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of their Lines, and fell upon the of the Publick Debts, an Account A.D. Germans with so much Fury, that whereof he order'd to be laid before 1703. after a vigorous Adion on both them. The House of Commons Sides, the Confederates .i. ere forced chose for their Speaker Alan Brodeto retire, and the French returned rick, Esq; and then voted an Adto the Siege, which they prosecuted dress of Thanks to the Lord Lieuso well, that soon after the City was tenant. The House of Lords did the Currendred And to end the Year, fame, and both were presented a Augsburg was taken by the Elector few Days after. And on the last of of Bavaria after a fhort Siege, on September, the Commons waited on the 14th of December.

the Lord Lieutenant with a loyal Other Foreign Affairs which de- Address to her Majefiy, which they ferve Notice, are, That it was this desired might be transmitted : The Year that the Commotions in Hun- Lords did the same the gth of Ocgary begun, which fo long disturbed rober; and on the 14th the Comthe Emperor, and therein interrup. mons voted, That the Funds forted in a Degree the Progress of the merly granted were fufficient to supArms of the Confederates. That port the Government to Mich. 1703.

King Charles III. immediately and resolv’d, That a Supply be granafter his father and Brother had ted to make up the Deficiency of the surrendered to him their Rights to Revenue, to support the necessary the Crown of Spain, and he was Branches of Establishment for two accordingly proclaimed at Vienna, Years, ending at Michaelmas 1705. prepared to go to take Possession of The Commillioners for Publick his Kingdom. On the 19th of Sep- Accounts reported, that 103.368 1. tember he set out thence, and arrived was by Misrepresentation charged at the Hague November_2. And as a Debt upon the Nation, for that it was at the latter End of this which they received the Thanks of Campaign, that the Duke of Savoy, the House. upon the reiterated Application of And on October 22. the Comthe Sniperial Court, and the Info- mons presented to the Lieutenant a lences of the French, was brought Representation, wherein was set to be sensible that his Alliance with forih, “That the Constitution of the France was but being himself a Tool • Kingdom had been of late greatly in the hand of chat Prince for build-'fhaken, the Lives, Liberties, and ing up an universal Monarchy, Estates of the Subject being called wherein he mould also in Time be ' in Question, and try'd in a manner made a Vassal. The French having • unknown to their Ancestors. They Notice of his Defign, suddenly fei • complained of the Proceedings of zed and disarmed all his Troops the late Trustees, which they imthat were in their Army ; which puted to malicious Reports againit, forced the Duke of Savoy imme- ' and false Representations of, the diately to enter into the Confede. • Protestants of the Kingdom. They racy.

• also made great Complaints of To return Home.

• the Loss of their Trade, the Calh On the 16th of September, the of the Nation being exhauited, Parliament of Ireland met at Dub- ' and thereby the Manufactures lia, His Grace the D. of Ormond • ftop'd, and the Protestants reduc'd made a Speech to them, wherein he to Poverty, divers Famili's where. wished they would provide for tlie • of had been obliged to leave the fortif.cations and the Barracks, but • Kingdom. That their foreign ecommended chiefly the Payment

· Trade

A.D. «Trade lay under great Restrictions King of Portugal, and the Duke 1703

' and Discouragements. That the of Savoy. Recommended the pro

Want of frequent Parliaments viding the necessary Supplies, and • had encouraged evil Men for their hinted, that an extraordinary Ex

own Gain to oppress the Subject. pence would be occasion'd by join• That the civil Officers were grie- ing Forces with the King of Perts• vously corrupt. That great Offi- gal, for recovering the Crown of • cers resided out of the Kingdom, Spain from the House of Beurbes,

