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Pacion of this Parliament, no Per- and commanded the President and A. D. Eons who have new Offices hereaf- his Suffragans to maintain their Su 1705 cer to be erected under the Crown, periority of Order. With Oider nor Commissioner, Secretary or Re to prorogue the Convocation from ceiver of Prizes, Comptroller of the 1st of March, to which they Accounts of the Army, Commisfi- ftood now prorogued, to such other ner of Transports, or Sick or time as he thought fit. Wounded, Agents of Regiments, The Emperor defiring to afford Governors of Plantations, Com- Prince Eugene a powersul Reinpiffioners of the Navy in out. Porcs, foicement to enable him to act with s any having Pensions from the extraordinary Vigour in Italy next Crown during Pleasure, Mall be ca. Campaign, he made a Proposal to able of being chosen Memers of the Queen io permit her Subjects to ne House of Commons for the fu- advance to him a Sum of Money in ire. Provided also, that if any Loan upon the Security of his Lands, erson being chosen a Member Mall Rents, and Revenues in the Proterwards accept any Place of Pro- vince of Silefia. The Sum defired : from the Crown, their Election was 240,000 l. at 8 per Cent. per

be void ; but that the fame Per. Annum Interest ; for the Loan a may be chosen again. And that whereof her Majesty issued a Com» more Commissioners for execu million under the Great Seal, dated ag Offices shall be hereafter made the 26th of February, conftituting an have been formerly.

certain Persons therein named TrulOn the 21it of February the Com- tees for taking the same by voluntary ons having considered the AC- Subscriptions. Which Commisfijunts of the Revenues and Debts on being opened on

the 7th 'er since the Queen's Acceflion to of March, there was the first Day e Throne, relolved, That it ap. subscribed 160,000 l. and in a Week rared to them that the publick Mo. after the whole was compleatys have been duly applyed to the ed. The Effect of this Loan we shall blick Uses under a prudent Ma- see in the Operations of the next gement, to the Advancement of Campaign, which saved Turir, redit, and for the Advantage and and the.eby the Duke of Savoy, from onour of the Nation.

Ruin. On the 14th of March the Com Pursuant to the Acts of Parliaons made a Provision for railing ment in both Kingdoms, the Queen zamen to mann the fleet by several issued a Commiftion under the reefolves, which they ordered to be spective Great Seals, conftituting a acted; which Bill being perfected, competent Number of Lords and o. e Queen came to the Hoate on the thers of both Kingdoms to treat ich, and passed that and some other of an Union of the two Kingdoms ils ; after which she made a graci. of England and Scotland. which s Speech, and then the Parliament was now entred upon in earrett. is prorogued to the 21st of May. On the 16th of April they met the The Convocation fat this Sefiion, first time, and the Commissions beI did nothing more than dispute ing read, the Lord Keeper on the out Privileges, Her Majesty was part of England, and the Earl of ased to interpose, and by a Let- Seafield Lord Chancellor, on the

to the Archbishop, dated Fib. part of Scotland, made each an ex. asserted her Supremacy, decla- cellent Speech on the Occafion, and I againlt the present Divisions, then adjourned to the 22d. On



A. D. that Day they adjusted Preliminaries, yet the bad Face of Affairs every 1706, and then proceeded. The Particu- where else prompted them to attemp:

lars of the Conferences which were the Recovery of all by a Battle bere. held 45 several Days, are too long Accordingly the King sent 0:to have place here; we can there- ders to Marshal Villeroy, who with fore only say, that on the 23d of the Duke of Bavaria, commanded July the Treaty was finished. And this Summer, to give the Enemy the Articles figned by both Parties Battle. That Action, most adracwere p esented to the Queen ; at geous to the Confederates, happen. which Time the Lord Keeper of Eng- ed on the 23d of Mar, N. S. being land, and the Chancellor of Scotland, Whitsunday, on a Plain in te addressed themselves to her Majesty South part of Brabant, between the in Loyal and Elegant Speeches, to Head of the River Gbeet and the which her Majesty recurned a most River Mehaigne. The small Town Gracious Answer.

