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him he had great News, viz. Cheat- Spaniards appeared to oppose A. D.. teau Ranard with 30 Men of War, them. But these fkirmished but

1702. and 22 Galleons, was arrived at Vic faintly, and retired as ours go. This Gentleman was sent by up; wherefore the Grenadiers adthe Imperial Ministers at Lisbon, vanced, and took a Platform with with Letters to the Prince of Hesse 38 Pieces of Cannon, which being Darmstadt and Mr. Methuen, both made use of by the Reginients that fewhich Gentlemen were on Board conded them, the Tower which the the Fleet, but were before this fail. Enemies pretended to defend, was ed for Lisbon. Mr. Beavoir con- 'foon taken. The Fleet at the same cealed this, least the Gentleman time attacked the Boom, which hould have declined going with by the Weight of divers Men of sim, so he got on Board, and ha- War running against it at once, ring imparted the News to the Cap- they



then ain of the Pembroke, and the rest of countred the French Fleet. The he Captains that were there, it Fire was thick on all Hands, for vas resolved that the Admiral be the Land Forces on Shore, in manformed of it. Accordingly Cap- king themselves Masters of the ain Hardy in the Pembroke set out several Platforms ; and the Men of ) find the Fleet, which on the 6th War in the River engaging the

Oaober he came up with, and French, which were all large Ships; rent on board the Admiral to give made it a terrible Action for some im the News. Sir George Rook time. At last the Confederates preas very well pleased, and sent it vaild, and the French Admiral faw omediately to the Dutch Admiral, his Affairs so desperate, that he set eclaring it was his Opinion that Fire to his own Ship, and ordered ey thould all set Sail for Vigo. the Captains under his Command ind a Council of War being called, to do the like. Eight French Men was agreed that his Advice should of War were burnt, 4 French and 2 followed. Accordingly the Fleet 3 Spanish Men of War sunk, 6 ent their Course that way, and French Men of War taken, 9 Spadvice being brought that Sir Cloud- nilla Galleons taken, and 4 funk.

Sbovel lay off Cape Finisterre, And all this glorious Victory was Message was sent to him to join gained with little Loss on the Conle Fleet at Vigo. On the uth federate Side ; no Ship was lost, ley came to an Anchor before the and except on board the Torbay Place, and on the 12th, pursuant (who lay on board the French

the Resolutions taken the Night Admiral a great while) and the efore in a Council of War, the Vice Admiral of the Dutch, but uke of Ormond with 2,500 Men few Men were killed, and but 5 anded.

of the English Ships besides the The French Admiral had in the Torbay received any Damage. Of ean Time taken Care to draw the the Landmen, 2 Lieutenants and bips as high up the River as polii. 40 Soldiers were slain ; and e, whereby the Access to them lonels, another Officer, and 30 Solas stopt by Forts on the Shore, and diers wounded : 400 French were trong Boom laid across the River. taken Prisoners, ' and a Booty

was necessary for the Forces to gained which was of inconceivable arch over craggy Mountains, be. Value, for this Spanish Flota was re they could come to attack acknowledged to be the richest that efe Forts, and a Body of 8,000 had come to Europe for many years



3 Co.

A. D. past; and altho' 14 Millions of Pieces Speech to both Houses, wherein fue 1702

of Eight had been carried amore it asked their Assistance in carrying ca was computed that 6 Millions more the War, and desired the Commeas remained on Board, besides a vaft to provide proper Supplies, deciaquantity of rich Goods, when our ring that those given !ait Year had Fleet attacked them.

proved deficient, altho' her Majeliy It was again proposed by the had given in the Hundred ThouDuke of Ormond to winter in fand Pounds she promised, to make Spain, to which purpose his Grace them up; she took Notice of the Afoffered to take the Town of Vigo, fection and Respect she had seen in where they might lie in safety all her Subjects during her late Prothe Winter, if a competent Number gress, desired the House to in part of Shipping were left with them. The Publick Accounts, and decla, e But the Admiral declaring that he her Concern at the disappointme: could not leave above 5 or 6 Frigates, at Cadiz. And concluded with Fr nor afford the Ariny above two preslions of her Affedious to the Months Provision, that Design was Church of England. Jaid aside, and the Duke of Ormonal Doch Houses addressed her Mas led the Forces on Board, and on fty in most Loyal and Afi dice the i9th fet Sail with Sir George Terms, to thank her for this Grao Kook and Vice-Ajmiral H-pion, and cious Speech, and to congratala, 10 more Men of War, for England, her Majesty upon the Succeis of her where they arrived, the 7h of No- Arms under the Conducc of the Lose vember. The rest of the Fleet re of Marlborough, who, said the commained behind to conduct home the mons, has fignally reirievzatie 22Prizes, one whereof a rich Galleon cient Honour and Glory of the East was loft by running upon a Rock. lish Nation, It mult be reniembred that Captain This Expression gave Offence, a Hardy, who brought Sir George Rook making a Reflection upon AB the firit News of the Galleons being Willian, and therefore the Word in Viga, was sent Express with the maintained was propes') initead of Lord Shanon, and brought the first retrieved in the House, but rei-si News of the Victory to the Queen, by a valt Majority. who made him a Present of 1,000 On the zoth of Otober the con Guineas, and conferred upon him mons resolved, that 40,000 Seine the Honour of Knighthood. be the Complement for the Services

