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len had lain on board, so many manded by the Duke of Berwick, A. D. ere dead, fick, or upon Landing were 54 Battalions, and 76 Squa- 1707. eserted, that when they mustered drons, and the Duke of Orleans was u were appeared but 4,500. Which advancing with 7 or 8,000 Men jade him break fix Regiments to more. The Confederates consider'd ll the rest, and sent the Officers that they must either fight the E. ack to raise new Men. The State nemy, or abandon the Kingdom of f the Army in Spain before his Ar- Valencia to their Fury, the former val was thus : The Forces under therefore was resolved on. On the e Lord Galway and Lord Peterbo. 25th of April the Battle of Almanrugh in the last Year were 24 Re za was fought, wherein the English iments, which when sent over were and Dutch behav'd themselves very 8,852 Men, but by Death and bravely, and puth'd the Enemy, but Desertion were reduced to 13,809, the Portuguele gave Way on the first id of them too 1,792 were Priso- Attack, and the whole Weight of ers with the Enemy. The Parlia- the Enemy lay upon the rest, which jent in the last Seslion had made in the end bore them down, and a rovision for 29,395 Men to serve terrible Slaughter ensued, for at first

Spain and Portugal. Whereof the Enemy denied Quarter. The jere were at that time as abovesaid Lord Galway received two Wounds je 24 Regiments, and those under in his Face, and a great many Ofie E. Rivers, to which the Queen ficers were killed, in all 88, and roposed to add two new Regiments 285 taken Prisoners, besides a great i compleat the Number. Her Ma- Number of private Soldiers. The fty being not yet apprized of the Earl of Galway collected the fcatter. reduction of the Regiments. ed Remains of English and Dutch, and

King Charles in a Council of War retreated. The Marquiss das Mint Valencia in December 1706, re- bas with the Portuguese had consultolved that all the Forces Nould ed their Safety betimes, and drew et in one Body, and enter Caftile by towards Tortosa to join K. Charles. he Way of Arragon. Some of the The Earl of Galway having put Confederate Generals were for act. Garrisons in proper Places, did the ng on the Defensive, but the other fame. Council prevaii'd, and they marched Valencia and Saragosa submitted accordingly. Tyrawley's Regiment, to the Enemy, Xativa and Aleyra and two Battalions of Marines that were taken ; Denia was besieged, but were quartered in Catalonia, were being relieved by Troops from Alidetained there to guard that Pro- cant, and some of our Men of War vince; and King Charles remained coming before the Place in due there also with 29 Squadrons, Time, the Town was faved ; and and 12 Battalions. So that the the Earl of Galway so well disposed Army which took the Field April the Army, that the Enemy was not he 6th, amounted but to 42 Bat- able to penetrate into Catalonia. alions and 53 Squadrons, of Eng The Duke of Marlborough made a Ch, Dutch, and Portuguese. They at- Journey to Hanover and to Alt-Raacked and destroyed the Enemies jtadt in Saxony, where the King of Vagazines in several Places with Sweden then kept his Quarters, beSuceess, but at Villena met with so fore he opened the Campaign. On esolute a Defence, that they were the 16th of May he came to Brusels, held in Play till the Enemy came and on the 21st he went to the Army. p. The French and Spaniards com. But there was nothing done this

Campaign ;

A. D. Campaign ; for altho' the Duke en time by Parties of his Forces, as if 1707

deavoured to engage the Enemy di. he intended to invade Daufbint. vers times, they kept so close in the Sir Cloudflcy Shovel at Final and strong Camp they lay in, that it Genoa took on board the Ammo was impracticable to attack them. tion, Provision, and other Nece!