of Ramellies, which lay in the Ces The A&tions abroad this Year ter, gave Name to the Batile, whic were admirably successful to the was couragiously fought between Confederates on every fide. The Battalions and 136 Squadrons ci Battle of Ramellies recovered the the French fide, and 74 Netherlands to King Charles's Obe- and 123 Squadrons on the Contece dience. The Relief of Barcelona rates, from an Hour and half fe? gave him Entrance into Arragon. Noon till Night. The Victory And the Battle of Turin, by raising was on the Confederate fide, who that Siege, recovered all Piedmont were Mallers of all the Enemies Carto the Duke of Savoy, and Milan to non and Baggage, and drove their the Emperor.

Army out of the field, after they The D. of Ma: Ibarough arrived had 5,000 Men slain, and 1000 pzzat the Hague the 15th of April, N. vate Soldiers, and 600 Officers, the S. tarried there a fortnight to con ken Prisoners; with the loss ca's cert Matters, and then went to the on the Confederate side of 1,066 km Army, Monsieur d'Auverquerque led, and 2,567 wounded. The doing the same. The Troops were of Marlborough commanded or the drawn into the Field ( and except Right, and adventured in his Com the Danes, who too came in May to bring up Troops to furtain otte the zed) the whole Army were dif- fo far, that when his Horse three posed to Action. The French at him by Accident, he was in Darga this time were Masters of the Spa- of being killed by a Party of c' nish Netherlands, and the Rivers Enemy; and when he mocasa and Defiles of that Country afford- Colonel Bingfield, his Mater ed them such Coverts for their Ar- the Horse, as he held the Sirs. my, that all the Duke of Marlbo- loft his Head by a Cannon Ball. Es rough wilhed for was, that the E. Grace's incomparable Wifdom, nemy would advance over the Dyle, tivity, and Courage in that Dzi wiich is a River that rises on the Action, is universaliy South Frontier of Brabant, runs Monsieur d'Auverguerque through the middle of that Province, manded on the Left, and perforze and by Lovain; purposing in such the part of a consummate Gene: cise to give them fair Battle. Al. in all Things. The Frencb Ars tho' the true Interest of the French consisted of their best Troops, might have been to have kept us at fought so bravely, that the R a Bay, by acting on the Defensive, (for it was no less that they isse



ed was, next under God, owing to Old Style at London.

A. D. ne excellent Conduct of our Gene In Spain the Duke of Anjou ex

Anjou ex- 1706. 11, who so well sustained by fresh erted himself for the Recovery of "roops those that were over.pow- Barcelona ; he brought the Army red by the Enemy, and by his own down into Catalonia, made divers ourage and Activity in every part Feints other ways, but at last on the

the Army so excited the Soldie. 2d of April, part of it encamped ', that they performed Wonders. before the City. This so long Delay illeroy and Bavaria narrowly el. was principally owing to the Miiped being both taken Prisoners fortune the French Fleet under the

their Flight, several Officers Count de Thoulouse suffer'd in a terithin a few Yards of them being rible Storm between the 3d and the

2ift of March, which hindred him The French immediately quitted from bringing the Cannon and Amuvain, which our Army took munition intended to be used in the flession of. The States of Bra- Siege, sooner. They push'd on the nt submitted, and General Church. Siege all the Month of April, had 7 was made Governor of Brusels. ruined the Fort of Montjuich, and by twerp with the Marquisate did the the Beginning of May had brought ne ; as also Mechlin or Malines their Approaches very near d its Lordships; Bruges and Oude- Town. rd received our Garrisons, and Sir John Leak with the Confede: Duke pursued the Enemy Me. rate Fleet sailed for Lisbon March ! upon the Lys in the Heart of L2. N. S. and went in quest of the unders, was a place of such use, Spanish Galleons, but milling them, it it was resolved to besiege it; he failed for the Streights, and arrich accordingly was undertaken rived the roth of April at Gibralter. ine the 8th, and so well pushed, There he received Letters from King ut it was surrendered on the 23d. Charles and the Earl of Peterbotend was besieged with great Fury, rough, declaring the Distress they im June 28, to July 6, when it were in, and desiring his Relief. is surrendered.

