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iderable, for notwithstanding the ing at the British Court, and by the A. D. Portugueze retook in the beginning British Ambassador at the Hague to 1711. of the Campaign Miranda de Duero, the States and Ministers, and it was ind that through the indefatigable afterwards notified that Utrecht was Care of the Earl of Portmore, Ge- appointed to be the Place of TreaIeral of the English Forces in that ty, and that the Congress would Country, they brought a fine Army begin the 12th of January 1712, nto the Field, and advanced into N. S, and all the Princes of the he Spanish Territories, in hopes to Grand Alliance were invited to send lestroy the Magazines of the Ene. their Ministers thither. ny at Merida, which would have Mr. Manning Her Majesty's Miacilitated the Siege of Badajox ; nister in the Grisons ( adjoining to ret the Portugueze abandoned that Swisserland) was this Summer July Design, and returned into their 7. N. S. barbarously assassinated own Country to cover it against within 5 Leagues of Coire, as he was he Marquils de Bay, who had made returning from the Bath of Pfeffers. in Incursion thereinto.

Two Villains set upon him at the The Death of the Dauphin of Top of a high Mountain which he France

, who died of the fame Di- was climbing up alone, while his Item per as the Emperor, that is, the Servants with the Baggage were at Small Pox, and Three Days before a Distance from him. They flew him, occafioned no Alterations in upon him at once with a hideous the Affairs of France ; but whether Noise and drawn Sabres, and gave the French thought that the Death him Five Wounds on his head, of the late Emperor Joseph might Ten in his Body, and others in his alter the Counsels of Europe, in re

Arms and Hands. He made a shift spect to the Spanish Succession, and to get upon his Legs, and threw the Balance of Power, or for other himself down a Precipice, where Reasons yet unknown, the News they could not follow him otherof the Death of that Prince was wise than by Stones, which they hardly spread through Europe, when threw after him, but happily did Che French Emissaries gave out eve not hit him. His Servants coming y where, that there was a secret up, conveyed him to a House where Negotiation of Peace on Foot, and he was dressed by a Surgeon, and hai to facilitate the Success there. altho' two of the Wounds in his of, and procure the Restoration of Head were very dangerous, he had he Elector of Bavaria to his State, the good Fortune after a long IllKing Philip had given him the So- neis to recover. ereignty of Namur and Luxem To let our Reader into a knowurgh, the only two Spanish Pro- ledge of the presumptive Reason of inces of the Netherlands remain- this Affafiination, we must be forced ng in his Possession, of which he to look back to an Affair of lait ctually took Poffeflion some time Year, which made much Noise in fter. These Negotiations were kept the World. ery private till the beginning of Mr. Masner a Counceller in the October, when the Overtures of City of Coire, and the Emperor's rance towards a Treaty, called Commissary for supplying the I roops reliminaries, made at London by of the Allies in their Passage thro' he Sieur Mesnager in the Name of this Country, was zealoufly affecthe French King, were communi. ed to the Interest of the Allies, and ated to the Foreign Ministers resid. very intrumental in making the



A. D. late Treaty between them and the Mr. Manning in that Agent's Rej1711Grifon League ; this Gentleman's nue at Pfeffers.

Son, a Young Man of 16 Years of The British Fleet in the Straights
Age, who was Student at Geneva, was commanded this Year by sir.
was decoyed out by one Merveilleux John Norris, who afifted King
a Frenchman upon pretence of taking Charles in convoying the Forces ar
the Air, and suddenly feized and Ammunition from Vado to Barseks;
put into the Hands of the French: maintained the Dominion of the 4-
who carried him to Fort Ecluse. diterranean, and protected Trace
The Father in Reprizal, seized ano- there. Our Home Guard performed
ther Merveilleux, Brother to the for the same in the narrow Seas, and
mer, and Secretary to the French the French durft not peep abroad.
Ambassador M. de St. Luc, and kept All they did this Summer, was to
him close Prisoner in his House to be send a Squadron of Fourteen a
exchanged against his Son. An A- Fifteen Men of War under tve
greement was soon after made where- Command of the Sieur de Gis
by Merveilleux was released, but Trouin to America, where they h.]
notwithstanding the Ambassador's already a Fleet under the Com-
solemn Promise, Young Masner was mand of Mr. du Calle, who lay
still kept Prisoner. M. Masner, full there

convoy the Galleons.
of jult Resentment, waited an Op- The Expedition of du Guai tas
portunity to make another Repri- kept very Secret ; but some Adries,
sal, which he effected in the Per- which came to Europe in the la:
fon of the Grand Prior Brother to End of the Year, intimated the e
the Duke of Vendosme, whom he was at Brazil, and had taken Su. See
seized as he passed from Venice to bastian in Rio Janiero, with divers
Paris thro' the Grisons, and carried rich Prizes, and an inestimable
him Prisoner into the Emperor's Do. Treasure.

