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returned to the Siege, and took then set Sail again for the Mediter. A. D. Monsanta, but could not save Caflle ranean, On the 17th of July, ly- 1702. Davide.

ing off Tetuan, a Council of War Let us now view the Sea Service was held, wherein it was resolved this Summer. Sir George Rook with to attack Gibraltar. On the 21st the Confederate Fleet, as we have they entred the Bay, and immediatetold you, arrived at Lisbon the 7th ly landed 1800 Mariners, headed by of March, N. S. He fail'd thence the the Prince of Heffe Darmitadt, and 16th to cruize off Cape St. Vincent, summon’d the Town. The Goverto secure the Passage of the Turkey nor stood upon the Defensive, and Fleet, and sent out Detachments, so the Attack was pursued. The who took several of the Enemies Fleet fir'd (on the 23d) 15,000 Shot Ships. The Turkey Fleet being out upon the Town, which beat the Eneof Danger, he return'd to Lisbon the my from their Guns.

Boats were 20th of April; where being rein. then sent on Shoar with Men to atforced by 4 English Men of War,and tack the South Mole, which was the Cruizers all come in, he failed well executed. And in short, the (May the 8th) with the whole Con- Seamen on one side, and the Landfederate Fleet, consisting of 40 Sail men on the other, so well performed of Line of Battle Ships, with the their Parts, that by the 24th the GoPrince of Helle Darmstadt, a good vernor capitulated. Never was a number of Spanish Officers, and wo braver Act performed. In three Companies of Foot on board, and Days was taken a Town well fortifood for the Streighis. Count de fy both by Art and Nature ; for Thoulouse, with the Brej Squadron, 100 Guns were planted on the Walls appeared soon after off the Rock of co the Sea Side, and on the Land Lisbon, and frighted the Portuguese; side there were but two narrow Palbut he went off, and made the best ses, which might have been defended of his Way to the Streights to join by few against Thousands of ordithe Thoulon Squadron.

nary Affailants ; but the Seamen The Confederate Fleet failed to fought with such Intrepidity. that Barcelona, where the Prince of Hele they carried all before them; and in Darmf:adt's Interest gave them fine, the Town was taken with very hopes of a kind Reception. But it little Loss on our Part. did not succeed, and so the Fleet re The taking of a Place of such Imturn’d. At the Isles of Hieres the portance put a damp upon the Duke Admiral fent on Shore to take Pri. of Anjou's Affairs, and such a Dirfoners for Intelligence, and at the grace upon his and the French same time by a Ship come in from King's Power, that it was necessary the Atlantick, had Advice of the Ap- to give some smart Blow to recover proach of Thoulouse ; whereupon it it. Orders were therefore immewas resolved that the whole Fleet diately sent to the Count de Thoufhould fail in quest of the Enemy. louse to meet and fight the ConfeOn the 7th of June they came in derate Fleet, The French Admi. Sight of 'em, but the French cook ral was well pleased with these Orthe Advantage of a Wind, and got ders, for besides a great Superiorioff

. The Fleet missing this Opportu. ty in Strength, his Ships were all nity, failed through the Streights, clean and full mann'd.' The Conand anchor'd at Lagos, received Sir federates on the other Side, besides Cloudsley Shovel with his Squadron, the Disadvantage in Strength, had and sent alhoar for Provision, and


A.D. loft many of their Men in the quiss fat down before the Towe, 1704.