and their Deputies executed those and restoring it to the House of Ar

Offices ill; and prayed that Par- ftria ; and by affitting the Duke of • liaments be frequently held, and Savoy, Recommended Dispatch, • permitted co fit and redress Grie- and ended with an earnest Delire of «vances'. They afterwards voted, Peace and Union among her SubThat divers Pensions to the Sum of jects. And to that Purpose, that all 17934 1. per Annum, were unneces. Heats and Animosities might be asary Branches of the Establishment. voided in their Debates. They presented this Representation Both Houses address the Queen, to the Lord Lieutenant, and soon af- to thank her for her gracious Speech, ter made three Addresses : 1. To and to congratulate her Majelty updefire an Account what Half Pay on the Alliance. Officers had been provided for. 2. On the 19th of November, the That all Judges, Commissioners of Copies of the Treaties being laid the Revenue, and other Officers, be before the House, a few Days atrer obliged to attend in their Places, or they came to these resolutions, 1. That be remov'd ; and 3. That the Baracks 40,000 Men, including 5,000 Marimight be maintained at easy and ners, be employ'd for the Sea Service reasonable Rates, and no exorbi- the next Year, and 41. per Man ser tant Salaries and Prices given to the menfem be granted for maintaining Undertaker for the same. After them. 2. That the 40,000 Alen 2: they had set forth their Grievances, Land, with the 10,000 Additiora! they proceeded to the Supply ; and Troops, be continued to a& in Cobon the 26th of Otober, granted junction with the Allies next Year. 150,000 l. to her Majesty for luppor- And 3. That the Proportion of Land ting the Government for two Years. Forces to act in conjunction with the They brought in Heads of Bills, for King of Portugal be 1000 Horse and securing the Liberty of the Subject, Dragoons, and 7000 Foot. The and to prevent Imprisonment beyond 884,0721. begranted for maintaining Sea. To prevent the Growth of Po. the said 40,000 Men the next Year. pery, and to encourage the Linnen That 55,272 I. be granted for PayManufacture, with some others, ment of her Majesty's Proportica which they presented in a Body to of Subsidies to the Allies. TES the Lord Lieutenant, and the Speak. 168,1801. be granted for maintaizer enlarged upon them in a Speech. ing the said 10,000 Additional They proceeded in divers other Bu. Troops. That 150,000 I, be grastfinesses of less publick Concern, and ed for the Portugal Service. That on the 26th of November adjourned 357,000 l. be granted for maintziri to the rith of January.

ing Guards and Garrisons. The On the oth of November the Par. 118,362 1. be granted for the O:liament of England met, to whom nance, for Land Service. And 60,her Majesty made a Speech, and in 000 l. for circulating Exchequer Bilis. timated to them the advantageous In all 3,818,886). Allances she had made with the


Before we proceed in the Parlia- could provide for it. Which her A. D. rentary Affairs, it will be neceffary Majelly most graciously complied 1703. , speak of the Calamity that fell with. And on the 17th of Decempon us during its fitting

