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A. D. finally, the Marquiss of Tweedale bated, and then the Vote put, whe

was constituted her Majesty's High ther to give a Supply for two 1704 Commissioner.

Months or fix Months Cess. CarOn the 6ih of July, the Parlia. ried by 16 Voices for fix Níonths. ment of Scotland met at Edinburgh But on the 25th when it came :and adjourned to the uth, when gain to be considered, the Act for the Queen's Letter was read. Her Security was brought in, and upon Majelty expressed her Concern for Debate vored, That the Parliace the Differences and Divisions among will proceed to grant two months Ces them, promised to grant whatever for fubfifting ber Majesty's Forces, and could in Reason be demanded for as soon as the Act of Security bas ça rectifying Abuses, and quieting their the Royal Aljent, will give four Mandi Nlinds. Recommended to them in more. Thus they in Effect tacked especial Manner the settling the Suc. it to the Money Bill, and with our ccffion in the Proteftant Line, and passing it, the necessary Supplies was willing to give into any rea

could not

be obtained. Nender fonable Terms and Conditions of could the Queen be assured that the Government with respect to the Suc- refuting both would not bave proceffor. Laid before them the Ne. duced a Rebellion, so violent 52 cefsity of raising Funds, the former the Temper of the Nation at that being expired and exhausted, for Time. To comply with Neceiry maintaining the Forces, &c. And therefore the Act of Security in de lastly recommended to them the Terms we mentioned in our Ac Advancement of Piety, and Discou- count of the Proceedings of laš ragement of Vice and Immorality. Session, received the Royal Afer:

The Lord Commillioner enlarged on the 5th of Auguft. The rest of upon the Leiter in a Specch, and was the Session was taken up in exaniefeconded by the Earl of Cromarty ing the Accounts, in forming a But all had little Effect, the Act for Exporting Wooll

, and oza House continued in the fame Tem- Afperities, which made the Hig: per, and were so far from naming a Commissioner prorogue the Park Successor, that several Motions of ment on the 27th of August

. Duis Overtures were made for a Resolu. they first drew up an Addresa tion, Not to name a Succeffor till a the Queen, defiring that the Evt. previous Treaty of Commerce be made ļence and Papers relating to w zvit!, England, and Limitations and Plot (which we spoke of in tai Conditions oj^ the Government be made Proceedings of the Engli Parma? for Je uring the Religion, Liberty, and ment) might be laid before ches Independency of the Nation. Which next Seflion wherein they reich after much Debate, was at last put smartly on the House of Lors to the Vote, and carried in the having meddled in that Matter. Affirmative by a Majority of 55. The Progress of her Majer On the 19th of July, Duke Ha- Army this Year was very basia milton moved that this Business The Imperial Envoy presented ? should be proceeded upon before Memorial to the Queen on the : the Supply, except iwo Months of April, to set forth the pret Cess for present Suitfiftence of the Necessity of the Empire, by bus Forces. On the 21st, an Act for Duke of Bavaria's bringing a Fice

* 14 Months Cels, payable in two Army into the Heart of it

, ardo: Years, being brought in, it was de. the Perplexity and Confution ?


A. D. 1704

Insurrection in Hungary had brought he was treated with extream Ho-
he Emperor's Hereditary Countries nour and Respect.
nto. And to beseech her Majesty On the 22d of une he joined
o give the Duke of Marlborough Prince Lewis of Baden, and two
Orders to concert Measures with Days after encampod near the Banks
he States-General for the Relief of the Danube.
of the Empire, by sending a Body The Army being now arrived in
f Troops thither. The Queen perfect good'Order on the Frontiers
ave this Envoy a very favourable of the Elector of Bavaria’s Domi-
Inswer. And the Duke of Marl. nions, it was resolved to enter up-
orough being arrived in Holland, on immediate A&tion. Donawert,
lay 4, N. S. he had a Conference a Town upon the Danube near the
with the States - General, wherein Mouth of the Lech, as it lay first in
e set forth the Dangers the Em- their Way, was first to be taken, and
ire was in, and declared that be- accordingly it was resolved upon in
g now Masters of the Maese and the Council of War; the Town
I the Spanish Guelderland, a small was provided with a good Garri-
umber of Forces would defend son under the Command of Count
eir Frontiers. His Reasons had d'Arco Feldt-Marshal to the Elec.
Il Infuence, and produced a Re- tor of Bavaria, and was covered
lution of pursuing the Measures by a Fortification called the Schel-

