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A.D. therefore upon Treaty this Winter, the Queen's Letter was read, slick ? 1706. the whole Dutchies of Milan, Man- earneitly recommended the com

tua, &c. were all delivered up to pleating the Union, made a Speech the Imperialists.

to the same Purpose, and was fe

. Sir fohn Leak having performed conded by the Earl of Scofield, Lond important Services in the Mediter. High Chancellor. ranean, returned with the Fleet This was a Matter of too great Homewards ; he pass’d the Streights Moment not to occafion great

D. Oaober the 2d, detachd Sir George versity of Opinions upon it

. The Byng with a Squadron to Lisbon, common Vogue run much agaiti and arrived with the rest at St. Hel it, and those were very numero: lens, Etober the 17th.

who were utterly averse to the l. Sir Cloudsley Skövel, with a Squa- nion, upon •he Principle of its die dron of Men of War, having on iroying the Independency and Ro board the Earl of Rivers with Land alty of Scotland, and rendring it! Forces, To Regiments of Foot, and Province of England. Others, was 3 Regiments of Dragoons, confift- were willing to keep up that, and ing of fix Squadrons, in Englile yet to coalesce with England, we? Pay ; and 4 Regiments of Foot, of Opinion, that it cught to be a ! Regiment of Dragoons, and 3 Federal Union, such as the seven Squadrons in Dutch Pay, set sail Aus Provinces of the United Netherlands, guff 10th, with Design to have made and the Cantons of Switzerice, a Descent in France; but that Coun- wherein the Laws, ancient Goverttry taking the Alarm, kept conilant ment, Liberties, and Customs ofereGuard on the Coast. Our Fleet ry Province were retained indepenfinding it impracticable to land dently, and the Union confined in there, put on for Lisbon, where they an Obedience to one Sovereigrey all arrived safe beiore the End of and a mutual Concurrence in De the Year.

fence against Foreign Eremies. Bu Her Majesty and the States Ge- the more discerning and difra neral had continued their Mediation onate, and those not a few of tts between the Emperor and his Hun- Nobility and Gentry, looked om garian Subjects all the last Summer the Union as a great Blessing tot and this. But all the Application Kingdom, as putting an End to ? was in vain ; the two Parties stood Feuds beéween the two Narices upon such high Terms, that the and giving Scottish Men Opport Treaty broke off ineffeétual. Mr. nity of growing rich by Trace, 23 Steprey, who was the Queen's En. being thereby let into the Privilez voy on that Occasion, came back to of trading to the English Plac:22" Vienna, and on the rit of Auguft and Settlements, upon the lame made a Speech to the Emperor, Terms with England. Which w wherein he gave his Sense of the universally acknowledged to be Negociation, and in it seemed to Benefit the Nation extremely = wish the Emperor had been more ed for, but could have no Hopes ! favourable in his Compliance to the obtaining by a Federal Union. I Demands of his Subjects.

would be too tedious to enter irao Let us now return Home.

the Detail of the Debates, which were The Parliament of Scotland met

numerous and large in the mus at Edinburgh the 3d of O:7ober ; the Days wherein the several Articis Duke of Queensbury was her Maje- were distinctly and fry's High Commisioner, who after fidered, from the soth of Jabor 13

the soth of January, on which Day The Duty upon Houses was conti- A.D. it received the Royal Aflent. Af. nued for circulating Exchequer Bills, 1706. terwards they proceeded to pass an whereby 1,500,000 l. was raised. The Ad to prescribe the Methods of old Tonnage and Poundage, and se. choofing' the Representatives for veral other Duties at the CustomScotland in Parliament, and then house, which were already continunominated the Representatives for ed to 1710, for paying off DeficienScotland in the firit Parliament of ces, were now continued for two Great Britain, which was done the Years more, fora Loan of 822,3811. 13th of February. And on the 25th at 6 per Cent. Interest. of March 19 more Acts received December 7. The House of Lords he Royal Assent, and then the Lord presented an Address to her MajeCommissioner made a Speech, and ity, exprefling their Desire that the djourned the Parliament to the 22d Honours and Titles of the Duke of of April.

