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A. D. bruary the 24th, and the Question the is taken : And also ten Pounds 1707. then put, That timely Recruits for for every Gun such Ship carries, or

Spain had been wanting, it passed hath Port-holes for. Another A& in the Negative. And it was re- also passed this Session for encossolved that an Address be presented raging the Trade to America, whersto her Majesty to thank her for ta in it was provided, That all Prize king Measures to restore the Af- Offices should be suppressed after fairs of Spain, and providing Fo- June 24th, 1708. The Flag, 28 reign Troops for that Service. ocher Officers and Seamen of evert

In the beginning of this Sel- Man of War shall have the sole la fion divers Merchants made Com- terest in Ships and Goods they fa plaints to the House against the Ad- take in America. The Lord Ads miralty with respect to Convoys ral, or Perlons appointed by the A: for their Ships. The Rufa Mer- miralty, shall give Commiíñon : chants were heard November the Commanders of Ships to seize and 27th, and on the 13th of December take the Enemy's Ships or God 3 divers others trading to Portugal, America, and their Captures beiro Spain and Italy. And several smart condemned in any of the Courts * Resolves passed thereupon. The Admiralty for the Plantations, to House of Lords also made ftri&t En- be divided amongst the Commac. quiry into the Administration of ers and Seamen. No Person ferthe Admiralty, and laid a Repre- ing on board any Privateer or Tra sentation of their Observations be- ing Ship in America shall be prefied fore her Majesty, which was after- by any Ship of War. Her Majelty wards printed. The Commons re may grant Commissions of Char. solved, December the 18th, chat a ters to any Persons or Societies Bill be brought in to appoint Con- for taking any Ships, Goods. He voys and Cruisers for securing the bours, Lands, or Fortifications Trade of the Kingdom, which passed the Enemy in America, and er both Houses, and received the Royal the same after the War. W Assent. The Purport whereof was, many other very encouraging Post That 44 Ships of War shall be em viso's. ployed as Cruisers, which shall be The Acts passed this Seffica ** careened three times a Year, and lating to Scotland, were, An Ad : the Seamen shall not be turned over repeal the two Acts of Scazioni. to other Ships. Such Cruisers fall intituled, An Ad for ibe Sarer be Convoys to Merchant-Ships as of the Kingdom ; and an A# ser far as Cape Finisterre. An Account Peace and War, as inconfiften via shall be kept and laid belore the the Union. An Ad for reading Parliament annually at what time the Union more compleat, where any of those Cruisers come into by the Privy Council in Scotland Port, how long they tarry there, was put down, Justices of and when depart. All Ships taken Peace established in Scotland, at from the Enemy during this War, Circuit Courts were appointed

, 2-1 and condemned as Prize, shall be the manner of choofing the Repi the property of the Commander, fentatives in Parliament directed Officers, and Seamen, that shall take The Ax for better securiæg ber such Prize. The Queen Mall give jesly's Person and Goverret pro a Bounty to all such Captors of 5 1. vides that all Officers in Scoties! per Man for every Man found on Thall take the Abjuration Out Board such Enemy's Ship at the time. There passed also this Seis 2

Act to make further Provifion for The House of Lords in an Ad. A. D. ·lecting the 16 Peers for Scotland, dress to the Queen deciared as their 5707. For trying Peers for Offences in Opinion, that this was a Crime of Scotland, And an Act for Esta- an heinous Nature, and that Papers lihing a Court of Exchequer in of secret Nature were too much icotland.

exposed in the Secretary's Office, Other notable Transactions of whereby this and other Clerks had his Sesion were the Address of it in their power to give the Enemy oth Houses to the Queen on the from time to time Informations of 3d of December : And the Exami- the Designs here concerted, the Staation of the Affair of Gregg. tions of our Convoys, and the times