ber published an Order, whereby the On the 26th of November at a. Widows of those Oficers and Seaout eleven at Night began a vio- men who were lost in the Storm, ne Wind, which increated at Mid- were intituled to her Majesty's Bounght, and rose to fo grievous and ty in the fame Manner as if they had eadsul a Tempelt, continuing till been killed in Fight. s in the Morning, that no Man's The same Storm did much Da. lemory reached the like, nor per. mage in Holland and in France, bue ps was there ever a Storm more the Northern Countries of England, olent. In the Country innume. as well as all Scotland escaped it. erable Trees were blown up by The Time of this Session of Pare Roots, Houses overturned, and liament was extreamly taken up in acks of Corn and Hay dispersed. Controversies, between the two Cities the Chimneys were blown Houses. The Commons brought in wn, and the Tilings of Houses again the Bill against Occasional ept quite away, by the Fall where. Conformity, in the form whereof the Houses were extreamly bro- they almolt quite agreed with what 2, and many Persons killed, par- the Lords by their Amendments left ularly the Bishop of Bath and it last Session, which passed in that ills and his Lady, The Loss of House the 17th of December, and : Tiling, Leading, Glass Win. was sent to the Lords for their Conws, Garden Walls, and every currence. But it was opposed there, ring that was liable to be blown and after many Speeches against it, ray, was so great, that it was rec. upon the second Reading it was ned a Million of Money would rejected by a Majority of 12 or 13 required to repair ic. But next Voices. many Lives that were lost at Sea On the 14th of December, Intid Land, the Number of Shipping maiion was given to the House of ereby destroyed was the greatelt Lords, that divers Persons, Depen. lamity. Besides a great many dents on the Duke of Berwick, were erchant Ships, Thirteen Mien of come over into Scotland, and had ar perished in the Downs, and been seized. The Earl of Nottingth them 1,519 Seamen. Sir Staf- ham told the House, that this Matd Fairborn was driven out of the ter was already before the Queen, rwns, and carried as far as Gottemand would be laid before the House g, before he could get into Port. in form ; but nevertheless the Lords The House of Commons presen- appointed a select Committee to exlan Address to the Queen deplo. amine into it. On the 17th the g this Calamity, and promising Queen came to the House to pass repair the Damage done to the the Land-Tax, and then in a Speech eet, desiring that in the mean Time declared that she had Information ? Majesty would please to give of very ill Designs carrying on in rders for the rebuilding luch Scotland, the Particulars whereof ips as were necessary, and withal should be laid before them. This firing the Queen that she would gave Occasion to the Commons to pleated to afford fome Provision express their Resentment against the the Families of those Seamen Lords for having appointed a Comat were drowned, till the House mittee to examine into this Matter,



A. D. before it came regularly before 'em. continued; and an additional Sab. 1703. Which they expressed in an Address fidy of one Third of the old Sub

to the Queen on the 23d. This was fidy of Tonnage and Poundage for
the rise of a Controversy between three Years.
the two Houses, which lasted long, The Act for making more es
but is of no use to Posterity, and ctual the Queen's Intentions for the
therefore we shall say no more of it. Augmentation of the Maintainance

Her Majesty's Birth-Day happen- of the poor Clergy, impowered ha ing on Sunday this Year, it was ce Majesty to erect a Corporation wi. lebrated on Monday, which was per- perpetual Succeffion, and to fede formed with great Magnificence and upon it the first Fruits of all & Joy. But the Queen in her own nefices Spiritual, for augmenir

; Aits much exceeded the Compli. the Maintenance of Ministers of ments of her Subjects, for on the ating in any Church or Chape

! fame Day in a Message to the House England or Wales, not sufficiezy of Commons, her Majesty declared provided for, in such Manner her Intention of making a Present Thall be therein expressed. Alloy of the Revenue of the first Fruits ed any Person to bequeath Lands and Tenths to the poorer Clergy, Goods, or Chattels to this Comp by making that Revenue a Fund for ration for the Purpose aforet., augmenting poor Vicarages; which which may be held and enjoyed she desired the House to find a Me- withstanding the Statute of MT thod of making effectual. This was main. Enacted, that no Fifth Bord gratefully received, and Addresses for First Fruits shall be taken bere of Thanks were presented to her after, and all the Four Bord ha! Majesty by the House, by the Con- be comprized in One. And provavocations of the Clergy of both ed, That this Act shall not vacs: Provinces, and by the Clergy of any Grant already made of Peatient every Diocese in the Kingdom. A upon the Duty of First Fruits. Bill was brought in pursuant there. These were the Matters of chie passed into an Act.

est Moment transacted this Seffice On the 24th of February, the which lasted till the 3d of 4 Queen came to the House, and paf- on which Day her Majesty camera sed an Act for granting an Aid to the House, and passed 12 Pub 3 her Majefly for carrying on the War and 24 Private Acts, and then by selling Annuities ; whereby a Speech, wherein the thankede 1,018,867 1. was to be taken in for for the Dispatch in providing purchasing Annuities of 99 years at Supplies, and recommended Pay 15 Years Purchase. And 300,000l. among ourselves, which as the...! for Annuities upon one Lite at 9 earnestly desired at the Openisit Years Purchase, two Lives at ií Session, she said, Tho' it bas estre Years, and three Lives at 12 Years, with all that Success I wiffed or at 15 Years Purchase for 99 expected, I am not discouraged ;** Years. An A& for a publick Re- perfisting in the fame Defares

. gifier in Yorkshire, An Act for in We must now look back to Pipe crease of Seamen, and encouraging of the Arrival of King Charles de Navigation, and many others. Spain in England. The other Aids granted this Par.