Preparations were made here this The French Ambassador making Spring for a Naval Expedrion co heavy Complaints of this Action, be commanded by Sir Hosen's Mr. Manning gave in a Memorial to Walker, the Design whereof 6:3 the Grison Leagues in favour of Mr. kept Secret. On the 4th of Mei Majner, wherein he exaggerated they failed from Plymouth wih se the Violence of the French against ven Regiments and a Battalion ci young Majner, and their Perfidy in Marines on board, commanded b; not reitoring him according to Pro- Brigadier Hill. They opened the mise. This Memorial was deliver'd Orders at Sea, and found they were in November 1710. and was fol- directed to fail for Nezv-Englaed a lowed by divers others on the same order to invade Canada, and tasa Subject, which brought on him Quebec. And on the 25th of Jan? the violent Indignation of the they arrived at Boston. French; who may juftly be sup This Expedition was undertaken posed to be the Authors of the upon a Prolpect of an ealy ConAlfassination, the rather since Mer- quest, which would bring vait Adveilleux ( as Mr. Manning declares vantage to the Nation. For the in his Leiter to the Diet of Helve. Traffick from Quebec, and the Fitic Body) did not stick to own that thery from Newfoundland, propose it was done by his Order; and the to be secured to us hereby, were (wo Afasiins had been seen by Advantages ( especially che latte:)

of ineftimable Value, Coronel

bolson, who was Governor of New. be done, 7 Transports struck on A. D. Cork, made an Expedition that way the Rocks, and were lost with al. 1709. ait Year, and took a French Fort most all the Men they had on board : alled Fort Royal, which he named The rest of the Fleet were in immiAnnapolis. And when he came to nent Danger; but it pleased God England in April 1710, he brought that soon after they had let fall their vith him Four Persons, who were Anchors, it became calm. Of the alled Kings of the Four Nations Men that were wrecked, about 120 of Indians, which lie on the Banks saved themselves, by swimming to of the River St. Laurence or Cana- the Lee Shore. The next Mornla. They were well received at ing, the Wind, springing up from Court, and upon their engaging that Shore, carried the Fleet out of or the Indians Aflistance, and Co. Danger from among the Rocks; onel Nicholson's setting forth the and the Sloops and Boats were Facility of the Attempt, it was un- sent, which brought off the said 120 lertaken.

Men. Afterwards a' Council of Colonel Nicholson was sent before- War being held, 'twas judged proland to have prepared Provisions per for the Fleet to make the best of ind Necessaries for the Expedition, their way home to England, and put he was so delay'd by contrary Colonel Clayton was dispatched beWinds, that he arrived not above fore in the Leopard. 16 or 18 Days before the Fleet, The Loss was considerable, for whereby the Provisions were want. 730 Persons were drowned, among ng, and the Fleet were detained whom were divers Officers. The it Boston till the zoth of July, on rest of the Fleet arrived safe at Portfwhich Day they failed (being re-in- mouth in due Time. But the Edgar forced with Regiment

ents of of 70 Guns, which was one of New England, and some Men of them, had the Misfortune to blow War) 15 Sail of stout Ships, be. up by Accident at Spithead, October fides Transports.

the 15th. When the Fleet failed from New Colonel Nicholson set out August England, they took along with them 28th by Land towards Canada, such Persons of the Country as they with a good Force to act in Conwere advised might be capable of junction with the Expedition, but serving them as Pilots up the River he had no Notice of the Misfortune, of St. Laurence to Quebec, but who and so returned to New-England. indeed were so ill qualified for that About the Beginning of June Trust, that they kept the wrong this Year a Warrant was fign'd Shore. On the 22d of August they directing a Patent to be passed the were got 80 Leagues up the River Great Seal for creating the Duke of from Cape Brition, and within 40 Hamilton a Baron and Duke of of Quebec; when about Ten Great Britain, which (altho' a CaClock at Night a Man who was veat was entered against it) passed the looking out from the Topmast-head Seal accordingly : But when he of the Admiral's Ship came down came to take his Place in that and reported, that he saw the Break. Quality in the next Parliament, it ing of the Sea upon the Rocks at a was ftrenuously opposed, as letting very little Distance ; whereupon, the Crown into a Power of calling the Wind blowing frelh, the Ad- to' Parliament a greater Number of miral gave the Signal for the Fleet Scorch Peers than was allowed by to anchor ; but before that could the Union. 'This Matter was de




A. D. bated Three several Days, and in in the Netherlands, to serve keze 1911. the end a Voce passed, That Scotch after for a Barriere ; which miy

Peers created Peers of Great Britain secure the Quiet of the Republik fince the Union could not have a of Holland, against any Enterprize Right to fit in Parliament.

from the Part of France. We have already said, that at the V. The King confents like, latter End of the Campaign a Ne. that a secure and convenient Barrere gotiation for Peace with France Tould be formed for the Empire, was set on Foct. The Prelimina- and for the House of Austria. ries or Propofitions given in by VI. Notwithstanding Dunkirk cei France, and by her Mejesty com- the King very great Sums, as he municated to the Minilters of the to acquire it, as to fortify it; 2Allies, were,

that it was further necessary to bezi I. That the French King will ac- very considerable Expence for ta knowledge the Queen of Great-Bri: zing the Works, his Majelly tain in that Quality, as also the Suc- willing however to engage to care cession of the Crown according to them to be demolished immediat the present Settlement.