On the 22d of December the Lords of Trade, Fleets failing, dc.
ommunicated to the Commons an On the uth of February Mr. Se-
Iddress to her Majesty, humbly of- cretary Harley resigned his Office,
rring it as their opinion, " That which was given to Henry Boyle,
no Peace can be honourable or Esq; The next Day Sir Thomas
safe for her Majesty, or her Al- Mansel Comptroller of the House-
lies, if Spain, the West-Indies, or hold, Sir Simon Harcourt Attorney
any part of the Spanish Monar- General, and Mr. St. John Se-
chy be suffered to remain under cretary at War, resigned their
the Power of the House of Bour. Places.
bon." Wherein the Commons About this time her Majesty no-
incurred, and both Houses waited minated Dr. More, Bishop of Nor-
on the Queen with it. To which wich, to succeed Dr. Patrick de-

Majesty answered, My Lords ceased, in the Bishoprick of Ely, and Gentlemen, I am fully of and Dr. Trimnel to succeed him in your opinion, that no Peace can the Bishoprick of Norwich. Sir Jobe Honourable or Safe for Us or nathan Trelawney being promoted to our Allies, till the entire Monar- the Bishoprick of Winchesler, her chy of Spain be restored to the Majesty nominated Dr. Blackall to House of Austria, &c.

succeed him in Exeter. And Sir The Affair' of Gregg was petu. William Dawes succeeded Dr. Strat. Intly extended, and made more of ford deceased in the Bishoprick of an it mericed. This Man was a Chester, Clerk in Mr. Secretary Harley's Of. And now we were surprized by ice, and carried Criminal a very bold Attempt from the EneCorrespondence with the Enemy. my. 'The French King meditating i was discovered by the Post Ma- Revenge for our Invasion of his er of Brufils, and Gregg was ta- Kingdom, and besieging a Place of :en inco Custody on the last Day of such Consequence to him as ThouDecember, The House of Lords suf. lon, endeavoured to shew us in our etting he might have Correspon- turn the Distraction an Invasion proents and Afiociates in England, ap. duces. He

fairly invited nointed a Committee to examine to it by the evident Discontent the rim in Newgate, but nothing ap- Scottish Nation was in by Reason of reared further than what I have said. The Union, where, in their Passions, The Man was tryed, pleaded guil- the unthinking People often let fall y, and condemned for High Trea- Expressions that gave the pretended con on the 19th of January, and Prince of Wales room to believe he executed soon after, confesting his should not be unwelcome. This own Guilt, but acquitted every Bo- was too fair an Opportunity for dy as Accessaries with him.

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A. D. the French to let slip, and therefore miral Baker convoy'd them ever. 1707. that Court resolv'd, hy giving the These Forces, together with leve al

Chevalier de St. George ( which Regiments of Horse marched for
was the Ti le the Pretender to the Scoiland with all Expedition. The
Crown of Britain was now known French fail'd directly for Edirtsto
by) Afstance, to make Great Bri- Fryth, but the bad Winds the
tain the seat of the War. Accord- met with hirdered them from gee
ingly a Fleet of Men of Wr and tirg thither till the 23d, N. S. tha:
Transports were expeditiously fitted is the 12th of March cur Sve
out at Dunkirk, and 10,000 Forces, There are two Accounts of their
with many Officers, much Ammu extant, one a Letter from Mart:
nition, Artillery, and Arms, put Matignon to Monsieur Chamillai,
on B ard Major General Cadogan, the other from an Irifh Oficer (*
who was her Majesty's Er.voy in board. The former says they es
Ho!!and, foon gave Advice of the not go into the Fryib, but fpy.
Preparations, and then went to our Fleet food off immediate
Brusls, and so concerted Macters the other says they had jutt gi
with Monsieur d'Auverquerque, that into the Fryih when the E
10 Battalions of the English Forces Fleet came to the Miouth of it, i
in Flanders were imme 'iately drawn giving the Signal for anchoring,
down to the Coast ready to be ship- Fourbin, who understood it, imes
ped. The Admiralty here at the diately gave Orders to every Sh :
hame time applied fuch Diligence in flink out fingly in the Nighr. As
fitting out a Fleet, that 23 Sail of soon as the Day appeared our Fleet
Men of War under Sir George Bing discover'ı and gave them Csale,
and the Lord Dursely appeared be. but they out fail'd us, so that exces
fore Dunkirk on the 27th of Febru- the Salisbury, a Man of War te.
ary, O, S. when the Enemy were merly taken from us, they alle
promising themselves we could have scaped. They roved about, we
no Fleet abroad. The Pretender intention to Land at Inverter, to
came to Dunkirk March te gth, having no Pilors, and the WE
N. S. Bit the sight of the English not permitting a Frigate, which the
Fleet m de the French Admiral sent for some, to get a Sher,
Monsieur Fourbin write back to they stood off, and by disperi ;
Court for fresh Orders. A d to theinselves in that wide Sea, are
colour the Delay of Proceeding, bazy Weather, made a fh ft to get
'r vas pretended the young Prince back to Dunkirk, but in very for
was Sik.