The Admiral with great Expe. Dendermond, seated alco in dition put the Fleet in order, and anders on the Schelde, where the failed the 24th of April, leaving onder falls into that River, was Orders for Sir George Byng, who on invested at a Distance, but was expected with a Squadron of e belieged in Form till the 29th Reinforcements to follow, which he

Augu/l, and was furrendered af- did with great Expedition, and joined
• seven Days Attack. And Acth the Fleet, as did also Commodore
s besieged Sept. 26, and taken Walker, which made them 39 Eng-

lijn and 13 Dutch ilout Men of War. And thus in one Campaign the On the 7th of May being arrived onfederate Army advanced from at the heighth of Terragona, the - Banks of the Maes to the Bor. Earl of Peterborough came on Board TS of French Flanders. Which with 1,400 Land Forces, and on the ing effected, the Army were put 8. h the Forces and Marines landed o Quarters November 6, and the at Barcelona. With these Succours uke went to the Hague, where he . the Besieged made such powerful ed divers Conferences with the Resistance, that on the rith the E. tes; and then came to England, nemy drew off, leaving behind them ad arrived the 18th of November 106 Brass Cannon, 47 Mortar, 5000


7ob. 3:

Hh 3

A. D. Barrels of Powder, 500 Barrels of nees to Navarre. Himself ronde 1706. Musket-shot, 2,000 Boinbs, 10,000 Pott, and came to Madrid, but tad

Granadoes, 40,000 Cannon-Bullets, ing that the Portugueje were march8,000 Spades, 13,000 Sacks of Meal, ing directly thither, he resolved to and vait quantities of Wheat, Rye, retreat ; accordingly he withdre, Oats, &c. and 1,500 sick and woun and carried wiih him all he could ded Men

suddenly get together. On the 25 In the mean time the Portuguese of fune, the Army being arrived and Confederate Army being in the in the Neighbourhood of Madrid Field, besieged and took Alcanta. that Town lent Deputies with Sco ra, which was surrendered Aprilthe mission. Charles was proclaims 14th, and afterwards Maral ja and King at Madrid, and the Earic: Coria ; and then the Earl of Gal. Galway having received Letters the way prevailed upon the Portuguese the Earl of Peterborough was coms : to accompany him in an Invasion by the way of Valencia thither 1; of Spain, purposing to march into join him, he waited in Expectative The Heart of that Country to meet At the same time King Chart King Charles and the Earl of Pe who was come to Terragona in B: terborough. They proceeded with way through Valencia to Mars Success, and obliged the Duke of received Advice, that the Kingeca Berwick, who was posted to inter- of Arragon had declared for b:D, cep them, to fly before them. The and defired his Presence. This lead Portuguese were unwilling to ad. him to resolve to go to Sze", vance, as the Lord Galway desired, and he went thither accordirgiv, em to Madrid, for as they had received withitanding the Remonítances of no Advice from Barcelona, they fea- the Confederates againsi it. Gre red it was loft, and therefore having Disputations have lince happene: advanced as far as Alvarez on the upon the Reasons that induced Ealt Frontier of Efiremadura, where Alajesty to this Counsel; nor be: they proposed to break the Bridge ever been fully agreed. 'Tis the over the Tagus to hinder the Ene- that he found not his AccouD: ir: my's Passage, they would go no fur- for it lost inuch time, and the l'ether, but resolved to march back ple of Spain role in several Par. and besiege Ciudad Rodrigo, which for the Duke of Anjou; whole was invested May 21, and taken my also were got round about it May 26. And having then received Navarre, and advanced apace >> Intelligence of the raising the Siege wards Castile, insomuch that we of Barcelona, the Portuguese agreed King Charles was at Sarag: 4,5 to march for Madrid. They de- found the way to Madrid ha es, camped therefore the 3d of June,and and was forced to go back at ki arrived the 7th at Salamanca; they and come through Valencia to jest Itaid there till the 12th, and then the Army, which he effected a marched forward. And on the 18th till the 6th of Auguft. Deputies from the Efurial came to that time the Enemy was fo poseta Epinal to offer Submiffion.