Marlborough should be settled upon The Parliament of England met his Pofterity by Act of Parliament, he ad of December, 1706. The and prayed her Majesty's Direction Queen in her Speech mentioned the therein, which she was graciously glorious Success abroad, and advi. pleased soon after to signify ; and ed the Commons to grant Supplies then a Bill was brought in accordor continuing the War in order to ingly, which passed both Houses, obtain a safe and honourable Peace. and receiv'd the Royal Assent. And ihe was plealed to declare to them on the 7th of January the Commons he Progress made in the Union, presented an Address to the Queen, ind recommended to them the como intimating, that as her Majesty was pleating it. Both Houses present- pleased to erect the House of Blen. ed Addresses of Thanks to her Ma- beim as a Monument of the glori. efty for her gracious Speech, and ous Actions of the Duke of Marlboo congratulate her Majesty upon rough, they expressed their Willing. he glorious Success of her Arms. ness to make Provision for the more Both Houses also voted Thanks to honourable Support of his Dignity the Duke of Marlborough for his emi. in his Pofterity, in such a Minner nent Services to her Majesty and the as her Majesty should think fit. Kingdom.

To which the Queen was pleased The Total of the Supplies grant- to answer, that she having settled a ed this Session amounted to 5,540,- Pension of 5000 l. per Annum out of 1311, besides which there was Oc. the Revenue of the Post Office on casion to raise further for the Equi. the Duke of Marlborough, it would valent granted by the Union to the be agreeable to her, if that may

be Scors, pursuant to the Articles, 398,- continued to his Posterity for ever. 085 1. which was accordingly grant. The Commons brought in a Bill ed this Seffion. To raise this Money, accordingly, and it pailed into an the Parliament gave a Land Tax of A&. 4 s, in the Pound; and the Duty up December 31. Being appointed a or Mait for one Year ; Duties upon Day of Thanksgiving to Almighty Low Wines, the Stamp Duty, and God for his Bielling on her Majethat upon Hawkers, which had been ity's Arms, her Majelty, accompacontinued to 1710, were now con ny'd by both Houses of Parliament, tinued for 96 Years, to be a Fund with all the usual Solemnities, went for 1,155,000 l. to be taken in for to St, Paul's Cathedral, to perform Annuities at 16 Years Purchase, her Devotions.


A. D. On the 28th Day of January, her Lords took the Articles of the l'ai1706. Majesty came to the House, and paf- on into Confideration on the 15th

sed divers Acts, and then made a of February, several Lords (pake up Speech; acquainted chem that the on it, but the Lord Haverkami Union being perfected by the Par- Speech against it was the longen liament of Scotland, she had order. But when the Question concerning ed the same to be laid before them, poltponing the firit Article was pur for their Concurrence in it. Her the Difference in favour of the UniMajesty also intimated, that Scot-on appeared to be 72 against 2.. land being to have an Equivalent So the first fix Articles were asfor what that Kingdom is obliged proved that Day. They reme

: to contribute towards the Debts of the same the 19:h, and made a fu England, the recommended to them ther Progress, as they did the zit. to make a Provision for the paying and finally on the 24th; and the thereof.

Resolution of the
In the House of Lords, antecedent approving all the Articles being te
to the entring upon Confideration ported on the 27th, it was agres
of the Articles of the Union, a Bill to: Some of the Lords entring Pro-
was ordered to be brought in for the tests against it. And the Bill dir;
Security of the Church of England; passed by both Houses, her Machi
an Act for the securing Presbytery came and gave the Royal Ailent :3
in Scotland having pasted there be it, on the 16th of March. And then
fore the Articles of Union ; which made a Speech, declaring her salis-
was done accordingly, and palled faction therein.
both Houses. The Tenor whereof
was, that the Act of Uniformity An Abstract of the Articles of
shall be in Force for ever: That

the Union.
every King or Queen hereafter, at
their Coronation,
Mail take an

Hat the two Kingdaa!
Oath to preserve the Settlement of

of England and S231 the Church, and the Doctrine and · Thall, from the iit of May 1,073 Discipline thereof: And that this be united into one Kingcom Act shall be held a fundamental and • the Name of Great Britain. : effential Part of the Union of the That the Succession be to 22 two Kingdoms.