had propounded. And his Grace lenbergh, where great Entrenchments : out accordingly the next Day to were cast up to add to its Strengih. > and assemble the Army. He ar But the Duke, with Prince Lewis red at Maestricht on the 13th, of Baden, and Baron Hompesch the here Part of the Army were al Dutch General (despising all Dilli. ady encamped, and proceeded on culties) set out on the 3d of July e 16th on his March towards Ger- N. S. at three in the Morning, and any, being joined on the 18th by made a March of 20 English Miles - English Forces.

with 6,000 Foot, 30 Squadrons of This March amused the French, Horse, and 3 Regimens of Impey apprehended it might tend rial Grenadiers, and a good Train the Moselle, to penetrate into of Artillery, thro’a bad Road, and ance that Way; and besides over a River which lay in their y were in pain for Landau, which Way: All which so fatigued the pitheir Troops in perpetual March Soldiers, that it was fix at Night

Counter-march, whilst the Ar- before they made the intended Onin the mean time kept their way fer. Some of the Generals were of

che Electorate of Cologn to Cobo Opinion that the Soldiers should be 2, thence to Meniz, passed the allowed to rest that Night, but his ine, and with as much Speed, as Grace was of the contrary Mind, ufted with the proper Ease to and couragiously resolved to give the Troops, halted forward to the the Enemy no longer Time, but eube. The Compliments and immediately to attack them. Which ts which the Duke received in was undertaken and carried on with Passage, from the Elector of incredible Vigour. The Ericmy tz, Prince Eugene of Savoy, were 18,000 Men, choice Troops, ce Lewis of Baden, and others, and had the Advantage of Entrench. not necessary to be particulari- ments, and were r.ot wanting in a here, 'tis sufficient to say, that resolute Detence ; but the Conlede

rate Troops, after iwo Repulses,

GE 3

A. D. forced the Entrenchments, made a was fought that famous Battle of 1704. terrible Slaughter of the Enemy, Blenheim. The Particulars where I

and put them to Flight. The Count of have been so often told, and are d'Arco Iwam over the Danube, and so well known, that 'tis needed to many of his Officers took the same enter into the Detail. We shall ca. 1 Way.

ly say therefore, That Advices belg The Enemy's Loss was 5000 Men, brought that the Enemy advanced, and the Confederates not much less, it was resolved to march and giro for the Fight lasted an Hour and them Battle; the Place where the half in molt Furious Action. Fif- French encamped had a Rivulet ia teen Pieces of the Enemy's Cannon, Marthy Ground in the Fror:, and all their Ammunition, Tents, the Village Blenheim on the Day and Baggage, and a very rich Boo- nube on their Right, and a Wood ty, were taken. This glorious Vic- on their Left. li was necessary tot! tory, wherein the Duke of Marl- the Confederates to pass the Rive! borough by admirable Conduct and let, which accordingly they efe Bravery gained immortal Honour, ed, and about one Hour afer No: gave the Confederates free Entry began the Attack. Prince Ezrae into Bavaria, and obliged that Elec. and the Imperial Troops were ca tor to retire under the Cannon of the Right, General Churcb'l, Liz Augsburgh ; but first sent Word to tenant General Lumley, the Lost his Garrison at Donavert to retire, Orkney, and Lieutenant-Gerer: and set the Town on Fire ; but the Ingoldsby, with the reit of the Es Confederates advanced with such glish and Dutch Officers on the Lett

