtemberg honourable to take away the King's sent Advices from Flanders to his Lile by any way that could accom Majesty of it. And both the Duke


A.D. of Bavaria, and the States-General, prehending the Duke of Beruiet, 1695: stopped all mipping in Oftend and (who came to London to forward

Bruges, and the Sas van Ghent to the Design) Sir George Barclay, Matransport the Forces, which they jor Lowick, George Porter, Captain immediately drew down to ship off Stow, Captain Walbanck, Captain for England.

James Courtney, Dinant, Chambers, Mr. Pendergrafs, a Gentleman of Boise, George Higgins, Davis, Cardel

, Virtue, but an Adherent to King Goodman, Cranburn, Keys, Perder. James, being sent for to London by grass, Byerly, Trevor, Sir Geo. Marhis Friends about this time, was in. wel, Durance, Chr. Knigbils, King, formed of the Design, and invited Sir William Perkins, and Rock to take part in it; but he had such wood. Horror at the Wickedness of it, Upon publishing this Proclamathat he immediately resolved to dif- tion, several named in it, as well cover it. Before this fome dark aş others of the Conspirators, were Hints of it had been given to the taken into Custody. And on the Earl of Portland. So that when 24th of February the King came Pendergrass on the 14th of February to the House of Lords, and after in the Evening, went to that Lord, palling fome A&ts, made a Speech; he was admitted into Privacy and wherein he acquainted both Hoofs litined to, when he told him that of this Discovery of the Conspiracy if the King went abroad to hunt for assassinating his Person, and of the next Day, he would be mur. the intended Invasion. Apd ibat 23 dered: The Earl carried him that he had taken up divers of the CosNight to the King, to whom he spirators, so he had also given Oimade a full Discovery of the whole ders for the bringing over fach Defign. la Rue another of Troops as might effectually protea that Party was by Brigadier Lewfon the Nation from the impeccing brought the next Day to his Maje- Danger. sty, to whom he also made a full The Secretary Sir Williaz Tron Discovery, which agreeing with bal spoke more largely in the Hou're what the former had faid, put the of Commons concerning the Cred. Macrer out of all Doubt. But as they bility of the Witnesses, and the tewere Men of Honour, they refused veral Ways the Discovery came; ic: to name the Persons. The King gave besides the Informations from a them great Thanks for their Genero- broad, Mr. de la Rue went to Brifity in the Discovery, and used such gadier Lewson, Mr. Pendergrass to Reasons to them, why as Men of the Lord Portland, without knowing Honour they should discover the one another. And one Harri, Names of the Conspirators, that who came from France, with S they were at last prevailed upon, George Barclay, upon the first Pab under the Promise of not being made lication of the Proclamation, came use of as Evidence. But Porter foon voluntarily, and surrendred himsex after coming in to make Discovery, to him (the Secretary) and gave his and having accused Pendergrass, al- fufficient assurance of the reality of tho' he himself was the Man that the wicked Design, tho' he was is drew him in, he threw off all scru- able to tell the Particulars of it. ple, and became an Evidence. Both Houses being convinced of

On the 23d of February the King the Danger the Nation had elizpublished a Proclamation for ap. ped, agreed in an Address to us

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Majesty, wherein they express’d Kingdom. And finally, it was en A, D.
their Abhorrence of the wicked De- acted, That no Person should be 1695.
fign, assured him of their Afiftance capable of any Office without fub.
in the Defence of his Person, and scribing it.
Support of his Government, and Several of the Conspirators being
declared, That in case his Majesty seized, Orders were given for bring-
should come to any violent Death, ing them to Trial. Accordingly
they would revenge it on all his Mr, Robert Charnock, a Gentleman
Majefty's Enemies and their Adhe. of Parts, who was one of the prin-
rents. And soon after they passed cipal Conspirators, was cried on the
a Bill to impower his Majesty to lith of March. He went over to
imprison such as he fould suspect France the last Summer to demand
were conspiring against his Person an Assistance of the French King
ind Government. And also a Bill of 2,000 Horse and Dragoons, and
o enact, that the King's Death 8,000 Foot, to which the Party
hould not determine the Parlia- promised to add 2,000 Horse for
nent. And if no Parliament were King James's Service. The French
hen in being, the last that was Court answered they could not at
hould assemble and be a Parliament; that time comply, as being unable
ill dissolved by the Successor. to spare so many Men. But that