The Affair chat made most Noise, saries, and sailed to Nice, where on and most raised our Expectations, this the gth of July he entertained with Summer, was the Siege of Thoulon in great Magnificence his Royal Higa Provence, the place where the French ness on board, and Matters being Fleet of Great Ships lie. An Under. there concerted for the Parage taking of great Glory to the Conse. the River Vur, the Admiral taxi derates, but too great Difficulty to in the Mouth of that River, lanbring to its desired Ifiue, The Duke ed some Seamen, and beat the Free of Savoy and Prince Eugene led from the Entrenchments they hai the Land Army appointed for the made on the banks of it, which Siege, and Sir Cloudley Shovel com gave Opportunity to the Army top manded the Conle erate Fleet to at a Ford above. They afterwars afiift and sustain them. This De pursued their March ; but ebro tebe sign had been concerted with the Difficulties of the Way, the Her ftrictest Secrecy between the of the Weather, and the Provitica Queen of Great-Britain, the States not keeping pace, frequent Ha: General, and the Dukeof Savoy. And were neceffary, so that they capo was so long a Secret to the French, not to Tboulok till the 26th of that the Army was well advanced July. on its March, before they suspected Marshal Telle, who commanded the Design.

the French Army in Dauphine, findIt muit be premised that the Im- ing how the Enemy was dispose

: perial Court at this time were too drew the Forces out of that Pro obstinarely bent upon reducing the vince to march for Thon/on. His: Kingdom of Naples to its Obedi. self rode Poft, and arrived there të: ence; whether upon an Intimation toth, he gave effectual Orders for of a secret Overture of Pariition improving the Fortifications, piFrance had made for Peace, where ing Cannon, and forming an e in the Spanish Monarchy being di- trenched Camp without the Text vided into iwo Parts, the Indies and All which was performed wib € the Maritime Provinces of Spain in tream Diligence. He pasted fra one, and Catalonia wich the Ita- thence to Marseilles, gave the re lian Dominions and the Nether. cessary Orders there, and then e lands in the other, the House of turned to his Army, which marche Aufiria was to take its Choice, I with such speed, that by the 25: say whether on this Account, as has Forcy Batalions were arrived, and lately been suggeited, or whether placed in the Town and the Es merely for the sake of being able to trenchments. Marshal Tuje a check the Pope, that Court was in- lected also other Troops, which flexible in it, and accordingly took davi had brought out of Lszbars, away 14 00 15,000 Men, which might and Detachments were made fros otherwise have been used in the Ex- the French Army on the Rbineaed pedition to Provence,

in Flanders, which moved in long! On the 30th of June the Duke of Marches to come up in time. Savoy, with the Army, set forth for The Situation of Thouler wasich, Nice, making Feints at the same that considering the vali Nontot

Carbon !

Cannon planted upon the Walls, Relief to Germany, where the French A. D. ind upon Batteries in the Vallies, had a superior Force, and levy'd fe- 1707. t was impossible to approach it vere Contributions till the Detachwithout being Maliers of some of ments sent hither took them off. hose Heights that lie round the The Check it gave also to the Pro. Town; to which Purpose it was re- gress of the French Army in Spain olved to attack that called St. Ca. was no small Relief. And it effecharines, which was done accord- tually secured the Emperor's Sucngly on the 30th of July, and the cess in Naples. Preneb were driven off, and a Lodg. Count Taun commanded the Imnent made upon it. But the French perial Army in Italy, and on the 8th ecovered this the 15th of August, of May began his March towards fter a brisk Action, wherein the Naples. He calld at Rome, to obPrince of Saxe Gotha, who com ta in the Pope's Investiture of that nanded the Dutch Forces, was kil. Kingdom upon K. Charles, and arod. Afterwards the Confederates rived on the Frontiers of Naples, ttacked the Forts on the Sea Side, June 24, and reduced the whole nd took that of St. Margaret. As Kingdom with little or no Bloodhey did also that of St. Lewis on Med. ne 18th,

