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A. D. 1710.

à, for King Philip. And that ted, and together with the Fort the King would persuade his upon the Scarpe was surrendered Grandíon to accept the Partition ; the 27th and 28th. On the 15th but if he would not acquiesce, al- of July the Army invested Bethune, tho' he could not consent to declare and opend Trenches the 24th ; the War with his Grandfon, he would. Siege of which Place took them up furnish a Sum of Money towards till the 29th of August; on which the Charge of the War, to be con- Day the Town capitulated, and our tinued till he surrenders Spain and Forces took Possession of it Septemthe Weft-Indies to the House of ber the ift. The Siege of Aire next Austrin.' To which the Confede: the Capital, the principal Town of tes answer'd by Mr. Perkum, who Artois, was next undertaken ; and id a Visit to the French Minitters because St. Venant lay betwixt Beune 21. 1. That the Offer of a Sum thune and that Town, it was thought

Money was not acceptable, be- proper to take that also. Accorduse that would produce a separate, ingly the Siege was carried on at the it a general Peace. 2. That the Al- fame Time, and in 14 Days it. surs infifted upon having Spain and rendered. The Siege of Aire lalled e Indies deliver'd up according to longer, partly by Reason of the e Preliminaries. 3. And that the good Delence, and partly by Reason lies would continue the Conferen- of the frequent Rains which much s upon no other Article. July 11. interrupted the Progress of the Be. ey demanded another Conference, fiegers ; so that it was O&tober the it proposed nothing new. And 29th before it was surrendered. ially, on the 20th of July, in a

Which finished another very happy ng Letter to the Pensionary, expo- Campaign in Flanders. ilated upon the offers and Refusals, In Spain the Confederates were d in a haughty Manner declared very successful this Campaign. King was to no Purpose to continue lon- Charles arrived in the Camp near er at Gertruydenberg ; upon which Belaguer, (a Town seated on the + States resolved, July the 23d, River Segra towards the Frontiers hat no more Conferences should be of Arragon, which was taken the Id. And on the 25th, the French last Campaign) June 7. But the inisters returned home.

Enemy's Army,' commanded by The Operations of War in the King Philip, being much superior ean Time went on successfully. in Force to that of the Confederates, he Army took the Field in the he was obliged to caft up Intrenche iddle of April, and on the oth of ments to hinder their attacking him, at Month broke through the Ene- as they attempted to do on the 12th y's Lines which cover'd Doway, the and the 13th. But the Strength of bemy retiring in a great Fright his Camp diverting that Intention, yond the Scarpe, which River our they contented themselves with exmy also pasfed, and immediately tending their Quarters, and levying efted Doway,

On the 4th of Contributions in Catalonia. No no. ay the Trenches were opened, table Action happen’d till the latter d the Siege carried on with Vi. End of July, when the expected ur, the French Army lying all the Reinforcements being arrived in the ile in View of us ; and tho' they Confederate Camp, it was resolve

de a Shew of giving ours Battle, ed to meet the Enemy who were
ey durit not attempt it. On the marching towards them. This
th of June che Town capitula- duced the Battle of Almenara,




A. D. which was fought on the 27th of within a Quarter of a League of Sa1710. July. The Action began not till Se- ragola, where they were attacked

ven in the Evening, for the Ground and defeated by King Charles on the
was incommodious, and too much 20 h of Augus.
straightned the front of the Army ; The Enemies Army consided :
which made the Confederates ap- 50 Battalions, and 60 Squadros,
prehend, that as the Enemy had which was a superior Force to ..
forbore all Day, if they were not of the Confederates. But the Br
now set upon, they would in the very of these made Amends for the
Night-time draw off. Wherefore Defect in Number. And in
the Horse advanced, and pushed the Hours time they obtain'd a comple
Enemy with such Warmth, that their Victory ; not above 400 of 1%
whole Cavalry was foon routed. Enemy escaped, and all their Ci
The Foot advanced with Bravery, non were taken by the Confedera:
and pursued them for cwo Hours ; King Cbarles immediately entred so
but the Darkness hinder'd their con- ragola, the Citadel whereof cap
tinuing it. The Enemies Foot had lated the same Night. The Lola
little or no Share in the Action, but the Enemies Side was in the 10
mingling with the Horse, retreated Computation 3,000 Men kille
in great Confusion.