Length of the Time they had and opened Trenches the 22d of
been at Sea, had spent their Provi. Oktober N. S. Sir Jabn Leak and Ad-
fions and Stores; and by the Ex- miral Vanderduifen with 13 English
pence of Ammunition in the taking and 6 Dutch Men of War, failed
Gibralter, were reduced to great to Gibralter as soon as they heard
Poverty in it. Besides all this, fix of the Siege, and came thither with
of the best Dutch Ships, and four of seasonable Relief, when the Ene.
the English, were gone out but a my had made considerable Breaches
few Days before to meet some Mer- in the fortifications. Also the Kisg
chant Ships which wanted Convoy. of Portugal and the Lord Galway
Judge then if the French had not a immediately sent 26 Transports la
fair Prospect of a glorious Victory; den with Men, Officers, and Ne
and judge then what Applause is cessaries ; 16 whereof arrived life
due to that Admiral, those Com- in the middle of December, the a
manders, and those Seamen, who ther 4 were separated by a Fleet of
with all these Disadvantages fought French Men of War, who took
the Enemy from Ten in the Morn- one, and the other three got back
ing till Night, kept their Station in to Lisbon. With which Reinforce
Sight of the Enemy all the next ments the Besieged were able to
Day, and all that Night, wherein de:end themselves all that Winter,
they retired, and even pursued and and oblige the Enemy to raise the
came up with them the Day follow- Siege, as we shall fhew hereafier.
ing, bravely offering Battle, if the The Bravery, Vigilance, Activity,
Enemy had had Courage to attack and Wisdom of the Prince of Henry
them, but they chose to take the Darmstadt is exceedingly arpiaz-
Advantage of the Wind, and flink ded, and the Courage and Patience
off. This Battle was fought off of the Soldiers in the severe Day
Malaga the 24th of Augui, N.S. and vast Fatigue they underwent
Our Fleet failed to Gibraltar, where was incomparable. Thus much or
they refitted ; and having put Men the State of the War this Year. We
and Provifions into the Place, Sir should now return Home ; but that
George Rook failed thence the 4th of one Foreign Affair although remote
September N. S. arrived at Spitbead requires our Notice.
the 15th of the same Month O. S. The Hungarians, as we have said,
and waited on the Queen at Wind. iast Year raised an Insurrection :-
for the 29th.

gainst their Sovereign the Emperor. The Poffeffion of Gibralter by which being a Load upon cha: the Confederates was such a Grie- Prince in Prejudice to the Alliance

, vance to the Spaniards, that all Ef her Majelly with the States-General forts were resolved to be made to re were plealed to offer a Asediation of cover it. The Marquifs de Villada- Peace be ween his Imperial Mlajeits

, rias was immediately fent with 4,000 and his Hungarian Subjects, wheen, Men to besiege it, and the Count by their Envoys, they laboured all de Thoulouse was to have been af- the Summer, but co no Purpote; sistant to him in it, but the rough the two Parties not being

Treatment he received in the En- brought to pacifick Terms. gagement left it only in his Power Affairs in England were so bar to reinforce that General with 4000 py and quiet, that no Mattes tur Men out of his Men of War and History offered it self this SumeGal With this Force the Mar


On the 24th of October the Par- the Allies, 885,193 2. For 10,000 AD, liament met, to whom her Maje. additional Forces for the fame Ser- 1704. ly made a moft gracious Speech, vice; 177,511 l. For maintaining intimating that as the great and re 10,000 Men to act in Conjunction markable Success, with which God with the Forces of the King of Por. had blessed our Arms this Summer, tugal, 222,379 1. For her Majesty's had ftirred up all her Subjects to Proportion of the Subsidies to her express their Joy and Satisfaction, Allies, 370,119! For her MajeThe affuned her self they came dif- fty's Sublidy to the Duke of Savoy, posed to do every thing that is ne- from Oktober 3, to December 25, cessary for the effectual Prosecution 1703, 40,000 l. For Levy Money of the War, Nothing being more for recruiting the Horses of the obvious, than that a timely Im- English Horse and Dragoons loft at provement of the present Advanta- Schellemberg and Blenheim, 6,725 1. ges would enable us to procure a For recruiting the Men and Horses Talling Foundation of Security for of the Foreigners in her Majesty's England, and firm Support for the Pay in the fame Battles, 24,665 1. Liberty of Europe. This, said her for an additional Regiment upon Majesty, is my Aim, I have no In. the Portugal Establishment, 5,1361. terest, nor ever will have any, but For Surgeons in the Hospital in Pora to promote the Good and Happi. tugal_for the Year 1704, 244 I. ness of my Subjects. Then desired For Expences in the Portugal War the Commons to provide the neces- last Year noi provided for by Parliasary Supplies, and earnestly recom- ment, 68,546 l. For Guards and mended Unanimity in their Coun. Garrisons in England, 357,000 l. For cils.

the Ordnance of the Land Service, Both Houses presented their Ad. 120,000 l. For Transpors 60,000 1. dresses of Thanks to her Majesty, For circulating Exchequer Bills, congratulating her upon her glori. 4000 l. And for 5,000 additional ous Victories, and declaring their Forces to be raised in Conjunction Loyalty and affectionate Zeal to her with our Allies to serve with the Service.