, speed, that they had not time to put and the Duke of Marlborogs in those Orders in Execntion, and so the Center commanded the whole. the Town was saved. They found The Dispute was very Therp .. here 20,000 Sacks of Meal, great equal Advantage till 5 of the Cloche Store of Oats, and Plenty of all at which Time the Ímperalaks : forts of Provisions and Ammuni. der Prince Eugene were hard fie tion.

sed by the Bavarians, but be The Army pursued the Victory, relieved by the Duke of Ne and entring Bavaria took several borough, who ordered the Corsi ; Towns, and put the Country under Referve to advance, put a Szop Military Execution.

the Enemy, and in the third Attack The French on the other Hand about seven of the Clock brem were diligent in their Endeavours them. The English and Dutcé to relieve the Duke of Bavaria ; to the mean Time gained such Gross which Purpose a gallant Army of upon the French, that they obigat 22,000 Horse and Foot under the their Horse to rerire in Cona, Command of Count Tallard, ad- and leave the Foot to our lleras. ditional to what they had already Twenty eight Battalions and there under Marshal Marfin, march- Squadrons retired into the Vil'ag ed to the Danube, and on the 4th Blenheim, and defended them citi of Augufi joined the Elector's Ar- an Hour and Halt, but being my: Th.s obliged Prince Eugene rounded by our Troops, they w to join the Duke of Marlborough, at lait overcome, many killed

, and their two Armies observed ihe the rest surrendred tbemfelves Pr! Enemy, while Prince Lewis of soners of War. And the Co far Baden besiege1 Ingolftudt. A few rates by that Time were 1256 Days after, viz. duzujt" 13. N. S. of the Enemy's Camp, Canince, an.


Baggage. Abundance of Officers Prince Eugene covered the Siege. A. D. were taken, and among the rest The French Governor acted his Part

1704 the French General himself, Count so well, that although the King of UN Tallard, was made Prisoner. The the Romans came to command in Bavarians with their Duke at the the Siege in order to expedite the Head of them, by taking a diffe- taking the Cicy, it held out till rent Road, and keeping in a Body, the 23d of November, on which got off, but the French were mise- Day they capitulated, and marched ably Naughtered in their Flight, out on the 25th, whereby the ArThe Enemy's Loss was vastly great ; my was hindred from making the refides several General Officers, victorious Progress into France, ,200 others, and 12,000 Common- which would have been done in joldiers, were taken Prisoners by these two Months time, had not he Confederates; the Particulars this Siege been necessary. This, f the Captives shew them 11,192, with the taking Traerbaib, ended esides 3,000, who took Service with the Campaign on chat Side, he Allies. And the Number kil Before we proceed it must be noid muft needs be great; 10 French ted, That the Emperor was so senattalions were cut to pieces, and fible of the Kindness her Majesty o Squadrons of Horse and Dra. had shewn in sending her Army lo oons were driven into the Danube far to his Relief, and of the Bravend drowned, besides 4 or 5,000 ry and excellent Conduct of her Ge. lat were killed in the Pursuit, and neral, that immediately after the hat fell in the Battle. The inter- Battle of Schellenberg he sent to the epted Letters from the Enemies Duke of Marlborough the Dignity onfessed their Loss to be 40,000. of a Prince of the Empire, which his "here were found in the Enemies Grace declined to accept; the Em'amp, 100 Pieces of Brass Cannon, peror therefore wrote to the Queen, 4 Mortars, 3,600 Tents, 300 la- wherein afier his Thanks for her en Mules, and a great Quantity of Favour, he entreated her Majesty Toney. And there were 129 Co- to command the Duke of Marlbó vurs, 171 Standards, and 17 Pair rough to accept the Title of Prince f Kettle Drums, taken in the Bat- of the Empire, which he purposed e. This great Victory cost the Al- to confer on him. The Queen gave ies 4,485 Men killed, 7,525 wound him Orders accordingly. And the d, and 273 Prisoners.

