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4. D. all other Nations were daily ma- trading to Africa and the Indies, 1697. king, was chiefly owing to the The Substance whereof is as fcl

Law which forbad the People of lows, viz.
Muscovy to travel; resolved to That their Company being efta-
break through that Law himself in blished by folemn Acts, and Letters
Person, and take a Journey into Patents, with Liberty for Strangers
Foreign Countries; which he ac to be of it, they had made an Of.
cordingly put in Execution this fer to the English of coming into ,
Summer, aud having visited the who embraced that Offer, ard fob
Courts of Poland, Denmark, Saxony, scribed 300,000 l. to it. That liz
Hanover, and the rest in that Part of Parliament of England had not only
Germany, came down into Holland, addressed the King for fruftrang
where he had an Interview with the Ends of the said Aêts, but a!'o
King William, who inviting him fummoned and accused several Per-
to his Court, his Czarian Majesty fons thereupon. Which fo dilup.
came over hither in Jan. 1697-8, pointed and retarded it, as forced
and was entertained by the King them to quit the Enterprize. I 2
with all the Respect due to his Cha- they also received all possible Er-
racter. But as he desired to be in- couragement at Hamburzb, where
cognito, he took a private Lodging, the Merchants had contracted to
and busied himself in inspecting the subscribe 200,000 l. but a S:0p 525
Art of Ship Building, and acquir. put to it by an Englis Visiter
ing Knowledge in the Mathemati- there, who, by special Warre: trom
cai Sciences. He tarried here some his Majesty, gave in a Memorial to
Months, and visited the Universities the Senate, disowning the Autho-
and other notable Places, and when rity of the said Afts and Pater,
he returned, divers Ship Carpenters and threatning them with bis 112-
went along wih him, and were jesty's utmost Displea!ure, if itu
employed afterwards in his Docks Subjects joined in the said Company
at Woronitz, their very good Pro- Wherefore tho'many Merchans c:
fit and Satisfaction.

that City did afterwards (abicie The King's Affairs still, notwith into it, the Condition of that SubNanding the Termination of the scription being that his Majes! War, calling him over into Hol. Approbation should be obrzice. land, his Majesty departed the 21st those Subscriptions were ineffecial

, of July, having constituted Nine and thereby their whole Proceed Lords Justices, and arrived the next ings

were discouraged. Day,

the Prospect of these Allan It hath been already said, that having induced them to_1a the Parliament of England expressed greater Preparations for Trase great Relentments against those, than they mould otherwise who in London had subscribed to the done, their Loss by the DScolch East India Company, and pointment was the greater. T:7 voted Impeachments against them, therefore prayed, that their C:: and that both Houses addressed the might be considered, their Com King against it. This occasioned ny vindicated by supporting is the King to discountenance that Credit of the said Aets and Pater, Company ; and for that Reason, a their Lofies repaired, and their ire Complaint was exhibited this Sum- lengthened in Confideration of wis mer in the Scotch Parliament, by the was already elapsed without E1Council General of the Company, tion, by reason of those Cha

ons. This Petition was delivered whose Letter having been printed, A. D. the 22d of July, and on the 5th of we shall refer the Reader to it, as 1698. Auguft, the Parliament resolved up- being too long to have Place here, on an Address, wherein the said and all only say, that they proComplaint being set forth, They posed to his Majesty all the Obentreated his Majesty to take such jections before hand, which upon Measures as might effectually vin- the Publication of this Treaty were dicate the undoubted Rights of the afterwards made. The Treaty in the fid Company, and support the Cre- mean Time went on, and on the 29th dit and Interest thereof, The Heats of August, N. S. was concluded. and Debates about this Affair con The Conditions whereof were, tinued all this Session, which ter 1. That the Peace of Ryswick minated Nov. 25