And now having informed our the next Year. And that 129,314. , Rcader of all Foreign Transactions, be raised for the Ordinary of 1.2 wherein England was concerned, we Navy, And on the 6th of Nery return home to fpeak of the Pro- ber yoted, that 50,000 Ksen be es ceedings in Parliament. On the Proportion of Land Forces to dis 20th of October the Parliament af Conjunction with the rillies the rest sembled, and the Commons being Year in the War against from come up to the House of Lords, the And at the same time they oui Lord Keeper declared it was her 350,000 l. for Guards and Gartist Majesty's Pleasure that they proceed including 6,000 Landmen toc:: to the Choice of a Speaker; being Board the Fleet, and 70.973). therefore returned to their Houle the Ordnance for Laod Servis they elected Robert Harley, Elg: Three Days after the Louie te to that Ofire, who being presented ved, That 833,826 1. be granted the next Day, her Majelly made a the Land Forces, and 51,243 - 0

the Queen's Proportion of Subfidies This Seffion lasted long, by rea A. D. to the Allies. And afterwards, Ja. son of the Variety of Business that 1702. ruary the 5th, they voted an Aug. came before them, and the long mentation of 10,000 Foreigners to Debates upon Occasion of the Ditbe hired for the Service of the next ferences between the two Houses Year. In all 3,994,136 1. upon the Subject of the Occasional

November the 12th being by her Conformity Bill, and some other Majesty appointed a Day of Thanks Points. ziving to Almighty God for the To omit the less momentous , zreat Success this Year, Her Ma- such as the Censure passed in the esty paid her Devotions at the Ca- House of Commons against the Bibedral Church of St. Paul, Lon- shop of Worcester for having conton, being attend d by both Houses cerned himself in Sir John Packingof Parliament, all the Officers of ton's Election ; the Enquiry into the State and the Foreign Ministers, Business of Cadiz by the Lords, nd waited upon by the Lord-May. wherein Sir George Rook was honour of London, who in a Crimson rably acquitted; the Censuring of Yelvet Gown received her Majesty De Foe's Pamphlet called, The shortest t Temple-Bar, and having preiented way with the Diflenters, and other ze City Sword, received it back, and Things. The Business transacted arried it before her, the Aldermen this Session were, 1. A Provision for nd Sheriffs accompanying the May- raising the Money granted to her MaF, and all the Liveries placed in jesty. 2. Etiablishing a Revenue calls on each side the Street, toge- upon Prince George. 3. Making diier with the several Regiments of vers wholsome Laws. 4. Debating rained-Bands, made a Lane all the upon a Bill against Occasional Conray. The Service was performed formity. And 5. Inspecting the ith moft exquisite Mufick by the Reports of Commiffioners for vo Choirs of the Queen's Cha- Itating the Publick Accounts. el and St. Paul's. The Sermon was 1. The Ways and Means for raireached by the Bishop of Exeter, fing a Supply' were, A Land-Tax nd the whole performed with great of 4 s, in the Pound. Ducy upon Dider and Devotion.

Mialt. &c. Duty on Coals. AnnuAbout this Time the Prize from ities at 15 Years Purchase, for 89 igo came home, Sir Cloudsley Shovel Years. And a Subsidy. ook 110 Brass Guns at Vigo out of 2. Her Majesty having intimahe Batteries and Ships, burnt what ted to the Houses, that there was ships were run ashore, and could but slender Provision for the Prince ot be got off, and then set Sail for of Denmark, in case she happened to England, where he arrived the 25th die before him, and being withheld f October with part of the Flect, herself by the Ad for settling her nd a Week after the rest with the Revenue, from making any SettlePrizes, except the Galleon loft at ment upon him, recommended it ea, as we have said, were brought to their Consideration, which the n by Sir Stafford Fairborn. Both Iloure unanimoufly acquiesced in, iouses of Parliament gave their and accordingly on the ilt of Des

hanks to the Duke of Ormond and cember they voted, that 100,000 l. i George Rook. As they did also to per Annum be settled upon his Royal Ee Earl of Marlborough, who return. Highness, in case he survive her d from his Campaign foon after. Majelty. Which was duly enacted.


