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A. D. for this place. Neither is it necef- feconded by the Falmouth ; the Rs. 1702. fary, for the Treaty at this Time by also did good Service, and was did not go on.

disabled in the Action, but the rest

shamefully kept off. The Enemy In the Beginning of January Ad- did not 'fufficiently perceive our vice was brought to England of the Disorder to make cheir Advantage Progress of her Majesty's Fleet in of it ; but fin iing at last that the the West Indies, under Vice Admiral rest of the Ships parposely lagz'd, Bembow, where they had had good they attacked the Admirai's Saip Success against the Enemy in divers so briskly on the 24th, that they Actions this Summer. But in that tore her Rigging, and by a Chain of most Importance, a Misfortune Shot broke the Admiral's Leg to happened through the Cowardise of pieces, who bravely ordered his the Commanders. About the lat. Cradle on Deck, and continued to ter End of July the Admiral under- give Orders so well, that the ship standing that Du Calle with a French was brought off

. He sent then for Squadron was expected at Hispanio. all the Captains on Board him to lo, he failed to intercept him ; and urge a Continuance of the Action ; having learned at Leogam, a Bay of but they all agreed in an Advice to Hispaniola, that the French were sail- forbear further Fighting ; so the Eed for Cartagena, he follow'd them. nemy were permitted to tow cm On the 19th of August he spied the their disabled Ship, aitho' two of ours Enemy, who were 10 Sail, 4 where- had been up with her while she day of carried from 66 to 70 Guns a- disabled. piece, 1 of 30 or 40 Guns, one full On the 6th of October a Coart of Soldiers, and the rest small Ships. Martial was held for the Trial of 4 The English were 7 Men of War, of the Captains, one whereof live stout Ships. The Admiral disposed fon) died before the Day of his Trito attack them, but three or four of al; Kirby and Wade were condemthe Ships lay far a Stern, and altho' ned to be shot to Death for Cow. the Signal of Battle was given, ardice, Breach of Orders, and Nego took no care to come up. The Ad- lect of Duty. Confiable was acqukmiral in the Breda, with the Fal- ted of Cowardice, but convictes of mouth Captain Vincent, and the the other Crimes, and sentenced to Ruby Captain Watson, continued be cashier'd, and imprifored during Action with the Enemy for five or her Majesty's Pleature. The orher sıx Days, but the Defiance Captain two Captains also were fen:erced Kirby, and the Windsor Captain to be fufpended for having advied Confiable, without firing a Gun, al- against continuing the Action. This tho' peint-blank a breast with the Disapp intment was the more grie Rear Ship of the Enemy, Luit out vous, because the Frencb Fleet had ca of Gun Shot, and the Greenwich Board Soldiers and Governors for Captain Wade, lay three Leagues a all the Spanish Forts and Governo Stern. The Enemy made the best ments ; the taking of whom, as of their way ; so it was a running might have been done if the whole Fight from the 19th to the 24th. Fleet had done their Dety, would One of the Enemies Men of War have been an extream Damage was quite disabled, and lay a Hulk the Enemy. Admiral Berstecu died at float, yet would none of them at Jamaica, Nov. 4. of the Woands come to take her; the Admiral was received in the Engagement. all along engaged, and was well


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A. D. 1702.

The Execution of the condemnd 20th for Ireland, and arrived at Captains was respited till her Ma: Dublin J une the 4th, where he was jelly's Pleasure be known, and the magnificently received. Prisoners were sent home, where Endeavours having been long upon their Arrival, they were not used with the King of Portugal to permitted to come aihoar, for her bring him into the Grand Alliance, Majelly gave Orders for the Execu- he was at last prevailed upon to quit tion of the Sentence on board ; and his Engagements with France ; and accordingly Kirby and Wade were on the 16th of May he concluded a thut April the 14th.