should be confirmed. II. That, in The Parliament in Ireland met Confideration of the ill State of the he 27th of September. To whom King of Spain's Health, and for prehe Lords Justices recommended the serving the publick Peace in case of Improvement of the Linnen Manu- his Death without Issue, Naactory; the Payment of the Debts ples and Sicily, the Towns belongof the Nation ; supporting the E. ing to Spain on the Coalts of Tuflablishment of the Forces ; the cany, and the Marquisate of Final providing Money for building Ba. on that side of Spain; and the Proaques; and an Inspection into the vince of Guipuscoa, with Fontarabia, emiss Payment of the Poll-Tax. St. Sebastian, and Port Passage, on The Parliament complied with the the other Side of Spain, hould be Requests made to them, and made given to the Dauphin, in confiderahe necessary Provisions according- tion of his Claim to the Crown of y

Spain. III. That Spain and the The Affairs abroad this Year, Spanish West-Indies, &c. should devherein England bore any Share, scend to the Electoral Prince of Bavere, the First Partition Treaty, varia. IV. That the Dutchy of ind the Treaiy of the Peace, be- Milan should be given to the Archween the Turks and the Confede. duke Charles, the Emperor's second ates, that had been so long at War Son. But the young Prince of Bavith them.

varia dying soon after, a second While the King was at Lod this Treaty was made the next Year, Summer, the Count de Tallard wait- wherein the Archduke Charles was ed upon him there, and prosecuted put in his Place. in Overture which had been alrea This Treaty was the Ruin of ly made, of coming to an Agree- King William's Reputation. He had nent concerning the Succession to hitherto been esteemed the best Po. he Crown of Spain. The King litician, as well as the best Soldier, vrote to the Lord Sommers, and the but France so outwitted him in this, Carl of Portland wrote to Secretary that his Character funk with all the 'ernon about it, with orders to both World. For (besides all other Ob. of being very cautious in commu- jections) as he had only the French icacing it, wherefore only the Duke King's Word that he would abide of Shrewsbury, Lord Oxford, and by this Treaty, which indeed 'tis vir. Mountague, were made acquaint- said he so far gave us as to declare by d with it. The Result of all Letter under his own Hand, that whole Opinions was transınitted to even a Will of the King of Spain in his Majelty by the Lord Sommeis, favour of his Son, should not alter


A.D. it, 'was universally thought by his Salankement; the Turkiß Ministers 1698, best Friends, that the Security was residing at the laft Place, the Corse

not strong enough. And so it ap- federates at the first, and the Afe-
peared, for the French Court imme- diators between both. The EA
diately set to work at Madrid to de- Conferences were held Nro. 7, ard
ftroy it. And even this very Sum- were fo well pursued, that by the
mer, their Ambafiador the Marquifs 25th of December, 1698, a Trace
de Harcourt was busy with the for two Years was concluded be:
Grandees, in his Insinuations a. tween the Muscovite and the Turk,
gainst the House of Auliria. But and on the 27th of fanuary the Em-
the Queen, who was nearly related peror and the Poles concluded te
to the Emperor, laboured hard with Peace on their Parts, and the l'inctio
the King her Husband to support ans did the same a Month after.
the Interest of that Family, and to His Majesty arrived in England
get a Ratification of the Will of Phi- on the 3d of December ; and three
lip IV. his Father, whereby the Suc. Days after the Parliament met, ant
ceffion, in default of Issue by his Son, having chosen Sir Thomas Littletas,
was settled upon the German Branch Speaker, the King made a Speect :
of the Austrian Family.

wherein he recommended to thera The other Foreign Affair, where- the Confideration of what Streda in we are concerned, was the Peace ought to be kept at Sea, and via between the Turks and the Confe- Force maintained at Land the next derate Christian Princes, Wherein Year for the Security of the Nation, our King was Mediator, and ex. and to preserve the Influence is ceedingly inftrumental, The Trafa land at that Time had on the Coun fick our Nation maintains in the ciis of all Europe. He alfo re Dominions of she Grand Seignior, commended to them the making a hath always made our Ambafiador farther Progress in the Payment of at the Port respected, and therefore the Publick Debts. And wished the King's Overture of mediating a they could find out some way of Peace whichi chey very much want- employing the Poor and encourag. ed was acceptable enough.