But the French King plight.
sending expre's Orders to his Ad There were taken Prisoners es
miral to ve ture out, and the con- board the Salisbury, the Lord Gris
trary Winds having forced our Fleec fin, the Lord Clermont, and ..
to withdraw to cu own Coast, on Middleton. A Lieutenant Genez,
the 17th of Niarch N. S. they set his Aid de Camp, a Colonel, :
fail. Our Fleet was by this time Lieutenant Colonels, 5 Captaics 3:2
seinforced to the Nom er of 40 Sail 2 Lieutenants, French Officers, 15
et Line of Bati'e Ship, besides Fri. Iviliz Officers, Companies of Free"
gates and Terders. And Sir George Foot Soldiers, 250 Seamen, and !
Biog havirg receivd Advice that the the Officers of the Ship.
E"emy was laici, fer Sail after And thus by the Behog o Gozzi

At the tame time the Forces we were mott happily and a Were thip'd uit at Ojiend, ard Ad. the least here, delivered from is


hreatning Danger. And yet such The Campaign in Flanders this A.D. vas the impertinent Dispiritedness Year was exceeding honourable. 1708. if the Publick at this Time, that The Victory at Ouden ard, and the uring the short Time the Fright la- taking of Lifle, were Conquells of ed, and even after the Danger was inestimable Value. The Emperor, ver, there was such raking and concurring wih the Queen and the earing to get Money in, that the States, was of Opinion, that a brisk ' 'ublick Credit funk extreamly, and Effort in Flanders would most fenne Bank of England was hard be. fibly affeet the Enemy. He sent it. But that Body being duly suf- therefore Prince Eugene of Saviy, his ined by the Queen, and the Direc. President of the Council of War, ors calling in 20 per Cent. from their and the General he most relied on, artners, Itemm'd the Impetuofity of to the Hague, to concert with the le present Tide, and soon abated Duke of Marlborough and the Sates, le Demand upon them.

the Operations of the next Cam. The Parliament fat all this while, paign. The Duke arrived at the id by Addresses to her Majesty, Hague April the 8th, N. S. where ive the Publick Assurance, that they he found the Prince just arrived, ould exert themselves in defeating They enter'd immediately into the is bold Attempt of the Enemy. strictest Amity ; and after having hey passed a Bill also, to empow- held Conferences with the States De

her Majetty to imprison such Per- puties, they went together to the ns, as he had Cause to suspect Court of Hanover. They arrived ere conspiring against her Person there the 26th of April, had Audi

Goveroment. In fine, the Dan ence of his Electoral Highness, and er of the Invasion being over, and after divers Conferences wherein all e Bills all ready that were intend. Things were adjufted for the miliI to be passed this Session: Her tary Actions, Prince Eugene went lajelly came to the House on the to Leipzick, and from thence to t of April, and give the Royal Af Vienna, and the Duke of Marlhont to the Bills, made a molt Graci. rough came to the Hague, where he is Speech, and then the Parliament arrived the 3d of Mar. It must be as prorogued