Treaty of Alliance Offensive and A Committee of General Officers Defensive, with the Emperor, the having been appointed to examine Queen of Great Britain, and the the Conduct of Sir Henry Bellasis, States General. And soon after the and Sir Charles Hara, at Port St. Duke of Schomberg was declared Nury, they found Sir Henry Bellasis General of the Forces to be sent guilty of Plundering, and acquitted thither. Sir Charles Hara ( Feb. 27.) where The Protestants in the Cevennes, fcre her Majesty dismilled the for- a mountainous Part of Languedoc, mer from the Service, and took off impatient under the Severities the the Suspension of the latter.

Court of France had long exercised The Convocation sat this Year, upon them, took up Armsthis Sumbut did no Business, the Disputation mer, and form'd a considerable Bobetween the two Houses obftrućting dy, which employ'd a good Numit. The Lower House insisted up- ber of Troops all the Year ; it was on their Right of intermediate Sef- proposed here to give them Asliltfion, and the Archbishop upon his ance, but the Privy Council not Right of proroguing. The Lower entirely agreeing in it, there was House proposed as an Expedient, little or nothing done. Thatan Address be presented to her The Parliament in Scotland had Majesty to decide the Controversy, continued the fame without Dillobut the Upper House declined it. lution ever since they were first choHowever the Lower House address'd sen as a Convention at the Revoluher Majesty to that Purpole, but tion, which having been a Matter obtained not their End.

of great Complaint all the later On the 9th of March her Ma- Years of King Will' nm, her Majelty jesty conferred these Honours : The was pleased to put an End to that Marquiss of Normanby was made Parliament, and to order a new one Duke of Buckingham. John Gran- to be elected; which was done acville, Esq; created Baron Granville cordingly. of Potheridge. Hencage Finch, E.; And they met on the 6th of May. Baron of Guernsey in the County of Her Majesty's Letter to them was Southampton. Sir fo. Levison-Gower, read, wherein the Confideration of Baron Gower of Sittenham in the the State of the Forces, Forts and County of York. Francis Conway Garritons, that they be duly mainSizmour, Esq; Baron Conway of Rag- tained, and the providing fufficient ley in the County of Warwick. And Supplies, were recommended John Harvey, Éiq; Baron Harvey of them. Her Majesty recommended Íckworth in the County of Suffolk. also to their Care the Encourage

His Grace the Duke of Ormond ment of Trade, declared her At(Lord Lieutenant) departed May the fection to that Kingdom, and



A. D. nominated the Duke of Queensbury terian Government, And Sir Pe 1703. as her High Commissioner. trick Johnson, an Ad allowing the

The firit Business they went upon Importation of all forts of Wines, and was an Act to recognize her Majelty's other Foreign Liquors. All which Authority and undoubted Title to were received, and ordered to die the Crown: To which a Clause be- upon the Table. Soon after an Aa ing offered to make it Treason to was brought in for Teleration of Quarrel her Majesty's Right to the all Protefiants in the Exercise of Reli Crown, or exercise of the Govern- gious Worship. There were alo ment, a Debate arose, and the latter these A&s brought in, namely, ez Words were altered to, her being it for a Triennial Parliament. As in the Exercise of the Government. Act to incapacitate all Persons beving This being over, the Act for a Supply Penfions, and all Officers in the Arey

, was offered; but an Overture being Customs, and Excise, from eating in at the same time offered, it was re- Parliament in impofing Publick Bur solved that should be considered be- dens. And an Act ratifying all the fore the Supply. The Overture was, Priviledges formerly granted to the • That the Parliament should pro- Company Trading to Africa and the • ceed to such Conditions of Go- Indies. With several others. A.