Emperor by his Letters on the 28th The Effect of this Victory was of August, conferred that Honour he Reduction of Bavaria to the upon him. The necessary InftruDominion of the Emperor, which ments were afterwards dispatched ras performed before Winter, But to ratify it in full Form: And s that Work might be done with Mindelheim a Fief, lying in the Cir

Part of the Army, the Duke of cle of Suabia, at that time devolve
Marlborough, Prince Eugene, and ed to the Emperor, was given to
'rince Lewis, left it to General his Highness.
"hungen to accomplish, and march Altau' this great

Effort was made d with their Armies to the Rhine. in Germany, the Confederates were On the 12th of September the Im- so far from suffering in Flanders erial Army sat down before Lan. this Year, that the Advantages of Fau, and formed the Siege of it, the Campaign were rather on their wherein Prince Lewis commanded, fide. No lieur d' Averquerque comwhile the Duke of Marlborough and manded the main Army on Brabant


G g 4

A.D. fide, and Baron Spar the Army in the English, and Count Fagel of the 1704

Dutch Flanders; the former twice Dutch.
broke the Enemies Lines, bombar · As soon as King Charles arrived,
ded Namur, and stood his Ground the Councils for carrying on the
against the united Force of the Ene War were frequently held, but the
my under the Duke of Bavaria and Resolution taken therein not agree-
Marshal Villeroy, when on the 28th ing with the Sentiments of Duke
of Otober. they marched to attack Sibomberg, who maintained that a!!
him. 'Tis true, it was said that Vil the English 'should act in the field,
leroy checked the Resolution of the whereas the Portuguese would put
Elector by producing positive Or- part of them into their Frontier
ders against Fighting, which made Garrisons: And that Court refolog
that Prince leave the Army in Dis- him the Poit of Commander it
guft. The latter (Baron Spar) bcm- Chief, which his father formerly
barded Bruges, and took Fori Isa enjoyed, there was no good Under-
bella, which interrupted the Navs standing between them. To pre-
gation to Sluys.

vent therefore the ill Effects, her In Savor the French had the bet- Majely pitched upon the Earl of ter, they took Verceil, making the Galway, whom she was pleased 19 Garrison Prisoners of War, altho' send for from his Re irentni in the they had made a brave Defence, and Country, and imposed on him (cz got Poffeffion of the Valley of Aosta, he desired to be suffered to decline whereby the Communication with it) the Command of her Forces in Germany through Switzerland was Portugal, which Office was confercut off, And on the 14th of Oftober red on him the 25th of Jiu, and the Duke of Vendosine sat down be- being allowed a Reinforcement of fore Verrue, a strong Fortress feat- 4,000 Men from England, the Date ed on the River Po, in the midway sending a proportionate Number albetween Cafal and Turin, but the ro, he set fail on the 30th of Ja, Itrength of the Place, the good de- and in eight Days arrived at Litter

. fence the Garrison made, and the The Kings of Portugal and Spas Communication with it which the marched their Armies to the Frea: Duke of Savoy was able to keep o- tiers to make head against the Army pen, rendered this Siege very painful brought by the Duke of Anjaa, who and ruinous to the French; for so in Person' invaded Portugal by the earneit was that King in the Refo. beginning of May. He took Portelution of taking the Place, that the legre, and Castle Davide. ' But whi: Siege was continued all the Winter, the French lay before the last Place, altho' the Frost and Snow killed his the Marquiss das Minas with 1,500 Men almoit as fast as the Enemies Men was sent out the 2d of Jan? Bullets : So, altho' ar laft; that is in to make a Diversion on the Free April following, it was surrendered, tiers of Spain; he took Fuente Gr the length of the Siege, and the Lofs naldo, and marched to Manicas the French sustained in it, was as fa- The Spaniards marched to the Reizeit vourable to the Duke of Savoy as of this Place, which obliged the a Victory.

General to leave the Siege to go to Pursuant to the Alliance with the meet them, which he did, and fcega King of Portugal, the Queen and the them fo bravely that the Spaniel States General had sent over Forces were put to Flight after the lots of to aflift chat Prince, · Duke Schom 200 Men killed. The Perlasti berg was Commander in Chief of

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