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himself very ill, and the next Day and one Month, wanting four A. D. executed a Commission for passing Days.

1701. the two firft Acts abovementioned, The Character of this Prince is and his Ulness continuing with great too great for us to attempt ; for an Weakness and dangerous Symp- Apelles is only worthy to draw an toms, on Saturday March the 7th, Alexander. The whole world was his Majesty granted another Com- witness of his Justice, Honour, and mision to pass the other two A&ts a- indefatigable Industry in the Service bove, and some private ones, which of these two Nations ( England and was the last A&t of State he was able Holland) he had undertaken to proo perform. For,

tect. And as this may be said in
On Sunday March the 8th, at defiance to Malice itself, more
Figit o' Clock in the Morning his might give Offence, for Pofterity
Vajefty expired, having lived Fifty only will acknowledge that he was
Jae Years, four Months, and four extreamly undervalued.
Days. And reigned Thirteen Years

A N N E.



NNE Our late gracious So- being in a Message informed of his

vereign, was the Hereditary Majesty's Death, resolved that an ucceffor by

direct Lineal Address be presented to the Queen, Descent of the ancient Royal Fa to condole his late Majesty's Death, nilies of both Kingdoms, to the and to congratulate her Majesty's Crowns of England and Scotland. Accession to the Crown. And at the

Her Majesty was born on the 6th same time the House of Lords at a f February, 1664-5, at the Pa- Conference informed the Commons, ace of St. James's; most happily that Orders were given to proclaim sarried

to his Royal Highness the Queen at Three o'clock that 'rince George of Denmark on the Afernoon. : 8th of July, 1683. And on Sun The Privy Council being assembay the 8th of March, 1701-2, af- bled also, the Queen was pleased ended the Throne of her Ancestors, to make a Speech to them in thele o the inexpreffible Joy of her Sub- Words : Ets; who, by the Felicity they have ver fince enjoyed, are abundantly My Lords, onvinced, that Heaven hath been, I am extreamly fenfible of the great 1cft ineffably propitious to this Misfortune to these Kingdoms in the and in bestowing upon it in her unspeakable Loss of the King, and of 1ajesty's Perfon the greatett tem- the great Weight and Burtben it bring's oral Blessing human Community in particular upon myself; which z?n receive, a wife, a just, a mer- nothing could encourage me to, but the i'ul, a vigilant, and a magnani- great Concern I have for the Preferous Sovereign.

vation of our Religion and the Larus Upon this extraordinary Occafi. and Liberties of my Country; all n the Parliament afiembled, altho' these being as dear to me as they can was Sunday, and the Commons be to any Perjan wharforver : You

A. D. may depend upon it, that no Pains or ther Orders. The like was cbler. 1701.

Diligence shall ever be wanting on my ved with reípect to Ireland, ard ter Part 10 preserve and support them: Majesty was proclaimed at Edr To maintain the Succeffion in the Pro- burg, and at Dublin, and all ozler teftant Line, and the Government in Places in the three Kingdoms, urba Church and State, as is by Law esta all Expressions of Loyalty and Joy. blished. I think it proper upon this The two Houses of Parliamcat Occasion of my first speaking to you, sepatately presented Addresses 13 to declare my own Opinion of the Im- the Queen, March the geh, to corportance of carrying on all the Prepa- dole the Loss of the late king, and rations we are making to oppose the to congratulate her Majesty's ac great Power of France : And I fall cession to the Throne, and to de lose no Time in giving to our Allies clare their Resolutions of Aandir; all Asurances, that Notbing shall be by her Majeity in maintaining wanting on my part to pursue the true Treaties with the Alies, for preInterest of England, together with serving the Liberties of E37974 theirs, for the support of the common and reducing the exorbitant PomCause, In order to these Ends, I shall er of France. To both which : always be ready to ask the Advice of Majesty returned mot Gracioci my Council, and of both Houses of Answers. Parliament, and desirous to counte. On the uth of March the ea nance and employ all those who shall came to the House of Lords, who heartily concur and join with me in ther the Commons being sen: 631, Supporting and maintaining the pre- her Majesty made a Speech ia tee jent Epablishment and Constitution, Words : again't all Enemies and opposers whatsoever.

My Lords and Gentlemen,

Cannot 100 much lanent my ! After this generous Declaration, Unhappiness, in fucceiding !!!" her Majesty was pleased to appoint Crown so immediately after ite! the Lords of his late Majesty's Pri- of a King, who was sbe great Smy? vy Council to continue in the same not only of these Kingdoms, tale Poft, and they were sworn accord- Europe : And I am extremea 1.ingly. And then a Proclamation ble of the Weight and Dijait : was order'd to continue all Officers brings upon me. But the trai :* in their Places till further Or- cern I have for our Religigt, for i!