On the Con- wounded, and between 5 and 6,17
federate Side about 400 Men were taken Prisoners, 72 Coloers, :
lost, whereof of the English 73 Pieces of Cannon, and Part of
wounded, and 113 killed of private Baggage. On the Confederate 5.2
Soldiers, besides the Earl of Roch. about 2,000 Men were killed i
ford, Count Nossau, and five other wounded.
Officers killed, and Lieutenant-Ge. The Marquiss de Bay, who cor-
nerals Stanhope and Carpenter, and manded the Enemies Army, retreat-
13 other Officers wounded. On the ed with the Remains of his Trees
Enemies Side there were not less towards Navarre, and King Pi.
than 1,500 killed and wounded ; and poited to Madrid. But not eiten
fome considerable Officers taken Pri- ing himself safe there, he diipes
foners. Mr. Stanhope fignalized him- all Things for Departure, Wan
self so much by Bravery in this Ac- Queen and Son he removed to i
tion, that King Charles gave him ladolid, and was followed by
Thanks in a very particular Manner, whole Court, the Castillians at -
as he did also to Mr. Carpenter, who Time expressing their Affectior
feconded Stanhope in ail the Action. him with great Zeal. Here In:

This Victory gave King Charles fiions were made for recover. Entrance into Arragon, where he their Loss, and the several Geder. advanced in large Paces after the were appointed their Compaats i Enemy. A Skirmish happen'd near different Parts for Divilion. "Ik Penalva on the 15th of August, chief Command of the Army wz wherein many Men were killed and reserved for the Duke de l'esbie, taken, and both Sides claimed the who was immediately dispatched Victory. But 'iis certain the Spa- with some Reinforcements fra niards' retired from Penalva with France, and the Queen and the l'ha such Halte, that King Charles, who were sent forward 10 Virreria ji marched thither the fame Day, eat lava, on the Road to France. the Dinner which was provided for King Charles, in the mean Tip: his Competitor. The Enemy con. held a Council of W'ar op te fit tinued their Retreat till they came of September, wherein he asked 33

rice of the Generals whether it were Dutch Forces might at least be al- A. D. nore adviseable to march into Ca- lowed to come to them, it was de. 1708.

lile, or Navarre? The Generals nied. And finally, all Hopes of Rey 4 gave their Votes for the former, inforcement that Way being extinind the Advice was follow'd : Al- guished, and King Philip's Forces ho' King Charles with more Pene- approaching, General Stanhope left ration hinted at the Importance of his Polt at Almaraz, and joined the ecuring Navarre, thereby to fut Confederate Army. ut the French, and the Difficulty By this Time the Enemy had in a hat might happen in fubfiiting the great Measure recover'd themselves, Army in Castile, where Provisions the Marquiss de Bay had marched re scarce. The Army advanced, a good Body of Horse from Estrend General Stanhope took Poster madura, and Troops were marching ion of Madrid, September 21. where from all Parts of France to Philip's he King also made his Entry the Assistance. Which added to the Dif8th of the fame Month; and soon appointment of the Portugueze, so fter fent a ftrong Detachment to changed the Face of Affairs on the Oledo.