3. Inc

A. D. 3. The Publick Bills enacted this Conventicle. And hall be dif1702. Session, besides what have been al- bled from holding such Office, or

ready mentioned, were 24 in Num- receiving any Benefit thereby. And ber. Among which the most con shall afterwards for ever be incare fiderable were, an Act for continuing ble of holding any Office in Ergo the Commissioners for fating the land till he shall have constantly con. Debt due to the Army. An Xe for formed to the Church of Exilard advancing the Sale of the forfeited without being present at any con Efates in Ireland. An Ax for en- venticle for one whole Year, and larging the Time for taking the Ab. shall have taken the Sacrament three juration. An All for Commissioners times in that Yeat, whereof be to fate the Publick Accounts. An Mall make Dach in publick Court. Act for finishing St. Paul's Cathedral. And upon second Offence after such An A&t for making the River Cham Qualifications, he shall incur double Navigable. An Act against Felons, Penalties, forfeit his Office, and &c.

be afterwards incapable of enjoying 4. The Laws having provided any Office till he hath conformed that no Person should hold any Of- for three Years. This Bill failed fice or Employment in Corporations, the House of Commons, and being as well as in the State, without te- sent up to the Lords, divers Amend Itifying themselves to be of the ments were there made to it. The Church of England, by receiving the principal whereof were, viz. Sacrament according to the Rites That the Penalty should be incur. and Ceremonies of the Church, it red by being present at any religious had been a Custom several Years Meeting, where the Queen and Pritpatt, for Disfenters to come for once cess Sophia be not prayed for. to Church, and take the Sacrament, They altered the Penalty, redeif it were necessiry to qualify them cing it to 20 l. only, whereof for holding an Office; but as this one Third to the Queen, one Third seemed to be a Prevarication with to the Poor, and one Third to the God and Religion, it was a Practice Informer. which gave great Offence, and was The Lords also left out the bote condemned by such Disfenters them- incapacitating Clauses which begaa selves, as were conscientious and pi. And fall afterwards be fer ever isous. It was therefore thought rea- capacitated, &c. sonable that a Law might pass to And they added these, viz. Tk prevent this evil Custom.

Accord- no Person shall feffer by this Ad. ingly a Bill was brought into the unless Information be given agairt House of Commons, to prevent him in ten Days time, and be be Occasional Conformiiy. The Pur- prosecuted within three Months af port whereof was, That any Per ter the Offence. That no Disease? fon, having an Office or Imploy- fhall be compellable to hold 2 ment, afterwards resorting to Con- Office, for which he cannot be qezventicles or Religious Meetings in lifyed without taking the Sacramet other Manner than according to the That this Act fhall not extend to Liturgy and Practice of the Church the University Churches for tbe of England, shall forfeit the Sum of publick Sermon or Lecture being 500 l. and five Pounds for eve. preached without reading the Cour ry Day that such Person thall conti. mon Prayer, but that the ancient nue in such Office or Employment, Usage there may continue. Tist after having been preleni at such no Person shall incur the Penaces


of this A& by going to the French fore them, and two Days after they A. D. or Dutch Churches established here had delivered their Address, Feb. 27, 1702. by Authority. That this Act shall her Majesty came to the House, and not affect the Governors of any Hof- having given the Royal Assent to pitals, or the Affiftants of Corpora- the Bills, made a Speech, and then tions, or Work houses erected for the Parliament was prorogued to the relieving and employing the Poor. 22d of April. And that such Governors shall be exempt from the Penalties of the Publick Events omitted in carrying Telt Act.

on the Thread of Discourse upon These Amendments and Additi- the Parliament, were as follow : ons made by the Lords were refused On the ad of December, her Ma. by the Commons ; which produced jesty was pleased to create the Earl Conferences and Free Conferences of Marlborough a Duke of this divers Times, but to no Purpose; Kingdom, and to settle a Pension for both Sides adhering to their O- of soool. per Ann. upon him out pinions, the Bill was loit. The Ar- of the Post Office : Which she intiguments used by both Sides were mated to the House of Commons, afterwards printed by Order of the and with'd it might be perpetuated. House of Lords, to which we must But the House excused themselves, refer the Readers who desire more and the Queen withdrew her ReParticulars.

quest. 5. The Commissiones for stating The Queen having, pursuant to the Publick Accounts, having re- the Acts of Parliament in both Kingported their Observations, it oc- doms, nominated Commiffioners to cafioned many severe Votes of the treat of an Union between EngHouse of Commons against Charles land and Scotland, those Commiso Earl of Hallifax, who was at that fioners met the 22d of O&tober, time Auditor of the Exchequer, But and adjufted Preliminaries, and the House of Lords took that Mat on the 14th of December being aster into Consideration, and exami- sembled, her Majesty came to ned all the Papers and Persons con- them, and made a Speech in these cerned, and in an Address to her Words: Majetty, represented that Matter so, as entirely to acquit that Lord My Lords, of any Manner of Blame. This, as Á M fo fully perfuaded, that an also their Examination of the Ap. Union of the Two Kingdoms will plications of all the Publick Mo- prove the Happiness of both, and renneys during the whole Reign of der this and more formidable than King William, having been printed, it has been in Ages pajt, that I wish we must refer the Reader to that this Treaty may be brought to a good Account.

and speedy Conclufion, I am come to The Commons were displeased at know what Progress you have made Che Lords Proceedings on the Pub- in it; and I do assure you, nothing lick Accounts, and refused to permit fall be wanting on my Part to bring che Commiffioners to attend that it to Perfection. House, as desired. Which being ikely to produce a new Controver. The Scots made their Demands, and y, the Queen sent to the House of the English gave them an Answer, Lords to dispatch what they had be the Particulars whereof are too large


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