vernment and Regulations in the gainit the Act of Toleration a Re• Constitution to take place after presentation from the General Al• her Majesty and the Heirs of her fembly was offered and read which • Body, as should be necessary for was followed by Debates to the • the Preservation of their Religion fame Purpose, which made that be

and Liberty.' The Court Party laid aside. On the oth of fou endeavoured to postpone this Over- the A& for security of the Kingdom cure to the Supply, which occasio- was taken into Consideration, and ned warm Debates and severe Refle. many smart Speeches were made for ctions upon the Ministry and Par. it. On the first of July it wa liament of England. On the 28th of read, and a Clause put in, That ibe May, the Marquiss of Ashol offered Government should on the 20th Day an Ax for security of the Kingdom, after the Queen's Decease be luogea in Case of her Majesty's Decease; in the Eftates. On the 5th a Claue which after much Debate was re was added, That in fucb Ajendo ceived. The Duke of Argyll offered of the Efates no Englishman jeu an Axt for ratifying the Revolution, have Vote. Then the Limitations and all the Arts following thereon. of a future Successor were proposed Mr. Fletcher, an ået containing feve- to be made part of this Act

, be ral Limitations upon the Successor af- was postponed. On the oth it #33 ter the Deaih of her Majesty, and proposed that the Act concerning the the Heirs of her Body. The Earl of Power of making Peace and a Rothes, an Ast that after her Maje- be considered next after the A&t of Ay's Death without Heirs, no Person Security, which was carried in the coming to the Crown of Scotland be. Affirmative. It was infitted epos, ing at the same King of England and no Art of the Miniitry could Abould as King of Scotland have Pow- divert it, altho' it was acjourned and er to make Piace or War without put off three times, that Clacie de Consent of Parliament. The Earl of inserted, whereby it was declared Marchemoni, an Alt for securing the That the jame be not tbe Saceres trwe Provejiant Religion, and Presby, to the Crown of England, unle's pass


A. D. 1703

Conditions of Godernment be before War, Sir Cloudelly Sbovel with 25 ena&ed, as may secure the Honour of Sail of Men of War, 2d, 3d, and the Crown, the Frequency of Parlia- 4th Rates, with a proportionate ments, the Religion, Liberty, and Squadron of Dutch, failed from St. Trade of the Nation, from English or Hellens the ift of July; they were any other foreign Influence. And detained in the Channel for some that the Succeffor in England shall not time by contrary Winds, so they be King or Queen of Scotland, un arrived not before Lisbon till the less a free Communication of Trade, 24th. Sir Stafford Fairborn went and .be Liberty of the Plantations be on shore, and had Audience of the for granted by AEt of Parliament in King, who received him very graEngland to the Subje&ts of Scotland. cioully, and sent a noble Present of This Clause was voted by a Majo- Refreshments to the Fleet. After a rity of 72. And to secure it, a few Days Stay, they failed for the Clause was added, whereby it was Streights, and being arrived on the made High Treason to administer the Coait of Valencia, the Mariners to Coronation Oath but by Appoini ment the Number of 2500, landed at Alof Parliament, or to own fuch King tea, and form’d a Camp, where the till be bad sworn and accepted the Admiral published a Declaration, inTerms of the Claim of Right, and the timating that he came not to injure other Conditions agreed on in this or the Spaniards, but to protect them fucceeding Parliaments. And to fi- from the Tyranny of the French, nish this tedious Matter, we shall Which had the good Effect of proonly say, that among divers other ducing Plenty of Provisions, brought Clauses, one was added, which re in and sold in the Fleet at reasona. guired the Heritors and Burghs to pro- ble Prices. From thence they saild to vide themselves with Fire Arms, for Leghorn, and in the Way lome Atell the fenfible Men, being Proteftants, tempts were made of landing Men within their respective Bounds, and and Arms to relieve the Cevennois, that the said Heritors and Burghs dif- but as the Gulph of Narbonne was too cipline and exercise the said fenfible dangerous for the whole Fleet to enMen once a Montb.

ter, two Ships only were sent with a When the Act was finished and good Quantity of Arms, Ammunipassed by the Estates, the House ur. tion, and Money, and such French ged the Commissioner to give the Refugees, as had put themselves on