Princess Sophia and her her: On the 4th of February the House . And that all Papilis, or Perler of Commons resolved itself into a ' that marry Papifts, ihall be tai Committee of the whole House, to excluded inheriting the confider of the Articles of the U. Crown.

3. That the united King nion; and after some Debates they * dom shall be represented by usine read and approved the four first Ar

• Parliament.

4. That the Sun ticles. On the 8th, they went thro' ' of the united Kingdom hall have the rest of the Articles; on the inch, Freedom of Trade and Naviga they passed the Bill from the Lord's, ' on to all Places within the same, for fecuring the Church of England. and Plantations belonging to And the same Day, the Relolution ' and a Communication of all oche: of the Grand Committee upon the Advantages. 5. All Ships belong Articles of the Union, being report- ' ing to Scottish Men at the time of ed, and agreed to by the Houie, a the Union to be deemed Ships Bill was ordered to be brought in British built, the Owners mais to ratify the same. The House of : Oath that the same belong to



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them. 6. All Parts of the united the Customs, by the Increase of A. D. Kingdom to be under the same Trade, and also for the Salt Duty, 1706. Regulations of Trade, and liable 'which they will be obliged to pay to the same Customs and Duties, • after seven Years. The said 398,-, 7. The united Kingdom to be li. 085 l. to be applied to the paying able to the fame Excise, except • the publick Debts of Scotland, to that a Barrel of Ale in Scotland 'the refunding to the African Comhall not pay above 2 s.

pany their principal Stock and the count of the present Excise in • İnterest of i, co satisfy such as may England. 8. Foreign Sale in Scot- ' be Losers by the Alteration of the land shall pay the same Duty as Coin, and such oher uses as Comin England, but Salt made in Scor- miffioners appointed by her Maland Quall be exempted for seven jefty shall think fit. The African Years from the English Duty. Se. Company to be diffolved, as foon veral Conditions relating to the as an Act passes in England for Salt Duey were inserted in this paying the Equivalent. 16. The Article, which we have not room Coin to be of the same Standard to let down. 9. When 1,997,763 1. 'throughout the united Kingdom Mall be enacted and be raised in as now in England, and a Mint to Englend on the Land Tax, Scot 'be continued in Scotland, under land shall add a further Sum of 'the same Rules as in England. 17. 48,000 1. 10 Scotland is exempt. • The same Weights and Measures ed from the Stamp Duties now in 'to be used as now in England, and force. 11. As allo from the Du. • Standards to be kept in the ty on Windows. 12. And from

Burghs agreeable to the Standard the Duties on Coals and Culm. at the Exchequer. 18. The Laws 13. Scotland shall not pay the Malt ' for the Regulation of Trade, CuDury, which expires June 24. stoms, and such Excises which 1707. 14. Scotland shall not be Scotland is to be liable to, to be charged with any other Duties the fame with England. Other imposed by the Parliament of Eng. • Laws in Scotlaud to remain as beland before the Union, except fore, but alterable by Parliament. those consented to in this Treaty. • Laws which concern Publick and And if the Parliament in their • Civil Government may be the Provision for the Service of the same throughout the united KingYear 1707, shall lay any further 'dom, but no Alteration may be Cuftoms, Scotland fhail have an made in the Laws which concern Equivalent for the Share thereof private Right, except for evident they will be liable to. Malt made Utility of the Subjects of Scotland. and consumed in Scotland not to ' 19. The Court of Session, and obe charged during this War. ther Courts, shall remain in ScotScotland shall have an Equivalent land, with such Regulations as for what shall be charged towards there mentioned. 20. All Heretable Payment of the Debts of England, Offices and Offices for Life are rethe Sum of 393,085 l. for ihe Cu. ' served to the Owners, as Rights itom and Excise they will be lia- ' of Property. 21. The Rights of ble to towards paying the said the Royal Burghs in Scotland shall Debts. And an Equivalent Mall remain intire. 22. Sixteen of the be further allowed for the pro Peers of Scotland Mall fit and portion Scotland thall hereaf- ' vote in the House of Lords, and ter pay by reason of the Increase of 45 Representatives of Scotland in