Sir George Rosk with a Squae" liament for carrying on the War, of Men of War was sent over besides the Land-Tax already men Holland by her Majesty, to come. tioned, were, The Duty on Malt his Catholick Majelty hither. 1



went on Board accordingly, and fór Portugal with a fair Wind, but A. D. in December 25, the Fleet was seen a Storm took them with a contrary 1704. , passing through the Downs for Spit- Wind in the Bay of Biscay, which read, where he arrived the next dispersed the Fleet, and obliged the Day. He was waited upon Admiralto return. He arrived with Board by the Dukes of Somerset the King of Spain on board him at nd Marlborough. The Duke of So- St. Hellens the 22d, and came to Spitterset Master of the Horse present. head the 23d ; whither the Duke da Letter and Compliment from of Somerset by her Majesty's Comle Queen, and invited his Maje- mand went, and waited upon his y on Shoar. On the 28th he land- Catholick Majelly: Who the next 1, and was conducted by the Duke Day came on Shoar, and remained Somerset to his Grace's Seat at at Portsmouth till the 4th of Februetworth, whither his Royal High- ary, when the Wind coming fair, ifs came to meet him. His Ma. he went on Board again. On the ly lay there that Night, and the 6th they set sail the second Time, xt Day set forward for Windfor; and pursued their Voyage, and arhither her Majesty went on the rived safe at Lishon the 7th of March, th to receive the Visit he desired N. S. He was magnificently receivmake her. He arrived there on ed there, but as that is no Part of 29th at Seven in the Evening, the English Hiltory, we omit the d was received by her Majesty at Particulars of it. ! Sair-Head. He fupped that Her Majesty was pleased at the ghe with her Majesty, was vi- Beginning of the third Year of her d in his Apartment the next Reign, to make an Alteration in orning by the Queen, and led her Ministry, whereby according r Majesty thence to Dinner. The to the Style of those Times, the ternoon was spent in Musick and Low-Church Party came into Play. versions, and after Supper he The Earl of Nottingham refigned uld not be satisfied, till after his Place of Secretary of State, at Compliments he had prevail. which was given to Robert Harley, to holà the Napkin when her Esq; The Earl of Jersey was rejesty washed. The next Morn- moved from the Place of Lord Cham

he departed, being attended to berlain, and the Earl of Kent adCoach side by his Royal High- vanced to that Poft. The Whites, and went to Perrorrth that staff was taken from Sir Edward y, accompanied by the Duke of Seymour, and Thomas Mansel, Esq; Perfet. On the itt of January was made Comptroller of the Househe Evening, his Majesty arrived hold. Other Alterations of less MoPortsmouth, where he was receive ment we omit. y the Mayor and Aldermen in In Scotland also some Changes r Formalities, who attended were made. The Duke of Queens

to the Water-side, the Streets bury was removed from his Place of gilluminated : And went on being Secretary of State, and the rd the Royal Catherine at Spit. Earl of Cromarty was preferred to 1, extreamly well satisfied with that Poft. Sir David Nairn, Deputy Reception and Entertainment at Secretary, was changed for Mr. Ador, and with the Honours paid lex. Wedderburn; and James Johnin the several Towns through fon, Esq; was made Clerk Register, in ch he passed. On the 5th the the Room of Mr. Philipaugh. And le Fleet set Sail from Spithead

finally, Gg2

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