In Spain, the French took Lerida The French in the mean time ad- in Catalonia November the 12th, and anced on all sides, and continually Ciudad Rodrigo on Portugal Side the Informations arrived of their Ap- 17th of December. roach. The Dukes of Burgundy, The Union taking place on the ferry, and Berwick, were upon the ift of May, her Majesty appointed Coad, and in a few Days de Tesi's a Thanksgiving to Almighty God Army would be made up an hun to be celebrated on that Day, and red Battalions. The Winds at came herself with the usual State he same Time had been more than and Attendance to St. Paul's Cathe. rdinary boisterous, which hinder'd dral to pay her Devotions. he Operations of the Fleet. All On the 4th of May, William Lord vhich being confider'd by the Duke Couper, Keeper of the Great Seal, of S.rvoy, he resolved to raise the was constituted Lord High ChanSiege. Accordingly,

cellor of Great Britain. On the 21st of August the Con On the 5th of June, her Majesty federates Army drew off, and the by Proclamation declared her InFleet bombarded the Town and tention of holding the first ParliaHarbour with fuch Fury and Exe- ment of Great Britain on the 23d of cution, that the Magazine of Cor. O&tober, the present Members of dage was set on Fire, several stately England being declar'd Members of Buildings ruined, and eight Capi- it, and those for Scotland ordered to ial Ships of War destroyed. The be chosen. Army retreated in good Order and Sir Cloud/ley. Shovel with 15 Sail without Loss.

of Men of War, failed from Gibral. Altho’ the Success of this Siege tar in O&tober for England. On the was not answerable to the Hopes of 21st of Oloher he arrived in the it, it was nevertheless a vast injury Soundings, but by Mistake, steerto the Enemy, by the great Loss they ing in a wrong Course, he run upfustain'd at Thoulon, and by the great on the Rocks of Scilly. The AjoExpence in the long March of their ciation, with the Admiral on board Armies. And it was also a great her, was lost with the Men ; the


A. D. Firebrand dalh'd on the Rocks, and It produced in the End two erce 1707, founder'', but the Captain and 24. lent Acts this Seffion, as we f.211

of his Men got alhore. "The Phænix shew by and by.
run aground, but her Men faved The several Debates in the House
themselves. Sir George Byng in the of Lords about the Earl of Petorks
Royal Anne, by excellent Steerage rough, and in the House of Com-
changed her Course in a Moment, mons about Sir Thomas Hards, Com-
and saved the Ship, when she was mander of the Convoy to Lister,
just running upon the Danger. The Commodore Edwards, and Admiral
Lord Dursley in the St. George also Whetstone, as also about Capt, Kerr,
miraculously escap’d. Sir Cloudsley's are too tedious to have Place here
Body floated alhore, and was taken The Supplies granted this Seifica
up by the Country People, and bu- amounted to 5,933,657 1. T
ried in the Sands. On the 26th it Ways and Means for Raifig
was taken up again, and brought these Sums were, the Land Tu
aboard the Salisbury, and afterwards of 4 s. in the Pound. The Na
interred at Westminster, where her Duty. Upon the several Duties
Majesty erected a sumptuous Monu- granted laft Year for Annuities a far-
ment over his Grave.

ther Sum was now enacted of 640,-
On the ad of October the first Par- 000 l. For like Annuities of 40,0001.
liament of Great Britain met, and per Annum at the same Price. Col-
the Commons being commanded to toms laid for 95 Years, on which are
chuse their Speaker, they elected Million of Pounds were to be taken
their former, John Smith, Esq; who in for purchasing more Anncdies at
was presented the 30th, and then 16 Years Purchase. The Ex loca
by the Queen's Command, both Company proposed to advance
Houses adjourned to November the 1,200,000 l. for the Service of the
6th. On that Day her Xlajesty made War, if they might have their Tera
a Speech, wherein she set forth the enlarged to the Year 1726, +
present State of Affairs abroad, ad- tenting themselves with the las
vised them to provide the neceffary Interest they already received far
Supplies, left to their Confideration the two Millions they formerly ad
what might be thought necessary to vanced, which was comply'd with
make the Union more advantageous and enacted accordingly. And te
to both Nasions, and recommended General Mortgage, as it was called,