ful, that the Confederates wet m The Duke of Anjou, in his Retreat in a Condition to wiibita:d lis, froin before Barcelona, could not that Madrid was lost, and the di

thro' Arragon, and my retreated into Valentia. Ine? ineresore was forced to march his mean time Sir John Leak with the Army thro' Roufillon into France, Fleet took Cartbagera, Jaz is, and io came round behind the Pjre- aud Alicant on the 8tin of the


get back


ie also reduced the INands of Yvica an Army against him, and another A, D. nd Majorca to the Obedience of in the Siege. By this means the 1706. 1. Charles. But Carthagena being Town was able to hold out till fterwards besieged by Mahoni, it the 7th of September, but their as retaken Nov. 18. Alcantara Ammunition being all spent, they lso was retaken from the Portu- were reduced to Extremity, when uese. And in fine, this Campaign, Prince Eugene came in, and raised which began so happily, ended but the Siege. oorly.

That General so kept the French Don Pedro, King of Portugal, de- in play, that he was able to march arted this Lise December the gth, from the Frontiers of the Dutchy of 706, and was succeeded by his Son Mantua quite thro' the rest of Lom. Don Juan IV.

bardy, near 200 Miles an end, even Let us now look into Italy, and in sight of the Enemy, to Piedmont. e the brave Progress of Prince Ex. He kept on one side the Po, while ne. There happened a bloody they were on the other, and guard etion at Calcinato, where the ed himself so well, that he brought Juke of Vendosme set upon the Im- his whole Army safe and untouched eralists on the 19th of April. For to Turin. On the 7th of Sephich the French King caused Te tember the Battle of The leum to be sung as for a Victory, rin fought, wherein the Confederates tho' it was certain the French lost gained a signal Victory, and the i many Men as the Imperalists, French loft à Marshal of France, This was all they had to brag of, Monsieur Marsin, who was taken ir altho' the Duke of Orleans came Prisoner, and afterwards died of his i Lombardy to command that Ar. Wounds; 4 other General Oficers, iy, and make a push there, he could 8 Colonels, 12 Lieutenant-Colonels, ot hinder Prince Eugene from mak. 6 Majors, 98 Captains, '185 Com. ig that prodigious March for the mission Officers, 7,641 Soldiers Prilelief of Turin.

foners, and 6,704 killed, 255 Pieces The French King resolving to re of Cannon, 108 Mortars, 7,800 uce the Duke of Savoy to his own Bombs, 3,200 Royal Granadoes, Terms, had sent a numerous Body 7500 Hand Granadoes, 48,000 Canof Troops under the D. de Feuillade, non Bullets, 68,000 Quintals of ind Marshal Marfin, to finish the Powder, all their Tents and Bagreduction of Piedmont. And in or gage, and all the Money to pay the der to it, they invested Turin, the Troops. Which were taken by Capital of the Duke of Savoy's the Confederates. Dominions, on the 23d of May, and The Loss on the Duke of Savoy's opened Trenches before it on the 3d fide in Turin during the Siege (The of June. The Duke of Savoy ap: Wounded and Deferters being recpointed Count Taun Governor, and koned as well as the killed) amountsupplied the Place with Men and ed to in all 6,607 Men. And in Necesiaries, as well as he could, and the Battle about 2,500 Men were then went out of the City, collected killed or wounded. the rest of his Troops, and prepared Besides the Advantage this Victoto make a Diversion upon the Enemy ry gave to the Duke of Savoy, the abroad, wherein he was very active, Emperor reaped this Benefit by it, and interrupted their Communicati- that the French were hereby reduced on and Convoys; which obliged the so low as to be unable any longer Enemy to employ at the same time to keep an Army in Lombardy, and


H h 4

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