Confederate Side, that this Campaign, The Duke of Vendosme arrived which had been so fortunate, proa the Enemies Army about the lac- duced a Winter which funk King

2 End of September. And King Charles's Power in Spain lower than
'bilip put himself at the Head of it he had known it since he first came
Etober the 3d. They apprehended there. The Uncertainty of being a-
hat the Confederates expected to ble to keep the Correspondence with
e joined by the Portugueze, and Valencia open, render'd it necessary
herefore thought it adviseable to for the King to retire in time, which
narch that way; accordingly on he accordingly did on the 11th of
he 6th of October they encamped November, and arrived December the
near Salamanca, and sent Detach 15th at Barcelona.
nents forward to secure the Bridge The Army at the same time found
of Almaraz.

it impracticable to sublift in Caftile, King Charles sent to the Court of and therefore endeavoured to Portugal to desire their Army might treat, and, the better to effect it, march towards the Frontiers of Ca- took different Routes in Parties. Pile, to maintain a Correspondence; General Stanhope, with the English and General Stanhope, by the Queen's Forces passing by Briburga, a small Minister at Lisbon, pressed the fame Town in the Way to Arragon, haltwith great Earnestnefs ; and that Ge. ed there the 8th of December, and neral marched to Almaraz with 4,000 was the next Day overtaken by the Horse to meet the Portugueze, but Enemy, who bý long Marches folall to no Purpose. The Portugueze lowed close upon the Heels of the Army had been employed in small Army, and by their Power and InSieges in the latter Campaign, and terest in the Country, hinder'd any the Weather having proved very Advice to be given of their Apwet, the Marches were made diffi. proach. In this place he was surcult; and the Cavalry were all in rounded by the Enemy, and altho' very bad State. This served for a he made a very brave Defence, the Reason to that Court to refuse the Place was so weak, and their AmOver:ure ; and moreover, when Ge- munition so short, that he could not neral Stankope and the Dutch Gene. hold out any longer than the next tal urged that the English and the Day. General Staremberg was ad

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A. D. vanced to Cifuentes, which lies a- January the 31st. And Balazztva!

1710. bout 30 English Miles from Brihuega, abandon'd February the 23d. Tos unand, upon Advice of their Danger, unhappy End had that Campaign

marched back to their Relief. He which began so gloriously.
arrived the oth at Night within a The Confederate Fleet in to
League of the Place, which King Mediterranean, commanded by
Philip having Advice of, left a Parc John Norris and Admiral Soap
of the Army to prosecute the Siege, dyke, were active in the Service
and accompanied with the Duke of the Common Cause. They conso?

Vendojme marched to meet the Count the Troops and Recruits that com
Staremberg, and gave him Battle the sent from Italy to Spain; ard 200."
next Day. The Siege was carried the Middle of June, underland
on with the more Vigour on ac- that the Duke of Turlis was 12.3
count of the approaching Relief, and to invade Sardinia, taking fra
the Besieged having spent all their Land Forces on Board, the Air
Powder and Shot, also the Entrench- rals failed thither, and arrived \s
ments which they had made within the 16th; and understanding those
the Town, after the Enemy had Count de Castillo lay on Store
made Breaches in the Walls, being the Forces he bad newly landed, e
ruined by the Cannon brought a landed their Men, and marches :
gainst them, the Forces confitting of rectly to the Enemy, and so erre
8 Battalions and 8 Squadrons, were passed them, that they were forced
forced to surrender Prisoners of War, io surrender themselves Price
a few Hours before the Battle. So that 250 Soldiers and to C.

The Battle near Villaviciosa, be cers were taken. From these ite,
tween King Philip with 32 Battali. failed in queft of the Duke ci 5.v.
ons, and so Squadrons; and Count fis, with his Gallies. Bar als
Staremberg with 27 Battalions, and they could not overtake him, a:
29 Squadrons, was fought on the took 8 large Barks laden with :
10th of December, from Three in the Soldiers, with the greatest pas
Afternoon till Night, with great Ob- his Artillery, Ammunition, and
ftinacy and much Bloodshed ; 6,000 vision.
of the Enemy were kill'd, their Can In July they went upon ap 5
non was taken and play'd against pedition, which had been te
them, and the Imperialists kept the concerted, upon the Coait of La