ly after the Conclusion of Peace II. That he will freely and bona on Condition that for the Fortkafide consent to the taking of all just tions of that Place, a proper Equ and reasonable Measures for hinder- valent, that may content him, se ing that the Crown of France and given him ; and as England commer Spain may never be united on the furnith that Equivalent, the Dia! Head of the same Prince, his Ma- fion of it shall be referred to the jesty being persuaded that this Ex- Conferences to be held for the Nc cess of Power would be contrary to gotiation of the Peace. the Good and Quiet of Europe. VII. When the Con’erences for

III. That the King's Intention is, the Negotiation of the Peace 12 That all the Parties engaged in the be formed, all the Pretenfions * present War, without excepting any the Princes and States engaged of them, may find their Reasonable the present War Thall be there Satisfaction in the Treaty of Peace Discussed bona fide and amics which shall be made : That Com. And nothing thall be onitted merce may be Re-established and regulate and terminate them to ** maintained for the future, to the Satisfaction of all the Parties. Advantage of Great Britain, of Hol By Virtue of a full Power iros land, and of the other Nations, who the King, We the underwrite have been accuttomed to exercise Knight of his Order of St. Mite Commerce.

Deputy of the Council of Com IV. As the King will likewise merce, have concluded in the Narze maintain exactly the Obfervation of of his Majesty, the presenc Preis the Peace when it shall be conclud- minary Articles. In Witness where ed, and the Object his Majelty pro- of we have signed. Done al La poses to himself, being to secure the don, the 27th of September Ol Frontiers of his Kingdom, without Stile, and the 8th of October Nov disturbing in any manner whatever, Stile 1711. the Neighbouring States, he pro

(LS.) Dicas mises to agree by the Treaty which It is hard to express bow ftrare Mall be made, that the Dutch Ihall ly the generality of the People & be put into Possession of the Forii- Parties, and even some of the be! fied Places which shall be mentioned, well meaning Friends of the defe

stry, were furprized upon the Pub- ther Time, that is to say, till A. D. lication of these Preliminaries, France has made more Satisfactory 1711, which they looked upon as infidi- Declarations, it was his Highness's ous, and insufficient to ground a Opinion, that it was absolutely Treaty upon. But the Ministry necessary to be no way remiss in pursued, nevertheless, their own the Preparations for the ensuing Schemes ; and notwithstanding the Campaign, But above all, that it Opposition of the Emperor and the would be esentially necessary to States General, who labour'd to put avoid the Snare of a Cessation of off the Negotiations till better Pre Arms, which 'cwas very probable liminaries could be obtained, it was France would propose as soon as soon after notified that Utrecht was the Assembly for Peace should be appointed to be the Place of Trea- open'd; which Cessation keeping ty, and that the Congress would the Maritime Poteniates in the Nebegin the 12th of January 1712, cessity of making the same Efforts and all the Ministers of the Giand and the same Expence for the War, Alliance were invited by the for maintaini g the same Fleets, Queen's circular Letters, to send and the same Armies, will deorthwith their respective Ministers prive them of the Means of mahither.

king Use of them, and stop the The Elector of Hanover, by his Progress of their Glorious Arms, Minister the Baron de Bothmar, &c. communicated his Sentiments upon But this Memorial had no Efhis Subject. That Lord presented fect. 1 Memorial on the 28th of De. The D. of Newcastle being deceacember to Mr. Secretary St. John; fed, her Majesty was pleas'd co give wherein, in his Master's Name, he re. the Privy Seal to the Lord Bihop presented the Necessity of maintain of Bristol, a Gentleman who had ing a perfect Union between the recommended himself to her Favour Allies, while the Peace should be by a faithful and judicious Executreating ; that all the Allies would tion of the Office of Envoy in Swegladly concur to conclude the Peace, den during the Reigns of the late, provided they might have their Se- and her present Majesty. curity in it, there being none a In September News came to Eng. mong them who was not weary of land that Commodore Littleton fail'd the Expence and Inconveniences from Jamaica with her Majesty's of the War; that it was easy to Ship he commanded, in quest of M. fee che . pernicious Consequences du Caffa and the Galleons, and that there would be Ground to appre- he had met and taken one Spanish hend, if Spain and the Indies Galleon of go Guns, very richly lawere left to the Duke of Anjou, den, and another Spanish Ship of 26 which her Majesty herself had Guns, and was in pursuit of the clearly deliver'd her Opinion upon reit; but he overtook them not, for in her Speech at the Opening of du Casa fail'd for Europe, but met the last Session of Parliament, when with 10 violent a Storm, that he was she recommended the War of Spain not heard of for several Moachs. as that which most particularly But at the End of the Year Advice concern'd the British Nation ; that from Martineco give Account of his whatever be done, and whether Arrival there very much shatter'd. the Assembly for Peace be forch The South Sea Company was with open'd, or deferr’d to ano erected this Summer, Her Majesty,


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