Fleet, for their Levy, 11,244 1. for The Commons were expeditious their Pay for one Year, 87,125 1. in the Queen's Business. On the 29th In all, 4,670,4861. To raise which, of November, the Supply for the they gave a Land Tax for 4 s. in the Navy was voted, and on the 11th, Pound, and the Duty upon Malt, and 14th, and 16th of the same Month, upon the Fund of 3,700l. per Week the Supplies for the Army were out of the Excile, 877,930 l. for voted. The Sum for theie Servi- purchasing Annuities for 99

Years. ces were thus : For maintaining at 15 Years Purchase. A Subsidy 40,000 Seamen, including 8,000 on Wines and Merchandize för Mariners, 4 Pounds per Man per four Years, as a Fund for raising mensem for thirteen Months, which 646,957 l. for the Use of the Navy. makes 2,080,000 l. For the ordi. And the Duty upon Low Wines, nary of the Navy, 100.000 l. and Gc. continued. 40,000 l. for Ordnance Stores for Not long after the Supplies were Sea Service, over and above the Pro- granted, Mr. Bromley moved in the portion of the 4 d. per Man. For House, that a Bill to prevent Occamaking a Wharf and Store House fional Conformity be brought in. at Porijmouth, 10.000 l. For 40,000 Which was ordered, and read a Landmen to act in Conjunction with first and second Time, when the bet


A. D. ter to secure its pafling, it was mo- pose before them, laid by that from 1704. ved that it be joined to the Bill for the Lords, and passed their own,

the Land Tax ; And the Question which afterwards was agreed to by
was put accordingly. But it passed the Lords, and received the Royal
in the Negative. No's 251, Yea's Aflent.
134. This Attempt ruin'd the pre The Address presented by the Lords
fent Power of the High-church Par to the Queen the 5th of Februari,
ty; for it was consider'd that such relating to the Admiralty, exhibited
a Proceeding in the Commons was a Charge of Misfeisances, confifting
intended to take away the Negative of these three Sorts. 1. That during
Voice in the House of Lords and the the 3 preceeding Years, 366,0321.
Sovereign. And that the Lords, to had been expended upon the Navy,
maintain their own Right, would more than was appointed by Parlia

. assuredly have thrown out the Mo- ment. 2. That less Money had ney Bill for the Sake of the Tack; been paid to the Service of the Navy which would have occafioned a than was intended, by 1,142,361 1. Dissolution of the Parliament, and whereby the Debt to the Navy which that would have so delay'd the Pre- in 1702 was 1,016,7671, was increa

. parations for the next Campaign, sed to 2,266,8641. 3. That 1566Men as to be very injurious to ourselves were wanting last Year of the Comand all Europe. This being obvious plement of Seamen provided for by to every Capacity, raised such an Parliament. And 4. That too large Indignation in the Nation against Salaries were given to the Prizce's the Tackers, as made many of them Council, and others. The Cocscil lose their Election at the Choice of of the Admiralty laid before ter the next Parliament, The Bill went Majesty an Answer to all these Ob thro’ the House of Commons, and jections, which being in Prins, se was sent up to the Lords, read a must refer to, as not being able to first Time, but denyd a second reduce it in a Compass narrowe Reading by a Majority of 21 nough for this place. I shall note Voices.