Field ; but urdertianding that the guedoc. - English in Brihuega were made Pri One Monsieur de Seifar, whet:

foners of War, and the Army want- been a Major-General in the fire ing Provision, they march'd towards King's Service, but happening Arragon the lith, leaving the Ene. taken Prisoner at Tourray in the dei my's Cannon for want of Horses 10 1709, was neglected by tha: CO2?, carry it off. The Enemy disturb’d and left to shift: He made Orezes them not in their Retreat, and there- of serving the Confederates, and fore were undoubtedly very much the Courie of Negociation, weakend in the Battle. Count Sta. took to assist in landing 3 Force remberg withdrew ali the Garrisons invade Languedoc, where the Nes out of Arragon, and arrived in the bourhood of the Camars ,h2. Beginning of February at Barcelona the Cavernois) gave him home with 11,000 Men. Gironne, which Success. Monfieur de sellist was besieged the Middle of Decem- that Country, and the Eitale om i bor, was surrendered to the French. Family lay near Port Colle;

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ce was pitch'd upon for the In- Lord commanded for her Bro- A. D.'
ion, Accordingly Forces being ther Col. Hill,a Gentleman of Worth, 1710.
bark'd, they arrived on the 24th who had commanded with great
July, and landed 700 Men with. Bravery in the Battle of Almanza.

Oppofition, made themselves The Duke of Marlborough at the iters of the Town and Mole the same Time had promised the same t Day, and marched to Agde, Regiment to Lieutenant - General ich they took likewise, But the Meredith; who being an ancient ke de Roquelaure, who command- Officer, had, according to the Usage n those Parts, march'd with 400 of the Army, a Sort of Right to goons and 2,000 Militia against the Option of it. But in this Case n. The Duke de Noalles alto ad- her Majetty being disposed to grant ced out of the Roufillon with 1,000 a Personal Favour, was displeased se, having each a Foot Soldier to be deny'd it. The General withind him. All which arrived the diew from Court, and with his 1 within four Miles of Agde; Lady went to the Lodge in Windsor ch obliged the Forces to draw Park; whither the Queen fent to

and go on Board the Fleet ; him in a few Day, and gave up the
ch they effected with only the Point. This Matter país'd over for

of 50 Men, who retir'd not in the present, but the Behaviour of
e from an advanced Fort. some People at that Time, was judg’d
fairs in England this Summer to be the principal Cause of the
: pretty active, occasioned by great Change which happened this
Scruggle of the two Parties, Summer.
ch was much higher at this Time The Common People took up an

they had been for some Years Opinion, that the Trial of Dr. Sachere, and threatned great Altera- virell was a visible Proof that the i.

Church was in Danger, and thereo give our Reader a right Idea fore as in London they assembled in in 'tis neceffary to look back Crowds on the ift of March at i the Events for a Year or two Night, and pulled down some Dif

sen ing Meeting Houses ; so all the hile Mr. Harley was Secretary Kingdom over they expressed their caie, he had obtained a large Rage againit Difenters. And the ce of the Queen's Favour ; at better Sort, to sew their Dislike of same Time Mrs. Hill, a private that Trial, made Addresses, declarclewoman, who was one of the ing their Loyalty and Affection to en's Attendants, had also by the Queen, and disclaiming all Prin. diligent and obsequious Service, ciples inconsistent with Pallive Obeer'd herself agreeable to her dience; and many of them feemed City. What Schemes the Secre to desire a Diffolution of the Parliaformed belongs not to

These Addresses came nubut the Suspicion of the private merously to the Queen all this Sum-k he was thought to be upon, mer, and created a general Discourse fioned that Smartness in the Exa- that the Parliament would be diffolv. ution of Gregg we have menti ed, and the Ministry changed, which

; and in Consequence of it his succeeded accordingly.
oval from that Olice. Sometime On the 14th of June the Earl of
, that is in January last, the Sunderland was removed from his
of Efex dying, Mrs. Hill had Ofice of Secretary of State, and the
d of the Queen the Regiment

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us to


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