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A. D. the House of Commons of the might be brought to England Calen 1707. • Parliament of Great Britain ; the free. This gave Occafion for a

Choice whereof to be according be brought in to obviate the ill Eficas • to the Act passed in Scotland co of that Practice ; which pafled the • that Purpose. In Case her Ma Commons, but there was a Clause

jelty fall on the ift of May de- in it which would have given O! • clare this present Parliament to fence to the Scots, and therefore • be the first Parliament of Great would not pass in the Lords Hort. Britain, the present Parliament of It was therefore propos'd, that the England may be so on the Part of Queen Mould be defir'd to prorogue

England, and the 16 Peers, and the Parliament for a short time, and

45 Commoners for Scotland to then another Bill might be brought • fit with them. Such Parliament in. Accordingly on the 8th of Aps:

to continue no longer than the her Majesty passed the Acts, and proEnglish Parliament is by Law al- rogued the Parliament to the 14th. "lowed to continue. 23. The 16 When they met again and brough: • Peers of Scotland shall have all in a fresh Bill, but such Difficukies * Privileges of Parliament which arose in it, that it was dropt. And • the Peers of England have, and on the 24th her Majesty came to • in case of Trials of Peers, when the House, made a gracious Specca,

no Parliament is in being, the and prorogued the Parliament. • Peers of Scotland who sat in the We omitted to mention, tha: 2• laft Parliament, shall be summon- bout the Middle of December bei

ed. And all the Peers of Scot- Majesty was pleased to conter malund Thall be Peers of Great Bri- ny Honours. The Earl of Kit

tain, and thall enjoy all Privi.. was created a Marquiss, as was a!. • leges as full as the Peers of Eng. so the Earl of Lindsey. The Lod

land, except ficting in the House Wharton was created Viscount and of Lords, and upon Trials of Earl. The Lord Pouler was created • Peers. 24. There ihall be one Viscount and Earl. The Lord Go • Great Seal for the United King- dolphin and the Lord Cholmena!', the • dom. A Seal to be ftill used in same. Henry Lord Walder was cro Scotland in Things relating to pri- ated Earl of Bindon. The Lord

vate Right, as usual. That the Keeper was made a Peer, by tie

Privy Seal, Signet, Caffet, &c. Title of William Lord Cowper, Ba! now used, to be continued. And ron of Wingham, and Sir Those * that the Crown, Scepter, Sword Pelham was made Lord Pelbaz, and

of State, and Records, Rolls, and Baron of Laugbron. • Registers, publick and private, The first Matter for History it's

shall be ftill kept in Scotland. Year that offers, is the unfortocais ! Lastly, 25. All Laws and Sta- Success of our Arms in Spais. Toe

tutes inconsistent with the Terms Queen had taken all poffible Care • of these Articles, to be void. to supply that Service, and to iha:

Purpose, as we told you laft Year, Several Traders taking Advan- sent over the Earl of Rivers with a tage from the Union, shipp'd off great Reinforcement which went out 8:9 Quantities of Goods on which Men. He arrived at Lisher, and Drawbacks were allowed on Ex- thence fail'd to Valencia, where he portation, and after they had been arrived in January, 1706 7. But at Holland, sailed for Suitland to lie through the Length of Time that ide there to che ilt of May, when they


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