noted, that the Elector of Hanover On the 15th of April her Ma was now Commander in Chief of fty issued a Proclamation for dir the Army of the Empire, and the olving the Parliament ; and soon Scheme for this Year's Service took fter another Proclamation for callo a large part of the German Army ng a New one, on the 8th of July. from the Rbine, to act under Prince 'he Lord Griffin was commited to Eugene. Which his Electoral Highne Tower, and on the 15th of May nels, for the Good of the common -as brought to the Queen's Bench- Cause, gave way to, altho' it left ar, and, upon the former Outlaw. him incapable of inaking any nota- againit him, receiv'd Sentence of ble Efort against the Enemy. Death. But her Majesty was plea About the latter End of May the ed to grant him a Reprieve for a Army was form'd, and confiited of

lonth, which was renewed from 180 Squadrons, and 112 Battali-
Cime to Time till he died in theTow The French Army also tools
-. On the 22d of April her Ma. the Field about the fame Time,
fy nominated Dr. Fleetwood to the Duke of Burgundy being Com.
cceed Dr. Beveridge deceased, in mander in Chief, and under him the
e Bishoprick of St. Asaph,

Duke of Vindojme.; the Duke of
li 3



A. D. Berry also and the Pretender were ing up, they maintained a Figte 1708. in the Army, which was fuperior for some time; but the Superior

in Number to the Confederates, as Courage of the Confederates, and
being 197 Squadrons, and 124 Bat- the Bravery and Activity of the D.
talions. Several Marches and of Marlborough and Prince Esgrut
Counter Marches passed, and there put them to the Rout, and 10 en
were daily Expectations of a Battle. tire Vi&ory was gained. The
The Confederates expected large re- French drew off in the Night, and
inforcements from the Rhine, which made a tolerable good Retreat ta
were to be conducted into the Ne- wards Gheni, having lost abore
therlands by Prince Eugene, and 10,000 Men, either killed or takes;
therefore lay the more quietly in for 700 Oiñcers, and 7,000 privar
their Canıp expecting them ; which Soldiers, besides 24 Standards, 5
the French being apprized of, ven- Colours, and 5 pair of Kettle Drus
tured to detach off a large Number were taken by the Confederarm
of their Trops on the 5th of July, .While on the contrary the loss er
who advanced towards Gbent. The the Confederate fide amounted to s
Elector of Bavaria, by his more than 824 killed, and 2,146
profuse Way of Living while Go- wounded. And at the fame time
vernor of the Netherlands, had in- abundance of Germans, Switz, au:
gratiated himself so much with that Savoyards deserted the Enemy, ani
People, as to be able to keep Cor- took Service with the Allies.
respondence with this Town, Bruges, The relt of the Germax Reis.
and Antwerp, and disposed the In- forcements joyned the Army a few
habitants to betray them to the Days after, and then the Sege of
French. Ghent therefore was sur- LISLE was refolved on. The
rendered as soon as the French came Artillery and Ammunition nece 317
before it, as was likewise Bruges for the Siege was sent for, and in
the next Day. The whole French the mean time the Army broke
Army decamped at the same time, thro' the Enemies Lines.
and on the gth invested Oudenarde. When the German Troops move!
The Confederate Army made a long from the Rhine, the Duke of Br
March afer them the 6th, and be- wick, who commanded the free:
ing joined by Prince Eugene with Army on that fide, marched w
part of his Forces, they threw in a his Troops to Flanders also. Prics:
Reinforcement into Ordenarde, and Engene observed these, while che Des.
marched the joth to the Camp of of Marlborough invaded the Es
Lefines, which the French endea- mies Country, and our Army lives 2:
voured to have poffeffed. The E- Discretion there, the Freneb lyinger,
nemy quitted Oudenarde, and passed entrenched under the Canece cí
the Śchelde, and the Duke of Marla Ghent. August the 13th Life su
borough and the Prince resolving to invested.
give them Battle, pasied it also. This City was che Capital ci
Which produced, on the 11th of Ju- French Flanders, a Place of tha: O
ly, the Battle of Oudenarde. The pulency, Wealth, and Politecess
Action began at 3 in the Afternoon, that it was called Petit Paris, Los
but could not be called a general Paris. And perhaps do Ciry in
Engagement till towards 7, when the French Dominions except the
the battle became very furious Capital exceeded it. Nothing was
on both sides; the French retired wanting to render it secure, for the
continually, but frem Troops com- Fortifications were made, as tsr 25

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