ing Trade. The Lord Paget was at this time This House of Commons were a the King's Ambassador at Constan- little disposed to comply with the tinople ; he was in the Year 1689 King's Desire in respect to a tasd. fent_over Envoy extraordinary to ing Force as the latt, pay, less, for the Emperor, with whom he had re- they seemed to think it lay op sided ever since : But Sir William chem to perfect what the other had Hussey first, and afterward Mr. Har- but begun in that Matter, and there bord, who was sent to succeed him fore voted on che 16th of Decentra, at Conftantinople, both dying, the That all the Land Forces in England Lord Paget was removed thither, should be reduced to 7,000 Ålea

, and now, in Conjunction with Mr. and those to be all his Majesty's at Collier the Dutch Ambassador, had tural born Subjects. And that ebe the Honour to mediate and perfect forces in Ireland be reduced to 1200 this Peace. About the middle of Men. All above those Numbers be August, they arrived at the Turkish ing ordered to be disbanded. The Camp near Belgrade; and soon after King struggled hard for preferrig they fixed the Place of Treaty to be his Dutch Guards, but could not at Carlowitz, a small Town in Scla- obrain it. The Number of Men vonia, between Peterwaradin and to be kept at Sea was agreed to be



15,000, to confift of Seamen only. Ambassador in France after the Earl A. D. So jealous were they of the King's of Portland, was now upon his re

1699. keeping up any of the Army under turn made Secretary of State May the Colour of Marines. For the 14, and the Earl of Manchester was Maintenance of these they gave an named for Ambassador to France. Aid of 1 484,015 I. by a Land Tax The Earl of Pembroke was made Preand Subsidy of 35. in the Pound. sident of the Council, and the Lord Wherein a Clause,was added to em- Lonsdale Lord Privy-Seal. power the Earl of Drogheda, Francis The Scotch East India Company Annesly, John Trenchard, James Ha. making fresh Complaints, they were milion, Sir Richard Leving, and Sir answered, that their Ships were arFrancis Brewster, or any four of rived on the Coast of America, the hem, as Commissioners, to take an particular Design whereof the King Account of the Estates forfeited in was acquainted with. To which Ireland during the Rebellion, and they replyed, that they had landed ince Feb. 1688, and the Quality, at Darien, upon the Itthmus of AmeNature and Value of all such Er- rica, where the Spaniards had no ates, as also the Grants and Dif- Colony or Settlements, and were jositions thereof.

kindly received by the Inhabitants, - The Debates of this Session took and thought they might, without tp much Time, altho' the Business injuring the Spaniards, make a Setransacted was not much. Several element there, and carry on a fair Iets passed as usual, but none of T'rade, which they conceived might

hem of 10 publick a Nature as to be of great Advantage to the Nati:: eserve Place in History. Some But the King of Spain in the complainis were made by the House mean time having complained of n an Address to the King, April 3. this as an Invasion of his Territoof Mismanagements in the Navy, ries (for it seems the Spaniards had which the Earl of Orford taking to poffeised that Country as long as e levelled at him, he wisely lur-. the Unwholsomness of the Air ender'd his Places. The House of would give them leave) and a Commons resolved March the 28th, breach of the Alliance, the King hat Provision should be made for gave Orders to the Governors of aying off divers of the publick the Plantations to afford them no Debis ; but as they made no Pro- Relief or Allistance ; accordingly gress ia it, 'tis needless to say more in April this Year Proclamations of it. At last, May 4, the King were issued at Jamaica, Barbedres, ame to the House, and having pal- New England, and New-York, to fored many Acts, made a Speech, and bid all Commerce with the Scots of hen the Parliament was prorogued Darien. The Spaniards at the same o the ift of June.