Laws and Liberties of England, In the Afternoon the Queen was the maintaining the Succulton proclaimed in London, with all the Crown in :be Protifiant Line, ara... Solemnity used on such Occasions. Government in Church and Stati, a And a Letter was sent by her Ma. by Law efiahlified, encoureges ter it jesty to the Privy Council in Scot- ibis great l'ndertaking, which I land, intimating the King's Death, misi my self will be fucci and intorming them that her Ma: the Blelling of God, and obe Cre'. jelty had taken the Coronation nuance of that Fidelity and 341:: Oath. Required them to proclaim of which you have given the her Accession to the Throne, and Afurance. The present Casje. publish a Proclamation therewith Of Affairs requires the greate : ;fent, whereby all Officers were cation and Dispatch; and I aa <!t continued in their Places, till fur- glad 10 find in your several si


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Ses fa unanimous a Concurrence in the lies, and concert with them the A. D. fame Opinion with me, that too Means of carrying on the great 1701. much cannot be done for the Encou- Work ; but first her Majesty wrote a Tagement of our Allies to reduce the Letter to the States General, whereexorbitant Power of France. I can- in she notified the Death of the King, not but think it necessary upon this Oc- and declared her own Inclinations cafion, to defire you to consider of pro- to preserve a constant Union and per methods towards attaining of an Amity with them, and to maintain L’nion between England and Scot- all the Alliances, by concurring land, which has been so lately re with them in the Measures that commended to you as a matter that should be necessary for the Preservery nearly concerns the Peace and vation of the Liberties of Europe, Security of both Kingdoms.

and for reducing the Power of

France. To which the States reGentlemen of the House of

turned an Answer full of Respect Commons,

and Acknowledgments of her MaI need not put you mind, that jesty's Goodness. the Revenue for defraying the Ex

The Resident of France presented bences of the Civil Government is ex a Memorial to the States General, birid.' I rely entirely upon your Af- to cajole them into an Opinion of feations for the supplying it in such a his Master's good Will and Affecti

as ihall be most suitable on towards them; and in it he intifor the Honour and Dignity of the mated that they were now at Liberty crown.

to pursue their own Judgments :

Which the States understanding to My Lords and Gentlemen, mean an Infinuation that they were

It shall be my confiant Endeavour under a disagreeeble Restraint from na make you the best Roturn for that the late King, they were so nettled, Duty and Affection scubrve exprefed that they made him a Return ex. o me, by a careful and diligent Ad- treamly different from what he deministration for the Good of all


fired, jutject's ; And as I know my own The Earl of Marlborough having teart to be entirely English, I can settled Affairs with the States relavery fincerely assure you, there is not ting to the Operations of the Camany thing you can expect or defore paign, returned to England April from me, which I shall not be ready the 5th. *o do for the Happiness and Prosperity

The Parliament in the mean time England ; and you shall always went on expeditiously in the Busiind me a friet and religious Observer ness before them. On the 14th of f my Word.

March the Commons Resolved,

That the same Revenues be granted Both Houses return'd their Thanks to her Majesty during her Life for o her Majelty for this gracious and supporting the Government, as were not excellent Speech.

granted to the late King. And on A few Days after the Queen ap- the 19th they paffed the Bill for appointed the Earl of Marlborough pointing Commislioners to take and General of her Forces, and sent itace the publick Accounts. Both im to the Hague with the Title which, together with some others, f Ambassador Extraordinary and received the Royal Affent the next Plenipotentiary, to confirm the Al- Day.


A. D.

Her Majesty made a Speech at the was declared Commander in Chief 1702. fame time, wherein with an income of the Forces to be employed on

parable Grace she made a Present board the Fleet. And the Provy
to the Nation of an Hundred Thou. Seal was delivered to the Marquis
fand Pounds of her own Revenue of Normanby.
this Year to be applied to the Ser-
vice of the War. This Excess of On the 23d of April, her Maje.
Generosity was received with all the sty's Coronation was celebrated with
Gratitude that affectionate Subjects, as full Splendor and Magnificence as
loaded with their Sovereign's Boun- hach at any time been seen. The
ty, and furprized with unconceivable appearance of Nobility was very nu-
Favours, could poslibly express. merous, and the Peeresses as wei
Both Houses addressed her Majelly as the Peers making part of the Pro-
upon it, and the whole Nation was cession, the Shew was incomparable
filled with an Excess of Joy, in be- The Attendance was as usual, wzo
ing blessed with fo bountiful and so all walked upon a Floor covered
beneficient a Sovereign.