The Commons also entred into Answer seems to have been given, be-
n Association; wherein, after de. cause they would not trust the Party
laring his Majesty's Right and here with the Secret, for it after-
wful Title to the Crown, they wards appeared that from that Time
iromise to associate and stand by they set to work upon this intended
ach other in revenging his Maje- Expedition, and had got all Things
ty's Death, in case he should come ready, even before King James him-
ö an untimely End. This was self was informed of it. It appeared
gned by all the Members present, by the Evidence upon this "Trial,
nd those absent were ordered in that this Gentlemen was privy to,
xteen Days to appear and sign it, and next Sir George Barclay, a
r declare their refusal. Which be- prime Manager of the intended
ag figned by all, was presented on Assassination. He made an artful
he 3d of April to the King. The Defence, and said as much as was
King wisely cold them he joined possible in a bad Cause, but could
vith with, and would vencure his not exculpate himself, for the
Life against all who should endea- Evidence was too full, and there-
our to subvert the Religion, Laws, fore he found guilty of
nd Liberties of England; and that High-Treason, and sentenced ac-
zis Association should be lodged cordingly.
mong the Records in the Tower. With Charnock also were tried
Ind lo zealous was the House now · King, who had been a Lieutenant,
o the King's Interest, that the and was one of those who under-
ext Day they voted every Body an took to be the Afassinators. And
Enemy to the Kingdom, who Kould Tho. Keys, who was a Trumpeter,
uestion the Legalicy of the Affo. and afterwards Servant to Porter.

This Man was imployed to watch, The Example was followed not at Kensington, the King's going inly by the House of Lords, but also out and in, and bring Advice to hrough all the Corporations in the the Conspirators. It was proved




Upor the

4. D. he was privy to the intended Affaf- levying and subsisting Men. The 1695. fination, and affifted towards it as Defence he made consisting only in

much as he could. They were both some Attempts against the Reputa. found guilty of High Treason, and tion of the Witnesses, which : sentenced to Death.

succeeding, he had no more to say,
On the 18th of March they were but was found guilty.
all three executed at Tyburn, and Sir William Perkins was tryed on
all confessed the Fact they were con the 24th of March. Againit whon
demned for, but pretended to ex Captain Porter deposed, That be
tenuate it, by alledging the Duty they also was one of the Company who
owed to King James. They la at two Meetings consulted upon
boured to clear the Roman Catho and resolved to send Cbarnak to
licks of having any hand in this France to invite King James with
Design, and to deny that King James a French Force. By other Evidence
gave a Coinmission for the Assassi- ' it appeared that he was raising a
nation. Which was what was con- Regiment, that he had bought up
tained in the Papers they gave the Arms, several Cheits full wherece
Sheriffs at their Deaths.

were buried in his Garden, and
The next that were tried were Sir found there by the Constable. And
John Friend and Sir William Perkins. he brought to Town four
These were brought to Trial at the wi.h Pistols the Night before the
Sessions House in the Old Baily, Day wherein the Affifinatico sus
March 23d and 24th ; Sir John intended, and sent his Servani tha:
Friend on the first Day, and Sir Wil- Morning to Kensington.
liam Perkins on the Second. whole he was alio found guilty.

Against Sir John Friend Captain And both were executed on the ;!
Porter deposed, That he was one of of April.
the Company who met at a Tavern On the 21st and 22d of April,
in Leadenhall-Street, to give Char were tried and condemned, 4s-
nock Instuction, to go over to France brosé Rockwood, Charles Crizabets,
to invite King James into England, and Robert Larvick, three of the
and to ask of the French Court an that were to have affadinated the
Affittance of 2,000 Horse and Dra. King, which was fuily proved up
goons, and 8,000 Foot to affiit him: on them, and they were condem-
He also swore, That all the Com- ned accordingly, and were execu-
pany promised to contribute in ad- ted April the 29th. Not denying
ding 2,000 Horse to that Number. at their Deaths the Truth of the
That Sir John Friend was also pre- Evidence,
sent at a second Meeting to the same May the 13ih, Peter Cock 129
purpose, wherein Charnock recei- brought to Trial, as being one of
ved bis last Initructions. Then one those present at the two Aleetry
Blair deposed, That he had seen for sending Charnock to France, it
a Commision from King James to abovefaid, and give his Conien: 19
Sir John Friend to raise a Regi. it. The Prisoner's Defence co-
ment for his Service, which Sir fifted only in endeavouring to lova
Jobn shewed him. That he (Blair) lidate Goodman's Evidence, which
was to be his Lieutenant-Colonel. not being sufficiently done, he was
And that Sir John Friend told him convicted and sentenced, but !
from Time to Time of the advance executed. These were all tharla.
he had made in raising his Regiment, fered for this plot, will Sir Jap
and gave him 40 2. to be used in Fenwick was taken and attala:

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