time came down with Arms againit The other publick Acts at this them, so that they were soon after ime were these: The Earl of War. . obliged to quit that Settlement, vick and Lord Mohun were several- having again in vain petitioned the y tried at Westminster in the latter King for Protection. nd of March by the House of Peers, The Parliament in Ireland sat last or the Murther of Richard Coote, Winter, and made a Provision for líq; ; they were both acquitted of maintaining the 1,200 Men, which Murther, but the Earl of Warwick the Englijn Parliament had voted vas found guilty of Manslaughter. thould be kept up there, and for The Earl of Jersey, who had been the Building and finishing the Ba


A. D. raques. They also paffed divers 3,921. Whereof 1,283 had been al1699. good Acts for the Service of the lowed to reverse those Oatlawries

Country, which having received the by Adjudications, as included in the Royal Affent, the Parliament was Articles of Limerick and, prorogued. And not long after a or otherwise exempted. That the Commission was sent over, consti- Total of the Lands forfeited to the tuting the Duke of Bolton, the Earl Crown by those Outlawries, were of Berkley, and the Earl of Gallo- 1,060,792 Acres. The Value where. way, Lords Justices of Ireland. of, reckoning Lives at fix Years

The King went over to Holland, Purchase, and Inheritance at thirand landed chere June the 3d. His teen Years Purchase, amounted to Majetty received the Visits and Com 2,685,130 1. Whereof there had beer pliments of all the Foreign Mini restored by Accusations as aforesad sters. But especialiy he received 233,106 Acres. The Value whereof Letters from the Grand Seignior, was 784,923 1. That Incrumbranc.3 and from the Czar of Muscovy, in and several Deductions necessary to acknowlegment of his Majesty's be made, amounted to the Value of good Office in mediating the Peace. near 300,000 l. more. So that the

The King returned to England, Neat Value amounted to be Oober the 17th. And the Parlia- 1,699,343 1. Besides the Eitate granment met the 6th of November fol. ted to Mrs. Villers, the Ren's w Bere. lowing. The Speech was more than of were 25,9991. the tutal Vaize, ordinary Gracious, in order to put 337,943 1. Note, This was the prithem into good Humour. A Provi- vate Estate of King James Fire fion for the Satery of the Kingdom Duke of York, and was granted : both by Sea and Land, and the ma. for the Term of his Life, a terzo king good the Deficiencies, together it would defcend to the with the Payment of a Debt due to Denmark, the Prince of Denmark, were the This Report extended into learn principal Matters that his Majesty by reason that all the Circun tocca recommended to their Care.

relating to Giants, Sales, Wade, The Hou'e of Commons from the Fees, for favour in reserving Oat beginning of the Session discovered lawries, and what else cuid be an Afpeči disfavourable to the Court. put in by the smartelt Inquitar, On the 4th of December they pre were exhibited. Two of the Consented an Address to the King of miilioners, Sir Richard Lezing, and Complaint, as if soine about his Sir Francis Brecvier, did dot fig Majeliy had endeavoured to misre. the Report, and for that Reaias present and create Dissatisfaction in were allowed but 500 1. each, where his Majesty against them. To as the rest had each 1000 1. afgred which the King in the frankelt man- them out of the Forfeitures. Aietener declared, that their Apprelienfi. over, Sir R. Lewing was comm' on was groundlets.

ted to the Tower, u; on Occanice We told you that a Clause was his baving laid, that a certaines added in the Land Tax last Sefion, ber of the Houie wroce to the Come to impower Commissioners to take misficners to make a separate Ar:account of the forteited Estates in cle of the Lady Orkney's [.\írs, 13Ireland. Those Commisioners new ier's] Grant, because thai miskra made their Report, the Subtarce fiect upon fome Body. [Every Dom whereof was, That the nun ber of knew that the king had a great i'. Perlons that were ou lawed ucre fection for that Lady, but it

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