with Blue Cloth, from Wejlmeder
On Sunday, April 12. His late Hall to the Abbey Church, where
Majesty King William's Funeral was the Sermon was preached by te
folemnized. The Royal Corpse de Archbishop of York, and the Cere-
posited in an open Chariot, pro- mony of administring the Cat,
ceeded from the Palace at Kensing- &c. was performed by the Arcuoi-
ton at Eight or Nire at Nighi, at- shop of Canterturg, The C.:0-
tended by all the Servants of the nation Medals thrown about dar?
Royal Fan.ily, the Judges, and all the time of the Solemnity, bore te
the Cllicers of State, with a long Impress of her Majelty's Head erb
Train of Nobility in Mourning an Inscription of her Titles, arv
Coaches, drawn each by sıx Hurles. on the Reverse, Pallas killing
His Royal Highness Prince George dufa, with this Inícription, Tin
of Denmark was chief Mourner, gerit illa Tonantis. When all #2
supported by two Dukes. During performed, the Procesion retiel
the whole Procedure the Guns at in the same Order, the Peers and
ile Tower fired fingly Plinute Sighs, Peeresses wearing now their Cas-
and the biggeli Bell in all the Trin- nets on their Heids, to
cipal Churches toiled. The Corpse Hall, where they were
was interred in the same Vault with with a mos magnificent Feat ;
King Charles II. and the late Queen ring which the Champion Chet!

D, inock, Efq; made the ufual Code On the 14th of April her Niaje. lenge. fty confticuted the Luke of Bedford On the ad of May the Earli Lord Steward, the Earl of Jersey Nursingham and Sir Charles H... Lid Chancelain, the. Earl of were appointed Principal Seces Bradford Treaturer of the Hous- ries of State, And the same! hod, Sir Edward Se, mour Comp- it was debated in Couocil uten trolier, and Peregrine Bertie, Eiq; var mould be declared ago Vice Chamberlain. And on me France ; upon whole Advice also 17th her Majesty declared his Royal her Majcity not reiying in 10:9 Highness Prince George of Den- poriant an Aif air, sne causes to mark Generaliffimo of all her illa. laid before the House of Correo: jeliy's Forces both by Sea and Land, a Convention between the liter On the 20th the Luke of Ormord the Emperor, and the States


A. D. 1702.

ral, with which the House entirely
acquiefced ; and voted an Address her Command, that the Princess
municating her Intentions of de- Office of the Church.

At this Time her Majesty issued
of Thanks to her Majesty, for com- Sophia be prayed for in the daily
claring War against France, and May 6, the Lord Godolphin was
deciared that the House would to made Lord High Treasurer.
the utmott allift and support her in A Spirit of Malice against King
carrying on the said War.

William spread itself so virulently, as

to insinuate that he had projected a On the 4th of May, a Declara. Design to set the Princess Anne acion of War against France was side, and to introduce immediately proclaimed with the usual Solemnic the House of Hanover into the ly, grounded upon the unjust Ulur. Succession to the Throne, which pations and Encroachments of the the House of Lords taking Notice French King, who had taken and of, they form'd a Resolution to this kept Possession of a great Part of the Effect, That a Report being spread panish Dominions, exercising an that amongst the late King's Papers brelute Power over all that Mo- fome had been found tending to the archy, having seized Milan and the Prejudice of her Majesiy, or ber Sucpanish Netherlands, by his Arms, cellion to the Crown; and the Lords nade himlelt Mafter of Cadiz, of who were appointed by her Majesty to he Entrance into the Mediterra. in pe&t the said Papers, having declaean, and of the Ports in the Spa- red that no Paper did appear which ijo East Indies, by his Fleets ; e- might give Ground or Colour for such ery where designing to invade the Report ; it is therefore resolved, That Liberties of Europe, and to obstruct the said Report is false, villanous, he Freedom of the Navigation and and scandalous. And the said ReCommerce. And it being agreed solution was ordered to be laid bey the Treaty of Alliance with the fore her Majelty, with their humimperor, the States General, and ble Desire, that her Majelty would ther Princes, That if the Injuries give Order to the Attorney General omplain'd of be not redress’u with. to prosecute the Authors and Pub.

a certain Time now lapsed, the lisers of that and such like scanda'arties concerned should mutually lous Reports. flift each cther with their whole And Complaint being made of strength. And whereas instead of fome Passages in a Book intitled, giving Satisfaction, the French King The History of the last Parliament, las not only proceeded to farther wherein the said Report was incul. violences, but has added thereunto, cated, and Dr. Drake, a Physician,

greai Affront and Indignity to the having own'd himself to be the AuJueen and her Kingdoms, by de- thor of that Book, he was conve. laring the pretended Prince of ned before the House of Lords, and l'ales King of Great Britain ; and upon not giving satisfactory Reaad alío influenced Spain to concur sons for thele Pallages in his Book, a the fame Affront and Indignity, the Lords voted it false and scans well as in his other Opprelfions. dalous, and ordered him to be proTherefore her Majesty coinmanded secuted by the Attorney General. er Admiral and her General to do Another Book also, intituled, The nd execute all Acts of Hoftility in true Picture of a modern Whig, rosecution of this War against being complained of for the same rance and Spain, &c.

Realon, it was in like manner cen


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