this only, that they declared the The principal Matters debated on Funds given to the Navy, had proin this Session. were, The Affair of duced sort of what they were girthe Ailesbury Election, the Scotch en for by 1,194,249 l. Security Act, and an Enquiry into The Duke of Marlborough had the Administration of the Admiral- made a Journey to Berlin after the ty. These two last began in the Campaign, to make a Contraâ with House of Lords by a Speech of the the King of Prupa for 8000 liea, Lord Haversham, November the 23d. to serve under the Duke of Saos,

He seemed to lay a Blame upon which he effected to the great Satzsevery Part of the publick Admini- faction of the Queen and Parliament; ftration. But those relating to the this hindered his Recurn home till Admiralty and the Scousis Affairs, the 14th of December, when appearwere all the Lords thought fit to ing in the House of Lords the next meddle with, On the latter they Day, he was complimenied and debated long, and in the Issue a congratulated in the Name of the greed upon a Bill to obviate the Dan- whole House by the Lord Keeper. gers from the Security Bill, which The House of Commons also voied they passed, and sent down to the him Thanks, and delivered it by : Commons. But that House having Committee. On the natt of Jers one of their own to the same Pur. ary, the House of Commons und

nimously voted that an Address be miner, and hung up in the Great A. D. presented to her Majesty, that the Hall.

1704. would be graciously pleased to con We left Gibraltar besieged by the sider of some proper Means to per French and Spaniards, under Marpetuate the Memory of the great sal de Tefe, and must now proceed Services performed by the Duke. to thew the issue. Sir John Leak, Her Majesty soon after was pleased we told you had put in Ammunitiby a Message to declare to the House, on, and the King of Portugal had That having taken their Address sent them Men and Necessaries, into Consideration, she inclined to with which they defended the Place grant the Interest of rhe Crown in well. But in the Middle of Februsthe Honour and Manor of Wood- ary, Monsieur de Pointis , arrived ficok and Hundred of Wotton, to him from Cadiz at Gibraltar with 13. and his Heirs, and desired their Af- Men of War, and brought Cannon, fistance thereupon. The House Mortars, and Ammunition, for the immediately relolved to bring in a Use of the Besiegers, which he landBill to confirm the said Grant, ed, and enabled them thereby to rewhich was done accordingly and double their Attacks, but by that passed into an Act.

time they had got their Batteries in On the 14th of March the Queen order, Sir John Leak with the Concame to the House, passed the Bills, federate Fleet arrived, March 10, and made a Speech, wherein The O. S. in Sight of the Bay. Eight of thanked them for their Dispatch, the Enemies Ships had been forced exhorted to Union, and hinted at the out by. Wind a few Days before, fatal Effect of unreasonable Humour and the remaining five had but just and Animosity we so narrowly ef- Time to get to Sea when our Fleet caped this Session. And then the came up ; they filed with all possible Parliament was prorogued to the Speed, but could not prevent our's 14 of May.

coming up with them. The ArAlong with the Duke of Marl rogant of 60 Guns, the Ardent of borough, came over those of the. 66, and the Marquiss of 56, were French Prisoners that were thought taken. The Magnanimous of 74 fit to be detained in England. On Guns, and Lys of 86, run aground, the 16th of December they were and set themselves on Fire. At landed at Blackwall, and set for- Malaga the Queen's Ships Swallow ward that Afternoon to the Places and Leopard run a French Merthey were appointed to reside at. chantman on Shore, which the EThe Marshal de Tallard with six nemy burnt. And the Expedition other General Officers, a Brigadier and Panther did the same at Cape and a Colonel of Dragoons, were Gati, to a French Merchantman of sent to Nottingham. And the Mar- 250 Tons. This Blow effectually quiss de Marivaux Lieutenant Ge reliev'd the Town, for on the 20th neral, with Sixteen Colonels, were of March the Enemy began to withsent to Litchfield. Our Proportion draw their Cannon and marched of the Standards and Colours taken off, leaving only a small Force to from the Enemy, being brought blockade it. from on Board the Yatches to the At home there were further ChanTower, were there received by her ges made. The Duke of Buckingham Majesty's Foot Guards, and on the resigned the Privy Seal, which was 3d of January, with decent Cere- given to the Duke of Newcastle, mony, carried publickly to Weft


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