that is, divers Duuies at the CuitosThe Commons addressed the House, was continued from 171: Qucen upon her Speech, but the to 1714, for a Loan of 729,7602 Lords omitted that, and turned the which compleated the Sums voird. Motion of it into a Resolution of On the 3d of February the Commtaking into Consideration the State mons having taken into their Cooof the Nation. November the 19;h fideration the State of the Army in that House went into a grand Com. Spain in the last year, and Mr. S:. mittee upon that Subject. The Lord John, Secretary at War, giving or Havarsham, and others, exhibited an Account of the Provifion made Complaints ; the principal whereof for that Service ; the House rebeing upon the Management of the folv'd, That it appear'd that of the Admiralty, that was further confi- 29,395 English Forces provided for dered in both Houses, and the Mer. by Parliament for the Service in chants heard upon the Subject of Spain and Portugal in the Year 13. their Loffes and Disappointments,


here were but 8,669 Men, besides • Colonel Wade, who came from A. D. Commission and Non-Commission thence, that in January 1706-7, 1707. ficers and Servants in Spain and " the Forces under the Earl of Peal 'ortugal at the time of the Battle of " terborough and Earl of Galway were Ilmanza, and order'd an Address to reduced by Death, Sickness, &c. er Majesty to lay the same before notwithstanding that 3,490 Men r. On the 18th the Queen sent had been sent to recruit them, to 1 Answer to this Address, the Sub. ' 82,017. besides 1792 Prisoners ince whereof was as follows: • with the Enemy. The Regiments • That her Majesty was very ' under the Earl of Rivers, which much concerned to find, that Mat. went from Torbay 8,297 Men, ter had been fully stated to the ' when they arrived at Valencia, House. That having made Enqui were found to be reduced to 4,500. ry of the Regiments that were in ' Six of those Regiments were broke tended to compose the 29,395 Men'to fill up the rest, and the Officers for the Service in Spain and Portu came back to raise new Men. pal, and how many of them were This Levy hinder'd the raising the there in January 1706-7, (at two new intended Regiments, for which Time the Resolutions of 'Men could not be got for that Parliament were taken for pro. Service. But the Money intendriding their Pay) and what Re 'ed to be employed in levying giments were sent thither since those 2 Regiments, was employed hat Time, whereby it might ap. ' in other Uses of War, according sear what Numbers of Men could to the Liberty given by Parliaeasonably be expected to be there ‘ment. The Battle happen'd so soon when the Battle of Almanza was • after the Vote of Parliament, that fought (April the 14th) [Her Ma- ' it was impoflible more of the jesty premis'd that in the Number ' intended Number could be then of 29,395 are included Officers

• there. But out of the Savings of and their Servants, which make a 'non-effective Men, as abovetaid, full fourth Part of the whole ac her Majesty compleated 4 Regicording to the Establishment and ments that were upon the Irish EAllowance always made upon

• ftablishment, and sent them to Por. Mutters] it appear'd, that the 'tugal in April 1707. Three more Forces intended to make up that Regiments out of English and Irish Number voted, were to consist of • Establishments were sent also this i Regiment of Horse, 4 Regi. 'ther soon after. And the more ments of Dragoons, 19 Regiments expeditiously to supply the Lofs at of Foot that serv'd in Spain and Almanza, the Queen hired 7,000 Portugal under the Earl of Peter. · Palatines, 3,000 Germans, and borough and the Earl of Gals:ay, 12,000 Italians, which were emwhich in their Complement should • bark'd for Barcelona upon her Ma

1 Regiment of Dra. • jesty's Pay. Besides all which, goons, and 10 Regiments of Foot her Majesty had made a Proposal fene in 1706 under the Earl of ' to the Emperor for 6,000 Germans Rivers, which were 8,833. And

And upon the whole de. 2 new Regiments to be raised to ! clared, that no Care had been confift of 1710 Men, which make 'wanting to support the War in up chat Number of 29,395. But • Spain and Portugal in the most efher Majesty was atierwards in. • fectual Manner.' This Answer formed by the Lord Tyraules, and being taken into Consideration Fe.

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