Royal Assent to it ; to which he Board the Fleet for that Service. * forbore answering till he had writ- These lay on the 17th and 18th of

ten to England; and then he de- September on the Coast, and gave clar'd that he had receiv'd Power to the Signal directed, which was to pass all the Acts that were ready have been answer'd by their Friends except this. The House was in on Shore, but was not. A Boat fam'd hereupon, and were obstinate was sent to go alhore, but two against giving Supplies till this Bill French Gallies which lay there, inbe passed into an Act. So that at terrupted it, and the Season of the last the High Commissioner was fain Year not permitting the Ships to lie

put an End to the Session without there, they returned to the Fleet. the Supplies. Accordingly Septem. On the 19th of September, the Fleet ber the 16th the Parliament arrived before Leghorn, where the prorogued.

Salute from the Town being but five To view now the State of the Guns, the Admiral resented it, and



A. D complained to the Great Duke, who suffered much. The Confederate 1703. caused a Royal Salvo to be made. Army invested Huy, August 16, and

Count Lamberg came on Board the took it the 25th. The Advantage
Fleet there the 28th, and acquaint that Conquest gave, induced the
ed the Admiral, that Charles Arch- Duke of Marlborough to propose the
duke of Aufiria had been proclaim'd attacking the Enemies Lines between
at Vienna K. of Spain. For which the Mebaign and the Lezve, but the
News great Rejoycings were made, Dutch opposed it, and so it went of.
and 15 Guns fired from every Ship. Limburgh was the next Atemp.,
The Fleet having perform’d the Bu- which after 18 Days Siege furren
finess they went upon, and by the dered the 28th of September, and
clofe keeping in of the Enemy, ha- Geldre being in December following
ving had no Opportunity of enga- taken, the French were entirely re: :
ging any of their Ships, set Sail mov’d from the Banks of the Mal,
homewards on the 22d of Oktober, and two Provinces subjected to the
and arrived safe in che Douins the Confederates.
17th of November.

The latter End of the Campaigns The Advantage of the War in proved less fortunate to the Frente Germany this Campaign was on the and Bavarians than the Begioning French Side : They took Fort Kehl for the Forces under Villers, being by the 31st of March, and prepa. but a Part of what were intended to sed to penetrate through the Black be fent, the Duke de Vende me was Forest to join the Elector of Bava- to penetrate another Way, to which ria, who extended his Quarters by Purpose the Duke of B.avaris adthe taking several Towns ; and on vanced to Tyrol to meet hia, but the seventh of April, that Prince was so well receiv'd by the Impericame with his Army before Ratis. alists there, that he was obliged :9 bon, and for Want of the Emperor's retire. The Duke de Perdelen Ratification of the Neutrality of that the fame Manner was repulied ca City, he took Pofession of the his Side, when he advanced as far Bridge, and a Gate. Marshal Vil as Trent to meet him. The D. o lers attempted the German Lines the Bavaria next made an Attemprop 19th of April, but was repulsed. on Augsburz, but was repuled by However he succeeded afterwards, the Imperial Garrisoa ihe Town and on the 6th of May joined the had received. On the other land, Bavarians.

the French had Success on the Rhine In the mean time Things went For while the Imperialists were en better on the Lower Rhini, where ployed against the Bawarians, Cols Bonne was besieged and taken. And Tallard with the Duke of Bare in the Netherlands, where the French dy besii ged Old Briset, which they fied before the Duke of Marlbo- took, and afterwards invested L** rough, and could not be brought to dau, on the 7th of October. The Battle ; which gave Baron Spaar Prince of Hiffe Caflel, with a go! Opportunity to force their Lines in Body of Confederate Forces, w2 the Pais de Waes. But on the other fent fiom the Netherlands to rzec fide, Mons. Opdam, with the Dutch the Siege. He arrived on the 1419, Forces which lay near Breda, were and prepared to attack the Enemy: surrounded by the French and rout but while on the 15th the Prince ed: This was called the Battle of with most of the Oficers Eckeren, wherein altho' the Dutch rouling and celebrating the Feak of behaved themselves bravely, they St. Leopold, the Enemy advanced cu:

were 02

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